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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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lynneve's recording captures her reaction on another phone with friend. "i don't know if he's dead. they're putting up the yellow tape now. they did tell him after they shot him. they ran up to him and yelled at him not to move." she was not totally surprised to learn - the gun was actually fake. "if anything he felt like he was more of a threat to himself than to the police officers or to anybody else." the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to live. neighbors still question if the man is homeless or if he's mentally ill. lynneve is glad she recorded the whole thing "i think my video kind of showed that the officers in this scenario handled everything incredibly. very safe. they didn't unload their weapons on him and handled it very professionally." the calls came from neighbors who first saw the man up the road acting strangely. we speak to some of those neighbors coming up at 5:30 reporting live... this is metro's third officer- involved
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far.... this year. a man has been arrested - in connection to a shooting over the weekend. terrell moore was taken in custody monday.... and faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon. police identifed him as the suspect... in a saturday night shooting on weaver road - near h-street and owens. two victims were hit - including a man who was taken to u-m-c and declared dead. the second victim was found a few blocks away and treated for his injuries. the gunfire took place - during a party at an apartment complex. a home invasion early this morning left a man injured. it happened on blossom avenue - near sahara and nellis. metro says three armed men and a woman forced their way inside the home and stole an unknown amount of items. a man inside the home was hit in the back of the head... and treated for the injury without being sent to the hospital. the group ran off. no description of the suspects has been released. police are also investigating a stabbing that took place this afternoon... on sunrise avenue.
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downtown area - near eastern and fremont. a woman was found injured - and taken to u-m-c in critical condition. a suspect is in custody. the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting teenage girls will face at least 35 years in prison. jimmy kim has agreed to plead "guilty" to sexual assault charges. the 26-year-old waived a preliminary hearing... and avoided public testimony from victims. the last-minute plea deal also had 79 other charges dismissed. kim's public defender and prosecutors agreement after a close the courtroom to media during testimony. a relative of one of the victims who anonymous says served. "all i know what it sounds like im very happy da did very good job protecting everybody and that a monster like this is being sent where he belongs." "hopefully i never have to see his face person." guilty on march tenth to one sexual assault
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sexual assault with a minor. five people from a senior living community will have to sleep somewhere else tonight after their building catches on fire. heavy smoke and flames could be seen around eight a-m at the "echelon senior living" near eastern and harmon. the clark county fire department says it started on the first floor of the building. surrounding units were evacuated to keep residents safe. crews were able to put out the fire in less than ten minutes... and kept it from spreading to other units. clark county fire says a maintenance worker tried to help before firefighters got there. he was taken to u-m-c with smoke inhalation. "first thing at senior living, that's why i got on radio and said lets make sure we have ambulances coming because that our priority getting residents because they cant get around. get them evacuated and out of building." the red cross is helping five adults with shetler and basic needs. the cause of the fire has not been
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it's super tuesday.... with voices being heard at primaries and caucuses in 12 different states. polls first closed in some of those states a little more than an hour ago. we have a few results right now. donald trump has been declared the winner of the georgia primary - and just minutes ago - also the winner of primaries in alabama, massachusetts and tennessee. marco rubio is looking for his first g-o-p win. he is trailing trump by just a few percentage points in virginia.. as for the democrats... hillary clinton has been declared the winner in georgia...virginia... alabama and tennessee. bernie sanders easilly won the primary in his home state of vermont. he wasted no time in addressing supporters about a half hour ago.
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we will have much more on super tuesday... including live coverage and analysis.... in just a few minutes. you just got done watching "ellen" a few minutes ago... and tonight - the show is paying a visit to las vegas. a big giveaway... took place at caesars palace today. you'll see how it all unfolded on tomorrow's edition of ellen. fox five's miguel martinez-valle is
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you can see the big surprise tomorrow. tune in.... right here on fox five... where you can catch "ellen" every day at 4 p-m. it's shaping up to be a great week of weather here in las vegas. it's also a great week to be a nascar fan. fox five chief meteorologist ted pretty is live at the motor speedway... with a look ahead to some fun events this week.
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for detailed parking maps of the las vegas speedway.... just head to fox five vegas dot com. look for the links tab at the top of the homepage... and click "seen on fox five". go dog, go ... sit, dog, sit. the audience some young students had today to kick off nevada reading week. and a true-to-size trip through the tunnel that aided el chapo in his escape... and where you can see it here in the valley. plus, divying up the states... more as super tuesday results
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lord "el chapo" managed to escape from prison -- not once but twice. now the mob museum in downtown las vegas shows us how he did it. the exhibit's centerpiece has a scale model of joaquin "el chapo" guzman's elaborate prison escape from last year. his men put together a 32-foot vertical underground tunnel from his cell... and a horizontal tunnel running nearly five-thousand feet away from the prison. "el chapo" had to ride a motorcycle at the bottom of the tunnel... then up another ladder to an abandoned building. "...its believed el chapo and cartel spent 50 million putting together escape plan includes construction of tunnel and bribing of officials to look other way while they were doing
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"el chapo" was re-captured in january of this year. you can check out the display at the mob museum until july. dozens of first graders practice reading in front of some furry friends. students from c-t sewell and ronnow elementary school visited the animal foundation. it's to kickoff "nevada reading week". the kids sat in front of the kennels to read to the dogs. volunteers from d-c building group and w-g-u nevada also helped out. organizers say it gives the children a safe environment to learn. it also relaxes the pups! "we just wanted to promote nevada reading week and show emphasis on how important it is to help students at young age feel comfortable with reading. not having any judgement from anybody and read to dogs openly and enjoy it." students also braided old t- shirts to make "tug toys". they could give them to the pups at the shelter... or take them home to their own pets. break out your favorite book because this week is nevada reading
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fox 5's les krifaton is celebrating by volunteering his time and sharing some his favorite stories at a few elementary schools. he stopped by gordon mccaw today. he read books to the kids... answered their questions... and talked to them about what it is like to work at fox 5. les will be visiting another elementary school tomorrow. we're in the middle of "nascar week" here in las vegas.... leading up to the we're in the middle of "nascar week" here in las vegas.... leading up to the kobalt 400 at the motor speedway. fox five chief meteorologist ted pretty is there right now. he joins us live - with the forecast. closed captiong
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it's super tuesday... with presidential primaries and caucuses taking place across the united states. coming up... a live update.... on the latest results.... including a few
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it's "super tuesday"... when 11 states vote in both republican and democratic primaries and caucuses. it's high stakes for both sides, with a big chunk of delegates up for grabs. and so far... it's shaping up to be a big night for both donald trump and hillary clinton. ryan nobles is live in washington d- c.... with a look at the results so far. closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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of fox5 news at 5. a the hospital.... after being shot by police. we'll hear from a witness who saw it go down - while the camera was rolling on her
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live from las vegas. your only choice for live local news right now. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. a man is in the hospital... after being shot by police. it happened last night in a neighborhood... near las vegas boulevard and the saint rose parkway. fox five's ophelia young is there live... after talking with a woman... who recorded video of the confrontation -
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hundred feet away. closed captioning will resume shortly " " closed captioning will resume
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closed captioning will resume shortly " " a man behind bars in the shooting death of his father - may argue self-defense. that's according to a lawyer for daron clanton - who plans to seek a lower bail tomorrow in henderson justice court. clanton told police he shot his father - after the two got into a fight - over him no longer attending college. he claims his father pushed and punched him several times. clanton he was arrested - and is currently held on a million dollars bail at the clark county detention center.
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arrested... after being accused of trying to smuggle drugs into high desert state prison. officials say keondre ridley was visiting mustafa kyles... on february 21- st....planning to give him 27 grams of methamphetamine. she was caught - and arrested. further charges considered against kyles - who is already serving time for other charges. the las vegas paiute tribe is planning to open marijuana dispensaries as cultivation and production of the year. tribal leaders held a groundbreaking ceremony at the las vegas paiute indian colony on monday. the tribe already runs a smoke shop downtown - which will be linked to one of the dispensaries. they will be built over six to nine months during a $5 million construction project. the u-s department of justice said in late 2014 that indicated tribes could grow and sell pot under the same guidelines as states that opt to legalize. endorsements seem to be hard for some in the


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