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backyard! this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas one woman is dead tonight after a violent crash involving a suspected drunk driver. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. the suspected drunk driver is in the hospital with life threatening injuries. fox 5's abby theodros joins us live from the scene of the crash at spring mountain and rainbow with the story. a witness i spoke with today says this is probably the worst crash he's witness in his four years in las vegas. take a listen to his accounts of how the fatal crash unfolded. witness: it was one of the worst accidents ive ever seen this man who asked to remain anonymous says he was making an early morning trip to the "smiths" on rampart - when he passed a man in a yukon suv driving erratically witness: i saw this guy driving with out his headlights on. ... when i flashed my brights thats when i first noticed he was swerving in the road and he hit the center median with his vehicle. police had already been looking for the suv and say the driver had already
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cruisers in a neighboring area. metro police say 33 year old victor sandoval was and was believed to be under the influence. he made his way to the east bound lane of spring mountain when police say he blasted through a red light striking and killing a 43 year old woman in a nissan... driving in the southbound lane on rainbow woman died instantly. collided and i saw car parts go everywhere i saw his car flip and her car flip i think i saw him get ejected from the vehicle i think thats what i saw. both cars ended up in pieces in the parking lot of a 7- mart convenience store. store clerk debra turner says one car ended up inches from the gas pump while the other was on its side by their marquee. debra turner: devastating to see how close it was. if it would have happened a little later on, theres probably been a lot more people who would have been hurt because its a very busy intersection. very busy. police say if you
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erratically you should keep your distance and call police immediately the man police say was waving a handgun in the air and pointing it at tourists on the strip was brought into court for the first time this morning... humming as you can see, police had 20-year old kahleal black restrained in a special chair .. along with what's known as a spit- hood. black is facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge. this happened friday night in front of the bellagio fountains. a metro officer shot toward black .. missing him twice .. injuring a child before taking black into custody. we spoke to black's brother after court... dymond black / suspect's brother "he's not a bad guy, he just had a mental breakdown. like my brother said, the brain gets sick just like any other part of the body. he's sick in his brain right now, so i don't want people
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criminal." black is being held on 2 million dollars bail and is due back in court in one week. lawyers agreed in court he will need a mental evaluation. armed militia members in oregon - remain in jail... after a deadly confrontation left a fellow protester dead in oregon. the nearly month-long standoff between the government -- and occupiers of a oregon wildlife refuge - had been a battle over land rights. dan springer is in burns, oregon tonight -- with what happened. federal agents are racheting up the pressure on those still occupying a federal wildlife refuge in rural harney county oregon. armed checkpoints now surround the follows a fatal shooting last night and the arrest of 7 of the protest leaders. bretzing says: "it is the actions and choices of the the refuge that has led us to where we are today. they had to leave the refuge peacefully." killed in the gunfire was 55-year old lavoy finicum, an arizona rancher who was the activists'
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on a highway as they tried to take their message of government over- reach on public lands to nearby grant county. leader ammon bundy was among thos arrested. while the f.b.i. denies any wrongdoing, bundy's father, who had his own showdown with the federal government over grazing fees, says finicum was not posing a threat to agents. bundy says: "lavoy finicum was murdered. cold- blooded murdered. they shot him with his hands up and just literally murdered him." the armed protest began as an effort to keep two local ranchers out of prison for setting fires on public land. when that failed, it shifted to an indictment of all federal ownership of lands in the west. the local sheriff is begging the remaining occupiers to avoid more bloodshed. ward says: "this has been tearing our community apart. we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america and it can't happen in harney county." over the first 3 weeks, the fbi used extreme caution with the
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wider militia uprising. but local oregon's governor criticized the feds saying the brought to an end. way up the ranks obviously listened and finally acted. two members of the bundy ranching family in bunkerville have been active members of the militia. ammon bundy and his brother ryan - behind bars - after last night's deadly confrontation. fox five's cyndi lundeberg spoke to the head of the family - cliven bundy - and joins us live from their ranch in bunkerville. i spoke with cliven bundy...he told me he spent the day in arizona visiting with the family of lavoy finicum. cliven describes lavoy as a good friend...good family man and a great american. clivenwas very upset when i spoke
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cliven tells me he has not spoken to his sons ryan and ammon since their arrest... i did talk to mel of their brothers...he says he's very concerned about ryan because he says ryan was shot through the shoulder last night..and doesnt think hes being taken care of. cliven bundy says he's furious about what happenned last night...and says he believes lavoy finnicum was targeted for speaking out against the government. "they killed this man, they shot him like 3 times, he got down on the ground and they shot him 3 or 4 more times. i mean what kind of human being with a dead man there and you're gonna shoot him some more? i mean what kind of person does that? i'll tell you what kind of person does that, that's the kind of person we're fed up with in america. that's the beurocrat that thinks he's got more power and don't give a damn about our lives no more, he don't give about our rnaches, don't give about our cattle, don't give about the interior, the resouces, anything." cliven bundy tells me his visit with the finicum famiy was very hard today but says theyre doing the best they can in this situation. cliven says they plan to continue
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they will not let lavoy finnicum die in vain. cliven also told me that his whole family is on a nofly list because of the he couldntfly to oregon even if he of right now the family says they have no plans to go. ordered ammon bundy and six others to remain in jail until at least friday. u-s magistrate judge stacie beckerman said they are a danger to the community and, with no ties to oregon, flight risks. beckerman set a detention hearing for friday, giving the defendants a chance to argue for their release pending trial. also late this afternoon .. from jail .. ammon bundy asks the holdouts to go home. a directive of the month.... that prohibits v-a doctors from medical marijuana as a form of treatment of veterans. nevada congresswoman dina titus... is among a bi- partisan group of legislators urging the department of veterans affairs to change the policy. they argue the option should be available - in
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marijuana has been legalized. nevada congressman joe heck also signed the letter - requesting the change of policy. heck is also a doctor. overnight ... hundreds of people hit the streets of the valley to count the number of homeless. this was the annual homeless count done by volunteers. the information gathered will help teh county apply for grants. last year alone, clark county received around 12-million dollars to be used to help reduce the number of homeless in the valley. in 2015, the homeless census found more than 7-thousand homeless.. and estimated that more than 34- thousand people experience homelessness in southern nevada throughout the year. a new campaign launched by the animal foundation looks to save the lives of local animals in need. county and city leaders discussed the approach today... which involves multiple programs. one helps owners with resources to keep their pets instead of surrendering them. another is an approach called 'trap neuter
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and allow them to do their part in the ecosystem, like decreasing the rat population. expanded adoption, fostering and medical programs also being put into place. deputies in nye county were called out to an interesting incident monday night.. there was a mountain lion .. in a residential area of pahrump hiding in someone's backyard! it's not uncommon for mountain lions, bob cats and coyotes to come down off the mountains this time of year to hunt and stay warm... but it's not safe to confront one. the sheriff's department secured the area and called in the state fish and wildlife these officers tried to cat ... but were unable to do this .. so they made the the cat. which they were removed it from here's a look at where the mountain lion was found... just a few feet supercenter on highway 160. the cat was in a backyard of a street. still ahead cutest new addition to the budweiser and the
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presidential field stand his ground when it comes to him showing up at tomorrow night's fox news debate. closed captioning will resume shortly your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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a massive sea of "rebel red".... on the court tonight. rebels fans.... donning team colors.... to "red out" the thomas and mack. that's where we find fox five's kevin bolinger... with more on a big game for u-n-l-v tonight. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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(( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty the warm up for us from thursday through saturday is on track with mid to upper 60s expected. saturday afternoon we'll see southwest gusts to 25 mph with increasing clouds. area showers are expected on sunday with the best chance being in the afternoon. we'll see a high of just 58 degrees on sunday. sunday will also feature gusts to 25 mph at times. we keep the chance of
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least the first half of monday with stronger gusts to 40 mph possible from the northwest. we'll see highs around 50 with lows around 35 for much of next week. the warm up for us from thursday through saturday is on track with mid to upper 60s expected. saturday afternoon we'll see southwest gusts to 25 mph with increasing clouds. area showers are expected on sunday with the best chance being in the
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a high of just 58 degrees on sunday. sunday will also feature gusts to 25 mph at times. we keep the chance of showers for at least the first half of monday with stronger gusts to 40 mph possible from the northwest. we'll see highs around 50 with lows around 35 for much of next week. closed captioning
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all the speculation is about to end ... and the voting will soon begin ... the iowa caucuses now just five days away. the field of republican candidates will have one more chance to sway iowa voters. fox news correspondent, joel waldman, is in washington with the story. waldman says: "republican frontrunner, donald trump, says he's passing on the debate to raise money for veterans ...a move his competitors don't seem too heartbroken about." paul says: "is a host of new issues in the debate and thank goodness donald trump and his super huge ego has taken
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going home, all the better for the country as far as i am concerned." a double win for rand paul ... who is also getting back on the main stage ... after skipping the last debate himself because the kentucky senator was relegated to the so-called happy hour debate. marco rubio, running third in most polls, says his game plan remains the same ... sticking to the big issues facing our nation. rubio says: "i'm going to focus on the future of america, i'm focused on defeating hillary clinton and ensuring that we don't have another four years like the last seven years." two-thousand- and-eight iowa caucus winner, mike huckabee, finds himself toward the back of the pack this time around ... kicking up his ground game heading into the final stretch before ballots are cast. huckabee says: "we're doing 150 events in january, because i don't believe there's a shortcut to winning the iowa caucus because if it does it would change iowa caucus forever." waldman (on-cam tag) says: "hillary clinton, meanwhile, is calling for the democrats to sanction another debate before the
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sanders paid a visit to president obama. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." next, a look at preparations for the super bowl ... from the field to the pennants. and you're along for the ride when a man steals a police car ... with a k9 officer in the
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a camera inside an oklahoma state troopers car captured a crime they didn't see coming. they pulled over a 23-year-old man for an unsafe lane change. after talking with the trooper inside the car .. he was about to get a warning when the trooper asked to search his car. the man said no - but the trooper said he had probible cause. and he was right .. he found several large bags of pot in the trunk! that's when the man jumped in the driver's seat - with the k-9 in the back - and sped off. he eventually crashed through a fence and was arrested. as far as we know the k-9 is doing just fine. work continues on the super bowl stadium for next month's big game. here's a look at levi's stadium just outside san francisco. you can see workers painting logos, hash marks and other emblems to the field. the n-f-l is turning the san francisco 49-ers home stadium into the place that will host the league's biggest sporting event. the carolina panthers and
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take the field february seventh to determine who will be n-f-l champion. with the big game is quickly approaching.. it is keeping one minnesota company quite busy. wincraft is the official producer of all licensed merchandise for the super bowl. it includes everything from decals... banners... and even the official field towels for both teams. the company has already begun shipping out merchandise.. and will continue to do so up until game day. "most of our graphics and the things you're seeing us produce today probably went into the nfl in october for approval. and then by that time, we have to recreate the other teams, as one team falls out we have to recreate some more art work. it keeps us busy." wincraft has been working with the n-f-l for over forty years. you know every year ... the budweiser clydsdales make an appearance in a super bowl commercial.. but this little guy might have to wait for the next one. more on the newest addition to the family when
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keep watching for an all new more
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you know the basic bargain of america is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health care and child care so people can actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done.
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"what kind of human being with a dead man there--and then you shoot him more. i mean, what kind of person does that. " cliven bundy sounds off... after a standoff between the armed militia and law enforcement in oregon turns deadly. the latest on this ongoing story .. tonight at ten. the budweiser clydesdale family has welcomed its newest member. meet "mac." the company said his name is in honor of its clydesdales being "the most macro of all icons." it's also a nod to the company's tagline: "proudly a macro beer."
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announced the foal was born yesterday at a ranch in missouri .. near the home headquarters of anheuser busch. the mom and baby are both happy and healthy. the company said mac will live at the ranch to learn the ins and outs of being a budweiser clydesdale. thanks for joining us.. it sounds like a bunch of lions who are hungry and horny. wow! carlos santana gets saucy in our new vegas reunion interview! why he's getting the original band back together. then -- vegas, you ready for a party?! dozens of the biggest names in country music are coming to town and we'll tell you where you can see this music extranvanza! plus - she wasn't
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