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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning starts now "i guess god and the state gave these guys their lives back today and thats more than they gave our son " a teen's parents waited seven years for an arrest in his murder. now they say the suspects are getting off easy. one valley man has had one too many packages stolen from his front doorstep. so now he is doing something about it. how he's getting the last laugh plus... thousands of delta passengers started their monday stranded at the airport... after a power outage. how it will affect travel plans today. good morning i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - cassandra
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with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. sunny with windy conditions developing tuesday afternoon in southern nevada. moisture is surging north through arizona affecting southern mohave county tuesday and northern mohave county wednesday. the surge northward will cool down our forecast highs wednesday and thursday and increased clouds push into southern weekend, daytime highs will climb to 107. the uv index for tuesday is 10 or very high.
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breaking news. police are on the scene of a shooting near lake mead and hollywood. fox five's peter dawson is live at the scene, peter what do you know right now. cc to resume shortly
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metro is also on the scene of another shooting, this one near tropicana and koval. officers say it started as an altercation at a rebel gas station at that intersection. two groups of people in seperate cars then started following each other.
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and started firing shots. a female passenger was struck in the leg. she was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the suspects are still on the run this morning. a month after four people were arrested in the murder of their son... donald and karen brill found out those suspects... won't be facing the death penalty. aric brill was shot in the head and robbed of his cell phone at a house party seven years ago. now his parents say the state seems to care more aut suspects... than justice for their son. fox5's cyndi lundenberg has the latest. karen brill kelley t hey got more consideration then they gave our son they shot him in the back disgusted. one word describes karen brill kelley and donald brills reaction to the news the four men accused of killing their son... wont be facing the death penalty. karen brill kelley i dont know what the criteria is or how they vote on or how they came up with not the death penalty but i was hoping they would
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arthur moore davon phillips and devonte wash robbed and shot valley teen aric brill in the head at a house party. police arrested them one month ago .. seven years after his death. fox 5 obtained court documents from the grand jury proceedings... those documents show prosecutors initially planned to seek the death penalty.... im sick of this excusing criminals is not the way to have a civilized society we called the district attorneys office to ask why the death penalty was taken off the table... they told me after reviewing the case... it was the decision they made. monday in court .. the suspects all waived their right to a speedy trial. aric's parents were also in the court room.. clutching a picture of their son. without the death penalty theyll be back out on the streets eventually my son wont be back on the street eventually metro police initially told us they were working to identify and arrest another person.. metro didnt
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fifth suspect. the brill family says their sons life was taken... and want the same punishment for who ever is responsible. karen brill kelley i guess god and the state gave these guys their lives back today and thats more than they gave our son the four suspects are all facing charges of atempted murder with a deadly weapon.. assault with a deadly weapon and robbery with a deadly weapon. a date for trial will be set next month. an inmate attemped to escape custody and walked right out of a courtroom in downtown las vegas while wearing handcuffs! this happened yesterday inside justice court during the woman's hearing on a misdeameanor charge. metro police confirm she made it from the seventh floor... all the way to the first floor where she was taken into custody. democratic
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clinton hits the campaign trail with several stops across florida. she had one clear message for voters. here's the other thing i want you to know because i want you to tell you friends.. don't let a friend vote trump. " on monday clinton warned the voters to not be fooled by the republican nominee. she also touted herself as a small business president. saying she wants to help small companies grow. as for donald trump he was busy talking economic in detroit. "this is what i want to do for our country. i want to jump-start america. it can be done and it won't even be that hard. " trump says he wants to make child care more affordable-- which now can be more expensive than rent for american families. a childcare tax break was one of the proposals he laid out.
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them this much needed relief. i will unveil my plan on this in the coming this month. the president will make a stop in lake tahoe on august 31st. where he will address climate change... and protecting the enviroment. president obama will also talk about how the u.s. can protect our country's national treasures-- like lake tahoe. both bill clinton and libertarian nominee gary johnson will be in las vegas at the end of this week. they will be speaking friday- at the asian american and pacific islander voters forum. the event will be held at caesars palace. in more local news. thieves stealing packages off other people's doorsteps has become a big problem here in our valley this morning we hear from one man who is fighting back. fox5's miguel martinez-valle has
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victor the snakemannn's no stranger to stolen packages... he's had 4 snatched from his current address... so he know's what to look out for... " and she came back, i knew my trap was set" when he saw this woman lurking around his home... he was sure she was up to no good " i'm sitting here watching her and i'm thinking i could go out and scare the crap out of her but nahhh..." he caught her crime on his surveillance camera... " its a federal offense to steal mail off of a doorstep." and realized she knew what she was doing... " she had it planned because she had more bags in her bag" standup 3/1 " this wasnt the first time he's had a package stolen from his porch, he even has a sign telling deliverers not to leave anything outside, that didn't stop this woman though, luckily for him he was ready to catch a thief... in the act" " she's looking right at the camera, boom, smile youre busted" and this woman was in for a surprise .. you see, snakemann figured he'd be hit again .. and left a special gift for the next thief. " i had a pile of dog poop in my backyard one day and i'm like i should just box this up and see if someone wants to steal it, so i guess she wanted my poop
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package thief will learn a pretty stinky lesson about stealing... " so when she pulls the box out all of the poop is going to go everywhere, see i was smart..." and if you recognize this man . it could be because we've covered crime at his house before. back in march of this year he recorded someone trying to break in and that person was arrested at gunpoint by police. delta delays still affecting travelers this morning.. what travelers can expect at the airport today. plus... more on the fun project rapper snoop dogg and martha stewart are working on together! be sure to check out our fox5
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you're watching fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. delta airlines still dealing with the aftermath of a computer outage atlanta early monday morning.. and nearly 200 flights are expected to be affected today. fox5's vince sapienza spoke some of the travelers dealing with delays. "why us? once a year, why us?" jerry bencik asked the one question thousands of delta travelers are asking themselves in airports across the country. jerry tells me he and his wife fly to vegas once a year.. and of course it had to be today
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the detroit airport, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just put up with it." a power outage at the main delta airlines hub in altanta georgia is the cause for hundreds of cancellations and thousands of delays. it was an unforseen start to the week, but many travelers i spoke with were understanding. "life happens, things like this happen and there is nothing we can do about it, so be patient, which i'm usually not, but am today." "it could be a little bit discouraging, but on the other hand we know things can happen sometimes, we anticipated a few result we're here, we're happy, and we're going to enjoy ourselves." delta airlines ceo, ed bastian issued a video message to those affected on the delta website. "i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experience, the delta team is working very, very hard to restore and get the systems
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part of the issue with the systems doesn't just involve those flying..but their luggage as well. new flights aren't matching with travelers personal belongings. "so now our luggage is delayed coming on a flight here at 12:40." travelers say there are a lot worse places in the country to get stuck than las vegas. and despite the multiple hour delays they endured, they're just happy to arrive at their destination. "we come in late, probably spend a little less money th already, so maybe we saved some money, who knows." just last month southwest airlines had a similar incident.. where a computer outage forced the cancellation of more than a thousand flights. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones sunny with windy conditions developing tuesday afternoon in southern nevada. moisture is surging north through
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northern mohave county wednesday. the surge northward will cool down our forecast highs wednesday and thursday and increased clouds push into southern nevada. by the weekend, daytime highs will climb to 107. the uv index for tuesday is 10 or very high. a local olympian will be returning from rio with
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a local olympian will be returning from rio with some hardware.. las vegas swimmer cody miller won the bronze medal in the 100 meter breast-stroke. miller finished in just under 59 seconds... setting an american record. miller and his family moved to las vegas when he was ten, and he swam for the "sandpipers of nevada swim club." it's official. dave and buster's has opened it's doors in las vegas. if you've never been... it kind of like a giant playground for adults and kids.
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there's also a sports bar that promises to show any game... any time-- including boxing and u-f-c fights. it's located in downtown summerlin "we wanted to be out for the locals. we didn't want to do something on the strip, we'd rather be out here for the community. we would like it to be ingrained in our community. we have local store marketing where we'll go out to some schools and some other places and bring coupons and our wheel." this dave and busters is the 87-th store in the franchis an unlikely pair. we'll tell you about the new project bringing rapper snoop dogg and marthe stewart together. the "game of thrones live concert experience" hitting the road and we'll tell you if it's making a stop here in vegas.
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thouand dollars in legal fees. after a copyright battle for the hit song stairway to heaven. the band was sued by the family of randy wolf-- saying the riff was stolen. a jury found
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robert plant did not violate wolfe's copyright to the song "taurus" because it wasn't similar enough to "stairway." but yesterday a federal judge ruled the band was not entitled to recoup their legal costs. could hulk hogan soon be settling with gawker media? the wall street journal reports the company is in preliminary talks with hogan over the 140-million dollar judgment he won earlier this year. hogan sued gawker for invasion of privacy in 20-12 after it publishea portion of a sex tape featuring him. that victory drove gawker into chapter 11 bankruptcy, and its assets are scheduled to go up for auction next week. lifestyle expert martha stewart is getting some help in the kitchen from an unlikely guest. rapper snoop dogg will co-host a cooking show with stewart on v-h one. "martha and snoop's dinner
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stars preparing a meal for their celebrity friends. this will not be the first collaboration between stewart and snoop. the duo first teamed up over the stove in 2008 on an episode of "martha stewart living." it is the longest running series in television history. now the simpsons is making history again.. by airing its first one hour episode, the episode titled "the great phatsby" will air in january 20-17. guest stars keegan-michael key and taraji p. henson will voice characters in the episode. las vegas is getting a dose of the popular hbo show , game of thrones. "musc " the show's composer is taking the music from the show on the road. and is making 28 stops across the u-s-- and one of
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by a full orchestra and choir to show some of his favorite scenes from show. the "game of thrones live concert experience" kicks off feb. 15 in kansas city it will make a stop at the mgm grand garden arena on march 25th tickets go on sale on saturday. and if you can't get your nose out of the game of thrones books there's some good news for you and all the other book worms a new study says reading can help you live longer. the research looked at the reading patterns of more than 35-hundred people.. and found those who read for 30 minutes a day, lived longer than those who didn't. researchers also found that the more the subjects read, the longer they lived. it's a last hoorah for kids before going back to school...and it's free! where your kids can explore nature.. before heading back to
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it's the end of an era.... a-rod is hanging up his bat and glove. fans still have a chance to see the yankee before he goes into retirement.
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wrong...when 3 kids fall off at almost 40-feet in the air... their condition this morning.. handcuffed and arrested. all over a homemade clock. now the boy's family has filed a lawsuit... what they are claiming. the presidential nominees have made accusations against each other.. and some of the attacks have focused on the mental state of the candidates now psychiatrists are weighing in. good morning i'm maria si now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. sunny with windy conditions developing tuesday afternoon in southern nevada. moisture is surging north through arizona affecting southern mohave county tuesday and northern mohave county wednesday. the surge northward will


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