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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. ted pretty weather report coming up and we have a look at the damage from last after a lightning bolt hits a home. plus... democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton campaigns in las vegas. what she told voters she'll do if she becomes president... and why there was a brief interruption to her rally. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas thick clouds can be seen around the valley right now. here's a live look from our strat cam. there's a small chance of showers tonight and friday.
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of rain... lightning... and some water rescues because of flooding. here's a look at a car stuck at the railroad pass hotel and casino -- near boulder city. we have team coverage of the weather tonight. abby theodros has a look at the damages left behind from the storm... but first we start with chief meteorologist ted pretty. slight chances of showers remain for the overnight and for friday. we'll see a high of 102 in the afternoon on friday. the weekend look warm and dry with highs at 105 for saturday and sunday with plenty of sun. the y hangs around for next week with highs around 105 and sunshine through the workweek. average high for the weekend and
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we all saw and heard the storms rumble through overnight.. but some had to also deal with damage from the storms. fox 5's abby theodror is live at eastern and grand hills with a look at what happened. one of the crazier events from this weeks weather...part of
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attic caught on fire after her roof was struck by lightening. heres a round up of the valleys weather dedee orchard, madeira canyon: it was loud parts of the valley saw rain and aggressive thunderstorms - that were impossible to ignore. 10-20 dedee orchard, madeira canyon: it was so loud it shook the whole house. the dog went running for my head and my six year old came running in. she told me the house was going to fall apart. then we couldnt go back to sleep because it kept going for anot hour. dedee orchard lives in madeira canyon near the mountains...where homes are more vulnerable to lightening strikes. this home -was hit early this morning causing a fire to ignite in the attic. 31-44 scott armstrong, neighbor: it wasnt until hfr showed up this morning that we saw something wrong. there was one particularly good bout of lightening that woke everyone up in the house...but certainly not something catastrophic like fire damage would have occurred. down in the south east part of the valley - henderson got some showers over night and sprinkles this
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welcomes the rain but mix it with warm temperatures and its just confusing. 58-1:04 lamisha augustine, henderson: its hot but its still rainy. so we dont know what to wear..we dont know whether to throw on a sweater or sweats or shorts. the national weather service says spotty weather during this time of year isnt uncommon but that doesnt mean locals are used to it. lamisha augustine, henderson: its kind of bipolar all of the elements are in play today for thunderstorms to happen expect for that heating element. berc says today than what we normally see. he also tells fact: if we dont pass 82 degrees today we'll beat he lowest high temperature for today...which was in 1970 be sure to get all of your weather alerts and other stories with our fox5 app. you can find it in mobile stores. job creation... free community college.. and more skills training programs... just a few of the issues hillary clinton touched on during her stop in las vegas. fox5's miguel
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charleston with details of her message from today's rally/ her jobs plan for the first 100 days in office, infrastructure jobs computer training and student debt were just some of the topics hillary clinton addressed to a packed house here at the electrical workers union clinton started her day with a job tour around las vegas she visited mojave electric company a local business which she praised for job creation! she then showed up to the brotherhood of electrical workers union to further discuss her jobs plan to oversee the largest investment in job creation since world war ii. she spoke about infrastructure jobs in clark county, the need for paid apprenticeship programs , and affordable higher education. she mentioned providing free community college, more skills training programs , and an opportunity for students and their families were already in
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"to be able to pay them back at a lower interest rate and have them forgiven after a certain period of time. it makes no sense to me that donald trump can times get out from under his debt family and we don't let families and students refinance their college debt" dina titus, catherine cortez masto, and harry reed all spoke before clinton. they touched on the importance of this election and naming her our next president and the dangers of donald trump. titus even called trump a clown. clinton says trump was unqualified and temperamentally
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nation. there was a brief interruption to the clinton rally it was animal activists animal rights activist who say they pended an open letter to clinton about her support for big farming, that option did little to shake clinton who spoke about trumps history with animal rights before just continuing with her speech mmv ffn ll and hillary clinton also took a tour of a local electrical company before her rally. she visited "mojave electric" -- near lamb and washington. clinton praised the company for keeping jobs in the u-s. she also talked with employees about her plans for economic growth and job creation. the visit is part of a three-day job tour with vice presidential nominee -- virginia senator tim kaine. we have new details about an illegal rooster fighting investigation. two brothers have been arrested in connection to what police say is the largest animal fighting ring that has been stopped
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silvester gayton and javier salgado each face two counts of "owning... training... and promoting of animal fighting". metro's animal cruelty says 550 birds were recovered from the property -- near nellis and owens. police say an officer noticed the setup while responding to another call... and a search warrant led to the birds' discovery. metro's animal cruelty says there are signs to look out for when it comes to illegal rooster fighting. "you're gonna see tethering where you put two rooster near each other on ropes where th actually get to each other but they build that aggression. you're also gonna see training like treadmills where they'll actually run and prepare and get their cardio. you're gonna seeing boxing muffs that are put on their natural spurs so that when their doing fighting training their not actually harming each other." the roosters have been taken to a local animal shelter to be medically evaluated. police want to remind everyone that participating in a rooster or dog fighting ring
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a local exterminator is in the hospital tonight after being attacked by hundreds of bees! it happened around 9 in the southwest valley in a neighborhood near grand canyon and russell. according to clark county .. two exterminators were working to remove bees at a home.. but only one of them had protective gear. at some point the bees began stinging the worker without any protection. he was stung hundreds of times.. and rushed to a nearby hospital with life threatening injuries. the other worker or anyone else who respoded were not injured. a crash involving two semis leaves a seven-year-old passenger dead. that's according to california highway patrol. it happened around four a-m wednesday on the i-15 near the cima exit. troopers say a driver of a semi may have fallen asleep as he swerved off the road... then rear-ended another semi that was broken down on the shoulder. troopers say two people in that semi were taken to u- m-c with minor to moderate injuries. in the other semi -- a man was taken to u-m-c with serious injuries... and the child died at the
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the family has set up a go-fund-me for burial expenses. you can find it under the "links" section on fox five vegas dot com. metro police need you to keep your eye out for a missing endangered man who hasn't been seen since this morning. ronald fortunato was last seen near russell and mcleod at around 10:30. he has several known medical issues and is without his medication. he was last seen driving a blue dodge 1500 truck with the license plate 614-mxr. anyone with information to help find the 68- year-old should call the las vegas metropolitan's missing persons detail right away. coming up... president obama speaks about the efforst to counter isis. what he says russia has failed to do in the fight against the terror group. plus.. an airline offers the first non-stop flight from china to las vegas. how it will impact tourism in the valley... and when the flights are expected to
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live from las vegas. you're watching fox5 news at six. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 6 o'clock. local las vegas. president obama updates on the u-s fight against isis during a press conference today. a serious threat to americans. fox's kevin corke has more on what the president urges russia to do in the fight against the terror group. president obama says: "our campaign continues to hammer isil targets. more than 14- thousand strikes so far." president obama holding a news conference at the pentagon thursday... on the latest u-s efforts to combat isis. president obama says: "i last updated the american people on our campaign in june - shortly after the horrifying attack in orlando. in the weeks since,
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be relentless in our fight against isil. and on the ground in syria and iraq, isil continues to lose territory." president obama says: "in other words isil turns out not to be invincible - they are in fact inevitably going to be defeated." earlier in the day mister obama chaired a national security council meeting at the pentagon focused on the terror group. president obama says: "tragically however we have also seen that isil still has the ability to direct and inspire attacks." the president's commen same day the pentagon released new video of u-s-led coalition air strikes on isis targets... the military says one video was shot in libya on august first and shows a strike on an isis tank...near the libyan city of sirte... u.s. planes have been conducting a number of air strikes in libya lately... after the libyan government asked for help in their ongoing fight against a growing number of isis militants in their country. meantime, the u-s defense department also released new video of what they say are coalition air strikes on isis targets in syria. president obama says: "the u-s
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try and reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against syria...but so far russia has failed to take the necessary steps. " (on cam) in recent days the pentagon says u.s.- backed forces in syria have been able to seize control of nearly seventy- percent of a former isis stronghold in the northern part of syria. at the white house, kevin corke, fox news. the president says isis and isis networks pose a serious threat to americans. he says the threat of small cell attacks is very real. president obama also commented on the outbreak of the zika virus. he says the situation is getting critical in the united states. today -- planes took off from miami executive airport to areas dealing with the zika virus in south florida. this comes after state officials confirmed 15- hundred people were infected after being bit by mosquitoes. crews are also going door to door to spray pesticides... draining standing puddles... and treating some
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the first non-stop flight from china to las vegas will lift off this december. "what an exciting young airline. they've got an aggressive president. he's willing to do anything that adds to the bottom line." "hainan airlines" is one of china's top ten airlines and already has non- stop flights to major u-s cities like los angeles... seattle... chicago and boston. according to the airline... chinese tourists are one of the fastest growing groups we're seeing in las vegas. the first flight will depart from mccarran airport on december second-- at twelve-thirty p-m beijing at five- thirty p-m the next day. it should be about thirteen hours long. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty slight chances of showers remain for the overnight and for friday. we'll see a high of 102 in the
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look warm and dry with highs at 105 for saturday and sunday with plenty of sun. the dry air hangs around for next week with highs around 105 and sunshine through the workweek. average high for the week next week is 103. slight chances of showers remain for the overnight and for friday. we'll see a high of 102 in the afternoon on friday. the weekend
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for saturday and sunday with plenty of sun. the dry air hangs around for next week with highs around 105 and sunshine through the workweek. average high for
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closed captioning will resume shortly up next...
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purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.?
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letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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we have an update to fox five's "baby watch". we're celebrating some special birthdays here at the station. morning show weather anchor cassandra jones and her husband andrew welcomed their brand new baby girl this morning! meet baby "addisyn marie!" she's seven pounds.. 15 ounces... and is 20 inches long. both cassandra and addisyn are doing well. and congrats again to morning
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producer kristin bernal and her husband bryan. they welcomed baby cameron mitchel yesterday. and russia was also on "baby watch" this week. a baby gorilla was born at moscow zoo at the end of july... but made her public debut today! her protective mother -- kira -- held her in her arms as the guests looked on. zookeepers say "kira" is a super mom... and keeps a tight hold on her young. the new baby is expected to grow big and healthy... but will likely spend the next year in her up next... splish splash. a family of bears takes a dip in lake tahoe. we'll show you the adorable video. sean next on more access -- a look inside maraih's life! as new footage of her reality series is out today -- social media sites are already calling it "must see t-v"... and next you'l see why. rachel and the star trek convnention is underway at the rio tonight. as the event marks
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series... see the star power that's in town to celebrate! sean and unlv alum guy fieri taking his next restaurant to a very unexpected location. we reveal where... next on "more
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here's a look at some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. a man-- shot and killed by police after a standoff.. the exchange-- caught on body camera... now his family is suing metro... why they say they had no choice hundreds of roosters.... seized from a valley home... now those birds are being housed at animal control... how they are handling the large influx of animals. a family of bears needed to cool off from the heat... so they took a dip in lake tahoe! here's video posted from a beachgoer this week. mama bear and her two cubs splash around the lake... while kayakers and those paddle-boarding watch on from a distance. the family hangs out in the water for a bit... before heading back into the woods. thanks for joining us..
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access" -- mariah carey's ready for her close up! tonight get a inside look at the caesar headliners upcoming docu- series mariah's world! plus, vegas local legend jerry lewis is headed to screen see the brand trailer for latest movie "max rose" then you know him as the face of the food network but see how vegas local guy fieri is taking his cooking from land to sea! and before "suicide squad" dives into theaters this weekend see how the stars of the movie are responding to


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