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let's take you live to the scene-- this is the 33- hundred block of civic center near cheyenne. the call came in around 3 this afternoon that three people -- 2 men and one woman-- had been shot. police say they do not have life threatening injuries. as we mentioned before, this is the second shooting in less than 24 hours in that area... a fact that's not sitting well with neighbors. "very scary, i'm really concerned about my family. i want to get out of here. it's hard on a family. it's hard on my wife, especially what she's been going through and i have to deal with this when i come home. it's really frustrating and really scary and stressed out, really stressful." again, three people shot... taken to umc... with non-life threatening injuries. this is a developing situation... we will continue to stay out on the scene to bring you the latest... and find out more
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the prospects of the nfl's oakland raiders relocating to las vegas sounds remote.... but sheldon adelson is willing to take at shot at that possibility. today .. the sands corporation owner reportedly met with mark davis, owner of the raiders, who is looking for a new home for his team. fox5's les krifaton joins us live from tropicana and koval the site of the proposed stadium. les what's the buzz on the street? the whole idea seems outrageous given the nfl attitude toward las vegas and gaming. but sheldon adelson is behind a proposed stadium that would be built here and he's looking for a tenant besides the unlv rebels and he's thinking an
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this vacant lot could one day be transformed into a full fledged state of the art 60,000 plus seat stadium.....a perfect venue for the nfl, if only it weren't in las vegas. unless the nfl drastically changes the way that they look at las vegas there is zero chance that the nfl would make a home in this city. former fox5 sportscaster jon castagnino says when it comes to las vegas the nfl shows us no love the nfl has stepped in multiple times to kind of stop what las vegas is doing right. we're not allowed advertise any casinos during the super bowl, they even stepped in to cancel tony romo's fantasy event within the last 12 months or so. i mean the nfl is anti las vegas that being said if there is anybody that could change that stance you'd have to think it would be sheldon adelson. according to forbes magazine he is the 15th richest man in the world worth more than 26 billion dollars and with that label and money he has a lot
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andelson is going to need to work the nfl very hard. he's a powerful guy he's got a lot of money but the nfl is a little bit bigger than sheldon adelson. on the street we got mixed reaction to the remote possibility that the oakland raiders could one day become the las vegas raiders it's a good opportunity not only for fans but form all the tourists who have an opportunity to come over here and try to do something different. i think it's seems like a pretty cool idea for the raiders to come to las vegas should be in oakland for me, that's just and maybe that is the opinion of the nfl too...maybe just maybe the nfl is sitting back letting this buzz about las vegas happen to put pressure on the city of oakland to build a new stadium for the raiders. we've been used time and time again as leverage for other professional sports teams to get a new stadium in their markets. so the nfl might be lying back right now and they might like hearing all this national buzz about las vegas and the raiders we probably have
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of winning a powerball jackpot than getting an nfl team here in las vegas but you now stranger things have happened and you don't win unless you try, just as jon said don't count on it. in our question of the day we asked: do you think an nfl team will play in las vegas during your lifetime? here are the results so far... 60 percent of people say yes... while 40- percent say no. you can vote by clicking on the news page of our website... fox5 vegas dot com.
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two months before the new t-mobile arean opens.. today marked a milestone. power drill sound that's the sound of progress. crews began installing some of the 17-thousand seats that will eventually fill the stands. workers plan on installing these seats over the next six weeks. dan quinn / vp & gm t-mobile arena "when we were doing seat selection we're definitely cognisant if we want the seats to be comfortable. a big part of this venue is about guest experience, and what's a bigger part of the when you're watching the show than the actual comfort of the seat." many locals hope this new arena will become home to a n-h-l team. but even without that .. it's already being booked for some major shows.. including opening night with mr las vegas himself wayne newton and 'the killers' who are also from las this show is on april sixth. future shows include guns n' roses ... george straight .. garth brook and the dixie chicks. what will faraday future bring to southern nevada's
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the answer to that question came today at preview las vegas-- a meeting hosted by the las vegas metro chamber of commerce. the company is already moving dirt at the site of its future manufacturing plant at the apex industrial park. faraday future plans on having a factory with machinery moving by the end of the year... but would give us a specific year when we asked when a vehicle will be rolling off the assembly line. the company has already started to hire.... and will provide a total of 4500 permanent jobs... along with 2-thousand construction jobs. 215-million dollars in tax incentives was offered to seal the deal that will bring the billion dollar plant to north las vegas. a workspace designed for collaboration and community events celebrates two milestones. unlv and technology company "switch" held a ribbon- cutting at the "innevation center" this afternoon. it's to recognize unlv's new office of economic development and research foundation. it will support job development in the valley by having the university work with start-up companies.
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celebrated how they brought the supercomputer to the college... and what it's done for research students and faculty. "its important for university to be out in community engaged with community. this here at innevation center its about starting up companies with people doing entrepreneur work and university interested in working with all them and community too. its perfect location." the "innevation center" is near the 2-15 and decatur. it's a place where businesses can crow metro police are asking for your help finding a man they say killed a man back in november. this is 32-year old omar valencia- garcia. police have been for more than a month now with an arrest warrant. he is facing both a murder and robbery with a deadly weapon it was the night of november 18th a man dead on jessica avenue - and maryland parkway. police say shots were fired - when two men who knew each other got
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police believe the shooter is omar valencia garcia. if you have any information - in any of these cases - call crimestoppers right away. the number is 702- 385-55-55. the mother of a man who was shot and killed has dropped a lawsuit against the bureau of land management and two agents. the shooting happened back in february of 2014 canyon. the wrongful against the bureau of land management and two federal agents who shot and killed 20- year-old d'andre berghardt junior. d'andre was acting eratically on the highway when agents arrived.. and was shot when agents say he climed into one of their vehicles and reached for a shotgun. one of the three people accused in what las vegas metro police described as "one of the worst cases" of child sex abuse they have encountered ... plead guilty a sexual assault charge this morning. fifty-year-old deborah sena made that plea in court this morning. deborah sena and terrie sena were charged along with christopher sena in connection
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began it was just over a year ago when terrie sena, agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors. both deborah and terrie told investigators christopher sena intimidated them and made them afraid for their lives if they didn't participate in the abuse. democrats are planning caucus vegas strip accommodate voters who work nevada democratic caucuses take place at 11 a-m on saturday, february 20th. the party announced shift workers can weigh in on their favorite democratic presidential candidate at the one of the designated properties. voters hoping to use the strip caucus sites instead of the site in their neighborhood have to declare they work nearby and can't make it home because of their shift. the strip voting sites are part of a broader effort to ramp up caucus participation. these are the properties on or near the strip where workers from these and other locations .. can caucus.. new york-new york.. caesars palace.. rio.. paris.. harrah's..
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caucus day is three days later on wednesday .. february 23rd. after a longnight on the debate stage --the republican presidential candidates did not take a break from the campaign trail today. and donald trump boasts victory after his latest stunt. fox news correspondent joel waldman was more from washington. g-o-p frontrunner donald trump greeting a crowd in new hampshire this morning--after skipping last night's iowa debate to host an event he says raised millions of veterans. trump says "whatever the end result is i did the right thing. i did the right thing because i did something great for veterans." elsehwere on the campaign trail-- several republicans spent the day celebrating their debate performances. christie says "last night was a lot of fun. i always enjoy getting up on that stage, and mixing it up with other folks in this race. i thought it went really well. i felt good about the answers we gave." rubio says "so i had this thing going on last night--this
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if you saw it. it was a lot of fun. i actually had a little bit more time than usual. i think there was somebody missing." but it was back to business as usual for jeb bush's low- polling campaign. bush says "we're working hard here. we have a great grassroots organization and working very hard to get people out to the caucuses monday night." democrats stuck to the usual scripts in iowa--just days before voters caucus there. sanders says "it sounds to me like we have a rigged economy." clinton says "we don't have to just wait around for congress to decide, we're going to fix what's broken." reporter says "the state department today may be handing clinton an early election gift ... delaying the final release of thousands of her e-mails as secretary of state until after several early primaries. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." still ahead tonight .. we take you on a field trip for a nearby winter escape. and it's been a rough day on valley roads.. new information on what cause teh shutdown of the i-15 for hours today. torn in half. a car left mangled in a
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to save the driver. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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near the las vegas motor speedway were shut down for hours today after a crash involving two semi-trucks and a car. the nevada highway patrol said the crash happened about 10 this morning. the driver of the car tried to move ahead of the two semis but crashed into one, causing the car to roll over and the trucks to collide into one another. the car driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. the semi-drivers were not injured. crews cleared the crash scene mid afternoon and re-opened the interstate. a crash overnight that left a man dead was an eery reminder for police who responded to a similar crash in almost the same place last year. police believe the 20-year-old driver who died was speeding before he lost control trying to turn right. the scene at pecos and owens at 1:30 this
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parts from the mazda protege. the engine sat in the middle of the intersection, separated from the rest of the car. police say paint marks are still in that intersection from the last deadly crash. 1:33 this is the second accident we've had here within a year, same circumstances, high speed into this little pork chop median into the street pole and that was alcohol related also, so that's always suspect to us. sergeant strader says they are looking into whether or not alcohol was a factor. drunk driving was a factor in the other crash he was referring to, that happened in march of last year.... taking the life of a 22-year- old woman who crashed into a wooden utility pole. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty southwest gusts to 35 mph and a high of 70 with mostly
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good area shower chances arrive on sunday with the afternoon and the evening chances looking better than the morning hours. we'll see a cooler high of 57 degrees with lighter southwest wind. monday morning shower chances area looking good with up to .25" possible with this entire storm. northwest gusts to 35 mph will also be with us on monday as showers leave us in the late morning. we'll see a high of just 47 degrees on monday. the snow level monday morning could be as low as 2500'..we could see a few snow flakes in the las vegas valley monday morning, but don't expect any
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southwest gusts to 35 mph and a high of 70 with mostly cloudy skies expected saturday. good area shower chances arrive on sunday with the afternoon and the evening chances looking better than the morning hours. we'll see a cooler high of 57 degrees with lighter southwest wind. monday morning shower chances area looking good with up to .25" possible with this entire storm. northwest gusts to 35 mph will also be with us on monday as showers leave us in the late morning. we'll see a high of just 47 degrees on monday. the snow level monday morning could be as low as 2500'..we could see a few snow flakes in the las vegas valley
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but don't expect any accumulation. closed captioning
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on this morning's news ... it was field trip friday.. and dave hall and the crew made the short trip up to lee canyon on mt charleston. the ski resort is just one of many destinations on the mountain.. you can also tube at lee canyon ... sled at the meadows ... and on the other side off kyle canyon you can spend the night in the resort .. or a rustic cabin. but for many each weekend it's lee canyon for skiing and snowboarding.. something dave hall hadn't done in 16 years... "then all of a sudden you're standing up." "i'm doing something. all right you guys, oh crap i'm heading right for eric. eric watch out!" "when you're
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"how'd i do?" "that's great" at last check -- the base at lee canyon is at least 2 and a half feet ... and much thicker in other areas. next - what happened to the 'affluenza teen' when he was brought into a u-s courtroom today. and the latest from the oregon refuge where several people are still in a
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the last few occupiers of an oregon wildlife refuge have posted another video in which they say they want pardons for everyone involved in the nearly monthlong standoff. four people remain at the malheur national wildlife refuge. in the youtube video .. the occupiers said they were in contact with the fbi. a speaker believed to be david fry said he asked the fbi whether it was possible to "get out of here without charges," but "they keep saying that's not possible." so far, law enforcement has arrested eleven people, and a judge has said none of them will be released from jail until the standoff ends. the so-called affluenza teen was in a texas
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friday... after spending nearly two months on the run. ethan couch made his morning court appearance a day after he was returned from mexico by authorities. the judge decided couch should remain in juvenile for another month. couch's case court. they expect that couch will no as a juvenile. couch .. now 18 .. was convicted in a 20-13 drunk-driving accident that left four people dead. there are many car collecters here in the valley - we have a car for you! it's a fiat! a very small fiat. but this one comes with a higher power than others. how you can own it ... when we
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. two middle school students are robbed of their school issued i-pads.. at gun point. now the school says the family will have to pay. finally tonight ... are you in the market for a popemobile? seriously - you could buy one. one of two fiats pope francis used on his trip to the u-s is up for auction at the philadelphia auto show. normally this 20-
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sell for around 20 thousand dollars... but because of this one's previous passenger, experts say it will go for a much higher price. the 79-year-old pontiff chose the iconic car in keeping with his no frills style and care for the environment. the vehicles were a gift from the chrysler fiat company.. and any money raised will go to several catholic charities around philiadelphia. auctioneers think the little car could sell for 6- figures. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next. now on "more access" -- we just got big details from damon, now his co-star is spilling bourne scoop! see what alicia vikander is saying about the huge action scenes in our city. plus -
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many years later this film would be
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