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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a thousand years in prison. thats how many years the woman accused of driving her car onto the las vegas strip sidewalk is now facing. i'm john huck. i'm elizabeth watts in for christine. lakesha holloway was back in court today after the district attorney brought 71 charges against her. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg is live at the county jail where holloway is tonight and she of the crash earlier tongiht... and explains how theyre doing now. the victims say they cant believe it was just a month ago this all happenned... its so crazy to think that is happenned its just something you dont think youd ever experience in your
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a month after he was plowed down on the las vegas strip... 18 year old christian guerra says his physical injuries have healed... his mental injuries are taking a little longer. christian guerra- physically im pretty fine im pretty sore i can stil feel i guess mentally emotionally its still kind of there we keep encouraging him to go talk to counselors at school because hes not sleeping very good lakeisha holloway the 24 year old woman accused of intentionally driving her car onto the strip... injuring 35 people.. and killing one woman.. appeared in court wednesday to face a total of 71 felony charges brought by district attorney steve wolfson. if she was found guilty and they ran together shed be looking at a lot of years in prison she is looking at a lot of years in prison i feel like she got what she got coming to her its definetly what she deserved for what she did a witness described seeing people flying like pieces of paper. holloways oldest victim was around 60 years old... the youngest hurt was 11. she was arrested about a mile away. nats"lakeisha holloway case
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deadly assault say holloway isn't the only one dealing with the memories of that night... i still have dreams actually i guess itd be nightmares i have dreams where im in the one in a car and things are going out of control lakeisha holloway is back in court on february 4th... at that point her attorneys say her preliminary hearing may be scheduled. reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local
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a motive for why holloway may have done this remains unclear. according to holloways arrest police that just she had been trying to sleep in her car with her daughter and they kept getting forced to leave by security. jury deliberations are underway... in the trial of a former pastor accused of girls in his congregation. new charges against otis holland... naming five new alleged victims of sexual abuse. the counts are separate than the ones he's already on trial for. prosecutors say new evidence and information allowed them to file these charges. in the new case, holland is accused of having victims as young as ten years old film themselves in a pornographic video. both sides gave closing arguments in the case today. " submission does not necessarily mean consent fact that you submit to a thing not mean you can consent to it not mean you want
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happen they feel like he is giving more attention to two adult women is romantically involved with that is part of the basis for the problem in this case " the defense argues the victims were scorned by holland, and jealous of sharing his attention. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow morning at nine. bail was set at 11 million dollars... for another man accused of sexually abusing children. this is video from one of christopher sena's previous court appearances. investigators say sena abused children in his care over a period of 12 years. police called it one of the worst cases of sexual assault they had ever investigated. there were nearly a dozen victims. he was arrested in december 2014 with his ex-wife terrie sena and his current wife debra sena. terrie sena is spending ten years in prison after taking a plea deal. christopher sena's trial is later this year, debra sena's is next month. a downtown bar
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expand and the city is on their side. but not everyone seemed to be on board fox5's miguel martinez-valle spoke to some people who are less than excited about the expansion atomic liquors has been reopened for two years and theyve never had a noise complaint so they were suprised when, after requesting to add a restaurant next door to their business, community churches and property owners came out against them... " that motion passes..." atomic liquors on east fremont is adding a restaurant next to their bar... and while the city and the owners think this is whats best for downtown.. . " opening a bar and a restaurant is the kind of development that the city should want, if they dont want this kind of development the city is going to die, again." not everyone in the neighborhood seems to agree... " are we to be changed into an entertainment center or are we again going to be that which we are, a community, where there's churches and where theres
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here." their biggest concern, noise, they asked the city to add a limit to the amount of noise the bar could make, the city approved the expansion request without one... " so if noise becomes a nuissance, it is a code violation" the group of churches and property owners who spoke out against the expansion say theyre not against the bar expanding, theyre just tired of the city putting economic development before community needs... " it makes no sense, its like just because its the downtown project, doesnt mean they should wave all things" the same group sued city officials and life is beautiful last year because they felt it violated their first amendment rights they say they try to take up their concerns with the councilmen who represent them, but theyre often ignored... "something very suspicious how the two councilmen, they drew the line here, and they play whos on first and they dont represent." as for atomic liquors, they feel their neighbors are taking out their frustrations against the city on the wrong people...
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years and we havent had any noise issues, by adding a restaurant, im not sure how the noise issues are going to increase." atomic liquor is about a block or two away from the churches and properties who complained but theres just an empty parking lot standing between them... they think theres nothing that could block sound coming from the bar, so if the city added landscaping like trees or shrubs to catch the sound they wouldnt have such a concern. atomic liquors has been around since 1953 making it the oldest freestanding bar in las vegas... it was closed for a few years and re opened two years ago. taxi passengers are being overcharged 47 million dollars ... according to a harsh report from the division of internal audits. there's questions on how the nevada taxicab authority is using a fuel surcharge. auditors also
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a three dollar fee for credit card use... and they claim board members are overstepping their rolls. people we talked to say they weren't surprised by the report. ""to pay 30 40 dollars to go 5 to 10 minutes is rediculous." "it definitely confirms and validates that uber is a much better company not only financially but morally." " governor brian sandoval weighed in, saying the report is the most criticizing one he's ever seen. at the end of the report, auditors suggest getting rid of the nevada taxicab authority. a local elementary school didn't have running water for a few hours this morning. addeliar guy elementary school's principal says the water unexpectedly turned off around eight-45. it didn't come back for nearly three hours. in a letter to parents, the principal says a water truck was used to keep the bathrooms functional, and bottled water was provided. the water is back on , and school officials haven't
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a henderson road is getting much- needed improvements, thanks to an r-t-c project. a groundbreaking launched seven million dollars worth of upgrades for racetrack road. officials say this road from boulder highway to athens avenue has needed work for awhile now. crews will install a roundabout, improve flood control, and build a bridge on newport drive. there's also some safety improvements coming for the bicyclists who use this road. "henderson is a bicycle friendly community and a lot of the improvements you're going to see along this roadway includes bicycle lanes and some traffic calming measures that will narrow the roadway to make it safer for pedestrians and users and vehicles as well. the project is one of the many being funded by fuel revenue indexing. drivers pay for this every time they fill up at the gas pump, and it comes out to about ten cents a day. we're seeing something we haven't seen on the strip in awhile... the riviera, all lit up! the hotel is rumored to be a
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you're taking a live look at the strip now. the bourne movie is filming, and we're hearing tonight is the biggest one for production. roads will be shut down in this area... where some of the action sequences are happening. some of the filming happened earlier at the aria and mccarran airport. the north end of the strip will be the place people will flock to in just a few years. the step made today for a resort under construction... and what it will bring to the area once its done. and we'll check out how guests at one hotel will be able to control their "smart rooms". your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you are watching fox5 news at 11. local. las vegas.
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fox5 news at 11.
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unlv is continuing to expand... in its quest to become a the university recently purchased 42 acres to meet its real estate group "colliers announced the unlv today. along tropicana and koval lane. unlv has several space, including a new stadium, additional housing, retail, or research space. it's one of the places available for the landlocked university to expand. resorts world to move forward with plans to and hotel to the strip's north end. resorts world the zoning commmission's agenda today. it's a four billion themed resort, complete with an ampitheater and
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resorts world being built where the stardust hotel and casino once stood. this is one of the coming to the the area will also welcome a hotel dragon... and the center will extend once the riviera is demolished. resorts made travelers' choice luxury hotels in aria sky suites came in at number three, with travelers calling it absolutely amazing. is at number nine... with guests saying it has exquisite the winners are determined based on reviews gathered over 2015. there's now a tablet in every one of the aria's four thousand and four guest rooms. but they're for much more than just browsing online. " whether it's dining ordering through the tablet for our guests, or even doing things like housekeeping requests, an extra pillow, it basically took that technology which was already facinating for our guests, and brought it to a whole new level. "
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aspects of their hotel rooms, like locking the door, drawing curtains, or turning on the lights. guests can even arrange the t-v to turn on to a specific channel for a wakeup call! british company "crave interaction" installed the tablets. it's not too early for some hotels to recruit candidates for the 2016 pool season! the m resort is hosting a three- day job fair next week, to fill 90 jobs for both its main pool and day-dream pool club. cocktail servers, bartenders, lifeguards, security officers, and chefs are needed, among other jobs. the fair runs three days starting tuesday, january 26th. we have information on how to apply on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief
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we'll see increasing clouds for thursday with a high around 60 degrees. a little breeze and 62 for friday with mostly cloudy skies. the weekend features a slight chance of showers in the afternoon saturday and for the first half of sunday. we'll also see southwest breezes to 20 mph on saturday, then nw breezes on sunday. highs for the weekend will be at 64 saturday, then 59 on sunday. we'll see increasing clouds for thursday with a high around 60 degrees. a little breeze and 62 for friday with mostly
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weekend features a slight chance of showers in the afternoon saturday and for the first half of sunday. we'll also see southwest breezes to 20 mph on saturday, then nw breezes on sunday. highs for the weekend will be at 64 saturday, then 59 on sunday. protestors say they want the bundy-led militia
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protestors say they want the bundy-led militia group out of a wildlife refuge now. " birds not bullies, birds not bullies" how the community is handling the take-over 17 days in... and the rallies in other states against it. and the plea nevada senator harry reid has for politicians... as they debate the future of syrian refugees in our
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no.
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you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. the senate voted to block the syrian refugee bill... that would curb the flow of people escaping to our country. "it's difficult to effectively vet immigrants from a war-torn country where records may sometimes no
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) this bill is just another step in the absolute wrong direction -- the direction of don trump. " today's vote weighed heavily on national security and the 2016 campaign. the bill would have required everyone fron syria or iraq to be verified by three government agencies. nevada senator harry reid says he also wants leaders to debate donald trump's proposal, that would ban all muslims from coming to the u-s temporarily. trump claims the current refugee program could be a safe haven for terrorists. "birds, not bullies." that's what protestors against the armed occupation are demanding... as they hold rallies in several states. " "it can't go on forever. at some point - fbi and all the other agencies are going to have to step forward and do something. i just hope that's sooner rather than later." " the bundy-led militia group still has control over an oregon national wildlife refugee after 17 days. they say they want the government land returned to local control. rally organizers say the activists are threatening years of work
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refugee, people who live in harney county, and the burns paiute tribe. a year from today, our next president will be sworn into office. donald trump is leading the g-o-p field, by more than twice as much as closest rival ted cruz. ""they say why are you talking about polls ... the candidates ... because i'm in first place" " the caucuses are just 12 days away in iowa, and the attacks are continuing between trump and cruz. g-o-p sarah palin is throwing her support behind trump... and the billionare's campaign hopes this is the bump they'll need for iowa. ""sarah palin is an effort to sort of stop the bleeding .... team cruz has been right back in his face ... and their central assertion about trump is pointing out the fact that trump isn't that conservative." " cruz is also having difficulties in iowa. the governor urged iowans to vote for anyone
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controversial stance against ethanol subidies. on the democrat side, hillary clinton has some work to do in new hampshire. bernie sanders is beating her in that state by 27 points. there's just a month left, until the democratic caucus here in nevada. votors are using the time now to learn how this process works. "(26) some of us have been trained, but right now we want everyone in our audience to get an appreciation for what it's like being at a caucus come february 20th. (35). " the sun city anthem democrats club held a mock caucus tonight. state senator aaron ford spoke to the crowd, and they practiced how to caucus. organizers remind everyone to know where to go on caucus day. the republican caucus is february 23rd. it's okay to be suspicious, if you get a call from the i-r-s. the warning police have about scammers... and how they're tricking people into giving them
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she'll get the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. tax season is here... and metro is warning everyone to be on the lookout for scams. police say scam callers will pretend to be the i-r-s, and they can sound pretty convincing. they'll give bogus i-r-s i-d numbers, and might alter a caller i-d to make it look like the government is calling. victims will be told they owe money, and it must be paid immedietely. police say the i-r-s
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demand an immediate payment... and they always mail you a bill first. you always have the opportunity to question or appeal taxes. police say to watch out for similiar scams through your email. it's a busy year for super star jennifer lopez. she's judging american idol... and bringing her greatest hits to her new las vegas residency! "nats of show " j-lo's "all i have" show kicked off tonight at planet hollywood. plenty of her celebrity friends were there, including ne-yo, ryan secreast, wilmer valderrama, and holly madison. more's rachel smith was at the red carpet premiere, and asked madison what her favorite thing about j-lo is. " it's just kind of the whole package. she just does so many things, i'm just facinated how she does it all with twins and looks so great, i kind of want to know what's her secret. " jlo's residency "all i have" will run for three
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