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new charges were filed against holland yesterday. a special prosecutor in the case says it involves a victim younger than ten years old. that special prosector also says holland had the victims film themselves - during sex acts.. two political heavyweights are in town today. we'll have a preview of former president bill clinton's appearance tonight in just a moment. but first - let's go live to les krifaton... at the south point - where donald trump held a rally today for his presidential campaign. secret service made sure everyone was wanded before they went inside to hear trump. by my estimate there were a few thousand people who turned out and cheered loudy
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donald trump is a showman and he did not disappoint the crowd that came to hear him speak today. everything was on the table. he talked about the latest poll numbers that show him still as the leading candidate about republicans vying to the chance to be the prsidential candidate. trump promised to get rid of obamacare, get tough on illegal immigration and said that as president he would have the ability to negiociate much better for the country than professional politicans. we have political hacks negotiating with china, vietnam, with japan with mexico with all those countries making a fortune off our stupidity. trump was heckcled by a woman who was drowned out by his supporters and was quickly
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trump is in town for a few more hours.... attending awards cemeony at the venetian for the shot show... a firearms trade show in town this week. former president bill clinton.... also in town tonight. he's making the case for his wife... hillary clinton... to be the next commander in chief. fox five's cyndi lundeberg... is live from the advanced technologies academy... where bill clinton will speak tonight. bill clinton has been ramping up his efforts to get his wife into the oval office... what'snteresting is for the first part of hillary's campaign... bernie sanders was never mentioned... and still yesterday in new hampshire he never said sanders name... but did refer to hillarys opponent
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former president clinton... later tonight on fox five news at ten. apparently one book was just too good to put down. what a driver was caught doing... after being pulled over by a police officer. support continues for a plan to increase the nevada minimum wage. how a plan is moving forward... to increase it to 13-dollars. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right
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enrollment in the nevada health insurance exchange is topping numbers from the same period last year. the u-s department of health and human services says nearly 78- thousand nevadans have signed up for a plan in the enrollment period that began november 1-st. enrollment closes january 31-st. the statistics are better than last cycle - when about 73-thousand nevadans signed up for plans through the exchange during the entire open enrollment period. the health exchange is geared toward people who don't already have coverage through their employer or a government program such as medicaid. most of the people who sign up for plans are eligible for subsidies or tax breaks based on their income.
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gradually raise nevada's minimum wage to 13- dollars is moving forward. a carson city district court judge has sided with minimum wage hike supporters - ruling language on a petition doesn't need to change. opponents - including the las vegas and reno- sparks chambers of commerce - sought to disqualify the petition on technical points. new evidence suggests vladimir putin... is the man behind the murder of a political adversary. what a new report reveals about the russian leader's role in the killing. plus... what a former nasa astronaut has to say... about the possible discovery of a new planet in our solar system. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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investigation says it's likely that russian president vladimir putin approved the murder of a former k-g-b spy. benjamin hall reports from london - on the public inquiry into the 2006 killing strong reaction from russia after vladimir putin is accused of being part of a murder plot. a british judge says the russian president probably approved the killing of alexander litvinenko... a former k-g-b agent who died in london after drinking tea laced with a radioactive isotope. litvinenko, a vocal critic of putin, accused him of ordering his murder from his deathbed. zakharova says: "..there was one goal and it was clear from the very beginning: to vilify russia, its officials and government." (voice of translator) britain freezing the assets of the two men believed to have poisoned litvinenko. they deny any involvement. the british government also summoning the russian ambassador to the u-k. yakovenko says: "..this gross provocation of the british authorities cannot help hurting our bilateral relations." the u-k expelling four russian diplomats and limiting cooperation with
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of the killing. prime minister david cameron is not ruling out further action. cameron says: "..this report confirms what we've always believed, and what the last labor government believed at the time of this dreadful murder, which is it was state- sponsored action." the obama administration responding to the findings. earnest says: "..inside russia, we see that critics and political opponents of the russian government are often subject to threats, intimidation, in some cases, death." (on cam tag) british ties with russia are further strained by moscow's actions in syria and ukraine... but, british prime minister cameron says some sort of relationship is needed to help deal with the syrian crisis. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. the white house isn't ruling out future punitive action against russia... but says a closer look at the british report is needed before deciding if action is warranted. there's more fallout from the tap water contamination crisis in flint, michigan. the regional director with the
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is resigning. susan hedman was administrator of a region based in chicago - that includes michigan. this comes after some state officials have been fired over controversy. the water was contaminated when flint's water source was switched -- with the approval of state officials -- to the flint river in 2014. that caused elevated levels of lead to be found in children. there have also been calls for michigan governor rick snyder to resign. u-s stocks - closing higher today - led by a rebound in oil and gas companies as energy prices recovered from a steep drop the day before. many of the top gainers were energy companies. consol energy and southwestern energy each soared 19 percent. wall street has faced a rough start to 2016... not only due to a drop in oil prices - but also due to a slump in the chinese economy. "if they slow down, they are not going to consumer as much. and there not going to consumer as much products,
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materials." railroad operator union pacific slumped 4 percent after reporting a drop in the amount of freight hauled and weaker results than analysts were expecting. a police officer pulls over a car that was swerving from side to side. turns out - the driver was busy reading a book. "what are we looking at on our lap over there? i was reading. you were readinig? why were you doing that? what are you reading? it's a james patterson book." that's right.... a james patterson novel was just too good to put down... even when the reader is behind the wheel of a car. the police department says it's fortunate the driver didn't end up in a crash. "nicest guy. obviously not the smartest thing to do while driving. very dangerous. but he kind of got it, knew he made a e officer went back and ended up giving
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police say a more common distraction with drivers is smartphones. officers suggest putting your phone away in the glove box while driving - to avoid the temptation. the excitement continues in the scientific community - over the possible discovery of a new planet in our solar system. "the only explanation we can come up with for some very strange behavior at the edge of our solar system is that there is a giant planet, a planet that's 10 times the mass of the earth that is much, much further out than neptune." researchers at cal tech say they have strong evidence that there is a large planet in the outer solar system... that orbits the sun every 15- thousand years. there's about six objects apparently, about half a dozen objects, their orbits seem to be influenced by a large object out there. they're looking at that evidence. in other words, they see how these things are behaving and they're pretty convinced that
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out there scientists discovered what is being called "planet nine" through mathematical modeling and computer simulations. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty mostly cloudy skies for friday with a high of 60 degrees and a very light breeze. we'll have overcast skies on saturday with a slight chance of showers mainly in
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southwest breezes to 20 mph and a high of 62 also included for saturday afternoon. sunday we'll see a slight chance of showers for the early morning with skies turning partly cloudy and northwest breezes to 20 mph. mostly cloudy skies for friday with a high of 60 degrees and a very light breeze. we'll have overcast skies on saturday with a slight chance of showers mainly in the afternoon. southwest breezes to 20 mph and a high of 62 also included
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afternoon. sunday we'll see a slight chance of showers for the early morning with skies turning partly cloudy and northwest breezes to 20 mph.
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the harlem globetrotters are known for having a catchy theme song... as well as their skills on the court. coming up... a different take on the song... with basketballs providing the
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at six. the parent comany of red rock casino.. palace station... and other resorts is about to go public in the stock market.. again. details on what just happened to allow this move. plus - see how a zoo employee... ended up inside the
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plus .. a bad day to try go swimming in your back yard for this homowner! see what happened to this 8-foot friend tonght at six. the harlem globetrotters are getting into the groove - by remaking their famous theme song. it features only vocals... hand- claps... foot stomps... and the sound of basketballs. "(music) " the team paired up with music producer and singer mike tompkins - for the new take on "sweet georgia brown". the famed basketball team is in its 90-th year and is currently on a 250-city tour... that includes a stop at the new t-mobile arena later in the year. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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live in las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. a former president comes to town to rally locals to elect who he hopes will become the next president. we're live where bill clinton is preparing to speak. "soon we're going to be extremely happy with the results, ok [cheering]" never one to miss a moment to brag about himself and the future - donald trump rallied a packed ballroom at the south point today.. hitting his favorite topics.. including the media and protestors. saving lifes .. one paw at a time. how some local pet owners are helping save other pets by having their dogs donate life-saving
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