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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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cities on the east coast still dealing with the aftermath of one of the biggest snow storms in u-s history. how the storm could be affecting travel this morning. the broncos and the panthers headed to super bowl 50. how the local sportsbook and bettors are getting ready for the big game! d a tough loss for the runnin' rebels against rival unr! what you can do this week... to help our guys get back on track good morning i'm maria silva, dave hall has the day off now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... with ophelia young whos in for cassandra jones. we are watching an area of low pressure to the pacific northwest and high pressure sitting off central and southern california. high pressure will prevail for the next
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the upper 60's as we approach next weekend. low pressure begins pushing back into southern nevada by late saturday. sunday, low pressure will close over the valley bringing widespread chances for rain to the area into next monday. for now, today's high is 60 with sunny skies and breezy conditions. here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas
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alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. metro police need help identifying a suspect accused of pointing a gun at several people on the strip... and setting off an officer involved shooting. here's a picture of the man arrested friday night. he's only known as "john doe". police say he was aiming a gun at people while walking in and out of traffic. an officer confronted him in front of the bellagio. police say the man did not obey commands to surrender. an officer fired at the suspect but missed. a bystander was grazed in the leg. he's in good condition after being treated at u-m-c. another man's clothing was hit... but he was not hurt. the suspect was arrested for several felony charges. anyone who knows this man or has information on him should call police or crimestoppers at
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millions of people along the east coast are scrambling to dig themselves out of the snow and ice after this weekend's crippling winter storm. the blizzard killed at least 14 people, grounded thousands of flights... and shut down several of the nation's largest cities. chris welch reports on the clean up this morning. all along the east coast the diligent hum of digging can be heard... nats and scraping.. nats and of course plowing... crews trying to clear roads. (mayor muriel bowser/ we have made some still a lot more to do. washington d-c schools and the city government are closed monday ... as is the federal government... while some of the city's transit will be back up and running. the d-c mayor cautioned residents about one of the big concerns in the coming days: black ice. (mayor muriel bowser /washington) we expect that with the temperature and every night this
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se continued slick and dangerous roadways, so continue to stay off of the roadways. in new york -- even though the travel ban has been lifted and buses and most trains are operational-- officials are still urging residents to stay off the roads. (mayor bill de blasio, new york) leave your car where it is. don't try to shovel it out today. unless you have an emergency or something truly urgent, leave your car where it is. washington d-c brought in 400 extra snow removers... and canceled schools monday. the coastal flood warning has been lifted in new jersey-- where several cities were inundated with high water that caused widespread power outages. officials say the worst appears to be over... (governor chris christie/(r) news jersey) and so we've really done very well in this storm, and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. drivers in at least three states stranded for hours during the peak of the blizzard. one of the worst back-ups was on the pennsylvania turnpike -- prompting an apology from the turnpike chairman... and the promise of a thorough review. in washington, i'm chris welch reporting. airports in
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down this morning with a number of flights canceled. if you are traveling, it's important to know what's going on with your flight, before heading out to the airport. be sure to check flights online or call the airline for the latest information. "united blood services" is stepping in to help those affected by the massive winter storm. there are several blood drives happening around the valley this week. it's to prevent any shortages at blood banks hardest hit by the storm. during these times, blood use spikes as treatment and surgeries are put on hold or rescheduled. it helps cancer patients... babies... and burn victims. "united blood services" asks that donors give to help fill the gap. "we also need to supply our local hospitals here. so with one donation you can save up to three patients lives. you are making a difference." "were asking people to take one hour out of day to come down and donate." there are donor centers around the valley.
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services" locations on charleston... craig... and sunset. you must be 17 years old... weigh at least 110 pounds... and be in good health. you can make an appointment... but walk ins are always welcome. in just one week iowa will conduct the first 20-16 presidential caucus. democratic presidential candidates will take part in a c-n-n town hall tonight in des moines. over the weekend the influential des moines register endorsed former secretary of state hillary clinton for the democratic nomination and florida senator marco rubio in the republican race. also over the weekend, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg hinted he might enter the race as an independent. as for donald trump, he's so confident about the loyalty of his supporters that he predicted they'd stick with him through anything. they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and
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voters okay? it's like incredible. the republican presidential candidate made the remark while addressing a group in iowa saturday his comments upsetting many, especially since it deals with gun violence his opponent, marco rubio weighing in on the statement (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) it's probably not a good idea for him to do that. the bigger problem in new york is it's almost impossible to have a gun and protect your family , that's why it is so important our next president defends our second amendment. rubio has promised to reverse president obama's planned gun limits if elected to the white house the denver broncos and the carolina panthers will face off in superbowl 50. emotions were high and the sports books were packed as fans placed their bets and cheered for their teams... fox5's abby theodros spoke with fans at the westgate. steve markham, broncos fan from denver: i was certain. i knew i just had a feeling. that the broncos were going to win out right. sports books like the westgate superbook were filled with super
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waiting that their team would make it in to superbowl 50. nats in the afc championship the broncos beat out the patriots who were a three point favorite going into the match. superbook vice president jay kornegay is a denver native and says the win benenets him two- fold. jay kornegay: majority of the tickets and majority of the money came in on new england. believe me the books really needed the broncos this first game. knocked out a lot of parlays going to the second game and the second game it doesn't really matter. kornegay said that about six of every seven superbook bettor that wagered on their money on the them left the their wallet a little lighter. patriots: it's sad but theres always next year. and we're the patriots. winners. well they weren't this time around and neither were the cardinals. ath: how are you feeling? christina hayden, cardinals fan from glendale az: "i mean right now? do you see the score? not so good" that was about three quarters into the nfc championship game against carolina.
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were a slight favorite - advanced to the superbowl. foster bryson, panthers fan from chapel hill nc: i feel great i feel great. i think we got the best team in the nfl. ive been saying that since last year and now everyone is seeing it. so i feel great. now the waiting game is on until february seventh. the westgate says their expecting thousands for superbowl weekend and will have about 400 proposition on the board for the final championship game. the runnin rebels had an upsetting loss against rivals unr. it was a close game.. but when it was all said and done, unr won by just 2 points, taking the game 65 to 63. fox five's kevin bolinger was with the team in reno. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly the runnin' rebels are asking for your help to get back on track. it's red out at the mack this week. unlv's runnin' rebels face boise state wednesday night. you're encouraged to wear your "rebel red" to support the team. tip off is at eight p-m at the thomas and mack center. hotels are looking to recruit
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season! the m resort is kicking of a three-day job fair tomorrow. they are looking to fill 90 jobs for both its main pool and day-dream pool club. cocktail servers, bartenders, lifeguards, and security officers are needed, among other jobs. we have information on how to apply on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. the metro community coming together to help one of their own. the wife of a retired metro police sergeant is in the hospital after a stroke. how the community and metro is coming together to help the family during their their time of need. plus... lending a helping hand. the efforts being made in one town to get emergency workers to their jobs during the
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the community is the wife of a retired metro sergeant. one day before her 42nd birthday - kristi, the wife of retired metro sergeant john sheahan, suffered a stroke. but when she got to the hospital doctors revealed she has a brain avm. symptoms include paralysis, difficulty with speech and in some cases death. there was no warning. absolutely.doctors
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there would be no warning and most people this happened to theyd end up dying. the sheahan's have a ten month old baby boy named ronan. since kristi has been in the hospital the family has received hundreds of encouraging messages and financial support through their "officer down" fundraising page. if you would like to make a donation head to the links section of our website, fox five vegas dot com. now fox weather 24/7 we are watching an area of low pressure to the pacific northwest and high pressure sitting off central and southern california. high pressure will prevail for the next week - pushing daytime highs into the upper 60's as we
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pressure begins pushing back into southern nevada by late saturday. sunday, low pressure will close over the valley bringing widespread chances for rain to the area into next monday. for now, today's high is 60 with sunny skies and breezy conditions. here's your fox5
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here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes
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photos for the day back to the news desk. this weekend's blizzard was no match for some members of virginia's national guard. they sprung into action to help some emergency workers get to their jobs. khiree stewart has that story. neither wind, nor rain, nor snow can stop these big wheels from rolling... (sgt. rick hyde, virginia national guard) "it takes a lot to get our vehicles stopped." over the weekend, these four members of the virginia national guard have been on a mission. they're trying to keep emergency services running by transporting workers like ashley broughman home, so they don't risk driving through the snow. (ashley broughman, emergency worker) "we're able to help people. somebody's on the side of the road and they're scared and they're able to talk to me because i'm able to get to work." in their two humvees, they've been transporting nurses and doctors back and forth to work at hospitals, and even transported blood
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(sgt. rick hyde, virginia national guard) "it keeps your critical workers, your first responders, your dispatchers, your state keeps them safe. it keeps them out of harms way. yes, it does put us in harms way, but that's why we all volunteered." sergeant rick hyde says they were activated when the governor declared a state of emergency. (sgt. rick hyde, virginia national guard) "he adds us into his realm to keep the state running safely and keep the residents of virginia safe." ...and so far they've done around eight missions in just the past 24 hours. (sgt. rick hyde, virginia national guard) "as far as i'm concerned everybody in virginia is my neighbor and i'm out here helping my neighbors to the best of my ability and my fellow soldiers are doing the same thing," broughman says it wasn't a typical ride from work, but... (ashley broughman, emergency worker) "it was cool, yeah it was cool. it even had heat, so it wasn't too cold." and we had a little bit of snow here in las vegas. as a snowboard competition took over downtown fremont. "nats of competition"
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brought in for the second annual "park jam" outside the el cortez this past weekend. it was sponosred by zappos and featured 25 snowboarders showing off their best tricks. the grand prize -- five-thousand dollars! "an idea two years ago when we wanted to do something fun this crew tribe together and getting everybody down together." "we're all having fun. everyone is being safe. everyone having good time. its all good." the free event also featured food trucks, live music, and snowboard lessons for kids the list of top luxury hotels around the world is in! and two properties in las vegas are among them! "trip advisor" announced its 2016 travelers choice awards. the aria sky suites came in 3rd for top luxury hotel... while the mandarin oriental placed 9th. the travel website reviewed more than 200-
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comments from the past year, saying results are based on service and value when it comes to growing old, our state ranks 49 on the list of the best states to grow old in. our state only outranked mississippi. according to 24-7 wall street, the high levels of violence may contribute to higher stress levels for seniors. nevada also has the second highest poverty rate for seniors... with 1 in 10 stuggling to afford food. hawaii was ranked number 1. new emojis are coming to your smart phone! emoji-pedia just released a list of 74 potential new characters. among the new symbols -- a croissant, a pickle, a clown and bacon! the emojis are set to be released this summer. it's the perfect
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retailer "think- geek" just debuted these bouquets. featuring a bundle of cuddly star wars characters. bouquets include a vader-themed "i am your flower" or r-2-d-2's "beep boop bloom" each one includes 9 plush "officially- licensed" characters. she's back. and comedian tina fey says the material just wrote itself. the hilarious skit fey did in honor of sarah palin's return to the
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campaign trail endorsing donald trump, and s-n-l quickly capitalized on the moment "im here because we americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at factors or reality shows about alaska. we've seen our children targeted by police for no reason other than they committed some crimes. "
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it... even down to the sparkly jacket. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... mayhem on the east coast-- this morning millions of americans are digging out from that brutal snowstorm. a live report from the nation's capitol, next. plus... an epic battle. see how one group is making the most out of the historic winter storm. digging out!
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americans are dealing with the aftermath of a historic blizzard that left cities paralyzed, motorists stranded and thousands without power. coming up, a live report from the nation's capitol. plus... giving the gift of blood... how your donation here at home... can help those affected by the deadly blizzard. good morning i'm jason feinberg. in for dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. let's get straight to that winter storm that's crippling the east coast. the monster blizzard that hit the east coast is moving off shore, but parts of coastal new york are not out of the woods just yet.
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blizzard grounded thousands of flights and
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