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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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drinking is accessible at all hours locals have a lot to say. in a city where alcohol is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - travis jones, local: you can go to 7-11 you can go to bars you can go on the strip. instances of drinking and driving in las vegas are all too common. alesandra nishimoto, vegas resident: we're just used to drunk drivers maybe. i think im more familiar with it. if the national transportation safety board has its way - the number of drinking and driving incidents could take a fall. the federal agency unveiled its 2016 most wanted list of transportation safety improvements and lowering the legal limit on blood alcohol content to .05 made the list. sandy heverly, exec director for stop dui: i think the prospect of it is very exciting because when we introduce these types of measures theyre designed to save lives heverly is the executive director of stop dui - and says measures like this help decrease the number of traffic related fatalities.
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agree saying lowering the limit will send a clear message. melanie kandilas, canada: i feel like youre less inclined to do that if theres stricter punishments for such a low amount a standard drink according to the centers for disease control is equal to 14 grams or point six ounces of pure alcohol. a 120 pound woman who has 2 drinks is already at a .08 while a 160 pound man consuming the same amount - is at a .05. and both experts and advocates have stressed the importance of using ride sharing services or a designated driver. and coming up at 10:30 you'll hear from a criminal defense attorney about the recommended shake up. distraction and fatigue were also on the ntsb's list as issues that continue to threaten all modes of transportation. it's unclear how they want to tackle those items. one of the perks of las vegas is the
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be over soon... and it's creating outrage. m-g-m announced it's going to start charging for parking at most of its properties. it will cost around ten dollars to self- park... and a little more for valet. the money will go to a 54-million dollar new parking structure behind the excalibur... and 34 million dollars in new technology for the garages. a local crisis management and reputation management p-r executive says although other cities charge more for parking... those properties don't have revenue streams like m-g-m. "which come from gambling dinner shows nightclubs so theyll be missing out on a lot of revenue all those activities from people who dont want to pay for parking." "theyre going to have to wait to see if decision was wise one in long run and people will continue supporting mgm or if theyll lose revenue from this." we want to know what you think. will the m-g-m resorts parking fees discourage you from visiting
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now 93 percent say yes. just click on the "new" tab on fox five vegas dot com to vote. it was another exciting day for football fans! the new england patriots defeated the kansas city chiefs 27 to twenty... but all eyes were on the arizona cardinals and green bay packers game tonight! it was a full house at jacksons bar near flamingo and jones. many packers fans were confident they had the game. "its going to be 21 17 packers, why you say that? the packers are going to win, they're going to win." "because they're the packers." "we're going to win tonight because last game with cardinals wooooo. we got it all straightened out this time. we've got them." aaron rodgers threw a hail mary to tie the game in the last few seconds... but in overtime -- arizona won the game thanks to wide receiver larry fitzgerald. more troopers will patrol the mount charleston
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holiday weekend. nevada highway patrol says there's been heavy traffic flow around the snow areas. drivers will receive a ticket if they are parked illegally around lee canyon. troopers say it could cause delays for first responders when it's congested. "every weekend so far this year we have people sledding with medical emergencies to hitting trees. breaking bones, we've had ambulances up here and they're taking a very long time to get up here with their services." troors a reminding everyone to be safe. always have a full tank of gas... winter clothes... food... water... and a fully charged cell phone. (ad lib) les is here with his first look at weather. the winter weather pattern associated with this year's el nino continues the next few days. a dirty ridge has
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cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some very light isolated drizzle to pop up across our area. a more zonal flow will be developing over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low to mid 60's starting monday. las vegas strip headliner celine dion grieves
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two days after her husband passed away. the singer's brother daniel dion died today in quebec, canada. he had been battling cancer for several years. he was 59 years old. the death of comes two days after her husband passed away. had a long battle with throat cancer. he will be laid to rest at notre dame basilica in it's the same cathedral where married 21 years ago. a celebration of his life here in las vegas. it takes place at the colosseum in caesars palace february third. two men are wanted by police after using a weapon to steal merchandise. it happened last month at a clothing store near rainbow and lake mead. police say the suspects used a weapon to threaten employees from stopping them. no one was hurt. those who recognize these men should call police or crimestoppers at 7-0-2-3-8-5-55-55. hundreds of walmart employees in the
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of jobs for now. the walmart "supercenter" on north nellis and craig shuts its doors at seven tomorrow night. it's part of a worldwide closure. more than 260 stores are affected. the retail giant says 350 employees at the las vegas store will be able to transer to other stores. those who aren't immediately placed will get sixty days pay... and receive help finding new work. coming up -- homeowners fight back against an intruder... what household object they used to arm themselves... that most people have right in their kitchen... and it's not a knife. most people got 99 problems and filling the tank is one.. but gas prices are dropping in one texas town... where you can fill up for less than a buck a gallon.... orange homes pop up across the denver area. what a contest winner received for showing off their passion for
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fox5 news at ten with elizabeth watts. fox5 weather 24/7 with meteorologist les krifaton. this is fox news at ten. local las vegas. a north carolina couple cooks up a new way to fight crime. they used a frying pan to fight off a robber who broke into their house. greg barnes shares their story. this is the frying pan glenn tew used to fight off an intruder. (voice of glenn tew/homeowner) "the fact that he would come in and invade my our home and just do the damage he had done, i said no one should have to put up with that kind of mess." it was just before midnight, when tew went to check on a noise in his den, and confronted this guy. 21 year old sheldon dix as he broke thru a glass door. (voice of glenn tew/homeowner) "i hollered at him and he proceeded to come charging at me trying to knock me out, and we kinda locked horns and
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tew's wife ran to help her husband, and tossed him the frying pan. (voice of glenn tew/homeowner) "i think she hit him with a metal trash can a couple of times, and then once i got the frying pan i proceeded to given him a good dose of that!" police say just minutes before the break-in, sheldon dix savagely attacked a mother who was waiting in her car, at a nearby church parking lot. they say when an elderly man tried to intervene, dix started beating him. lt. tim tew/fayetteville police "the victim in the car happened to be a concealed permit holder she had a legal right, she retrieved her firearm and fired off two rounds. the suspect was last seen running across the parking lot." and straight into a fight, he never expected. (voice of glenn tew/homeowner) "the bottom is a little messed up, but i expect i can hammer it back down.." north carolina police say the suspect has been arrested. he is under evaluation. you might be able to fill up your
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store. that's the price of gas at a newly- opened service station in houston, texas. it was part of their grand opening! cars were lining up to fill up their tanks. drivers thought they traveled back in time... and it was too good to be true! "yeah i was just driving by thought it was a typo at first, man where's the one probably surely that is not a typo- looked in my rear view mirror and said 99 on the other side of the sign, i flipped around and pulled in and am filling her up." "i'm just excited that gas is down; i know it's tough for the oil people but it's good for me." the gas station only had the low prices for a short time. it was part of a promotion in the afternoon. many people choose neutral colors when painting their home... but some football fanatics used their team
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melissa garcia shows us what happens when a pair of playoff tickets are at stake. "imagine this color on every wall in your house. the homeowners are about to come in and check it out." (nats) "so they responded to this." the lucky winners of the broncos "paint your house orange" contest: mackenzie cobb and nick rocchio. (nats - ribbon cut, cheers) on orange friday, their house is now very orange. (nick rocchio /homeowner) "the hoa only really worries about what color the outside is. it's a nice color. it actually looks a lot better than i thought it would." broncos partner and real estate app xome ("zome") brought in a professional team of painters to get the job done. (mackenzie cobb/ homeowner) "it was really shocking at first, but now that we've had some time with it and the paint's dried, it's not so bad." their extreme broncos spirit scored them a pair of tickets to sunday's playoff-- (mackenzie cobb/ homeowner) "first time going to a broncos game for me." along with a personal visit from ring of famer billy thompson, miles the mascot, and broncos cheerleaders. and a gameday surprise in the fridge.
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"that was a good surprise. i don't think there's been that much... luckily that much beer in (melissa garcia/ reporting) "they say after playoff season, they but they'll leave the orange on at least one of these walls as an accent." broncos face the tomorrow. kickoff is at one fourty. now fox5 weather krifaton ((weather)) the winter weather with this year's el nino continues the next few days. a dirty ridge has allowed some high cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some very light isolated drizzle to pop up across our area. a
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over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low to mid 60's starting monday. closed captioning will resume shortly pattern associated with this year's el nino continues the next few days. a dirty ridge has allowed some high cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some
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drizzle to pop up across our area. a more zonal flow will be developing over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low to mid 60's starting monday. nino continues the next few days. a dirty ridge has allowed some high cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some very light isolated drizzle to pop up across our area. a
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over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low to mid 60's starting monday. closed captioning
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up next -- presidential candidates come back to the silver state. who you can expect to court voters in town next week. and nick lagrange joins us with a look at today's runnin' rebels and n-f-l playoff action.
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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five sports. i'm nick lagrange. we start tonight with a look at runnin' rebels hoops action. u-n-l-v is coming off tuesday's big win over new mexico, after losing head coach dave rice. tonight -- they were taking on air force... they looked to keep momentum rolling under interim head coach -- todd simon. there's simon making his second head coaching appearance for the runnin' rebels. in the first half -- u-n-l-v got it going early. jerome seagears knocks down a three. u-n-l-v up 12. later in the half -- derrick jones junior throws it down on the oop, and the foul! that put u-n-l-v up
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then just before the half -- patrick mccaw.... ...knocks down a three of his own. the runnin' rebels lead by 31, at that point! now in the second half -- seagears had a great shooting night. he hits another three here. runnin'rebels hovering around that 30-point lead. moment later on the break -- zimmerman gets the feed and the dunk. and there was no looking back, tonight. just over a minute to play -- austin starr knocks down a three, as well. that puts u-n-l-v at the century mark where they would stay. coach simon has the guys playing well. they win it 100-64. fox five's kevin bolinger has reaction from the thomas and mack. closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly to the n-f-l now. the second round of playoffs got underway this afternoon... ...with the patriots hosting the chiefs -- for a shot at the a-f-c championship. tom brady got his weapons back today. gronk, edelman, and amendola are all back in the fold. in the first
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tosses it to gronkowski. gronk makes the grab. pats get on the board first. in the second quarter now -- pats up 7-3. brady sneaks it across the goal line. pats go up 14-3. in the third quarter now -- patriots lead by eight. brady pumps once, and then finds a wide open rob gronkowski. gronk sets a new tight end record with eight playoff touchdown catches. pats go up 21-6. the chiefs wouldn't go quietly though. still in the third -- alex smith hits albert wilson, who slides in for the catch and score. chiefs cut the lead to eight. in the fourth quarter -- new england extends the lead back out to 14. but alex smith on the option -- pitches to charcandrick west. west takes it in for the touchdown. the chiefs trail by just seven with 1:13 left. the chiefs would fail in their onside kick attempt. and brady -- looking to ice it with a first down -- looks to gronk. the ball bounces off a defender, then off of gronk, and into the hands of edelman. that's a first
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the patriots hang on to beat kansas city, 27-20. of course -- our second game tonight was arizona and green bay. we'll have highlights from that game, when i come back in about 30 minutes. coming up -- iran releases five americans including a journalist. how long the secret negotations had been going on... and how many iranians were granted clemency for the exchange. this past thursday -- ted cruz accused donald trump of "new york values". how new yorkers reacted to the comment... and what cruz
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this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. getting behind the wheel after one drink is never a good idea... but if the national transportation safety board has its way it could get you arrested. fox5's abby theodros joins us live in the news room with more. well the federal agency is recommending that the legal limit for alcohol be reduced from point zero eight to point zero five. the agency released a list of focus areas and reccomendations for transportation safety improvements and say by lowering
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ntsb believe deaths and injuries on highways would be reduced. i spoke with a criminal defense attorney who says lawyers will probably get more business but it will be harder on locals who have a standard drink over a meal and then drive. warren geller: "by lowering it even further although it may be good for people employed in the criminal justice system because it would increase arrests and its going to be a big inconvenience for people who are going out to dinner and having 1-2 glasses of wine but obviously arent impaired." a standard drink according to the centers for disease control is equal to 14 grams or point six ounces of pure alcohol. a 120 pound woman who has 2 drinks is already at a .08 while a 160 pound man consuming the same amount - is at a .05. and both experts and advocates have stressed the importance of using ride sharing services or a
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to national headlines... iran frees five americans. four were part of a prisoner swap -- including a washington post journalist held for spy charges. john lornic reports on the secret negotiations that have been going on for more than a year. following secret negotiations for reportedly more than year, u.s. officials have now confirmed that iran has freed five u.s. prisoners. four of the prisoners were part of an exchange -- involving seven iranians held by the united states on sanctions charges. one of the captives included washington post journalist jason rezaian -- who has been held in an iranian prison on spy charges for almost 18 months. marine veteran, amir hekmati was detained in 2011 -- accused of espionage and other charges in 2012. christian pastor, saeed abedini was arrested in 2012 on charges of
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iranian government. details of the fourth prisoner are not immediately known. and a fifth american, not part of the negotiated swap, was also freed. the news of the prisoners release a major topic on the campaign trail saturday. (donald trump / (r) presidential candidate) "i'm happy they're coming back i'll tell you, it's a disgrace that they've been there so long. it's a disgrace." butt sot (sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate) "we don't know the details of the deal that is bringing them home and it may well be that there is some problematic aspects to this deal" butt sot "at this point we are simply giving prayers of thanksgiving that they're coming home." some candidates even took the opportunity to denounce the iranian regime. (sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate) "of course we are happy for them and their families but they should've never been there. and the fact of the matter is this tells us all we need to know about the iranian regime. they take people hostage in order to gain concession." i'm john lornic reporting. the united states granted clemency to seven iranians imprisoned in the u-s for the release of the prisoners. washington also agreed to drop interpol "red notices" for a number of iranian
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those are similar to international arrest warrants. the search is still on for twelve missing marines after two military helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. it happened thursday night during a training mission over the ocean. there was no mayday call... but word that something went wrong. crews are looking for any survivors. one of the marines -- chris orlando -- is from massachusetts. friends say the news still hasn't hit them. "once you hear it's a good friend of yours, that you grew up with...i was just absolutely stunned." "just never give up hope, he's a great kid. just praying for and hope i get to coast guard officials say rescuers are working with rough water conditions and poor visibility. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz still getting backlash after calling out donald trump for his "new york values" in the most recent debate. fox's mac king shows us what cruz apologized for to those offended by his comments.
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apologize to the millions of new yorkers who've been let down by liberal politicians in that state." ted cruz used the word "apologize" a bunch of times on friday... but he didn't apologize for anything he said about new yorkers and their values. cruz says: "i apologize to all of the pro-life and pro-marriage and pro-second- amendment new yorkers who were told by governor cuomo that they have no place in new york because that's now who new yorkers are." birdsell says: "cruz's apology is basically a way to double down on the insult." dean of baruch- college school-of- public-affairs david birdsell believes cruz intended to double down on that insult...and birdsell praised cruz's intellect in doing so. birdsell says: "politically, it's a great move. outside of new york, west of the hudson, people love to hate new york." cruz says: "you know, i think most people know exactly values are." york as this eccentric, foreign, liberal den of sin...cruz endears evangelical-base he'll need to win the nomination. so while residents of the largest city in the nation met cruz's remarks with hostility....
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to hurt his chances of becoming mos 1 says: "i think they were short- absolutely." mos 2 says: "we're strong. we're independent. we're unique." mos 3 says: "hard mos 4 says: "everyone is style." the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york." might not like it much over here, but he knows he's not getting many votes out of new york city anyway." and two republican presidential candidates will be in our valley this week. carly fiorina will be at the "siena community association" tomorrow near town center and flamingo. it starts at eleven a-m.... doors open at 9-30. the event is free... but you are encouraged to register. and donald trump will also be in las vegas. the candidate will visit south point this upcoming thursday. it starts at one p-m... doors open at eleven in the morning. nevada is known for many things... sun... gambling.. great entertainment.. and now the
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known for housing the world's largest dog.. just how big this great dane is.. rumor has it.... adele is a friendly drunk. what she promised two fans during a chance meeting in nashville. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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largest dog... may be right here in the silver state. rocko the 160 pound great dane lives up in sparks... his owners say they knew he'd be special... because he was the size of a six month old lab at just six weeks! at two years old the great dane stands at 40 inches... and more than 7 feet tall on
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say he's still growing and may break the previous record set at 44 inches.. by a dog that's no longer alive. helms says: "he sprouted like a weed. the next morning, his collar was tighter, he was half and inch taller. it happened numerous times." helms says: "if there's a bigger dog, i'd like to see it. it's nice to connect with people with an abnormally large dog." the family trying to get him world record certified by guinness. it will take about twelve weeks to find out if he'll make it into the world record book. further proof best friend. one pup and her owner on her wedding day... is capturing hearts all over the world. courtney collen has more on the special bond. they say a picture is words. in this story -- it couldn't be more true. this is valerie parrott and her service dog, bella . parrott/bride)
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we've been together as a team for over two years now." val suffers from panic disorders and bella helps by before something happens. (maddie peschong/photogra pher) "in the photo, bella was performing a job. calming val down during a hectic, stressful wedding day making sure her heart rate is where it needs to be and anxiety isn't getting to be too much. it was a work day for bella." a work day for bella displayed in this image -- has captured the hearts of millions. maddie peschong was val's wedding photographer... and had posted these favorites the next day. (maddie peschong/photogra pher) "on thursday, i got a message from a friend that said the photo had been posted on reddit and was #4 at the time. 05:24:40 i thought that was a really big deal and really cool. texted val, we got really excited. within an
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media inquiries from all over the u.s." something that still leaves both val and maddie in disbelief. (maddie peschong/photogra pher) "i never thought it would be this big. when i posted it, i thought this is a sweet photo of a girl and her dog. val needs to see this. 35 i was amazed by the amount of attention it got from friends and family. i thought it was cool my grandma liked it so much let alone" she's grateful for the publicity but says there's more to it than that. (maddie peschong/photogra pher) "the bigger story is that it's really giving val a platform to talk about service dogs and that they're valuable life companions. not things you can see and here, but a slough of invisible diseases and that's what bella is for." bella is a huge part of val's life... so naturally, was a huge part of the wedding day. she even got her own "first look" with andrew, the groom. (valerie parrott/bride) "my life wouldn't be the asme without her. with bella and
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been able to live my life to the fullest that i normally wouldn't have been able to have done." valerie has gotten a lot of good feedback from the service animal community since the pics went viral. she now has a blog detailing the life of a service dog team. the house is now full again. "nats of trailer" a new trailer for "fuller house" was released today. the plot follows d-j tanner-fuller who was recently widowed... and lives with her younger sister stephanie tanner and d-j's lifelong best friend kimmy gibbler. all move in to help take care of d-j's three boys.
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february 26-th. hello from the drunk side.. two college kids from nashville told their friends they met adele when she was tipsy... no one really believed them... until adele told the story herself on late night t-v. chris conte reports. at this point in the year .... most people have turned the page on 2015. but two college freshman from nashville are still very much fixated on a date in december. (brady morgan, college student): "i'm studying legal studies and business. looking to go to law school." that's brady morgan - a freshman at tulane. (jamir kirshner, met adele while she was tipsy): "we both went to ensworth high school" that's his friend jamir kirshner - a freshman at the university of denver. natsot: "ya absolutely crazy." and this is the two of them after meeting adele at a london restaurant a few days before christmas. (jamir kirshner, met adele while she was tipsy): "she was coming by my table and my mom was like 'hey, adele!'" they figured their chance to say "hello" to adele would end there. but adele it turned out was rolling in
10:37 pm
(jamir kirshner, met adele while she was tipsy): "well my mom said we're big fans. we tried to get tickets to your show but it sold out in 10 minutes or something crazy and she said oh i hadn't hear that yet" (adele): "the next day in the park i'm with my kid like, and i find this email address in my pocket of another family from nashville who told me the show was sold out so i got their email address to give them tickets to nashville. that's amazing." (jamir kirshner, met adele while she was tipsy): "it was word for word the same thing i'd been telling people" much to their surprise adele recalled the entire encounter during carpool karaoke on the late late show this week. reporter/question: "did you ever think you'd get to hear her telling it? oh absolutely not." they can't count how many times they've told their friend this story. turns out adele, is telling her friends as well. natsot: "we could have had it all. rolling in the deep." (jamir kirshner, met adele while she was tipsy): "hopefully she'll get back to
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adele's record- breaking album "25" debuted in november. she sold a million albums at least three weeks since it came out... the first album to ever do that according to nielsen music. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) for up to date traffic alerts and conditions check under news. the winter weather
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with this year's el nino continues the next few days. a dirty ridge has allowed some high cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some very light isolated drizzle to pop up across our area. a more zonal flow will be developing over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low to mid 60's starting monday. with this year's el nino continues the next few days. a
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allowed some high cloud over southern nevada. that ridge paved the way for some very light isolated drizzle to pop up across our area. a more zonal flow will be developing over the coming days. we'll still see a fair amount of cloud with daytime temperatures on the rise. expect the low
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closed captioning will resume shortly after the break, nick lagrange returns with highlights from tonight's nail- biter, between arizona and green
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welcome back to fox five sports. today's second game of n-f-l playoff action featured two teams who just faced each other three weeks ago. in that match-up, the cardinals dominated the packers, winning 38-8. today's game --- was decidedly different. there was a lot of yelling in our newsroom, during this game. head over to the twitter machine for more on that. let's skip right to the good parts. in the fourth quarter -- the packers lead by three. carson palmer is looking for fitz. it bounces off a defender, and into the hands of michael floyd! touchdown, arizona. cardinals grap a four-point lead. now we're down to the end of regulation. the packers already picked up a first down on fourth and twenty. and with five seconds left, rodgers heaves the hail mary pass, and..... .... jeff janis makes the grab! a 41-yard touchdown pass. the packers force overtime with that score. and then -- in overtime -- the cardinals get the ball first. and larry fitzgerald t ook
10:43 pm
escapes, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five tacklers, before he's taken down near the goal line! he gallups 75 yards downfield, setting up this. palmer pitches the ball inside to fitzgerald, who does the rest. the cardinals get the touchdown. that ends the game. and arizona wins to advance to the n-f-c championship game. so after today's games, we know what half of the conference championship match-ups will look like. in the a-f-c -- the patriots will take on the winner of tomorrow's game between the steelers and broncos. in the n-f-c -- the cardinals will take on the winner of tomorrow's game between the seahawks and panthers. seattle and carolina kick-off just after ten o'clock tomorrow morning. pittsburgh and denver kick-off at 1:40. one last thing before we wrap up
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the n-h-l's executive committee is expected to meet in new york, wednesday -- to discuss expansion bids by the city of las vegas and quebec city. this report comes from the las vegas review journal. the committee is not expected to make a decision, wednesday... ...but we should have a better idea of which way the league is leaning, following that meeting. the n-h-l last expanded in 2000, bringing columbus and minnesota into the league. wednesday's special meeting is a precursor to a meeting of the n- h-l's 30-member 'board of governors', scheduled for january 30th in nashville. that does it for sports. two more games tomorrow. hopefully, they're half as good as
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it's been almost a month since star wars "the force awakens" hit theaters... and fans still can't get enough! what a team built
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one star wars "the force awakens" is b-b eight. here's a timelapse of a team working on a building a life-size version of the droid in legos! it was created by "the bright bricks". thanks for joining us for fox five news at ten. have a great
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