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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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closed captioning will resume closed captioning will resume get back. drop the gun. sir drop the after two teens were killed in a crash.. the suspect plead guilty . the victim's families are skipping the trial and going straight to the sentencing phase... they have been on an emotional roller coaster. elizabeth watts is live at the county what the deal entails. seong lee's being held his trial was set
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week- instead he's accepting a plea deal... one victim's mother says she was blindsided by the move in court today. nychele thomas/ 18 year old gabrielle thomas mother she had this huge laugh and she was so loud and i miss her voice i miss her voice.. nychele thomas remembers her daughter.. 18 year old gabrielle thomas.. she and close family friend 17 year old kamesha gilmore were killed march 5 2015.. they were making a u-turn on boulder highway when a car going nearly 120 miles an hour slammed into them... driver seong lee accepted a plea deal in court monday morning.. thomas says she didn't see that coming... nychele (nye shell) thomas/ gabrielle's mother day of a lot of tears a lot of frustration seong lee admitted to drinking several beers before driving that night.. the 23 year old from south korea was out on bond for another d-u-i charge at the time.. and nearly a year later his attorney says he's taking responsibility... 01:09:50 judge elissa f. cadish judge: are you pleading guilty today because you are truly guilty of these two offenses? lee: yes your honor.
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in death charges each carry up to 20 years behind bars.. thomas says she feels terrible for his family too... and no amount of time in or out of prison will bring her daughter or goddaughter back to life... well never get to experience them growing up.. having familes.. you know, and that's a hard thing is to know that i'm never, ever ever get to touch her again, i'll never ever get to hear her voice again... that's the hard part. she says there's no justice for any family in this tragedy... and they'll continue to rely on each other and their faith and take it day by day... the prosecutor said he'll seek 14 to 40 years in state prison for lee... as part of the deal lee will not be allowed probation... he's set to be sentenced april eighteenth.
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once he's released from prison -- lee will have a restricted driver license... and must order a breath ignition interlock device on any vehicle he owns or operates for up to three years after he gets out. i-15 northbound just reopened minutes ago at the arizona state line. it was shut down because of wildfires. take a look at this video sent to us earlier on "report it" by shane warner. where the fire started burning around four-30 this afternoon, near littlefield arizona.. public safety officials say this brush fire may have been started by an unapproved control burn. a juvenile -- is injured when a car spun out of control and jumped up on the sidewalk. it happened just after four near alta and jones. police say another vehicle hit the car.... and caused the driver to lose control... that's when it hit the juvenile who was standing on sidewalk. the driver and the juvenile were both taken to u- m-c with non-life threatening injuries. new information
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former teacher who pleaded guilty to inappropriately texting a student now also faces child pornography charges because another student came forward. police arrested ryne brinks for having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old at southern highland preparatory academy. another teen's mom called c-c-s-d police because her daughter had been in a relationship with him when he taught at jack lund schofield middle school. the arrest report shows brinks ant that student exchanged sexual pictures and videos. metro police say it's important for parents to have access to their kids social media and phones. "our young teens are communicating via social media and via text they prefer that instead of making phone call. its important parents monitor that and making sure individuals they talk to are indeed are person they are and keep the open line of communication with
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the "las vegas township justice court" says in exchange for the guilty plea -- they may drop the pornography charges related to the schofield student. a few big businesses made some big promises to nevadans but now, some are worried it will all lead to big dissapointments fox 5's miguel martinez-valle has been following the progress of electric car maker's tesla motors and faraday future... he has the details faraday future and tesla motors are expected to be leading an economic boom for nevada... but while the promises make our future seem optimisitc, the progress is going to depend on results, and thats what has some a little worried... high paying jobs for nevadan's, that was the promise made by both tesla motors and faraday future in order to get tax incentives from the state... protestors up north believe tesla isnt holding up their end of the deal... construction workers marched outside the gigafactory site, saying tesla is bringing in workers from other states. but the governors office says, the car
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its requirment to hire nevadans. the concern over the two companies doesnt end there, as faraday future, which came out with a big boom late last year, has been relitively silent on any progress since its reveal at ces. " we are very mindful of potential concerns> assemblyman nelson araujo says for lawmakers, making sure nevadan's get their jobs is the priority. "we are engaging in this dialouge every day and ensuring these promises are kept." the office of economic development has protections in place meant to make sure faradays delivering these include 75 million dollars in security faraday must put forward before bonds are issued and cooperating with quarterly reports. " thats why were monitering everything very closely, we want to make sure everything we passed in the special session is excecuted appropriately and that at the end of the day we can celebrate a very robust strong economy here in the state of nevada." as far as faradays ambitious plan to start construction by april, they say that hasnt
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place in january, clearing ground on the apex site. faraday future are expected to hire 11,000 new workers in the next five years, most of whom are nevadan's as a deals with nevadan lawmakers... martinez-valle, las vegas. faraday future tells fox5 they are moving extremely quickly for a project of their site, and they expect to start construction in months. cracker barrel restaurant is finally making its way to las vegas. cracker barrel announced plans to open two locations this summer. one in north las vegas on craig and losee the other on dean martin drive near the silverton. you can expect to both restaurants to open their doors on july 25th. cracker barrel is famous for it's southern style meals. right now, the closest cracker barrel location is in kingman, arizona. elvis presley and las vegas... go hand in hand. the king lived in
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westgate... and sold out more than 800 concerts. but now following a dispute a museum in presley's honor.. and the graceland chapel... are closing its doors. fox 5s cyndi lundeberg spoke to tourists and an elvis impersonator who fear this is just a sign the king.... may be leaving las vegas... i heard elvis left the building at the west gate? whats that all about you heard it straight from the king's mouth... the musuem 'graceland presents the elvis experience' is closing.... our goal is to keep elvis apart of the vegas heritage where he belongs and unfortuantely this particular group seems to feel otherwise the exhibit boasted more than 300 articles from presley's graceland home... officials from the westgate say they signed a 10 year contract with the tenants of the musuem but now after 10 months theyre closing their doors... they tell fox 5 its due to a dispute over money... and it's gotten fans like eddie powers... all shook up. powers- its kind of a downer to think the real elvis was there its like oh my
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world coming to ? the westgate says they're now working directly with the estate of elvis... and wanna keep the museum open. preseley lived at their hotel.... and sold out more than 600 concerts during the later 1960s and early 1970s.... officals tell us their deeply upset over the situation... giving a whole new meaning to heartbreak hotel. vivvvvvaaa las vegas its one of those temproary unfortunate set backs but were big fans of elvis and wanna honor him the best way we can powers- people are going to keep coming to vegas and keep looking for vegas and whatever politics went wrong where with elvis leaving the building at the west gate its the fans that are going to suffer it is'nt just the westgate's closure of the museum and graceland chapel... local tourists we spoke to say the kings reign of las vegas... may be coming to an end. patty stiso visiting- i expectd to see more a statue an elvis t shirt stiso- elvis he should be here there should be something here and there is nothing when the king reigned... its estimated 1 in 2 people who came to las vegas went to an elvis presley
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around the world still pour in to grab a piece of elvis history... die hard fans hope that'll never change. welll the king has left the building thank you thank you very much cl f5n llv elvis presley enterprises released a statement about the closure, calling the westgate holding the memorabilia quote concerning. they added "despite our wishes to retreive the treasured artifacts and return them to graceland, staff at the hotel is preventing that. the clark county school district is making progress.... the changes that parents and teachers have been waiting for... that we will see soon. the s-a-ts are getting a serious makeover. tomorrow on fox5 news this morning... what the key changes are... and where students can go to practice for the test-- free of charge. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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with chief meteorologist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. clark county school district superintendent-- pat skorkowsky delivered his state of the district address this morning... using leap day as a theme.... saying the district is leaping forward. fox5's les krifaton has more on the progress that has been made. i am going to bring out the newest edition of the cimarron- memorial memorila family and that is the queen of hearts so can we bring out the queen of hearts? if this robot built by cimarron students is any indication things are looking up for the school district. pat skorkowsky was more than excited to brag about this accomplishment to start his state of the district address. out of 646 teams and 34 countries we had the number 2 robotics team in the country. his theme this year is leaping forward and that's what he said happened over the past year. 3 ccsd schools were named by the u.s. department of education as being among the top 335 schools in the
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the ranking is based on academic achievement. the only district that had more schools this year than we did was miami-dade in southern florida. among the other accomplishments, improving college readiness and the graduation rate from 2014. looking ahead, skorkowsky wants to build on past successes. he says one way to do that is to provide more learning for children at the kindergarten level thanks to some help from the state. finally every student in the student in the state of nevada will have a full day of kindergarten experience which is huge. thanks to state funding those full day classes will begin later this year along with other programs that include hiring more and attracting better quality teachers with higher pay starting at $40,000 a year. we're actually going out to teachers who have 1 to 3 years of experience and teachers that have 29 plus years experience and actually getting them because those are the teachers who would be willing to move as for his vision for the next school year continue to improve reading proficiency, diminishing the achievement gap, increasing the graduation rates,
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more involved in their neighborhood schools, continuing to improve student safety and happiness and technology education. lk f5 llv last week--- the school board awarded skorjowsky a new two year contract. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll stay close to for the workweek with changes ahead for the weekend. saturday and more southwest gusts 25-35 mph with a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon. shower chances continue on monday with a high of 65 degrees. average highs range from 66 to 68 this
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the weekend. we'll stay close to that 80 degree mark for the workweek with changes ahead for the weekend. saturday and sunday we'll see more southwest gusts 25-35 mph with a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon. shower chances continue on monday with a high
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average highs range from 66 to 68 this week and through the weekend. closed captioning
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it is leap day... you'll meet a local baby born today on the 29th... his next official birthday won't be until the year 2020. the presidential campaign has now devolved into personal attacks over spray tans, small hands, and flop sweat.. and some of you say you can't take it anymore. one of the topics in the rant tonight.. we want to hear from
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today is leap day! february 29th only comes around every four years... the odds of being born on leap day-- are slim but there are a few people who get the privilege of
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leaplings. new born "messiah" now gets that title. he was born to latoya rogers and he is her fourth boy. most leap day babies actually celebrate their birthdays on february 28th or march 1st. messiah came about a week early, just in time for the special day. "you know it was kind of one of those things you think about and you just be umm, wait a minute what's tomorrow? laughs is tomorrow the 1st or the 29th? and by it being leap year today is the 29th so he came on the leap year day!" messiah's mom looks forward to celebrating his next birthday in 20-20 dozens of zappos employees had "leap day" off from work... so one couple decided to get married! "i definitely think it makes it more special other people wait 4 years to get married on leap year and it so happened we got engaged last year and this year leap year so there is no better time to do it." zappos is working with "change dot org" to petition
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a federal holiday. employees danielle kelly and garrett miller used the unique date to tie the knot -- literally! zappos c-e-o tony hsieh officiated the wedding. the couple hopes their special day will bring awareness to get more signatures for leap day to become a federal holiday. race fans are gearing up for a big nascar weekend.... and fox 5 will once again bring you the emmy winning speedway saturday night. we'll have feature stories, live interviews and everything you need to know to get you ready for the race at the las vegas motor speedway. it's saturday march 5-th at 7 p-m. if you are driving to the speedway .. make sure you bring your parking passes. the speedway reccomends using the las vegas boulevard entrances to get to various lots .. but as you can see on this map, the lots normally used for 'exotic racing' and drag strip parking are also open .. and you can get to those from the 15 at the speedway exit. and after the race ... crews will be trying to get as many people as possible out to las vegas boulevard .. but remember .. depending on what
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way on teh boulevard. if you park in the northwest lots .. you will use the same exits you came in from to get back to the 15. all of this and much more about parking and the new shuttle buses from the strip and downtown can be found at fix 5 vegas dot com. the driver accused of d-u-i in a deadly crash-- pleads guilty.... two teens-- were killed in the crash. now the mother of one of his victim's tells us-- justice will never be served. the night before super tuesday.... and the gloves are off... how the candidates are trying to capture last minute
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $75 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. we have more on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. metro police were involved in a shooting tonight. fox5's cyndi lundeberg... is at the scene. we go straight to her near las vegas boulevard and st. rose parkway. with the latest details. a neighbor told us it wasn't the homeowner shot
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seen before... she sent us this video you will only see on fox 5... sir i do not want to shoot you. drop the gun, drop the gun. drop it. drop the gun sir " a neighbor told us it wasn't the homeowner shot she says it was a man she'd never seen before... she sent us this video you will only see on fox 5... "there was 1 gunshot... alive or not " the suspect was
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nunez tells us she believes he was alive when he was taken... the whole area behind us is still blocked off even tho the shooting happened just before 8... we're waiting for an update from police... we'll have more details for you tonight on fox 5 news at 11.... reporting live cyndi lundeberg a driver enters a guilty plea nearly a year after killing two teenagers in a dui crash. fox five's elizabeth watts is live at the county jail with details on the agreement. seong lees trial was set to start next week... instead he accepted a plea agreement. it happened nearly a year ago on march fifth. 18 year old gabrielle thomas and 17 year old kamesha gilmore were making a u- turn on boulder highway- when lee slammed into them going 120 miles an
10:31 pm
he told police he had been drinking before that ride. the mother of gabrielle thomas says there's no justice in this situation... the two girls will never come back after the tragedy no matter what sentence he gets. " such a painful loss and again i'm sure it's painful loss for his family but htey have the comfort of they can still talk to him. they still get to see him i dont get that comfort unless i go to a cemetery and that's just too much,. the 23 year old from south korea was out on bond for another dui charge at the time. he pleaded guilty to two felony dui involving death charges which 20 years behind bars. the prosecutor said he'll ask for 14 to 40. reporting live ew ffn llv. lee's sentencing is set for april 18th. electric car makers faraday
10:32 pm
expected to hire 11 thousand nevadan's in the next five years... but protestors outside tesla's gigafactory in reno say tesla is bringing in workers from other states instead of hiring locally... the governors office says thats not true, they say tesla is hiring even more nevadans than the required amount, and law makers say theyre keeping a close eye on both tesla and faraday to make sure theyre delivering " now the responsibility is on us to ensure that everything that we passed in statute is implemented correctly. and we are excited to engage in that diolauge and quite frankely ensure that nevadan's are being prioritized as they should be." the office of economic development has protections in place meant to make sure faradays deli vering these include 75 million dollars in security faraday must put forward before bonds are issued and cooperating with quarterly reports and
10:33 pm
a new york judge sides with tech company-- apple. saying the u-s cannot make apple provide iphone data. the federal judge has ruled investigators cannot force apple to unlock an iphone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the government had requested applto break the phone's security code without wiping out the data... so it could access the contact information. the judge ruled that the government cannot impose on apple the obligation to assist the government's investigation against its will. time is ticking down to super tuesday... the attacks between the three leading gop presidential candidates are heating up. while things are a lot more tame between the democratic candidates. fox's joel waldman has more from the candidates last minute appeal to voters. waldman says (on-cam intro): "holding a commanding lead
10:34 pm
tuesday, donald trump finds himself getting pelted by a flurry of attacks ... but to no ones surprise, he's firing back." trump says: "trump 49% ... little lightweight marco rubio 16% ... lying ted cruz 15% ...." super tuesday eve ... and donald trump still lashing out at his closest competitors, marco rubio and ted cruz, despite a more than 30-point lead against the two first-term senators. trump himself dodging daggers ... after he initially refused to disavow an underhanded endorsement from former kkk grand wizard, david duke ... rubio so fired up by the candidate known for firing people ... he could barely speak. rubio says: "i don't care if it costs me my voice ... ted cruz hitting the frontrunner from other angles ... including trump university's questionable business practices, the billionaire's alleged track record of hiring illegal workers ...
10:35 pm
a report bubbling that trump told the new york times about an immigration plan much different than the one he has been proposing to voters ... cruz says: "donald, if you're sitting in manhattan telling the new york times that you're lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know that." far less drama between the two democratic candidates ... a new poll out today showing hillary clinton leading an unwavering bernie sanders by nearly 20-points .... sanders says: "polls go up, polls go down ..." waldman says (on-cam tag): "super tuesday is the single biggest delegate grab of all the days in the primary process ... with more than 14-hundred on the line. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." the nevada republican caucuses last week are being billed as much more successful than last time--- which could build the case for keeping nevada in the position to cast early votes in presidential election years. in 2012 it took three days to get a final count.... february 23rd... the caucuses were finalized within hours. a photojournalist gets into a scuffle with a secret service agent at a donald trump rally.... the whole
10:36 pm
on video. photographer chris morris is seen attempting to get a better position to photograph some protesters at the event... after being pushed back by an agent... morris starts cursing... that's when the agent grabs him and throws him to the ground. when he tries to renact what happened.. he is escorted out of the event. four students are injured in a shooting at an ohio high school. witnesses say someone opened fire inside madison high school's cafeteria. a sheriff's official-- says two male students, 14 and 15 years old, were hit by gunfire. another two were injured by shrapnel while trying to escape. the shooter-- a 14-year-old male student sprinted up a hill in front of the school, ditched the gun, and ran into a field where a police k-nine caught him.. school officials believe emergency drills the school takes part in-- helped teachers keep students safe. "i have to say that our teachers all the way from the kindergarten teachers through the high school did an excellent job of staying calm and
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students safe." " authorities say they have an idea of a motive--- but are not releasing it at this time. the suspect is now facing charges including attempted murder and making terrorist threats. an army sergeant has been charged with killing a northern virginia police officer.... who was on her first day on the job, ronald hamilton is accused of killing his wife crystal--- after she called the police during a domestic dispute saturday. then when police responded to the scene-- hamilton shot and killed officer ashley guindon-- he is facing several charges including capital murder, first- degree murder and malicious wounding. hamilton is an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the joint staff support center at the pentagon. a top vatican official--- says the catholic church has made mistakes in the way it has dealt with its sex abuse scandal. the sex abuse scandal is getting more attention... after the movie spotlight --on the subject-- took home the oscar for best picture. an austrialian cardinal--- telling a government commission investigating the
10:38 pm
not testifying to quote, "defend the indefensible." : "..the church has made enormous mistakes and is working to remedy those, but the church in many places, certainly in australia, has mucked things up." : "..there were a lot of words that we wanted to hear but it is only the start of the hearings here and we'll see what else happens." " pope francis has not remained silent on the issue. the pontiff meeting with sex abuse victims on his trip to the u-s last fall.. and promising to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. a traveler runs into a little trouble with t-s- a... because of her choice in footwear. take a look at this pair of gun- themed stilettos. t-s-a agents detected the gun- themed shoes and bracelets in a travelers carry- on bags. the woman was instructed to check the 'get up' because the agency does not permit any replica guns or ammunition past checkpoints. the traveler was
10:39 pm
the items with t-s-a because it was too late for her airline to check the added luggage. a u-s navy seal -- who helped rescue an american civilian in afghanistan -- is the latest recipient of the military's highest honor. fox's kevin corke has the story of his bravery... from the white house.. obama says: "even if he had never performed the actions for which he is being recognized here today, ed byers would be long remembered for his compassion, his sacrifice and his endurance." in awarding navy seal... senior chief special warfare operator edward byers the medal of honor today, president obama gave the nation's highest military citation to a man who's commitment to service knows no bounds... obama says: "eleven overseas deployments. nine combat tours. recipient of the purple heart -- twice. the bronze star with valor -- five times." but it was a daring rescue of an american doctor held by the taliban in afghanistan in 2012, that brought a man used to working in the shadows into the spotlight. byers says:
10:40 pm
guy i was on, and onto the doctor, who was about 3 or 4, maybe 5 feet away from me on my right...and the reason i did that was i'm wearing body armor, so i want to protect him from any other potential threats in the room...anyone who's been in combat knows that in those moments, you either react, or you get killed." indeed, byers quick action saved the doctor... who said in a statement "byers and his team are examples of courage, bravery and heroism. i am so grateful for their dedication for rescuing me as well as bringing security to the afghan people..." though byers is the sixth navy seal to received the medal of honor... he credited a seventh... 28 year old petty officer 1st class nicolas checque with the mission's success.. checque was first firefight...and died that night with valor and distinction. byers says: "he will forever be remembered in you know the pages of history for the sacrifices he made." a solemn reminder of the price of freedom...and a moment of thanks on behalf of a grateful nation. (corke on-cam tag) byers who says back to doing done in the of 78 living medal recipients... eight of them from the u-s
10:41 pm
probably also have heard, there have been 14 medal of honor citations awarded for action in afghanistan. which to this very day is the longest ongoing war in american historythe longest war... in american history. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. a group of sky divers are using the special day-- that only comes once every four years... to take a giant leap of faith. "devore says: "yeah it's very fitting that we're leaping out of helicopters on leap day so it couldn't get more synced up than that. " red bull's team of professional sky diver's and high speed parachute flyers touched down in kansas city, missouri. they say if they aren't scaring themselves-- a little-- they aren't scaring the crowd. the countdown to return to earth is on for astronaut scott kelly.... after spending nearly a year in space. kelly and russian cosmonaut mikhail kornienko served as test subjects on the international space station, so scientists could study the affects of space travel on the human body. it's all part of nasa's goal to
10:42 pm
astronauts can handle a trip to mars. scott kelly will return to texas on wednesday. he has now spent the most cumulative time in space of any american in history. you could be on a daytime talk show! hinting her show with be on the when and where your big break. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next the campaign may have hit a tipping point for some of you over the weekend.. one caller sums it up this way: it is in the gutter... and he's worried what children must think watching it all unfold. the rant is coming
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subway customers will be getting their whole 12 inches when it comes to footlong sandwiches. this after-- a judge last week granting final approval to a settlement of a class action lawsuit. the suit was filed against the sandwich maker after an australian teenager posted an image to facebook in 20-13 of his sandwich
10:46 pm
subway has agreed to to take steps to ensure its bread is at least 12 inches long... including requiring franchisees to use a tool for measuring bread. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll stay close to that 80 degree mark for the workweek with changes ahead for the weekend. saturday and sunday we'll see more southwest gusts 25-35 mph with a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon. shower chances continue on monday with a high of 65 degrees. average highs range from 66 to 68 this week and through
10:47 pm
we'll stay close to that 80 degree mark for the workweek with changes ahead for the weekend. saturday and sunday we'll see more southwest gusts 25-35 mph with a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon. shower chances continue on monday with a high of 65 degrees. average highs range from 66 to 68 this week and through the weekend. closed captioning
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some of you
10:49 pm
over the weekend to tell us the tone of the presidential campaign has turned more juvenile .. many of you called out democrats as much as republicans.. but also the personal attacks marco rubio and donald trump are hurling at each other. came up quite a bit.. rubio even made some comments about the size of trump's hands.. for you to draw your own conclusions.
10:50 pm
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send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 here's a look at what's coming up.. on fox five news at eleven. we're continuing here's a look at
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on fox five news at eleven. we're continuing to get updates on an officer involved shooting tonight. we'll hear from a neighbor whose camera was rolling as this happened. and what a woman is accused of smuggling into prison... that landed her behind bars. and why las vegas is getting one of the best deals around, when it comes to apartments, prices, and room to live. ellen degeneres does las vegas.... at least she is hinting at it.... the talk show host took to social media... to warn fans--- she posted this picture to instagram. with the message--- hello las vegas ! i don't know if you're on the strip tomorrow, but if you're in front of caesars palace at two p-m.... you're gonna be on my show. you can see ellen week days right here on fox5 at four p-m.... right before fox5 news at five. justin beiber is coming to las vegas! in honor of the singer's 22nd birthday-- madame tussauds is unveiling his wax figure... complete with a wax birthday cake. the figure will be showing a lot of
10:53 pm
the biebs wax figure is sporting a gold rolex and his signature calvin klein boxers. 20 skilled artists spent three months making the sculpture which is worth 350- thousand dollars. people in utah are getting their fill of winter weather. and one group is making the best of the latest round of snow... we'll show you how they put their hardwork to the
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when you get one gig internet from centurylink and prism tv and they're both delivered on a super-fast fiber network directly to your home, it's amazing. it is amazing, but do you think his delivery was a little flat on that one? just -- yeah. um, paul, i think it's a little bit more like, "it's amazing!" oh, wow. oh, mom, that was really good. thank you. wow. [ sighs ] feel like a hollywood insider... okay, i'll work on it. ...with prism tv plus gig internet speed
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people were wearing flip flops and shorts over in utah--- it was a much different story. canyon got advantage of the winter weather. they built a massive snowman. it took more than 20 people about six hours to put this guy together. in the end-- it stands about 20 feet tall. the snowman even has its own
10:57 pm
in the battle of the burgers, one made a "declaration of delicious"... ...jack.
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so that everyone could taste history-making burgers. and america ate it up. true story. we're making every burger better, like the new double jack.
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" sir i do not want to shoot. drop the gun, drop the gun. gunshots, "they shot him, oh they shot him. exclusive video tonight... from an officer involved shooting on the valley's south side. i'm christine maddela.... we're following breaking news tonight. i'm john huck. a neighbor was recording this incident as it happened... and we'll show you more of this video you'll see only on fox5. fox5's cyndi lundeberg is live at the scene near las vegas boulevard and saint rose parkway with the latest details on what happened tonight. just before 8 officers responded to reports of a man with a gun... we talked to a neighbor who says it wasn't the homeowner shot she says she saw a man sitting on the family car... she sent us this video you'll only see on fox 5....
11:00 pm
to shoot you. drop the gun, drop the gun. drop it. drop the gun sir" in that video police can be heard giving commands in both english and spanish ... lynn eve nunez told fox 5 police told her the man was shot in the shoulder... he was taken to umc with non life threatening injuries... she says when she realized what was going on her immediate concern was for her family... "i told my son to and we stayed inside and i recorded the entire incident from start the police officer knowledge that it was just a wanderer, just a random guy, possibly homeless, they got a call that around with a gun in his hand metro says none of the officers involved were injured... police have not


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