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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:44pm PST

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meantime its one day at a time." a walmart store closes in the valley... leaving hundreds of employees without a job for now. how the company is trying to help those affected. presidential candidates campaign in full force as the caucuses get closer. what carly fiorina said to voters at a rally here in las vegas. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. another death on valley roads. i'm elizabeth watts. thanks for joining us. a pedestrian is killed in a crash after police say she stepped onto a busy street. fox five's abby theodros is live at sahara and valley view with more on what happened. metro police tell me its their seventh fatal car crash this year. this time they say a
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investigation they say witnesses saw cars travelling closer to the iowa caucuses... followed by the nevada caucuses and the presidential candidates are on a whirlwind tour of the u-s. two set to come here this week -- starting with carly fiorina who had an event today. fox five's abby theodros has the report. carly fiorina spoke to a las vegas crowd of about 200 sunday morning. with some supporters kat mcmahon: shes real. shes real. and i love my country and i want it back. and some still on the fence... david kates- vegas: mainly im just interested. not here to support her or not support her. the republican presidential hopeful -who says she is still going strong in spite of reports a fading campaign - touched on everything from gun control and abortion to religious freedom but she also focused in on the silver state. your governor's rolled out this
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savings accounts. where parents can own state money and if there kid is in a failing situation they can take that money and take their kid to another situation where they can succeed. that's the idea. the republican backed "school choice program" allows parents to take more than 5 thousand dollars from the state for qualified education expenses. fiorina called it a "great new program" - creating chances for families to succeed. the program is currently on hold pending court deliberations. i think we are being told to sit down and be quiet about ...the federal government's abuse of power in owning 80 percent of the public lands. fiorina also took a stand on the heated debate surrounding land ownership in america. earlier this month- armed protestors incuding the son of nevada rancher cliven bundy occupied a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. we ought to start a transfer program from the federal government back to the states because we know these lands arent well managed by the federal government they
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effectively we know private sector companies do that better. on thursday donald trump will speak to voters at the southpoint. the republican caucus is scheduled for tuesday february 23. hundreds of walmart employees in our valley are now transferring to another store or looking for new work. the walmart "supercenter" on north nellis and craig officially closed at seven tonight. more than 350 employees were affected. the retail giant says it's placing workers at other locations. the "supercenter" shut its doors because of a worldwide closure. more than 260 stores are being closed across the country. an employee we spoke to says the situation is hard to take in. "its very scary thing, and to be honestly im still walking in shock. i actually came out to see it because its hard to believe its really happening." "the people i work with in here love
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family. i love my management team." employees who aren't immediately transferred will get sixty days pay... and assistance with their job search. thousands of people in the valley will honor the life and legacy of martin luther king junior. the 34-th annual m-l-k day parade happens in downtown las vegas tomorrow. organizers say it's one of the most popular parades in the country. hundreds of floats... marching bands... and dancers be part of this year's theme -- "living the dream the movement continues". it starts at ten in the morning. there will be some road closures in downtown las vegas the parade starts at fourth street and ends north of stewart. that area will be closed from six a-m to two p-m. it's been a busy weekend for mount charleston as desert dwellers head up to see the snow! lee canyon has seen around 74 inches of snow this season. compare that to 71 inches of snow for the whole season last year. that's according to the resort's marketing director. hundreds of kids have been
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how to ski and snowboard. it's booked until next month. tubing was completely sold out as well. "we're suggesting people to prebook whether its snow experience package tubing or snow kids program just to make sure there places are reserved. as well as look at road conditions expect more traffic during holidays with sledders and campers and down below at lee canyon road." lee canyons expects another busy day tomorrow with the three-day weekend. locals say the trip up here is worth it -- whether you're enjoying the slopes or the scenery. "i love the environment here. love all the people here, i love the snow. its small. its nice and warm out now super duper cold." "hanging out hitting some runs, snow is perfect for today. worried at first. last time it was kind of rocky, but today was perfect." and you will see more nevada
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this holiday weekend. troopers will be giving out citations for those illegally parked around lee canyon. it's causing the area to be congested for first responders. also expect heavy the snow areas... and make sure to have a full tank of gas... layer up... and a charged cell phone. and you can people at red rock canyon tomorrow. it will be free to get in because of martin luther king junior day. you can take the scene drive... bike... or hike dozens of overnight camping and group day use fees will remain in effect. a weekend in the snow up on the mountain... we've had a little bit of warmer temperatures here in the valley. les is here with his first look at weather. a week of clouds are in the forecast thanks to a series of storms that are moving across central california. here in las vegas there is just a slight chance of
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monday. we have a better chance of seeing light flurries at mount charleston. the cloud cover also means temperatures will move up a few degrees above seasonal right through until next saturday. up next the stars
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hollywood tonight.. it was the critics' choice awards... and more's rachel smith was there... we'll have a look at some of the winners...
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makes him part of the storm trooper army.. what all he can do with the new gear.. the democrats debated tonight.. we'll show you highlights a little later in the newscast. you're watching
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you're watching fox5 news at ten with elizabeth watts. fox5 weather 24/7 with meteorologist les krifaton. this is fox news at ten. local las vegas. 3 celebrities walk the red carpet for the "critics' choice awards"
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best in film and t-v. this is the first time in critics' choice history it combines the two. our own rachel smith is one of those critics helping choose the winners here's pictures of her sitting with some celebs -- mccarthy and james corden from the "late late show". tonight -- "the big short" taking for best comedy. and there was more love for leonardo dicaprio... as he took home the best actor in a drama film for the revenant. but matt damon -- fresh from shooting the bourne movie in las vegas -- was also there. here's a picture of him with rachel smith. he told her he's back here in our valley this week shooting some huge scenes on the strip. tomorrow -- rachel will have
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. and if you're interested "extras" are still needed through thursday for his bourne movie shoot on the strip... you can find more information about it on fox five vegas dot com. just click on the "links" section. it's been a smooth ride in the box office for one comedy film. nats from movie "ride along two" took the top spot in its opening weekend. the movie starring ice cube weekend. the movie starring ice cube and kevin hart made more than 34-million dollars. nats from movie "the revenant" stayed in second place this weekend. the thriller starring leonardo dicaprio took in more than 29-million. nats from movie star wars "the force awakens" lands in third place. it brought in
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dollars. and speaking of star wars -- one boy gets a prosthetic "stormtrooper" arm. fox's keith landry shows us which group stepped in to build it for him. ((nats sound break of arm)) alvin garcia was born with one arm. garcia says: "i really was waiting a long time for my arm and i was thinking about getting it." now this ten year old feels like a star wars action figure. garcia just received a bionic prosthetic storm trooper arm. some popular star wars characters delivered the device to him at his school in nebraska. alvin is thrilled with his 3 d printed prosthetic arm. his mom is too. mos says: "and when i saw him, i'm really really happy for him." (nats sound break him at the computer with model) john sparkman is cofounder of limbitless solutions. the orlando non profit group is located at ucf. sparkman's team has designed and printed 3 d arms for almost twenty children across america. sparkman says it takes 36 hours to 3 d print an arm and 22 hours to make a
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sparkman says: "we set out to help every child in need, every child we could and we are gonna see it through the best that we can." alvin showed off his new arm to the other students and he had some forceful supporters by his side while he did it. mom says alvin will never forget this experience. mos says: "he's a boy. he's very friendly and i always talk to him about the truth. you have one arm but that's the way you are and you have to keep going. it doesn't matter you know." a smiling child on a new journey to confidence and mobility. in orlando, keith landry, fox 35 news. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton a week of clouds are in the forecast thanks to a series of storms that are moving across central california. here in las vegas there is just a slight chance of
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monday. we have a better chance of seeing light flurries at mount charleston. the cloud cover also means temperatures will move up a few degrees above seasonal right
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were four... the road to the super bowl continues.. how fans celebrated their teams today.. and why this football fan... decided to make a dress.. out of
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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now that the n-f-l championship weekend is set! "screaming cheering" this is jake's bar near eastern and sahara. it was crowded with a lot of blue and orange for the broncos and steelers game. some fans were so excited they couldn't sit still! "i was jumping around whole damn bar. my husband told me to sit down and shut up and i cant do it." "we have to be with our friends, we have to be with fans, we have to be
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it was wonderful." and there were some happy broncos fans at the end of the night! the broncos beat the steelers -- 23 to 16. we will have more highlights from the game coming up in sports plus at 10:45. the kansas city chiefs may not be in the playoffs... but many fans are still pumped up about a dress going viral on social media. it's made out of balloons! this is "molly balloons". she made this dress entirely out of balloons in the team's colors. it took more than seven-hundred of them... and took fifteen hours to put it together. molly says while the dress only lasts a couple of days -- she's excited to create fun fashion for women. "i'll sketch ideas as i have them and sometimes when i'm just feeling creative and i have the time and i'm going to make a balloon dress, i'll kind of pull from that, but, then other times, i'll be, i'll know i need to make a chiefs dress and so i'm like, you know, throwing ideas around in my head." molly first drew
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series championship parade" -- with her handmade royals- themed dress. coming up -- another death on valley roads. closed captioning will resume shortly plus -- it's the last democratic presidential plus -- it's the last democratic presidential debate before voting in iowa. what topics the candidates clashed on... there's nothing like seeing your dog after a long day... but what about after four months? how this pup ended up 800 miles away from home... and who helped him reunite with his owner. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 10.
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us.
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a pedestrian is killed in a crash. it happened around six tonight. fox five's abby theodros is live at sahara and valley view with more on
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metro police tell me its their seventh fatal car crash this year. this time they say a woman stepped off the median and into oncoming traffic while police are still in the early phases of their investigation they say witnesses saw cars travelling east bound on sahara and walked into the street about 75 feet from the cross walk. an suv in the lane closest to the median then struck her. police said the woman was transported to umc where she later died. closed captioning will resume shortly police the driver of the suv was not impaired and was extremely cooperative with police. as soon as he struck the pedestrian he
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called 911. police also said counselors were on scene available for the driver. and this woman hasnt been identified yet. police say the coroner will have to run her fingerprints. and coming up at 10:30 - what police are saying about sahara avenue and how dangerous it is. to national headlines... severe weather rips through central florida -- killing two people and injuring several others. two tornadoes hit sarasota and manatee counties. crews say the winds were around 120 miles per hour. it destroyed homes and knocked out power to thousands. two people were killed... and their four grandkids were taken to the hospital. the children's father was also hurt. they are expected to survive. one of the storm victims who lives in the same area reacts to the devastation. "you don't realize how much power and impact that a tornado has until you until you see
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pretty devastating. from my house on down to the end of the street, almost every house has pretty significant damage. this one obviously got the burnt of it. um, heart goes out to the family. that's rough. that's rough." the estimated cost of damage is at least three- million dollars. democratic presidential hopefuls take the debate stage in charleston, south carolina. this is the final debate before the iowa caucuses begin. it took place just blocks from the deadly shooting at a historic church. kim hutcherson shows how this debate was less friendly than what we've seen so far. democratic presidential candidates took the stage in charleston amid a tightening race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. on sunday night the gloves came off. as expected, the candidates clashed on gun control. sanders hit out at clinton: (bernie sanders/democratic presidential candidate) "well i think
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says is disingenuous - i have a d- voting record from nra." while clinton doubled down (hillary clinton/democratic presidential candidate) "i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has he reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining those members of congress who have already introduced legislation." and o'malley found an opening for humor "i would have to agree with both of them. they're both inconsistent. (laughter)" moderator lester holt asked about concerns over sanders' electability, especially with minorities (bernie sanders/democratic presidential candidate) "when african american becomes familiar with my record, with the agenda and criminal justice, just as the general population has become has become more supportive, so will african american community, so will the latino community" pre-debate coverage had been dominated by the release of sanders' medicare for all healthcare plan . clinton slammed the proposal while reminding the audience she's pushed for
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first lady. (hillary clinton/democratic presidential candidate) "people may remember that i took on the healthcare/insuran ce industry back in the 90s candidates also discussed police brutality, campaign finance reform and regulating wall street. now, we wait for the iowa caucus to learn which now, we wait for the iowa caucus to learn which now, we wait for the iowa caucus to learn which candidate impressed voters most. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. the iowa caucus takes place february first. here in nevada... the democratic caucus is saturday february 20-th. a chihuahua reunites with his owner after missing for four months. he was around 800 miles away from its home! "are you ready to go home? "how did you get so far away from me?" meet "coco" from arlington, texas. he slipped off his leash in september! his family was frantically
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-- posting fliers and going door to door. somehow -- the pup ended up 800 miles across the country in atlanta, georgia. a volunteer for "atlanta human society" found him... and scanned the microchip to get a hold of his owner. they paid for coco's owner to fly out and get him -- the next day! "when i called amanda.. i said.. are you in texas? she said.. yes!" "they have been anazing. i couldnt ask for more." despite being missing for months -- coco is in good health. and "man's best friend" helps out in all walks of life -- especially with yoga! this is a yoga class for dogs -- also called "doga". this gathering in china set a new world record for the biggest class. more than 270 dogs participated. yoga enthusiasts help their pets twist and stretch into different poses. the previous record was set right here in the u-s.
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pups! now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton for up to date traffic alerts and conditions check under news. for up to date traffic alerts and conditions check under news. a week of clouds are in the forecast
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of storms that are moving across central california. here in las vegas there is just a slight chance of isolated drizzle monday. we have a better chance of seeing light flurries at mount charleston. the cloud cover also means temperatures will move up a few degrees above seasonal right
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saturday. closed captioning
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a picture is worth a thousand words... but these only need a one word answer. how this man
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using hundreds of
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more than a hundred times -- before she even notices! here's a look at the montage of photos. he's been taking these pictures since july 31-st with a little card reading "will you marry me?"... but she had no clue. he finally showed her this video on christmas day... then popped the question for real this time. she said yes! he said it was hard work not getting caught... but they plan to get married next year! tonight -- on fox
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