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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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sander and donald trump take the lead in new hampshire. how this turns the tide in the presidential race as the candidates head to south carolina. excluding voters. why some voters say they're being left out of the democratic caucus in nevada because of their faith. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we are on track to tie the record high today with 74 degrees expected that would match a high temperature record set in 2014. mid-70s continue through the workweek with
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highs on sunday. for the weekend we expect 74 saturday, then 71 on sunday. highs stay around 73 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next workweek on monday and tuesday. average high for the 7-day forecast is 62 degrees. here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. a crime of passion, a pair of vegas
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for doing things 550 feet above the strip... the two engaged in the lewd acts on the high roller , even after an employee told them to stop... fox5's miguel martinez-valle has that story. the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas could actually ring true in this crime of passion... since police tell me that the two tourists arrested for sex acts in public on the high roller could potentially have to come back and stay and face prison time if convicted. when philip panzica and chloe scordianos started their risque ride on the highroller, they probably didnt expect to face potential jail time, but thats exactly what happened after an employee caught them in the act, and called the police... " this is a felony, so that means per statute, they face a minimum of one year in prison if found guilty, plus a fine if deemed by the court." the police report shows the pair were smoking and
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of the glass cabins... the linq employee told them over the intercom to put out the cigarettes and put on some clothes... but they kept going.. thats where things get graphic, the report says shows them both naked, the pair engaged in oral sex, to stop... " of course everyone wants to come and have a good time here in las vegas, and we welcome that, we want people to enjoy themselves here, but there are certain things that you are are we took to strip to vegas tourists thought of the ordeal... inapprorpiate, but dont get caught." and we got some mixed reactions " part of me feels like what happens in vegas should stay in vegas, but theres children around so thats inaproriate" " i feel like what happens in vegas should stay in vegas, and children, if youre under 18 you should be home in bed by 11 o clock." until they found out it happened in the middle of the day, at three o clock " oh no no no" " like this time of the night, maybe, but not during the day." the police report says people in surrounding cabins
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some video, but refused to write a statement. as for the pair, they said they were just having a good time, and didn't think anyone would notice... theyre now facing felony charges for sex acts in public among other charges... and the police report also mentioned that employees of the highroller are concerned this sort of thing has been happening more often, and they just dont want to give the vegas attraction a bad reputation... miguel martinez- valle, fox5 news local. las vegas, the couple each posted 3-thousand dollars bail and are set to be back in town for court next month. police are searching for suspects they say shot and killed a man right outside his home. this happened yesterday afternoon, at a neighborhood near mojave and vegas valley. police say the victim got into an argument with a man and a woman. one of them fired at the victim, and he later died at sunrise hospital. one neighbor who didn't want her face shown, says this isn't the first time police have been to the home.
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several times to report suspicious activity. there's actually survellance cameras all over that house. " police aren't sure which person actually shot the victim... but they say the victim knew the suspects. if you know anything about this shooting, call crime stoppers at 702-385-55-55. a former music school teacher is accused of lewdness with two students, and is now facing charges. north las vegas police arrested william crawford, who used to teach at somerset academy's centennial parkway campus. investigators say allegations against crawford first started in october 2012... but weren't reported to police until june 2014. those allegations claimed crawford had inappropriate physical contact with two 12-year- old students. crawford was arrested monday. somerset academy released this statement about the arrest: "during his very brief employment with somerset academy of las vegas and at the time his employment ended, the school was unaware of any
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police investigation. at this time our those who have these unfortunate circumstances." north las vegas police say they have found the van involved in a hit and run crash, that killed a sunday night. people for reporting vans matching the description of the one involved in the crash. for now, police aren't saying where the van was found. that crash killed two-year-old neighborhood near pecos and lake mead. her family says the driver did stop, but then took off. the driver is still on the run, and anyone who knows where he is urged to call police. a judge says he's worried the woman involved in the death of her child's father might try to run. after her lawyer argued she shouldn't be in jail, because she has a four week old baby. " the behaviors that she did, as far as what she did with the car, the information she gave to police and everything, i felt like she was a flight
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the judge asked for a written motion for krystal guice , and set her bail at 35 thousand dollars. police say guice and her boyfriend deonte coleman met with the victim "johnny dee haney" last monday. haney and guice shared custody of their four-year- old daughter. coleman is accused of shooting haney several times, and the couple took off with the little girl. there was no bail set for coleman. both are expected back in court later this month. a suspected bank robber is in police custody this morning, after he led police on a wild chase. eventually crashing on the freeway. police say it started at a u-s bank near russell and 2-15 yesterday. the speeding get- a-way car crashed on the 215 between durango and buffalo. the driver was eventually arrested and treated for injuries at u-m-c. police haven't said if a weapon was used in the bank robbery, or if the suspect got away with anything. donald trump and bernie sanders are the big winners in the new hampshire primary.
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losses in iowa last sanders led in most new leading up to he said his win, by a fairly large message that people want real change. in her concession remarks, hillary clinton acknowledged she has some work to win over young voters. in the g-o-p race, donald trump -- turning big poll numbers into his first victory. and ohio governor john kasich took second place. up next, the candidates take on the south carolina republican primary on february 20th. thats the same day as the democratic caucus here in nevada. and the republican caucus follows on tuesday february 23rd. voters will be getting information in the mail on where you need to go. only registered republicans and democrats can take part in the caucuses. republicans must register by this saturday. democrats have until the day of their caucus to register... and they can do that
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with less than two weeks to go until the first in the west caucuses begin in the silver state... there is a bit controversy some locals say they wont be able to take part because of the date and their faith. fox five's elizabeth watts spoke with local religous leaders. reporter intro: the democrats are hosting six caucus sites on the strip to accomodate the casino workers who work on caucus day.. but some local faith populations says they're being left out as the caucus is being held on a religious holiday. reporter pkg: if youre really sabbath observant you can't drive even if you could walk not in the spirit rabbi shia harlig says he's surprised and disappointed the state democratic party is hosting its caucuses on a saturday morning... and not making special accomodations for certain faiths... jews observe the sabbath on saturday until an hour after sundown.. rabbi shia harlig (like chia with s) / chabad (habad) southern nevada i had a couple congregants who said they were called to come and caucus and told
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and didn't get much of a response rabbi says the campaign of bernie sanders.. who is jewish democrat... has reached out to him and said they're trying to see what they can do... back in 2012 the g- o-p held a special evening caucus to accomodate the oberservers as it had been scheduled on a saturday.... hundreds showed up including rachel ramstetter.... who says she feels bad for the democrats who can't take part... rachel ramstetter/jewish republican it's just not nice and it's not just the jews it's anyone else that observes the seventh day adventist. and everybody needs to have their chance to be included. the nevada state democratic party gave us a statement saying saturday at eleven a-m is the best time to increase access as much as possible for democrats across nevada to participate in our first in the west caucuses. keeping this date is critical to preserving our early-state status in the presidential nominating calendar. the rabbi says he doesn't think they're intentionally trying to leave anyone out- but doesn't understand why they didn't just change the day
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time around. today is new hampshire is also on a tuesday i dont know why they can't do it on a tuesday on a weekday like the general elections. reporter pkg: we spoke with the state democratic party again tonight... who wanted to add... "unfortunately it is not logistically feasible for us to hold a separate caucus. we have worked to make the caucus process as inclusive as possible by adding strip locations for shift workers, and hosting a tele- caucus for military members and registered nevada voters living overseas." elizabeth watts fox five news local las vegas. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in las vegas a few days before the democratic caucus... to speak to local voters at a town hall event. the town hall is set for february 18th. a time and location hasn't been announced yet. democratic party officials say questions will focus on issues affecting nevada and the latino community. now that fat tuesday is over..
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back on track. the foods that scientists say will help you lose weight and possibly add years to your life. voicing their concerns. cab drivers say their getting the slack of the industries over
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malheur national wildlife refuge. and now nevada assemblywomen michele fiore says she going to visit the four remaining occupiers at the refuge. she's going to portland as part of a meeting with other state lawmakers who are upset over b- l-m actions. fiore plans to be in oregon tomorrow night. fiore says she was upset after seeing the video of rancher lavoy finicum being shot, and plans to ask to see body camera footage of the standoff. ammon bundy told the four remaining protestors to go home... while cliven bundy is encouraging them to continue their holdout. finding the perfect weight loss food can be a hard nut to crack.. but, turns out it's the nut itself that can help. scientists say a diet rich in walnuts and olive oil can result in a similar amount of weight-loss as a lower-fat diet. eating a handful of walnuts is good for your heart, and can even lower cholesterol. a study done at the san diego school of medicine at the university of california, found those who
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poly-unsaturated fats may live longer and have a lower risk of heart disease. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. we are on track to tie the record high today with 74 degrees expected that would match a high temperature record set in 2014. mid-70s continue through the workweek with a slight drop in highs on sunday. for the weekend we expect 74 saturday, then 71 on sunday. highs stay around 73 degrees with a few more clouds as we start the next workweek on monday and tuesday. average high for the 7-day forecast is 62 degrees. here's your fox5 traffic solutions
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your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. nevada's d-m-v is giving its virtual line system another shot... after blaming it for long wait times last summer. the dmv is planning on expanding their contract with
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this is the system that allows customers to check into a virtual dmv line. the state board of examiners voted tuesday to put about 800 thousand dollars into the program. last year, there were complaints after customers would check-in while at home but then wouldn't show up. the dmv says their new version is a major improvement. taxi drivers voiced their concerns about a state audit claiming cabs overcharge customers. some say the three-dollar credit card processing fee affects their tips. "now that uber and lyft are here. and we have the 3% tax on there, their skipping tipping on credit card machines. then they think were cheating them on the tax and making it up. so theyre not tipping at all." yesterday, nevada legislators held a public hearing on the taxicab authority. a state audit claims cabs overcharged customers 47- million dollars a
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abolishing the taxicab authority... and having the nevada transportation authority or clark county to oversee it. drivers say auditors are misleading the public about the charges. the westgate superbook just went through a 13 million dollar renovation. now they're welcoming sports fans to come in and check it out "1, 2, 3 cuts ribbon applause" las vegas mayor carolyn goodman... and clark county commissioners took part in a champagne toast! the westgate has the world's largest sportsbook... and now it has the biggest l-e-d screens around. you can also bet from your seat with interactive player terminals we're thousands of miles away from new orleans... but plenty of revelers brought out the beads, bands, and king cake for local mardi gras celebrations! "nats of band in beginning " this was the fat tuesday party at the orleans hotel and casino
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visitors were treated to a parade and drinks. fat tuesday is the last night of eating rich, fatty foods, before the lenten season. americans plan to spend a lot of cash, to say "i love you" this valentine's day. according to "nerd wallet's" survey of more than two thousand adults. americans plan to spend an average of 180 dollars on their significant other. 64 percent of americans believe men should foot the entire bill on valentine's day. and 46 percent say if their partner's card is declined on a first date, there won't be a second date. and how about this for a valentine's day gift. the world's second largest diamond it has just been named "lesedi la rona". it means "our light" in the national language in botswana. the 11-hundred carat stone was
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november. there's still no price tag for the massive diamond, because the stone is too big for conventional scanners used to determine it's worth. the largest diamond ever found... the 31- hundred carat "cullinan diamond"... was discovered in south africa in 19- 05. wet-n-wild is looking for hundreds of people to help make it's fourth season a success. the water park has started the hiring process for more than 450 seasonal jobs. lifeguards, emergency medical technicians, security, and guest services employees are needed. applicants must be at least 16 years old. wet-n-wild opens march 19. for information on how to apply visit our website at fox- five vegas dot com. seeing double. the adorable reaction from this little guy when he realizes
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a man had his twin brother babysit his toddler. and there was a
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when he got home! "dad!! do you want dada? "who's that? dada reed had a tough time figuring out who was his dad, and who was his uncle . and there might be more confusion in the future... reed's mom is also a twin! plenty more straight ahead on morning... including this... instant! "what was innd as a toy for christmas gift has caused just total destruction." chances are you unwrapped one of these for christmas too... see how a toy destroyed their home... and nearly their lives. plus... the sports illustrated swimsuit issue is newsstands and making history! more on the model proving that age is nothing but a
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suspect in the hit and run crash that killed a little girl... we'll tell you the key piece of evidence police found. caught in the act... 550 feet in the air. two tourists arrested for having a little to much fun on the high roller. why they're not the first couple to "take their love to new heights" the race to the white house rolls thru nevada next
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group of voters may be forced to
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