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palazzo, and the cosmopolitan said they aren't planning on charging for parking anytime soon. we're still waiting on a comment from caesars entertainment group the las vegas convention and visitors authority says they will not be commenting at this time. locals are not happy about the new parking charges... our live team coverage.. continues... fox 5s cyndi to tourists and us live to tell us what they're new policy. those who live here tell me they don't think it's fair they have to pay to visit parts of their own city... many also said if the mgm starts charging... why won't the other hotels? one man said he doesn't mind paying to park if it like security guards... but mgm has said that's not what the money is going towards. locals say it's just another cost in an
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expensive city... "why should we have to pay to park? it doesn't make sense" the parking fees will cost around 10 dollars... and many people told me if its that expensive they'll just take a cab instead... or a ride sharing option according to ubers website... it costs just a little mile... that means you could take an uber up and down the strip for the the mgm... reporting live las vegas here's the bottom line on what we know about the
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circus circus is the only mgm hotel that will not charge to self-park. mandalay bay, delano, luxor, excalibur, monte new york, vdara, aria, bellagio, the mirage and mgm grand will cost 10-dollars or less for overnight higher for valet. crystals and mandalay place valet will not charge a parking again, the effect april first to coincide with the opening of the t-mobile arena. today's impacted the day down 2 percent at a little less than 20 dollars. wynn however - ended the day up percent. caesers was up 3. las vegas sand also up 1 and a quarter. and boyd.. down almost 2 percent. for the latest on this story.... keep up to date... on fox five vegas dot com. a crash this afternoon injured at least six
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child. it happened at the corner of cheyenne and rancho around 1:30. metro police say officers were responding to a burglary call.. police responded are were given the description of the vehicle seen leaving the area. when police found it, the driver sped away from police only to crash. the driver hit a pedestrian and crashed into another vehicle. no word on teh extent of the six injuries. a man was killed... another was critically injured in a shooting. it happened around seven thursday night outside a home near rancho and washington. police say the two victims were armed... and drove up to a home to confront two people. both people in the car were shot. one died in the driveway... and the other was taken to university medical center with a gunshot wound to the head. there were several adults and children inside the home... but no one else was hurt. police say they have the name of the suspected gunman... but are not releasing it at this time. police believe this was an ongoing dispute between two families.
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contract has ended months of contention among clark county school district officials. district board of trustees approved a two- year contract for teachers thursday. the district says the trustees ratified the new deal with a unanimous vote. the new contract addresses recruitment, retention and professional development. "it is a step in the right direction. it will certainly help. it's not going to solve our teacher shortage, but it will definitely help the teacher shortage. " the clark county education association voted last month to support an agreement with the school district that will cover the current and following school year. teachers will get pay increases and monthly health insurance contributions from the district. negotiations appeared to be headed for arbitration before the recent agreement. teachers originally wanted 70-million in increases while the district offered about $20 million. plans are underway for a luxury apartment project that went bankrupt during the recession. here's a look at plans for "the mercer" in the southwest part of
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tropicana and grand canyon. a local developer and his wife purchased the property in 2012. today -- they held a groundbreaking to mark the start of construction. the couple will revamp the site's original concept and add some of their own ideas. "everybody thought las vegas wasnt going to come back. were bringing the mercer back just like las vegas is coming back. we feel confident about the market. this is unique product for the market. and this product has not been done in market before." the four-story luxury development will have retail on the ground floor... along with a resort-style pool... clubhouse... and penthouses. the luxury apartments are set to open next year. a local walmart is among 269 stores about to close.... 154 of which are in the u-s. the location on nellis and stewart will shut its doors by 7 p-m this sunday. 350 store employees will be given the opportunity to
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immediately placed pay and help finding new jobs. are among 16- at the stores that are closing worldwide. many of the u-s locations are stores, which were launched as a test in 2011. stores are in walmart blames a challenging reason behind the closures. toss to weather we have a slight chance of a few drops around noon on saturday. other than that we have a nice weekend with cloudy skies and highs at 55 saturday, 60 sunday. we'll continue with the cloudy skies and
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monday. the next chance of showers will be on tuesday evening, overnight and for the first half of wednesday. other than south breezes on tuesday, there's no significant wind ahead. highs tuesday will be around 58, then 60 on wednesday. the gloves are off... in the quest to be the republican nominee for president. coming up.... how some heated words at last night's debate...
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caucus. plus.... protestors interupt an event honoring martin luther king junior... to take issue with the mayor of chicago. is it the right place to demonstrate against police violence? you're watching
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protesters in
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again showing their frustration with mayor rahm emanuel. it happened during the the city's annual martin luther king junior breakfast. "shame on you... shame on you " protests took place both outside - and inside - the event. the demonstrators say the mayor had a role in covering up the police shooting of teen laquan mcdonald.... who was shot 16 times. emanuel says the breakfast is not about him, but about celebrating dr. king and his life's work. "we will not be the city we need to be and can be unless we restore trust between our police and our communities and provide opportunities for all chicagoans who see the future of chicago and their future together." pastors say up to 60 ministers from throughout the city were not attending the breakfast this year. the obama administration puts a freeze on coal mining. the white house has announced there will be no new leases on
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government reviews prices and the industry's environmental impact. about forty- percent of all u-s coal comes from federal land - and companies currently pay washington a 12- point-5 percent share of what they sell. wants to see a fuels - and help make a living with power instead. stuck in old jobs that are going to be slowly declining. new jobs that are up." the announcement to coal mining on lands that are currently under lease. the u-s chamber of commerce is accusing the president of conducting - quote - a "war on coal". the republican presidential field appears to be a two-man race in iowa. but with a little more than two weeks to go until the state's primary contest - each candidate is going "all in". and that's leading to some tense battles. steve nannes explains. at times - it got downright nasty
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presidential candidate) "that was a very insulting statement that ted made" (sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate) "i'm not legal advice from donald trump" donald trump and ted cruz spent most of thursday night's fox business debate delivering and defending themselves from personal attacks. from the birther issue to a jab on so-called "new york values" -- the two gop frontrunners were armed and ready. and they weren't the only ones - (sen. marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate) "that is not consistent is political (gov. chris christie, candidate) "the reason, the reason -- no you already had your chance, marco, you blew it" so on friday... the gop contenders returned to the campaign trail... donald trump focusing his efforts on iowa. where the latest poll shows a dead heat between him and cruz. trump said today -- he doesn't want anything less than first place. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate): we have a great relationship with the evangelicals, like fantastic -- and with the tea party, and with everybody in iowa. and i really want to win it. cruz, meanwhile, is sticking around in south carolina - holding two rallies in a state where his campaign thinks he can be competitive. (sen. lindsey graham, (r) south carolina) "jeb bush is ready on day one." and a former frontrunner, jeb
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endorsement from a former gop candidate, lindsey graham. all while one of bush's current rivals, marco rubio... is going after him in a new ad. (rubio campaign ad) "we all see what's happening. jeb bush is desperate and spending millions on false attacks" (jeb bush, (r) presidential candidate) "if you're a candidate, you can't play the role of the victim. so i'm not going to do it, and he shouldn't either. " in washington, i'm steve nannes. senator ted cruz's words during the debate about "new york values" isn't sitting well with people in the big apple. today's new york daily says "drop dead, ted" - with an image of the statue of liberty giving him the middle finger. at the bottom - the paper wrote - quote - "you don't like new york values? go back to canada." during the debate - cricized gay marriage and abortion which he says are found in so-called "new york values". trump responded by praising new york city's resilience in the wake of the 9-11 terror attacks. donald trump is renting out an iowa movie theater - and providing tickets to a screening of "13 hours."
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released nationwide today - depicts the 2012 attacks that killed us ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. trump's iowa state co-chair told supporters they could get free tickets to the screening at a des moines theater. the benghazi attack was one of the most notable incidents during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. those involved with "13 hours" have said the movie steers clear of any partisan trappings or political agenda. neither clinton nor president barack obama are mentioned in the film. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we have a slight chance of a few drops around noon on saturday. other than that we have a nice weekend with cloudy skies and highs at 55 saturday, 60 sunday. we'll continue with the cloudy skies and a high of 63 on monday. the next
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evening, overnight and for the first half of wednesday. other than south breezes on tuesday, there's no significant wind ahead. highs tuesday will be around 58, then 60 on wednesday. we have a slight chance of a few drops around noon on saturday. other than that we have a nice weekend with cloudy skies and highs at 55 saturday, 60 sunday. we'll continue with the cloudy skies and a high of 63 on monday. the next chance of showers will be on tuesday
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and for the first half of wednesday. other than south breezes on tuesday, there's no significant wind ahead. highs tuesday will be around 58, then 60 on wednesday. closed captioning will resume shortly we finally know who bought one we have a slight chance of a few drops around noon on saturday. other than that we have a nice weekend with cloudy skies and highs at 55 saturday, 60 sunday.
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a high of 63 on monday. the next chance of showers will be on tuesday evening, overnight and for the first half of wednesday. other than south breezes on tuesday, there's no significant wind ahead. highs tuesday will be around 58, then 60 on wednesday.
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we finally know who bought one of the winning powerball tickets from this week's record drawing. we'll show you how a couple from tennesee came forward this morning... on live television. plus.... we already have a candidate for "worst child of 2016" how a son pulled a prank - and made his mother think she won the jackpot - while at
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"ah, well i was running down the hallway screaming and crying and i said, you gotta check the numbers." a tennessee couple... who claims to have bought one of three winning powerball tickets is in nashville. john and lisa robinson of munford went to the tennessee lottery headquarters to get their ticket verified and claim their massive jackpot! they are the first ones to come forward... to claim their share of wednesday's record powerball jackpot. it was worth more than one-point- five billion dollars. jeremy roth shows how the
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silence first... this morning on live t- v. most lottery winners would probably want to stay under the radar until their affairs are in place... but not the robinsons of tennessee. (nats) "it's not going very far." john and lisa robinson went on the today show this morning to show off their prize - one of the three winning tickets from wednesday's one-and-a-half billion dollar powerball drawing. until now, only their immediate family knew. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "we've had to ignore a lot of calls, cuz we didn't wanna have to... " (john be lottery winner) "a lot of texts" let her boss know she wasn't coming in to work. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "i need you to watch the today show and i won't be in today. just watch the today show please." the robinsons wanted to go public first, to control (joe townsend/lawyer) "even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to let that they're the winners." the ticket would be worth 310-million dollars, assuming they take the lump sum. the robinsons said they bought four tickets wednesday
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food mart... a block away from their home in munford, tennessee. they add... they're still in shock about the win and what to do with the money. (lisa robinson/claims to be lottery winner) "we haven't had time to really, ya know, i do hope to plan on working for a little while." in atlanta, i'm jeremy roth reporting. the other winning tickets were sold in chino hills- california... and melbourne beach- florida. and one california nurse who thought she was a winner finds out it's a very cruel prank by her own son! the 62-year-old woman works at a nursing home in ponoma, california. it's close to where the winning ticket was sold at a seven-eleven in chino hills. the nurse's son called her at work to tell her she won. he even altered a picture with the winning numbers and texted it to her. nursing home employees and residents believed it was real... since the owner purchased 18- thousand tickets for them. workers were excited for the big celebrated... but come to find it out -- it was all a bad
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the center's owner felt bad about the hoax. "if this is joke i would probably want you to let her know that im getting her all paid vacation wherever she wants to go cuz this is one of bad jokes. not funny." the nurse says she did not want to make her name public... because it was "too embarassing". california lottery officials say the winner has not come forward yet. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. a major decision... from m-g-m resorts international. their garages on the strip will now be "pay-to-park". how it changes the culture of las vegas.... and who
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. live from las vegas. your only choice for live local news right now. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with
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ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. an incident at eldorado high school today is now rippling across social media. video shows a ccsd police officer pepper spraying a crowd of students during the arrest of a teen on the campus at washington near nellis. school police say this happened just before noon when on campus and refused numerous officers say he later became antagonistic and when they tried to force him to leave, he resisted, and then gained the support of others, including the sister of the boy trespassing. the officer used to disperse the students after one of them threw a rock at his head. he had a minor abrasion but none of the students required medical
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sister were both
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