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tv   FOX5 Caucus Special  FOX  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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5. local. las vegas "thank you. thank you nevada... thank you so much. cheering.... hillary, hillary, hillary" thank you for joining us for this special edition of fox5 news at 5... it is caucus day for democrats in nevada... and hillary clinton has won the state. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela caucus sites across the state opened their doors at 11 a-m this morning.. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in nevada was neck and neck... but just after two-- declarations started pouring in for hillary clinton. we have team caucus coverage-- tonight we are spread out across the valley. we've got you covered from every angle.... from hillary and bernie's camps... as well as the center of the las vegas strip. we begin tonight with cyndi lundeberg tonight... live from caesars palace... where hillary clinton spoke
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hillary clinton began her speech today by congratulating senator bernie sanders on a tough race... we were inside the palace hall when they officially announced clinton had won the event... before hand speaking to voters they were nervous heading in to today...because it was neck and neck. during her speech clinton thanked all of her supporters and contributors.. and said she wants to continue fighting for everyone... she also touched on the solar battle saying someone is going to be the world solar power... china or russia... but she wants it to be the united states and nevada... we can do it with investments, manufacturing and infrastructure and clean energy especially here in nevada which
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center for solar power. a part of her speech that got the crowd wild was when she said americans are right to be angry.... but we are hungry for real solutions. clintons victory today was all thanks to people who got out and caucused.. sot sarah sands first lady first sot "we want her as our next president for none she is the most experienced person that has ever run for president" today at caesars there were hundreds of people from both campaigns and at one point they were shouting at each other so earlier this was the caucus event... there were hundreds of people packed in this small room to listen to clinton speak... when she wrapped up the event she said she's won nevada and now it's onto the next state... she will be going to texas...
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reporting live cyndi lundeberg fox 5 news local las vegas senator bernie sanders supporters... were not happy with today's results.. but sanders did call to congratulate clinton on her victory... according to a statement his camp sent to fox5. continuing our caucus coverage.... we go to fox5's miguel martinez- valle joins us live from the henderson pavilion... where we heard from senator sanders a short time ago bernie sanders left the henderson pavilion about an hour ago to cheering crowd a lot of his supporters outside chanting his name. now while hillary nevada bernie says he's very proud of the work his campaign has done in the silver state. he reminded supporters that just months ago projected as an easy win for hillary but today's caucus shows his campaign is only growing. now of
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passionately touched on the issues surrounding his campaign including campaign-finance and taking the power back from the 1% . "american people are catching on that we have a rigged economy! ordinary people, working people working 2 or 3 jobs. longer and longer hours and almost all new income going to the top 1%" bernie did also take part of his speech to congratulate hillery on a campaign will run in nevada he said that they'd would have run away more aggressive campaign from the beginning and that clearly show today he also called her to congratulate her after her projected win. bernie ended his
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next for his campaign he says he's excited with the amount of young voter turnout for and the momentum that he's gotten he's now looking forward to super tuesday. sanders did win in new hampshire on february 9... and was a virtual tie in iowa on february 1. bernie says he's excited with the amount of young voter turnout for and the momentum that he's gotten he's now looking forward to super tuesday. voters- lined up at caucus sites across the valley. you're looking at voters lined up at green valley high school in henderson...
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around the building. voters.. who were not yet registered... were able to do so this morning on site. it was a similar scene at the caucus site at del webb middle school.... near reunion and anthem parkway. where voters gathered... in the cafeteria.... arguing for their candidates. "it is super great to be a part of the whole democratic process. and be able to speak my voice and have my voice heard and counted." lefkowitz says she attended the caucus back in 2012... but was not yet old enough to vote. one of the largest precincts in southern nevada was on the las vegas strip at caesars palace. fox5's abby theodros continues our caucus coverage... live from caesars... with the outcome there. that's right nearly 300 people turned out here at caesars to support their candidate and we quickly learned that hillary clinton was a top pick
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electric crowd with lots of chanting and signs from caucus goers. here at the caesars it was mostly shift workers on the strip that caucuses. the experience was very quick and organizers tell me that's because the group was very decisive. but it wasn't as simple at all locations, one lady said her precincts wait time was about 3 hours when you factor in registration and the caucusing process. it was long but in the end it was worth being there. i feel really good knowing that hillary one nevada it paid off because clinton was able to pull the win by a slight margin. here at caesars, clinton won by a large margin. 190 participants supported her l while sanders followed with 81 supporters. clinton was also got 28 delegates while sanders was awarded 12. also keep in mind that this location was mostly shift
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leave to go out and caucus. and for all of the up to date results caucus... and all things election-- head over to our website fox5 vegas dot com. was not without computer causing a bit of a across the valley. a spokesman for the nevada democratic party told us: -- at some of the locations, computers used to enter registration information for caucus-goers crashed, meaning they had to switch to the old, paper method. this resulted in some longer than expected wait times. next up for the democrats- the south carolina primary... and today voters in the palmetto state hit the polls for the republicans... and the front runner has been projected the winner in that state.. fox5's elizabeth watts joins us live in the newsroom with more on what happened there..
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nevada we had the first in the west... in south carolina it was the first in the south.. and polls just closed for the primary voting about an hour ago... seven eastern time.. and fox news has declared donald trump the winner... there are six presidential hopefuls left on the g-o-p side... a lot of pressure is on former florida governor jeb bush... who has still struggled to gain a lot of traction... this week he rallied with his brother former president george w bush.. but polls still showed him struggling to get into the double digits and get a fourth place finish.. donald trump who was leading the polls there the whole time was feeling very confident coming into today ) in new hampshire i spent $3 million. bush spent $44 million. i came in first by a landslide and he was down at the bottom of the
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president? and he is projected the winner of the south carolina primary... now there's a switch happening.. as the democrats here move to south carolina for the saturday primary and the republicans come here to the silver state for tuesdays caucuses. the candidates will be all over the silver state.. tomorrow jeb bush and ted cruz coming to town.. trump on monday.. rubio and carson also coming that we've seen. we'll have to wait and see if the field changes at all after trump has been declared the winner.. cruz and rubio battling it out for second place... followed by bush.. kasich and carson. reporting live in the newsroom ew ffn llv. the republicans will caucus this tuesday night. it will begin at 5 o'clock. you must be a registered republican to
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register-- has passed. the results are in, and hillary clinton is the winner. but what does that mean for nevada? our fox5 political analyst joins us in studio with details on today's outcome... and what's next in the
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t in full force to have their voices voters came out in full force to have their voices heard.
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the winner. fox5 political analyst mark peplowski joins us now... to break down the results... and tell us what it means for the
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we stay warm with a great forecast over the next week..with one day. we'll see sunday and monday
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with very light breezes. the one day we drop down to the upper-60s will be tuesday with north gusts to 20-30 mph. we are then back up to the low- 70s wednesday, then mid and upper 70s thursday, friday and saturday. clear skies, a light the mid-70s for the weekend. in fact, we'll see more of the same through 74 saturday, 75 on increasing to 77
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thursday next week. north breezes through the colorado river areas will arrive late saturday and hang around through monday to 30 mph. average high for the weekend is 64, then 65 through next week. clear skies, a light breeze and highs in the mid-70s for the weekend. in fact, we'll see more of the same through next week. we'll see 74 saturday, 75 on
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degrees by wednesday and thursday next week. north breezes through the colorado river areas will arrive late saturday and hang around through monday to 30 mph. average high for the weekend is 64, then 65 through next week. closed captioning will resume shortly hillary clinton and her supporters are nevada victory we'll check in one clinton headquarters... as looks forward to
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the first in the west caucus is in the books. hillary clinton has been declared the winner here in nevada. fox5's cyndi lundeberg joins us live from caesars palace... closed captioning will resume shortly
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closed captioning will resume shortly here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. we will have more from caucus day in nevada... hearing from both camps... and voters. and remember-- you can get all of your up-to-date caucus results... and all things election-related on fox 5 vegas dot com. we are going to close tonight's special edition of fox5... with a look at today's events. tonight... hillary clinton declared the winner of the nevada caucus... elizabeth watts will see you back here at 10 p-m... goodnight. "the next president of the united states
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cheers" "thank you... thank you." " everybody is just enjoying the time and having a very concloberate talking to people... its been nice." "its not as bad as it looks." "its going to be 15 minutes so i apologize" " i have strong feelings and this election is really important." bernie bernie chants " nevada our volunteers, our supporters our staff thank you all very much and now its on super tuesday. thank you." "i'm on my way to texas, bill is on his way to colorado the fight goes on the future we want is within our grasp. thank you all, god bless you."
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