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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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busy henderson shopping center... four people-- are now in custody. what witnesses say went down an exterminator-- critically injured after being stung hundreds of times. where the attack happened... democratic presidential candidate hillary makes campaign stops in the valley. and she talking about the future of jobs in the silver state... what she says will be a top priority-- if elected. we have some breaking news to tell you about this morning.. you're looking at a live picture of the strip.. where there's a lot of police activity happening right now. it's going on near the wynn hotel. we have a crew on the way.. and will
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in our later shows.. and online. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. the flash flood watch for our area has expired but we still run the risk of some active weather through the morning. drier air starts to move into the valley this afternoon as monsoonal moisture pushes back east. for the weekend
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of next week dry conditions with seasonal temperatures will dominate. the uv index for friday is 10 or very high. more than a dozen henderson police cruisers swarmed around a henderson plaza. after someone began shooting into the air.. it happened just before 7 last night. witnesses say someone shot several rounds into the air using a revolver.. it happened right
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garden near mountain vista and sunset. police say a k-9 unit was able to track dow four people tied to the shooting.. arresting them at barley's casino. witnesses say the police response fast and intense. "no never, its kinda scary." "police started coming out with their rifles and their guns and they had one guy on the ground over here in the court yard area and one guy in the passenger walkway area" nobody was hit or hurt in this incident.. a trial date has been set for the suspects in the deadly robbery at a lee's liquor store. lee dominic sykes, ray brown and lee murray sykes appeared before judge eric johnson. attorneys for the three suspects argued the merits of some pieces of evidence in the case. a judge denied two motions -- one for a subpoena and another involving certain evidence admissible in the case. the men are accused of robbing a lee's liquor store in april... police say when
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christensen, was unable to open the safe the men shot and killed him. one man is critically injured-- after a bee attack. the clark county fire department responded to the call yesterday morning. two exterminators were working to remove the bees from a home near grand canyon drive and oquendo road. one of the workers wasn't wearing protective gear and was stung hundreds of times. he was taken to southern hills hospital with life threatening injuries. neighbors say the be a a big problem. "we were across the street five minute ago and getting attacked by two or three bees at the same time. normally you see one or two bees, it's not a big deal but when you're getting attacked by 6 or 7 of them at a time it's kind of scary." if you see bees do not disturb them. and if you are ever attacked... run in a straight line to find shelter-- covering your face with your arms. we are learning more about the
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third floor balcony of a valley apartment complex... according to the arrest report-- danny webb is facing two animal cruelty charges. police say he threw the three month old puppy named cannon- from the balcony... after the dog made mess inside the apartment. webb told a neighbor who ran to help the puppy-- she would do it again. the chihuahua mix was rushed to a veterinarian, but his injuries were too severe and he was euthanized. it's being called the largest animal fighting ring in our state's history... now two brothers are behind bars accused of massive cock fighting operation. metro tells us they're investigation is only beginning.. but in the meantime the 550 birds seized... are in real trouble. "animal fighting is something that the police department takes seriously. in a press conference thursday... metro police's animal cruelty unit stressed their dedication to putting an end to animal abuse. "if you are caught participating in a cock fighting ring or you're caught in a dog fighting ring and you're participating, that
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will be arrested and prosecuted." their message comes about 24 hours after a massive cockfighting operation was uncovered at two different addresses nellis and lake mead. metro police say two brothers... silvester gayton and javier salgado are responsible... and each now face multiple felony counts. investigators say evidence was overwhelming.. this wasn't a normal chicken coop. where you put two rooster near each other on ropes where they can't actually get to each other but they build that aggression. you're also gonna see training like treadmills where they'll actually run and prepare and get their cardio. 550 birds were rescued from the two homes.. and transfered to the animal foundation. some of the animals injuries were too severe and had to be put down... the others are being evaluated individually... which the animal foundation calls a daunting task. michelle quigley dir operations animal foundation we typically we see large scale numbers 300 is that number when that doubles and well be here soon it does pose a challenge it puts an enormous strain on resources our staff put all that together its not an ideal situation
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they have to hold the animals until metro's investigation is done... and officers tell us this case is far from closed. metro says they arent ruling out additional charges... and could be looking into the other people who who live at the homes were the birds were rescued. as for the birds... metro hopes they can regain their strength and be adopted. animal fighting is a felony in this state we want the communities help to know where it is the two men arrested- could also be held financially responsible for the care of those birds at the animal foundation. officials fr t foundation say they will likely request emergency funding to care for the 550 birds they're now housing. democratic presidential nominee-- hillary clinton made a pair of campaign stops in las vegas. laying out her economic plans... and talking about jobs. fox5's miguel martinez valle was at her rally...
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she took the stage with senator harry reid but not before being introduced by dina titus and catherine cortez masto who called her the next president but had less than kind things to say about her opponent donald trump . clinton quickly laid out her support for infrastructure projects which will hopefully lead to more jobs "for every billion dollars we get 47,500 jobs and they are mostly good paying union jobs with a good middle-class income" she applauded mohave electric the company she visited earlier in the day for their business practices and pro union stance "it has a lot of apprentices it has benefits that are going to keep families together and keep them growing that's what we need more of an america" clinton was cheered
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didn't go off without a few protesters... the interruption came from animal rights group called direct action everywhere ... and while secret service surrounded clinton she quickly continued with her speech and mentioned some of trumps history with animal activists that was not the only time she mentioned trump in the rally... "donald trump is not qualified to be president and he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief" mmv f5n llv there was a brief interruption to the rally animal rights activists caused a little commotion-- they penned an open letter to clinton about her support for big farming a pair of new national polls show clinton is widening her lead over donald trump in the race. a "mcclatchy- marist" survey shows she has 48- percent compared to 33-percent for
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wall street journal polls gives clinton a nine-point edge. be sure to download our fox5 mobile app... for all of the latest details on the race to the white house. california officials warn visitors to watch out for bears in drought season... especially after a viral video shows a family of bears cooling off at lake tahoe. what experts say you should do if you encounter a
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we have breaking news... we have heavy police activity on the strip. fox5 alyssa deitsch is live at spring mountain and las vegas
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good morning. here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news desk the flash flood
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the flash flood watch for our area has expired but we still run the risk of some active weather through the morning. drier air starts to move into the valley this afternoon as monsoonal moisture pushes back east. for the weekend and the first half of next week dry conditions with seasonal temperatures will dominate. the uv index for friday is 10 or very high.
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officials say the state's drought leading to more encounters between people and bears. one viral video shows a family of bears playing in lake tahoe... with boaters and swimmers nearby. mike luery has more on how to stay safe if you come across the animal. it's not every day you see a family of bears swimming in lake tahoe.. unless you're a biologist. (jason holley/california department of fish and wildlife) "at lake tahoe we get bears down at the lake frequently." and this mama bear playing with her
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richardson, doesn't seem to mind the people nearby. (jason holley/california department of fish and wildlife) "bears will use a lake for water. they'll use it to cool off. in a drought situation like we're in - some of their natural streams are dried up. so they'll really rely on the lake more heavily during times of drought." and in this case...the bear league sent an observer to the make sure paddle boarders and others didn't get too close. (ann bryant/executive director, bear league) "when you meet a bear like that doing what they have a right to do then you have to respect that. and just give them room. give them space. don't crowd them. you can take their pictures. take them from a distance." there are some 250 to 3 bears living in the lake tahoe region...and sometimes they enter people's homes and garages, looking for food. and if that happens...don't corner them...instead give them an easy escape route. (andrew hughan/california department of fish and wildlife) "they'll wander back in the woods. they don't want anything to do with people. we're not food. and we're not a threat as long as you stay away." never come between a mother bear and her cubs...and don't get too close. (ann bryant/executive director, bear league) "bears will let you know if you're too close. they'll look at you and give a warning howl - to say you're a little
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you to back away." and remember that bears are wild matter how cute they look. (andrew hughan/california department of fish and wildlife) "that bear clearly has no fear of people. so do not help wildlife. do not feed wildlife. do not go take a selfie with the wildlife. it can be incredibly dangerous." a local non-profit is giving locals a chance to hang out with lions. in honor of world lion day.. the lion habitat ranch is offering free admission now through monday . the ranch -- located in henderson -- is home to over 40 big cats.. from 10 to 1:30.. children 14 and under.. wounded warriors.. and those with birthdays will get free admission all weekend long... there are also special deals for locals.. fire responders.. and college students. and caesars palace is celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend.. with two days of parties. tonight.. gordan ramsay
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featuring an over the top fireworks display. the event begins at 9.. at the garden of the gods pool. and on saturday.. tony bennett will host a gala... with performances from wayne newton.. donny and marie osmond.. we'll have our more team there all weekend.. giving you highlights of the celebrations.
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struggling.. in ticket sales.. and in stock prices.
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sea world's attendance has dropped by nearly half a million guests if you think you have what it takes to run the greatest show on earth-- you are in luck! the ringling bros and barnum and bailey circus are looking for their next ringmaster. and their search is bringing them to las vegas. you can audition on thursday september 8th... at the fern adair conservatory of the arts from 10 to four. the winner will then go on an 18 month tour with circus xtreme. do you want to be on top? supermodel tyra banks is on the hunt for new models and she is coming to las vegas. the supermodel and television icon-- will be hosting a model search at the venetian on august 22nd. the event will also feature a full blown beauty bash that tyra hopes will motivate everyone interested in the biz. her selections will be featured in her 2017 campaign. we're giving you a
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we have breaking
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we have breaking news... we have heavy police activity on the strip. fox5 alyssa deitsch is live at spring mountain and las vegas bouvlevard with details. good morning. here's a look at
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solutions let's begin with your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate


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