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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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who's responsible. republicans presidential candidates, taking over the silver state as nevadans prepare to caucus. where you can catch up with your favorite candidates this morning. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. good morning i'm cassandra jones wi fthox5. cooler temperatures arrive today with an increase in gusts to 30 mph. we'll see a high of just 64 degrees today that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday. we'll shoot up to 77 on friday, with mid to upper 70s for the weekend with a
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here's your fox5 traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. breaking news overnight. police are investigating a homicide near nellis and las vegas boulevard. it happened at the nellis suites just after 2-30 . metro says one man was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. we will continue
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fox5's shannon moore is on her way to the scene for a live update at 5. today is the nevada republican caucus. the presidential hopefuls are busy reaching out to supporters before they head to the caucus sites. last night, front-runner donald trump spoke to thousands of his supporters at the southpoint arena. but of course there were some hecklers who got sent packing... get the hell out get the hell out trump talked about repealing and replacing obama care he said he'd overhaul the v-a, touching on the veterans commit saying it has to be changed. fox fives elizabeth watts was able to sit down with the exclusive interview.
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republican front runner donald trump will be in sparks ahead of
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trump will be speaking inside the rose ballroom at the nugget casino resort at noon. donald trump inviting his supporters to attend his caucus watch party tonight. it starts at 8:00 pm inside the treasure island ballroom. doors there open at 5:30 tonight. presidential candidates marco rubio, doctor ben carson and ted cruz are making a last ditch effort to drum up votes in the silver state ahead of tonight's caucus. marco rubio is hosting a rally at the silverton casino at 8 this morning. it's taking place inside the veil pavilion. doors open at 7am. tonight, the leiutenant governor mark hutchison will join supporters at a caucus night celebration for marco rubio. its happening at 9 p-m at dom demarco's pizzeria on west charleston. doors open at 8:30. doctor ben carson will be rubbing elbows with republican voters at a town hall meeting this morning at sun city summerlin. carson will address the crowd from 10 to 11:30 a-m inside the mountain shadows community center. doors open at 8 a-m. following the town hall meeting... carson is hosting a luncheon across town at
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country club. the luncheon goes from noon to 1:30 in the afternoon. make sure you register for the event on doctor carson's website. senator ted cruz is making stops around nevada to get his message out to republicans before they head to caucus. yesterday supporters rallied at the durango hills community center near durango and gowan. cruz spoke about illegal immigration, and his efforts to protect american jobs. "every one of us is here today, because our country is in crisis. because we're bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault every single day. " nevada attorney general adam laxalt is touring with cruz. be in minden, and carson city. he'll come back to las vegas for a the y-m-c-a at valley view. the republicans will begin at 5 you must be a registered caucus and the register-- has
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make sure to tune in to fox five news at five tonight for wall-to-wall coverage of the "first in the west" republican caucuses. we'll have live coverage from the candidates local caucus headquarters and results at the end of the night. in more local news roads are back open this morning, after a deadly 5 vehicle accident. n-h-p says one person is dead, another was flown to the hospital. this happened just before six last night at blue diamond and the state route 159 turn off three of the vehicles involved were motorcycles. the other two were cars. troopers say one of the motorcycles crossed over into oncoming traffic, causing the crash. the clark county coroner has identified the woman who's body was found in a laundry chute at the d casino and hotel downtown. the coroner's office says its 26- year-old kalli medina-brown from the sacramento, california area. homicide detectives are investigating, calling her death suspicious. medina-brown's death was shocking news to her loved ones back home, who had this to say
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" cali was just a sweet kind all around great person who would talk to anyone whether it was a child or an old person. she just had a wonderful heart and soul. " medina-brown was a legal assistant at a firm in folsom. her co-workers say she will be deeply missed. police haven't said how her body ended up in the laundry chute. the suspect in friday's deadly shooting near the strip is due in court tomorrow morning. this as we're learning more about the suspect's long criminal history. fox5's christina maddela explains.
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got in his car and followed. on one part of the video, there is a man with a gun, drawing that conclusion that led up to the shooting investigators say the man with the gun is talley, they think he pointed it an one of the women in the other car. a few minutes later, officers tell us shots were fired from tally's car at harmon west of the 15. in this exclusive video, you can see the scene friday morning as emergency crews closed off the street. that's where one woman was found shot, laying in the street. people heard the shots, i don't have an actual witness to the shooting from there, the car, with jackson in the passenger seat, drove to the cosmopolitan hotel valet. valet attendants helped jackson and the other woman in the car, both who had been shot. the two women died, jackson survived. christine maddela fox5 local las vegas>> the two women killed in the shooting are melissa mendoza and jennifer chicas. they're
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california. one child is dead and another is fighting to stay alive this morning after suffering abuse by women trusted with caring for them. the two women are behind bars this morning, for the seperate cases out of north las vegas. fox5s miguel martinez valle spoke to one of the victims families. jessica lopez,mother " he was a happy little 7 month old you know, grabbing everything, trying new foods... he started to stand, started to crawl, happy baby." baby jonathan had only been going to his daycare for a few days, when north las vegas police say the woman caring for him dropped him into his playpen out of frustration, and left him brain damaged... " he just lays in the crib, he opens his eyes but we can't really tell if he sees yet" in the three months since his injuries, he's had 6 surgeries... his parents say doctors don't know how well he'll be able to recover... "completely different baby" the lopez's had trusted jonathan to smiley faces daycare, and while the facility was unlicensed, it was the same place their
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were cared for. but when the owner left on a family emergency, their baby stayed in the hands of alejandra robles, a complete stranger... " we do feel guilt, that we trusted someone so much with our children, with our baby." robles is now in jail for child abuse and neglect, she is one of two child abuse cases north las vegas police announced last week... the other involved cynthia lavender, a child care worker now facing charges of child abuse and murder for the death of a 5-month old. " as a licensed child care provider i always try to touch bases..." licensed daycare professionals say while a license wont guarantee absolute safety, it does guarantee a passed background check, stress management classes, and unannounced inspections... gayle thomson, ms. gayles little school "always make sure that the facility is licensed, its not an 100 percent safety net, but it is important." for the lopez's, robles lack of
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health... now they hope justice makes her pay for her abuse... punishment is going to be enough, this is jonathan life that she robbed, police say neither of the women arrested had a recorded history of child protective service calls... says they're waiting to get the latest cat scan. if you would like to help by donating to their cause, to their go fund me account under this story on our website fox five vegas dot com. congresswoman dina titus stopped by ruby thomas elementary school. it was a part of an effort to bring children in their "having books in their own language is just very special that we do it on today which is mother language day which shows learn new languages but keep the olds one as 'international day' was created
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nations to promote multi- lingualism and cultural diversity. dina received the book while on a visit to nepal. dina titus also talked about democratic state senator debbie smith, who passed away in reno. titus says smith put women and children first, and giving books away at a school is a nice tribute to her. the sparks lawmaker died sunday, after a battle with brain cancer. her public memorial will be next sunday at sparks high school. reeling them in and getting them hitched. make sure more married in our city. "simply the best" a touch of star power taking over the fremont street experience. what some major celebrities... or at who look just like them--
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we now know what caused a power outage at the westgate that left hundreds of hotel guests in the dark last week. officals say a faulty transformer is to blame the clark county fire department says an old transformer started smoking late thursday night. this transformer distributes electricity to different parts of the hotel. the power went out everywhere on the casino floor except the sports book. when firefighters investigated, they found water around that
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" "this one had a little bit of corrosion to it a little bit of wetness in there from a leakage in and round the area - leakage of water - fluids."" the transformer was replaced, and the westgate was fully functional by friday afternoon. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. cooler temperatures arrive today with an increase in gusts to 30 mph. we'll see a high of just 64 degrees today that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday. we'll shoot up to 77 on friday, with mid to upper 70s for the
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traffic solutions here is a look at your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day
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we all know clark county is facing a teacher shortage... but it's also a problem in other parts of the country. clark county and the 'american association of colleges for teacher education' met at u-n-l-v yesterday to discuss solutions to the problem. clark county's shortage is partially due to the increasing number of students entering the district. to bring in more teachers... c-c-s-d is offering more than two dozen different ways to get licensed. "the goal of that was to create enough flexibility and accessability that qualified people who are interested in pursuing a career in education aren't restricted because of rigid curricula" we have information on how you can start a teaching career on the links page of our website, fox5 vegas dot com. there's a new chamber of commerce whose goal it is to get more couples to say "i do" in las vegas. the las vegas wedding chamber of commerce plans to unite local wedding businesses.
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resources in one place, so couples can easily plan their big day. clark county officials say las vegas hosted almost 82 weddings last year, generating more than two billion dollars. some of the biggest names in hollywood are strutting their stuff in downtown las "paparrazi's going wild, we got johnny depp, oh look, the donald, tina turner, elvis presley impersonators walked the red carpet yesterday at the 22nd annual walked the red carpet yesterday at the 22nd annual "reel-awards" and "tribute artist convention" at the spears to oprah the whole gang was there. the convention runs through thursday and is open to the public. sorry not sorry... we're about to mention justin bieber.
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how this singer is remaking bieber's pop song sorry..
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mastercard is now using selfies to prevent fraud. the "mastercard identity check app" is using selfies instead of passwords. it has you take a selfie each time you buy something online. your picture is scanned to prove it's you spending the money. you won't be able to use the same picture each time. mastercard will have you blink, to prove you're taking the picture as you shop. a singer put a new spin on pop star justin bieber's hit song sorry... he doesn't just sing the song in one style.... he channels 20 other musicians.... " " singer anthony vincent asked
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different styles for him to tackle the song in... and he ran with it. from nickleback to hanson to kiss to u-2.... to several others.. a while back... he did a similar experiment with adele's hit-- hello. plenty more straight ahead on fox5 news this morning... a new way to communicate. see how a starbucks cashier is going above and beyond to connect with a deaf customer. new proposal... and it could be the best news men have heard in awhile... see why canadian experts now say men shouldn't be screened for colon cancer. the new findings, next.
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republicans get their crack at electing our next president... we'll get you set up for what will be a very busy day. disturbing new details about the man accused in a deadly shooting near the las vegas strip. what we're now
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lengthy criminal history and what he says happened that night. ((closed captioning will resume shortly)) ((closed captioning will resume shortly)) good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. we start with the breaking news... police on the scene of a homicide investigation... fox5 shannon moore is live at north las vegas bouvlevard and craig with the latest. we are still waiting to hear from metro - quite a few officers out here on the scene.. csi just arrived. they have the entire parking lot of the nellis suites blocked off - this location, directly across from nellis air force based we're told no one is allowed in or out of the parking lot at this time. we don't have too much information about what exactly happened -- officers confirming there was a homicide.
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2:40 this morning - the victim, a male. transported from the scene to the hospital where he died. as soon as we get an update we'll let you know. police investigating homicide n. las vegas blvd. & craig 1 man killed now, lets check in with cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. good morning i'm with fox5. cooler temperatures arrive today with an increase in gusts to 30 mph. we'll see a high of just 64 degrees today that will be one degree below average. we'll drop the gusts and see 68 wednesday, then 74 thursday.


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