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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning starts now a man is dead this morning.. after being hit by a car.. what police say happened.. coyotes terrify a valley neighborhood the advice the department of wildlife is offering.. to help keep families and pets stay safe. the n-r-a is nevada.. fighting for your vote. how they're using the gun debate.. to turn the silver state red. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7
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moisture in the atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving daytime highs well above normal starting sunday. the uv index for thursday is 10 or very high.
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morning.. a man is dead this morning.. after being hit by car near nellis and boulder highway. according to police... the man was walking across boulder highway.. when he was struck by the driver. police say neither speed nor alcohol appear to be a factor. this is the 63-rd fatal accident in metro's jurisdiction this year. police are on the lookout for a man they say has been breaking into slot machines at valley convenience stores. take a look-- police say the suspect has hit at least eight machines since may-- at stores in the northwest valley and in north las vegas. they say he prys the front panel off the machine with a crow bar and takes the cash box. he is six feet tall-- and in each burglary-- he wears a mask. if you have any information... you asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55.
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his father--- made an apology in court. "i just wanted to say, i'm sorry for what i did and i'm going to use my time in prison to become a better person, a better son. " a judge sentenced "eugene tshiyombo" up to 25 years in prison. in december-- police say tshiyombo got into an argument with his father and shot him. he will be eligible for parole in ten years. a local gaming school has shut down without warning. now students are wondering what happened? a note is hanging on the door of gold star gaming on spring mountain. telling students to call the nevada commission on postsecondary education. as of now.. the students have not been reimbursed their tuition. the preschool-- kidz kidz kidz in southern highlands closes its doors. after losing its license. it comes after a report from the nevada department of public and behavioral health -- stating that a 20 month old was left outside for two hours in triple digit
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workers found the child he was unresponsive and had burns on his feet. they waited 16 minutes to call 911, and almost 45 minutes to call the child's parents a valley neighborhood met with the department of wildlife last night.. to discuss an increase in coyote sightings near tropicana and boulder highway. "i'm concerned for my pets and what to do for my family to keep everyone safe " officials say keeping fences closed.. leaving small animals in and feeding pets inside can help keep coyotes away. if you find yourself face to face with one.. put your arms up high to make yourself look bigger.. and if available.. spray it with a hose to scare the coyote away. a flight arriving in las vegas was flagged after a monkey was discovered onboard. it turns out the monkey was a service animal but frontier airlines had no idea it was even on the plane. a crew member
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shirt midflight. the man sitting next to the monkey's owner-- says the passenger let him in on the secret. " 8-14 chris billman, sat next to monkey owner: next thing i know he says 'i have something really cool here' he said 'i got a monkey' and he lit it up with a flash light and showed it to us." frontier airlines says service animals are welcome on flights but this passenger broke policy when he brought his monkey on board without letting anyone know. fox 5 also reached out to t- monkey went through a screening and was cleared... its up to the airline to check the passengers bags before boarding. as the race for the white house heats up... the n-r-a is looking to tip battleground states red... and it's focusing heavily on nevada. in just the past week... the n-r-a opened new campaign offices all over the state, including here in clark county. fox 5s cyndi
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more on how the gun debate is being used to draw out voters. this is the national rifle associations brand new clark county campaign headquarters... hi my name is kevin im calling on behalf of the nra the group "nra nevadans for freedom" opened this office tuesday night. across the state it has thousands of volunteers... at this particular office there are about 50. those people go door to door... and seven days a week make hundreds of calls... i was wondering if i could ask you three questions about gun control measure number one their goal defeat question one o the november ballot. the measure calls for all gun sales to go through a licensed dealer ensuring a background check has been run. deputy campaign director ryan hamilton told me the majority of law enforcement does not support question one... but the las vegas fraternal order of police.. does. david moody president of las vegas fraternal order of police- its not going to put a stop to thing like the illegal gun sales david moody president of las vegas fraternal order of police- just by off chance it might stop one or two and if it does then it succeeded what it set out to do the nra has also opened an office
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gun control to the polls... with the hope they will also vote for donald trump. ryan hamilton deputy campaign manager nra - nevadans for freedom- the nra had endorsed donald trump because we know that hillary clinton is hositle to the second amendment and does not believe people should own a firearm beyond the ground effort... the nra just released this ad airing in nevada attacking hillary clintons stance on guns... at three million dollars its the most expensive pro trump ad to date. ad- s hes one of the wealthiest women in politics these mobilization efforts are just part of an effort by the nra to tip the silver sta red... ad protected by armed guards for 30 years but she doesnt believe you should be able to have a gun at home for self defense no matter what you believe .. you can make your voice heard on the second amendment... tuesday november 8th. so far in this election cycle .. the nra has spent 6 million dollars nationally. governor brian sandoval released a statement on question on.. saying... "consistent with his previous actions on this issue, the governor does
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concerns that this measure would unnecessarily restrict rights of law abiding nevadans and that it does not actually address the complex issue of keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals." republican presidential nominee donald trump is feeling the heat for his second amendment comment. being accused of enticing violence against hillary clinton. he claims he was just touting the power of the second amendment . " "and there can be no other interpreti reporters have told me. i mean, give me a break." " the secret service reached out to the trump campaign to discuss his comments. republican heavy hitters-- say it is no laughing matter and urged trump to clear it up. another person speaking out-- the daughter of a sandy hook shooting victim. "(erica (lafferty) smegielski- daughter of sandy hook victim)- "for someone to be able to make a joke about gun violence in the world that we live in, in the country that we live in, where 30,000-plus americans are murdered or killed with a gun every
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it's distasteful, it's disgusting, and it is-- i know he likes this word-- not presidential of him." " erica smegielski sent this tweet to the republican presidential nominee--- saying- you think gun violence is a joke? would love to tell you about mom's life and gruesome murder. smegielski is the daughter of the principal-- killed in the sandy hook massacre. since the shooting-- she has be a vocal proponent of stricter gun laws. a 20-year-old from virginia is undergoing a psychological evaluation after spending three hours scaling the trump tower. the police say the man was staying at the new york hotel... and wanted to meet with donald trump. around four o'clock-- witnesses noticed him climbing the building using suction cups... he made it to the 21st floor before he was grabbed into an open window by a special operations officer. a day before climbing.. the man posted a
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mr. trump (why i climbed your tower). " i am an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter. it is in your interest to honor your request. believe me if my purpose was not significant-- i would not risk my life pursuing it." a trump organization spokesman says - quote "this man performed a ridiculous and dangerous stunt," and says new york city police - quote - "had better things to do." thousand acres have burned in the san bernardino county fire.. but finally.. there may be an end in sight. coming up.. the damage already done.. and when firefighters say the fire should be completely contained. only 18-days until school starts.. and teachers are already checking off their supply lists. the free shopping spree some valley teachers went on.. to prep for their
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you're watching fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. mother nature continues to fuel the fire-- still
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county the pilot fire is now threatening thousands of homes. " : "it is a wind-driven fire - the fuel component that we have is very...what we call flashy. and by flashy, means that it is prone to ignition very, very quickly." " more than two thousand firefighters are battling the fire. so far it has burned nearly eight thousand acres. crews are attacking the from the ground and air... trying to save the 53-hundred threatened homes. "the smoke is horrible. it's really hard to breathe. it's affecting my asthma." "they dropped the mandatory evacuation down to a warning and so the minute they did that we moved back home." " the fire is now about sixty percent contained.. and should be completely under control by sunday. and we are getting a unique view of the soberanes fire-- also burning in california. nasa captured this picture from the space agency's aqua satellite monday. the fire has spread more than 67-thousand
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buildings... most of them homes. officials believe the fire was caused by an illegal campfire. we now know what sparked a deadly fire that burned more than 76 thousand acres last year. "7-19 the investigation uncovered evidence that a residential electrical connection arced and ignited surrounding dry grass behind a home located on high valley road." " police say it was a faulty hot tub wire started the valley fire-- it was third most destructive wildfire in the state's history. four people were killed. and almost two- thousand structures were destroyed... the cost to extinguish the blaze-- was nearly 57-million-dollars. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones still a lot of
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atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving above normal starting sunday. the uv index for thursday is 10 or very high. in less than three
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will be back in the classroom. a few lucky teachers got to prep for the new school year with a school supply shopping spree! nats of paper going in basket "alrighty, there you go!" "i need two, but i'll come back! they'll be right there." 15 teachers were given a 500 dollar gift card to office depot to buy anything they need for their classroom for the year. a lot of times teacher's pay for supplies out of their own pocket... and that can add up quickly. one teacher is mile and donating some of her supplies to the jewish family service agency. "the best thing that's happened to me in 24 years of teaching is my $500 gift card! and i thought, you know, $500 is a lot of money, i still spend a lot but i wanted to give some back to charity." "shop with a teacher" was set up by the southern nevada medical community... well-health quality care and teacher's health trust.
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it an annual event. we are sending out an s-o-s--- we need your help to make sure students have what they need to be successful in the classroom. help supply our students-- we are partnering with subaru of las vegas, nv energy and henderson hospital...for our annual supply drive. it runs august 15th through the 17th. every little bit helps-- from backpacks to folders to notebooks and pens. our goal this year is to fill three thousand backpacks for students in need. before getting back to the classroom. all students in school district must get their immunizations. they are available monday through friday at all of the health district locations. the health district will be hosting a special back-to school clinic on august 22nd at its main facility on valley view. from 9 a-m to one p-m. the price of the immunizations vary. jordyn preston has wanted to visit london her whole life.. and with a little help.. she's finally getting her chance. "jordyn, the queen requires your presence in london, england!" crowd
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make-a-wish and 'isagenix international' are sending jordyn to london! she was diagnosed with liver cancer last year in june. the trip was revealed in front of thousands of people this morning. she plans to see big ben... the london eye and all the places where her favorite movie-- harry potter was filmed. "mentally i've nev really been angry or upset about it, how a lot of people are, i feel. i just kind of look at it like this is what i was given and i have to deal with it and i'd rather deal with it positively than negatively." to start off jordyn's britain vacation.. make-a-wish gave her tickets to see "love" here in vegas.. which is all about the beatles.
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lovable pets.. but at one pennsylvania humane society.. an unusual pet is hoping to be adopted coming up..
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home.. but with a name like batman you know this cat is no ordinary feline. dave crawley has more.. on what makes batman so special. cats get lots of cuddle time with volunteers and staff at the western pennsylvania humane society. but the real deal is to land a permanent home. if you have a suggestion they're all ears. and in this case, we do mean all ears. two in front. two in back. the feline known as batman apparently catman was taken, is a rare breed indeed. (dr. todd blauvelt,veterinaria n) "he's a really cool cat, he's really nice, really affectionate. he has a very rare congenital defect, it doesn't really
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he can hear just fine but he has two little extra ears tucked kinda behind his ear. really kind of a weird thing i've never encountered that we had to do some research to kind of look it up and it's something we've found that a couple of other cats in the past couple decades that it was noted. the first four-eared feline we were able to catalogue is toots, who lived in ashtabula ohio in 1938. she gave birth to two other four eared cats. closer to home, batman has been treated for a minor respiratory condition. but the doctor assures us it's nothing catastrophic. as for the hiss- tory... (dr. todd blauvelt,veterinaria n) "the literature says it can have an undershot jaw so like some other abnormalities in the face but he doesn't seem to have it that severe." no, he does not hear in stereo. in fact, the back ear flaps do not come with auditory canals. but this guy is a purrfect choice for a furr-ever home. (dr. todd blauvelt,veterinaria n) "he's available for adoption as of today at the westchester humane society." hoping that he's earmarked for adoption, i'm dave
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if you're thinking about getting a new furry friend of your own... now is the time! the animal foundation is having a "back to school special" with discounts on adoption fees for some dogs. it's going on now through august 22-nd. there are more than 90 dogs.. though i think they only have one pair of ears.. they won the little league west championship last year.. now the mountain ridge team is shooting for the title again! how much further they have to go.. before taking home the trophy. everyone has a favorite girlscout cookie.. but that may change.. because two new ones are being added to the lineup. the mouthwater flavors coming to a cookie near you.. vegas wants
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but first we need a name... what we know is in.. and which previously favored names are out. out of retirement and into the ring... where you can see pacquiao fight.. when he returns to vegas! a man tries to bring a gun through a nevada airport.. but tosses it without getting fined. how it almost got through security.. good morning i'm maria silva.
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get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist les krifaton joins us now. still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving daytime highs well above normal


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