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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mccarran airport with how travelers are dealing with the delays.... john, of 12:40 this afternoon... more than 650 flights were cancelled.. and just 39- percent of the scheduled delta flights have arrived ..... frustration was an obvious and expected emotion from traveleres today.... but despite lengthy delays and cancellations.. people were surprisingly understanding.... "why us? once a year, why us?" jerry bencik asked the one question thousands of delta travelers are asking themselves in airports across the country. jerry tells me he and his wife fly to vegas once a year.. and of course it had to be today "waited like two and a half hours at the detroit airport, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just put up with it." a power outage at the main delta airlines hub in altanta georgia is
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cancellations and thousands of delays. it was an unforseen start to the week, but many travelers i spoke with were understanding. "life happens, things like this happen and there is nothing we can do about it, so be patient, which i'm usually not, but am today." "it could be a little bit discouraging, but on the other hand we know things can happen sometimes, we anticipated a few things, but the end result we're here, we're happy, and we're going to enjoy ourselves." delta airlines ceo, ed bastian issued a video message to those affected on the delta website. "i apologize for the challenges this has created for you those affected on the delta website. "i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience, the delta team is working very, very hard to restore and get the systems back as quickly as possible." part of the issue with the systems doesn't just involve those flying..but their luggage as well. new flights aren't matching with travelers personal
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coming on a flight here at 12:40." travelers say there are a lot worse places in the country to get stuck than las vegas. and despite the multiple hour delays they endured, they're just happy to arrive at their destination. "we come in late, probably spend a little less money than we would have already, so maybe we saved some money, who knows." it was just last month that airlines had a similar incident.. where a computer outage cancelled more than a thousand flights. cnn spoke to a software expert who questioned why delta's disaster recovery system did not work in this case. while the airline wouldn't comment on whether one exists or not... experts say the only other causes would be hacking or human error... delta said earlier in a statement the investigation is ongoing... at mccarran airport.. vince sapienza.. fox5 news local las
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now also in that video message from delta airlines c-e-o ed bastian.. he described today as an "all hands on deck effort." delta is offering waivers for those who have been cancelled or significantly may rebook without fee... but you must travel by friday august 12th.... 45-hundred acres are scorched by the pilot fires in silverwood...calif ornia. the smell of that blaze is what we woke up to this the fire continues to burn this afternoon... forcing evacuations in several communities. sherwin says: "we are still holding those evacuation orders hoping as we see these numbers and see what the fire is going to do, especially as we anticipate what the heat and wind will do today. hopefully we can lift those orders and get residences back to their homes as quickly as possible." about 400 firefighters are battling the pilot fire. right now--the fire is about five- percent contained. a smoke advisory is issued for the mojave desert area. the cause of the fire is still under
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toss to weather we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on fridayth heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday,
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friends of the
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friends of the three people killed in a rollover crash yesterday say the three touched a countless number of lives... yesterday the van was driving on interstate 15 when it rolled over and ejected four of the five passengers from the car, killing three of them. fox5's eric hilt spoke with people close to the family and joins us live in the newsroom. people close to the brandt family say it's impossible to measure how many lives they touched throughout the las vegas area... the family was driving home from vacation...when their van went off the road and then rolled over -- killing mike brandt, his 25 year old daughter ashley and his 20- year-old son carlan. mike was a longtime teacher at the las vegas lds institute of
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before that served as a bishop of the green valley ward. ashley was recently married and carlan had just returned from a 2-year mission a week before the crash. "felt like i was kicked in the gut. i just sat down and said we'll miss them. we went last night to the visit with his wife in the hospital to see how she was doing and...missing mike brandt, it'll be a great loss" mike's wife and ashley's husband were both injured in the crash... today friends say they are a and recovering. the family says people can make donations to the family through the green valley lds ward. in the newsroom, eric hilt, fox5 news local las vegas the crash happened at mile marker 75, near valley of fire highway. the parents of teenage murder victim aric brill got a shock in court today... when prosecutors said
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not seek the death penalty against the four accused in the boy's death. "it's very disheartening what happened today. i don't know what the criteria is and what they vote on or how they come to the decision not to go with the death penalty, i was hoping that they would, i think god and the state gave these guys their lives back today, and that's more than they gave our son." in a story you'll only see on fox5... aric brill's and karen were in court when the state said it does not intend to seek the death penalty against arthur moore, nadin hiko, devonte wash and devon phillips. the four were recently arrested for aric's death, which happened back in 2009. for the brill's, it was a long seven year search after the shooting that happened during a house party. today all four men waived their rights to a speedy hearing. they'll be back in court next month for a status check and to set a date for trial. we reached out to the da's office
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not sought in this case. we'll have their response at 5. police made a disturbing discovery over the weekend... an elderly woman killed in her own home. now, police are trying to find her estranged husband. the woman's body was found near washington and sloan yesterday. police say she had some head trauma, and say there was likely a domestic disturbance at the home with her husband that resulted in her death. he was gone when police arrived and has not been located. if you have information that can help police, call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. the hospital after an early morning shooting. police say a person was shot in the stomach at the circle k gas station off sahara and las vegas boulevard. it happened just after four a-m. police say the victim was not cooperating. he received surgery and is expected to be okay. police didn't release any information on a suspect at this time. clark county school officials have been discussing what breaking up the district would look like, and how it would impact students. and they need parents to weigh
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the district is hosting a series of town hall meetings. there's one tonight at the desert breeze community center, and ithosted by county commissioner susan brager. it starts at six-30. if you can't make it tonight, there are more meetings tomorrow and wednesday. some bad news for expecting parents... nevada is the seventh worst state to have a baby. that's according to a recent study by finance website wallethub. they compared costs like c- section charges...conventi onal delivery charges...and average infant care costs. it also looks at rates and number of child care centers per capita. mississippi was the worst. the top three states to have a baby are vermont...maine...a nd connecticut...acco rding to the study. gas prices around the valley are falling. the price at the pump is down almost three cents in the last week. the average price of gas is two dollars and thirty-nine cents... that's according to gas buddy dot com. the natonal average is down about half a cent per gallon over the last week...sitting at two dollars and
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gallon. gas around the valley this week is actually eighty- two cents less than it was this time last year. donald trump played up his strengths today, and delivered what his campaign called a major economic address in detroit. and in florida... hillary clinton also tackled the economy in her address. fox news correspondent doug mckelway shows us both of their messages. speaking to the detroit economic club, republican nominee donald trump outlined his economic vision in a city hit hard by poverty and unemployment. trump says: "the skyscrapers went up in beijing and many other cities around the world, while the factories and neighborhoods crumbled right here in detroit." trump, who has been trying to shake more than a week's worth of bad press amid a string of self-propelled controversies, was interrupted several times by protesters... especially when trying to draw comparisons between himself and his opponent, hillary clinton. trump says: "the city of detroit is
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breathing embodiment of my opponent's failed economic agenda." among the highlight's of his economic plan, trump is proposing an across-the-board tax cut. he also wants to eliminate the death tax, offer a full deduction of all childcare expenses, and impose a 15- percent corporate tax rate. henninger says: "i think this was the first important step in a big, uphill comeback for donald trump. the question now is whether he will stay on message." meanwhile, hillary clinton, who's seen a boost to her poll numbers in several key swing states coming off the democratic convention last month, has been focusing on jobs and the economy as well. clinton toured a brewery ahead of a rally in florida today, where polls there still show a very close race. clinton says: "i am not going to raise taxes on the middle class, but with your help, we are going to raise them on the wealthy because that's where the money is." clinton's campaign says she will counter trump's economic plan with an address of her own later this week.
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heading to las vegas to campaign for hillary clinton. he's coming to caesars palace friday for the "asian american and pacific island voters forum." libertarian presidential gary johnson will also speak at the forum. thousands are expected to attend. organizers say they are also working with donald trump's camp. this is the first time presidential campaigns have appeared at this event. president obama is heading to lake tahoe at the end of the month. he'll talk about his commitment to protecting the environment...espe cially when it comes to climate a white house spokesperson says president obama will talk about how the u-s can protect national treasures like lake tahoe for generations to come. he'll speak at an annual meeting with d local leaders to discuss the lake's preservation. students can now get involved in the election process... even if they're too young to vote. a new website lets students cast mock votes. the interactive site is open to public and private schools. it won't determine if donald trump or hillary clinton will win... but it's a good
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learn more about the election process. if your student wants to cast a mock vote...we've got that link for you. just head to fox five vegas dot com. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday. we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend
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saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday.
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will resume shortly
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it's about time.... to take a free trip to the springs preserve. free admission weekend is coming up... august 20th and 21st. everyone is invited to come in costume as your favorite comic crusader for free movie screenings of "wonder woman". there will be also be a story time and
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magic show. and everyone can enjoy free frostry treats and a free kids mask making craft event. let's start with some devastating news for one small town... the people of shamokin, pennsylvania love their dunkin' donuts... it's the town hangout... sadly a big fire shut it down a few weeks ago... as you would expect... the people were crushed. into c "i'm kind of dealing with it... but i really miss dunkin' donuts... go every day... get chicken bacon... poweraid if i'm dehydrated." butted to "get the cold coffee... iced coffee i guess it's called." take vo she sounds like joe pesci... i've got a great update... the dunkin' donuts in shamokin re- opened over the weekend. dave thankfully that one dude won't be dehydrated anymore... now to the greatest sporting spectacle
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it didn't happen at the olympics. take vo it happened at this baseball game... watch as hunter pence hits a foul ball off his face... can you imagine how bad that hurts?? hunter pence is one tough guy... as his eye swelled up like a water balloon... he not only stayed in the game... he got a hit... pence is getting married after the season... hopefully that nasty black eye will be healed up by then. dave finally... let's end this with a picture of a pelican... in a pic take vo this photo was taken in truckee, california... just a pelican... chilling out in a police car... so what did it do?? steal some bread? take off with a lady's purse?? no... this is a nice pelican.. it was found on the highway and police were called out to help the little guy... after a nice ride in the police car... the pelican was dropped off at a wildlife rescue. vegas lights -
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last year, a 14- year- old texas
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last year, a 14- year- old texas boy made headlines, when a teacher thought his handmade clock was a bomb, and school officials called police. now, a lawsuit has been filed on the teen's behalf. ahmed mohamed was hauled off in handcuffs after the incident. at the time, school officials say they were acting out of
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ended up being a clock that ahmed wanted to show his teachers. the lawsuit claims the city of irving and the school district violated ahmed's rights. it says ahmed was arrested illegally and received unequal treatment. ahmed's family moved to qatar after they say they received threats. the teen says its difficult to create anything new since he left his laboratory in texas. he still hopes to study electrial engineering. . the world's tallest water slide was the scene of a tallest water slide was the horrible accident this weekend. a ten year old boy died while riding it. that water park is now closed. reid binion shows us the investigation. (winter prosapio / schlitterbahn corporate director of communications) "we are saddened to share that a young boy died on verruckt this afternoon." a state lawmaker's son died tragically sunday... ...while riding the world's tallest water slide in kansas. caleb thomas schwab was just 10 years old. he was killed while riding the 'verrrckt' - a towering, 17-story water slide at schlitterbahn water park in kansas city.
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"insane" in german - propels riders down a steep incline -- from a platform higher than niagara falls. reaching speeds of 50 miles an hour, it then sends the raft up and down a second incline. caleb's father - state legislator scott schwab and his wife, michele, released a statement sunday that read in part... "since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to our family and all those who he came into contact with." schlitterbahn water parks' corporate communications director indicated sunday that the cause of the tragedy wasn't yet clear. (winter prosapio / schlitterbahn corporate director of communications) "we honestly don happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary." that investigation - being taken over by state authorities... as the park remains shuttered. (winter prosapio / schlitterbahn corporate director of communications) "given that safety is our first priority we have closed our kansas city park and closed the ride pending a full investigation. our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time." i'm reid binion reporting coming up at 5, fox5 legal analyst bob massi will sit down with us to discuss the
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responsibility is when something like this happens. nineteen people in san francisco suddenly became ill... after eating tainted gummy candy at a quinceanera. the party for a fifteen-year-old girl ended abruptly, when her family and friends started getting the same symptoms. health officials say they had heart palpitations, shortness of breath, rashes, and swollen tongues. all were hospitalized, and investigators discovered they had all eaten the same thing. "they all ate a gummy circle type candy that was wrapped in plastic baggies, doesn't have a brand name associated with it." " seven of the people who became sick are children. doctors are trying to figure out if everyone had an allergic reaction, or if someone laced the candy with poison or drugs. health officials say the place that hosted the party does not provide food, so everyone brought in outside dishes and candy. wildlife officials are keeping an eye
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several beached themselves over the weekend. one problem they're dealing with, is beach- goers trying to rescue the dolphins themselves. "a lot of people think i need push the dolphins back in the water. they're mammals, they can breathe air. the issue is something like sunburn can really affect their skin quickly. " ten dolphins were saved at sandy neck beach in barnstable. rescue crews say some beach-goers did the right thing by putting wet shirts on e animals, rather than push them back in the water. two dolphins re- stranded themselves, so a team took the group out to a deeper area. the force is strong in a 13-year old boy fighting cancer. (diane bilodeau, cole delisle's mother): "he's had two brain surgeries since then to relieve the pressure in his brain and then he's gone through chemo treatment." the make-a-wish foundation is granting cole's wish of getting his own star wars character uniform. not only did he get his wish, the mayor of the town also had a proclamation
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getting some sunshine as soon as you wake up and avoid relying on pills to help you sleep and coffee to help you stay awake. avid readers have a quote "survival advantage" over avid readers have a quote "survival advantage" over those who aren't cracking open books, according to a new study. but it's not just any readin material... it's specifically books that this research shows will help you live longer. in a complicated analysis of comparison, researchers poured over statistics to correlate the habits of aging adults with u-s death records. they found that people who read books lived an average of 23 months longer than those who did not. they also found that reading books was better than reading newspapers or magazines... although those were good too. another study earlier this year associated social groups like book
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longer life as well. and it just so happens that tomorrow is national book lovers day! yankees' star alex rodriguez announced he'll play the final game of his 22- year-career on friday. and as you can imagine, this is now the hottest ticket around! the new york yankees will face the tampa bay rays. resale ticket prices are up more than 500 percent... and sellers report an average ticket now costs 456 dollars! rodriguez was once considered one of the best players in baseball. he hit 696 career home runs and was a three time american league m-v-p. rodriguez now plans to work as a special advisor and instructor for the yankees. burger king is branching out, to win the appetites of tex-mex lovers. this is the "whopperito". it's a flour tortilla stuffed with whopper beef, but with added seasonings. there's queso sauce, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pickles. burger king's c- e-o says he's been looking for a way
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his menu. "whopperito" tests were a success in some cities... so it will hit all burger kings next monday. people in a new york town can finally breathe a sigh of relief... now that a scary statue is gone. a terrifying tribute to lucille ball has been replaced by a friendlier looking work of art! people in ball's hometown have been fighting to get this less flattering statue of the comedian removed since 2012. there were petitions and a facebook page dedicated to the cause. a new bronze statue was unveiled this weekend, and fans sang the "i love lucy" theme song as the cover came off. the artist says she started working on the statue nine months ago. her goal was to capture the glamour of the time period, and lucy's sense of fun.
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were four. developers have narrowed down their top picks for an n-f-l stadium but the bali hai golf club location seems to be leading the pack. fox5's abby theodros has the story. nats football four locations left for a proposed n-f-l stadium in las vegas and locals and tourists are all in... scott huffmaster, sacramento: it would be sad for oakland to see them leave, but i think very exciting for the team and the city of las vegas. sands corp and majestic reality - the lead developers on the project - are calling bali hai golf club the top contender. andy abboud, sands: the bali hai sight, we think is the top location right now because of its proximity to interstate 15, interstate 215, and its access to side streets and feasibility into the stadium area. the bali hai site is about 140 acres. andy abboud with the sands corp says its the right amount of space for a domed stadium with 65 thousand seats and the parking to compliment it. fox5 stopped by the strip to see what football fans thought about bringing an nfl grade stadium
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the raiders calling it home. don nole, chicago: i have lots of friends in chicago who are raiders fans and they would absolutley love it. its cheaper to get to las vegas than it is to san fransisco or oakland. scott huffmaster, sacramento: the raiders work in oakland, play in oakland and its not a very nice place to play and this would be quite a bit warmer if it was a dome stadium it would be really nice for them. assata akil, las vegas: i definitely support the opportunity to see men in tight pants. what ever reason - officials say locals have even more reason to rejoice... andy abboud, of this project is that local citizens will not be paying a dime for this stadium. it will be paid for by our room tax which is a very strong contributor to the tax base and our economy here, so with a very small increase in the room tax paid for by tourists and the rest is being paid for by sheldon adelson and other investors sands corp is also working with mccarran airport to avoid any issues with air traffic. an oversight committee is expcted to review the new stadium site at it's next
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an australian shepherd is back home in missouri, thanks to the power of social media! this pup has been gone for nearly five months. gerron jordan shows us how this missing dog brought people together. teddy went missing from afton back in march, which sparked a region wide search for the australian shepherd mix. thanks to the reach of social media, hundreds joined in the search. teddy was spotted throughout sunset hills, crest wood, afton and other areas throughout south county. after 4.5 months, and reunited with his owners. tonight, the strangers who helped find him, celebrated as one family. (mos) "it just shows how ya know each community, contributed something. we never gave up, keep going, and we did it." (carolyn holden/teddy's owner) "we've had peopel looking for him for the past 4 1/2 months and we never before that point met any of them and they all came together and help search and just to be able to celebrate with them it is awesome, it was the best feeling
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swimmer earned a bronze medal this weekend in the olympics! cody miller swam the 100 meter breast-stroke , in just under 59 seconds... setting an american record. miller moved to las vegas when he was ten, and swam for the "sandpipers of nevada swim club." the swimmer has dealt with health problems including asthma and a chest defect to get where he is today. the clark county school district tweeted out their congratulations to miller. miller graduated from palo verde high school, and went on to swim for indiana university. olympian aly for indiana university. olympian aly
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during a gymnastics uneven bars routine. and many eyes were on her parents... who couldn't keep their nerves down! lynn and rick raisman cringed, hid in their chairs, held each others' arms... and eventually were able to breathe a sigh of relief! the uneven bars are one of raisman's tougher events... and her parents reacted the same way four years ago in nd raisman nailed the routine, and will go on to try and win a third olympic medal! often times..families in
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afford new shoes for their kids. well... a 10-year- old boy in north carolina is lending a helping hand to those families. and he's making a difference for hundreds of kids. madison morgan reports. natsot more than 30 pairs of new kids shoes. natsot and that's just in one trip for gunner robinson thanks to donations from a class reunion. this is the third year the 10 -- almost 11 --year old is collecting shoes his birthday. (gunner robinson, donates shoes for kids in need): "i've always got shoes, every single year, like new shoes for school, nice ones, and i want other kids to get them too." he's already given nearly 600 pairs of shoes to kids in the community with his organization, gunner's runners. natsot his parents say something that started as a small idea has caught on around our community. (kristi robinson, gunner's mother):
4:36 pm
event and every body's so willing to help and wanting to know, 'hey, where can we drop the shoes off this year?'" for's not about the recognition. (gunner robinson, donates shoes for kids in need): "it just makes me feel better for the other kids because they're getting new shoes for the new school year." and it's something his parents couldn't more proud of. (kristi robinson, gunner's mother): "words can't even describe how proud we are of him because it was his idea, his doings." donation boxes will be at four area businesses until august 15th. natsot once all the shoes are collected...the them to a social worker, to distribute to kids just in time to start the school year. (gunner robinson, donates shoes for kids in need): "thank you everybody for giving me the shoes, you still have a week left." are you ready to face a four- hundred dollar fine, for drinking coffee while driving? a bill making its way through the new jersey legislature takes distracted driving to new heights. texting and talking on your phone is already illegal... but some lawmakers want it to go even further. the bill looks to
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non-alcoholic beverages. violators would face fines in the hundreds of dollars. repeat offenders could even lose their licenses. many new jersey drivers say this proposal goes too far. " wisniewski says: "driving distractions cause over 400,000 injuries each year and over 3,000 fatalities. these are injuries and fatalities there are easily preventable." similar bills introduced in the past have failed--mostly because lawmakers couldn't agree on how severe they should be. utah and maine are the only two other st highly-restrictive distracted driving laws. here at home...police are cracking down on distracted driving....especiall y in north las vegas. north las vegas police say five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road when texting. at 55 miles an hour...that's enough time to cover a football field blindfolded. north las vegas police are urging drivers to keep your eyes on the road. friends and family are remembering a south dakota couple who passed away just 20 minutes apart.
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married for 63 years, and their faith was strong until the very end. courtney collen reports. after they married in 1953, the journey of life took henry and jeanette de lange to platte. he was a korean war veteran and she -- a musician and loving mother to their five children. it wasn't until sunday, july 31st -- when their children got a call from the platte care center. (lee de lange/son) "they said both your mom and dad aren't doing very well at all. highly recommended that we get there as soon as we could." his mom at 87, suffered from alzheimer's disease -- and had been in a nursing home since 2011. (lee de lange/son) "dad visited mom once every day, twice every day, a lot of times three times every day. it was just very sweet. wednesday, thursday, she had stopped eating and stopped drinking. so she was dehydrating." his dad at 86 -- was battling prostate cancer. (lee de lange/son) "the va was doing as much as they could
4:39 pm
weeks ago. they said there really isn't more we could do." and after some recent bad falls, henry's condition also got worse. (lee de lange/son) "he said i need to go to the nursing home. he got checked into the hospital until they could get a room. they put mom and dad in the same room which was very sweet." that time got sweeter -- because henry and jeanette were back together. and on that sunday, two of their five children were with them as well -- knowing there wasn't much time left. (lee de lange/son) "he said youda pulse is worse. i wonder if he'll go first. about five minutes later, the aide came in and said i think you're mom is going to go very soon. so t was about 5 after 5 at that time." and not long after, at 5:10, she did. (lee de lange/son) "we read psalm 103, which the pastor had read in the afternoon to her. we didn't quite get done with it. she passed away very, very peacefully. my brother keith said to my dad, he said dad, mom's gone to heaven. you don't
4:40 pm
want to go too, you can. for the first time, in the afternoon, he kind of opened up his eyes, and he looked very intently over where mom was. and then he closed his eyes back down and he just laid back down. and about five or 10 minutes after that." the clock said 5-30 when henry went to heaven. twenty minutes after his beloved wife. (lee de lange/son) "it's one of those things that you don't pray for because it almost seems mean but you couldn't ask for anything more beautiful." but it doesn't end there. the clock on the wall told another story. (lee de lange/son) "i turned around and looked at the clock on the wall, and it said 5:30. and i said well that's odd. i looked at my watch on my wrist, it said five to six. it stopped at 5:30, the exact time that he passed away." something they just can't explain. (lee de lange/son) "definitely a sign from god that that was the right time. (nat sound) it's what leaves the
4:41 pm
peace after losing them at about the same time. (lee de lange/son) "mom and dad were christians. they loved christ. they wanted so badly to show their love for christ that they loved one another. it's a natural what they do. for them to be able to be a witness in life, and honestly in death also. that's cool. really cool." really cool." we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on
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sweeping across parts of arizona... and a group of animals needed to be saved from danger... fox's andrew hasbun has the story... closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly we'll see south closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly we'll see south gusts to 25 mph we'll see south
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of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102
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we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday. closed captioning
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there's three
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first day of
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weeks until the first day of school. and we're hoping to make things a little easier, for parents worried about paying for supplies. we're partnering with subaru of las vegas... n-v energy... and hospital...for our annual "supply our students" drive. it runs from august 15-th through the 17-th. take a look at some of the things we're looking for... if you can't come in person.. you can donate now.. by texting s-o-s 2016 to this number...7- 1-7-7-7. on the heels of several prominent endorsements from republicans and a widening lead in the polls, hillary clinton is hoping to capitalize on the momentum by outlining herself as the candidate that will benefit the u-s economy. but donald trump begs to differ.
4:50 pm
reports ... recent polls also show clinton leading trump in georgia... which is recent polls also show clinton leading trump in blazing across florida, bringing her jobs tour to this critical battleground state. delivering a sharp rebuttal to donald trump in an escalating fight on the economy. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "he can't escape the math. economists left, right, in the middle all say the same thing: that trump's policies would throw us into a recession." as trump offered sharp criticism of clinton in his detroit speech today ... (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "hillary clinton has supported the trade
4:51 pm
country of its jobs and its wealth." a new cnn poll of polls shows clinton riding high, a 10 point lead nationally. on the economy, clinton is also seeing gains over trump. his lead is now hers. her campaign releasing a nine- page memo refuting trump's proposed policies and tax breaks for the wealthy. saying they would be a disaster for the u-s economy. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate) "they are just playing the same old siren song, and why they haven't learned? we are not interested in economic plans that only help the top one percent." and releasing a new video, using his record as a businessman against him. (ad) "i am the king of debt. i do love debt. i love debt. i love playing with it." clinton has repeatedly blasted trump for outsourcing his company's products, painting him as bad for business in the u-s. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "donald trump said he can't make his suits or his ties or his shirts or his furnitur united states. we're telling him about a hundred places where he can actually make all of those things right here in america." this as clinton is still trying to move beyond her email controversy. running mate tim kaine says she's learned from the past and is committed to change. (sen. tim kaine/(d) vice presidential nominee) "she said it was a mistake. i know that this is something she's learned from and we're going to be well- transparent." but clinton's still struggling to square her statements to the f-b-i with
4:52 pm
(hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "i never sent or received anything that was marked classified. what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i've said publicly. so i may have short- circuited." trump using that comment to question whether clinton is mentally fit for the presidency. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "she took a little short-circuit in the brain and she's got problems. she is unhinged. honestly i don't think she's all there." he's taking a page from her p (hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "trump is not qualified to be president and he is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief. anyone you can provoke with a tweet should not be anywhere near nuclear weapons." recent polls also show clinton leading trump in georgia... which is traditionally a red state. one in eight adults in the u-s say they smoke marijuana. a new gallup poll out today finds
4:53 pm
american adults who say they smoke currently has nearly doubled over the past three years. in 2013, only 7 percent of adults said they smoked marijuana. when gallup asked again last month, 13-percent admitted to it. that works out to more thna 33 million adult marijuana users in the u-s. coming up at 5... a big changes are on the way - for hulu. how the streaming service hopes to compete with not only netflix - but also cable t-v. plus... we'll take a closer look at a wildfire - burning in san bernardino and leaving a haze - here in las vegas. and - caesars palace celebrates its 50-th birthday. how one longtime singer is still taking advantage of a "lifetime contract" to perform at the iconic resort. there was no doubt which movie would top the weekend box office -- the only high it would go. david daniel has the answer... and estimates for the top five films. "star trek beyond" fell three spots to number five, earning 10-point-two million dollars -- it's at 127-million overall. "the secret
4:54 pm
doing plenty of damage at the box office: 11-point-six million gave it fourth place and a domestic total of 319-million dollars. "bad moms" held steady in third place: the comedy made 14-point-two million dollars, for a 10-day total of 51-million. "we both want to take down the corrupt institutions that control society." "i'm not on your side." as expected, "jason bourne" gave up the top spot after one weekend, landing in second place with 22-point-seven million dollars, putting it over 100-million overall. "you otherwise irritate or vex me, and guess what? you die." "i'm known to be quite vexing. i'm just forewarning you." "lady, shut up!" bad reviews? who cares? "suicide bad reviews? who cares? "suicide squad" demolished the record for an august launch, grossing 135- point-one million dollars -- beating "guardians of the galaxy's" record by more than 40- million. in hollywood, i'm
4:55 pm
hollywood, i'm david daniel. "suicide squad" may not set any more records...but half of that record weekend total came on friday... indicating word of mouth did not help on saturday and sunday. they seem like an unlikely pair... but martha stewart and snoop dog are pretty good at doing business together. the two are collaborating... not on a song... but on dinner! the rapper and the chef will co- host a cooking show on v-h-1. it's called "martha and snoop's dinner party" and it will feature the two meal for their celebrity friends. this will not be the first collaboration between stewart and snoop... the duo first teamed up over the stove in 2008 on an episode of "martha stewart living." this summer, they appeared together on the "100-thousand- dollar pyramid"
4:56 pm
live from las vegas, its time for fox5
4:57 pm
news at 5. "without the death penalty they'll be back out on the streets eventually, eventually some day, they're going to be old men, my son won't be back on the streets eventually...only this scum will." with the death penalty off the table... the parents of a teenage murder victim voice their disapproval of what happened today in court-- in a story you'll see only on fox5. closed captioning will resume shortly three family members are dead - and two in the hospital - after a crash on the i-15. what those who knew them are saying about the impact they had on their church community. this is fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
4:58 pm
people from one family-- killed in a crash on interstate 15. i'm john huck. i'm cyndi lundeberg - in for christine. two other family members were taken to the hospital in critical condition. fox5's eric hilt spoke with people who knew the victims - and joins us live from the newsroom. friends of the brandt family say they were incredible people who touched the lives of everybody they met. inside the the las vegas lds instutute of religion -- mike brandt's office is empty foth years... "he would so often have a student sitting there wanting to visit with's a touching thing to see it vacated" yesterday, the long-time teacher and former bishop was driving on interstate 15 with his family... they were returning home from vacation in utah, when their van rolled over and caught fire -- killing mike, his 25-year-old daughter ashley and his 20-year-old son carlan. ashley had recently gotten married and carlan returned
4:59 pm
mission one week before the crash. "it felt like i was kicked in the gut. i sat down and said, we're going to miss him..." mike's wife and ashley's husband were injured in the crash -- and are recovering at the hospital. "when i saw his wife last night she said it doesn't feel real yet." bruce says the family served the community for decades -- and it's imposible to measure how many lives they touched. "over the course of the years...hundreds if not thousands have been positively influenced by his christ-like example...they brought out the best in people, so it's a big loss" and while mike's coworkers and students say it's hard imagining somebody else filling his office... they say they'll someday see the family again. "we know we'll see them again, we anticipate their family...being an eternal family but it doesn't mean you won't miss them for the next 20 or 30 years. friends of the family say that today mike's wife, joy, ashley's husbad, kekoa , are both awake


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