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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. a delta airlines leaves thousands stranded at airports across the country. how the airline is trying to make it up to passengers... a crash on the i-15 leaves three family members dead... and two others injured. how the victims impacted on our community... "they got more consideration than they gave him when they killed him and shot him in the back." the parents of a murder victim speak out... after the state announced they do not plan to seek the death penalty against four suspects. it's a story you'll see only on fox five. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas delta is digging out of a power outage that's stranded thousands of travelers across the country and at mccarran. i'm cyndi
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christine. i'm john huck the airline's main hub in atlanta georgia grounded and delayed flights for more than six hours.... fox5's vince sapienza spoke with travelers today and is live at mccarran airport with how travelers responded to the delays. john, of 12:40 this afternoon... more than 650 flights were cancelled.. and just 39- percent of the scheduled delta flights have arrived ..... frustration was an obvious and expected emotion from traveleres today.... but despite lengthy delays and cancellations.. people were surprisingly understanding....
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year, why us?" jerry bencik asked the one question thousands of delta travelers are asking themselves in airports across the country. jerry tells me he and his wife fly to vegas once a year.. and of course it had to be today "waited like two and a half hours at the detroit airport, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just put up with it." a power outage at the main delta airlines hub in altanta georgia is the cause for hundreds of cancellations and thousands of delays. it was an unforseen start to the week, but many travelers i spoke with were understanding. "life happens, things like this happen and there is nothing we can do about it, so be patient, which i'm usually not, but am today." "it could be a little bit discouraging, but on the other hand we know things can happen sometimes, we anticipated a few things, but the end result we're here, we're happy, and we're going to enjoy ourselves." delta airlines ceo, ed bastian issued a video message to those affected on the delta website. "i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience, the delta team is working very, very
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back as quickly as possible." part of the issue with the systems doesn't just involve those flying..but their luggage as well. new flights aren't matching with travelers personal belongings. "so now our luggage is delayed coming on a flight here at 12:40." travelers say there are a lot worse places in the country to get stuck than las vegas. and despite the multiple hour delays they endured, they're just happy to arrive at their destination. "we come in late, probably spend a little less money than we would have already, so maybe we saved some money, who knows." it was just last month that southwest airlines had a similar incident.. where a computer outage cancelled more than a thousand flights. cnn spoke to a software expert who questioned why delta's
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work in this case. while the airline wouldn't comment on whether one exists or not... experts say the only other causes would be hacking or human error... delta said earlier in a statement the investigation is ongoing... at mccarran airport.. vince sapienza.. fox5 news local las vegas.... now also in that video message from delta airlines c-e-o ed bastian.. he described today as an "all hands on deck effort." delta is offering waivers for those who have been cancelled or significantly may rebook without fee... but you must travel by friday august 12th.... an inmate tried escaping custody this morning when she walked right out of a courtroom in downtown las vegas .. while wearing handcuffs! this happened inside justice court during the woman's hearing was on a misdeameanor charge. the court's spokesperson says she tried to escape by walking out of the court into a restricted
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it from the seventh floor... all the way to the first floor where she was taken into custody. according to the court it was a marshal who stopped her. nobody was injured and an investigation is underway. friends are mourning the loss of three family members killed in a rollover crash... people close to the that family say the victims touched countless lives. fox5's eric hilt is live in the newsroom with more on how community members are remembering the people killed in the crash. friends say the family was driving home from a vacation i when their van rolled over and caught fire. the crash killed mike brandt, his the crash killed mike brandt, his 25-year-old daughter ashley and his 20-year-old son carlan. mike was a longtime teacher at the las vegas lds institute of religion and a former bishop at the green valley ward. ashley was recently married -- and a week before the crash, carlan returned back home after a
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in alabama. friends of the family say through thier work, they made a big impact on everybody they met. "over the course of the years...hundreds if not thousands have been positively influenced by his christ-like example...they brought out the best in people, so it's a big loss" mike's wife and ashley's husband were both injured in the crash... friends of the family say tonight they are both awake and recovering. the crash happened on interstate 15 at mile marker 75 - near the valley of fire highway. two men accused in a deadly shooting outside an apartment complex have been arrested. police say jordan price and abdulkadir mohamud shot a man to death during an argument. it happened on july 24-th near swenson and twain. police say the victim was in argument with several people in the parking lot when shots were
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the scene. both suspects face charges of murder with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit murder. an estranged husband is a person of interest in the death of a 70- year-old woman. her body was found by a roommate over the weekend in a home on colgate lane -- near washington and sloan. police say a domestic disturbance may have taken place between the victim and her husband. the woman had severe head trauma. police say the husband was not at the scene when officers got there. four suspects accused of murdering a teen in 2009... will not be getting the death penalty if convicted. it's a story you'll see only on fox 5. arthur moore... nadin hiko... devonte wash... and devon phillips waived their rights to a speedy hearing in court. the parents of the victim -- aric brill were -- in court today when the state said they would not seek the death penalty. police say 19- year-old aric brill was shot at a house party in 2009. his parents spent the last seven years searching for the suspects in their son's
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"i guess god and the state gave these guys their lives back today, and that's more than they gave our son." we reached out to the da's office to know why the death penalty was not sought in this case. they say they reviewed the case like they do all cases... and the decision was made not to file for the death penalty. the suspects will be back in court next month for a status check... and to set a date for trial. a suspect is still on the run after sexually assaulting a hotel employee inside a guest's room. that's according to metro police. here's a look at the suspect on surveillance video. it happened around 4-30 p-m saturday at a hotel on boulder highway and desert inn. police say the hotel worker was battered and sexually assaulted inside the room. the suspect took off when another employee entered the room. the victim was taken to the hospital before officers arrived. anyone with information on the suspect should call police or crimestoppers. that number is 702-3-8-5-55-55. clark county tells us the company hired to remove a bee hive form a southwest valley home did not have a
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through the county. the business was "tom's bee hives" .. one of its workers was stung hundreds of times last week because he was not wearing protective gear. the county says a business license agent will go out to the property to give a notice of violation... then the "company" will have a certain amount of time to get paperwork filed for the license. we reached out to 'tom's bee hives' again today... but did not get a response. it's been a windy start to the work week. smoke from a california wildfire has also prompted an air quality advisory. let's go to fox five's chief meteorologist with a look at the forecast. we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend
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saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday.
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champion got his swimming start right here in las vegas! cody miller is a palo verde graduate. he was also a member of the sandpipers of nevada swim team during high school. in the olympic games... he won bronze for the men's one-hundred meter breastroke. not only did he get to take a place on the podium-- he also made the record books. fifty-eight point eighty-seven seconds... breaking the american record for the event. we'll be right back. a weekend ride on
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slide turned deadly for a 10- year-old at a kansas city waterpark. the tragic accident forcing the shut down of the park's famed 17-story water slide indefinitely..
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police investigation. kyung lah has more on this tragic story. the first drop alone is so steep guinness calls it the world's tallest water slide in the world at 168 feet, 7 inches 17 stories high riders hitting speeds around 50 miles per hour. local reports say it was on this second hill and its 50- foot drop where something went wrong as 10 year old caleb schwab was in the middle of his ride. (jessica lundquist/park guest) "i just saw everyone's faces as they waited, you know, to see if it was their loved ones that were affected." jessica lundquist says a number of riders pointed to a problem with the harness that would keep people strapped into the raft. (jessica lundquist/park guest) "a lady in front of me said that multiple times she rode the ride today, the verruckt and that the front harness did not work any of the times she rode it." the park spokeswoman says she had not heard about a harness issue. (winter prosapio/schlitterb ahn park spokeswoman) "we honestly don't know what uh, what's happened. that's why an investigation, a full investigation is necessary." verruckt translates as "insane" in german built in kansas city because this park didn't have a height
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the ride's opening was delayed three times a portion of it rebuilt once amid reports that in test runs sandbags launched out of the raft. when verruckt did finally open in july 2014 it stood taller than the statue of liberty and niagara falls the owner and designer of the slide so confident in its safety they rode it first. according to the park... two to three riders need to be strapped into the raft for a total weight between 400 and 500 pounds. riders need to be 54 inches tall it's unclear if caleb met the height requirement. the victim, caleb schwab is the son of a kansas state legislator scott schwab and his wife michele. an air quality advisory is issued... after smoke from california wildfires blows into the valley. flames in san bernardino county are spreading across
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the pilot fire started sunday afternoon and already scorched 45-hundred acres. dozens of homes in the silverwood lake area are being evacuated. right now-- the fire is only about five percent contained. (( weather )) now fox5 weather 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll see south gusts to tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102
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we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday. closed captioning will resume shortly
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we'll see south gusts to 25 mph on tuesday with a high of 103. a slight chance of showers expected on wednesday with a high of 98. we'll then warm up to 100 on thursday, then 105 on friday. the weekend features some real heat with 108 saturday, 109 sunday. the average high is 103 through saturday, and drops to 102 sunday. closed captioning
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coming up... the firs busters in las vegas is open for business. how it kicked off the grand opening today... and what guests
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new at 6 tonight... ..and play. "dave and busters" kicks off it's grand opening today with a ribbon cutting ceremony. the 87-th franchise location sits in downtown summerlin.
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adult snow cones and margaritas with berry flavored ice cubes. dave and buster's general manager says they didn't want to be on the strip... he says he'd rather be out in the community. "we like to be ingrained in our community, we have local store marketing where we'll go out to some schools and other places and bring coupons and our wheel, we go out as much as we can just to try and be involved in the community. phil shabat also says he wants dave and busters to be the place for watching sports. he says they'll have every game on all the time with no cover... in and boxing. a famous burger joint is thanking our law enforcement by offering free food! "fuku burger" on jones near spring mountain is giving any officer who shows their badge today one free combo meal. it comes with a burger... fries... and a drink. fuku burger offers six different all- american burgers with a japanese twist. the restaurant has been featured on "must try" lists from u-s-a today and eats magazine. it's also been featured on the food network.
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one a-m. and you can stay up to date with deals like this by downloading our fox five app. it's free in app stores. "the simpsons" is making history again for it's 600- th episode. the show's 28-th season premier will also be "the simpsons" first one-hour episode ever! the episode is called "the great phatsby" and will guest star "keegan michael key" from "key and peele"... and mama- lyon herself -- "taraji p. henson" from "empire." "the simpsons" is currently the longest running scripted series in television history. set your d-v-r for october 16-th -- it airs right here on fox. you may remember "doctor teeth and the electric mayhem" from the muppets. they've been together for more than forty years. we'll show you how they rocked out on their first gig over the weekend. sean up next on more access! caesars celebrates 50 in a huge way! tonight we take you inside the celebrity gala and talk with the one and only tony bennett! rachel plus, before j-lo shows the world how "love goes round" we'll give a behind the scenes look at her much anticpated
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and let the show go on! why steve wynn's showstoppers can't be stopped! after news of the show's cancellation... find out why the cast will keep on performing! rachel more access is all new at 6-30!
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new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. a package thief--- caught in the act... we'll show why the victim is getting the last laugh... the muppets' house band have been together for forty years. they landed their first official gig over the weekend. "nats of band" that's the muppets' "doctor teeth and the electric mayhem". they were one of the sunday acts at the "outside lands festival" in san francisco. the band opened for third eye blind... chance the rapper... and lionel richie. their 25-minute set included their signature hit "can you picture that". they also did a cover of the beatles. thanks for joining us.. "more access" is coming up next.
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to croons as caesars turns 50! tonight -- how the vegas institution launched so many entertainment careers! and hear howie's break-up jab at calvin harris ! plus, ufc bad boy conor mcgregor returns to the octagon this month but he may be headed inside a wwe ring next! why the irish firecracker is calling out the entire pro wrestling roster! then let the show go on! after speculation that steve wynn's showstoppers was coming to an end... new dates have just been added tonight find out how you can see this musical extravaganza before the final curtain rises!


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