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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist les krifaton joins us now. still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving daytime highs well above normal
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thursday is 10 or very high. good morning. here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with
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here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas to look out for and alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news desk vegas has hockey..
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one step closer to getting a name. las vegas hockey owner bill foley narrowed the list of team names to four. "black nights" is out .. but some variation of knights or a bird is in. fox 5's vince sapienza was at the las vegas ice speaking with fans about the importance of the name. "i like the las vegas aces." "scorpions, las vegas scorpions." "pretty partial to the name outlaws." "i like the knights." gamblers." everyone has a name picked out. everyone.... except the las vegas hockey team. on tuesday bill foley appeared on sportsbook radio with brian blessing. "what's the team name.. you almost got me" "he says knights are in it in some fashion and maybe a bird." foley also said the "black knights" are off the table
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but the biggest news was the possibility of a bird. nevada's state bird, is the 'mountain bluebird'. but i didn't find many in favor of that idea. "did you say something about birds that will be, what was it again?" "i think if you're going to go toward a bird, it would be more like the roadrunners or something like that, but as far as the blue birds, i don't know if that will go over so well." "anyone with the bird, nothing like that." despite the differing name ideas. all agreed on the importance of this decision. "if you have a name want to cheer for, than whats the point of showing up." "it's huge, that's what everybody is going to be chanting in the crows, it's what we're going to be wearing on our sleeves, on our shirts, on our jerseys, on our hats, so it's pretty big." "whole team, representing the team, name, colors, uini's everything it's like the base of the team, so its the biggest thing." blessing tells me no one is in a bigger hurry to pick a name than bill foley himself. "he spent 500 million dollars, everyday there are not sweaters on the rack, caps or jerseys, it's costing him money, this is going to be a huge deal paying
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million dollars, so every day that goes by, it's a frustrating process for him." frustration for foley. excitment for everyone else. "i don't care what they call it, there is a hockey team in las vegas." "i'm just excited that it came here and the nhl is going to play here, i'm not going to be picky about the name." bill foley had a teleconference with the national adidas.... in his interview with brian blessing on sportsbook radio.. he said a decision would not be announced until mid-september..... the mountain ridge all stars are inching closer to the little league world series.. the team heading to the semi finals in the western region tournament after a big win last night in san bernardino. they topped utah 15 to 4. they will play again on friday at six p-m. if they win that game-- they'll play for the regional championship on
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nevadans can bet on the olympics for the first time in sixteen years... but local sports books say they haven't seen as much action as expected. "they always want to know the results but havent come up with betting counter in support of americans betting money yet. i think might change we get to finals in championship especially with mens basketball. but other than thats its been very minimal." last year -- the "nevada gaming control board" legalized olympic but local sports books say they've only seen a few big bets on basketball and soccer. they think it's because the american athletes are too good... and it's hard to make money off it. boxing champ manny pacquiao confirms a comeback fight! pacquiao will come out of retirement to fight jessie vargas. that bout is set for november fifth -- right here in las vegas. it's at the thomas and mack center. the filipino senator says he's missed boxing... and he can use the money.
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timothy bradley. his new opponent jessie vargas is 27-years-old and from las vegas. a plastic gun--made from a 3-d printer is found inside carry-on luggage at the reno-tahoe international airport. t-s-a officials say the gun was a realistic replica of a real weapon and was loaded with live ammunition. they offered the passenger carrying the gun the option to check in his weapon... but the person chose to leave it behind. that person was not arrested or cited for bring the gun to the airport. a justice department investigation finds unconstitutional practices by the baltimore police department. the d-o-j monitored baltimore's policing methods for more than a year at the department's request after the 20-15 police- custody death of freddie gray. the practices led to to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests of african-americans. investigators
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pattern of excessive force -- including against juveniles and people with mental health disabilities. the report blamed "systemic deficiencies" in training, policies, supervision and accountability. the chief of police in ferguson missouri--- says it is important for police departments from across the country to read the report out of baltimore. there are 18,000 police departments in the united states and so you can't tell me that only 20 or 21 are having a problem. i think it's wise to read these justice department reports and to actually make changes so that you are in compliance. " ferguson was the subject of the department of justice investigation following the shooting death of michael brown. the unarmed teen was shot by an officer-- in august 2014. the d-o-j found a pattern of bias against african- americans in ferguson.. and determined that black people were disproportionatel y effected by -
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ferguson's law enforcement system." a waterpark in kansas city has reopened-- just three days after a young boy was killed. caleb schwab was suffered a fatal neck injury on the world's tallest waterslide. the riders drop almost 170 feet at 65 miles per hour. the ride has an age limit of 14... caleb was just ten. the park has said the waterslide will remain closed for the remainder of the season. there is a strong push for safety regulations in california... stemming from a deadly berkeley balcony collapse last year. collapse) "i cannot believe why you are even debating this bill. people died. you should ensure that all balconies are scrutinized in this state to prevent this happening again." " the survivor of the collapse took the stand at a hearing in front of the california assemble appropriations committee. the collapse happened at 22- year-old aoife beary's apartment during
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six people died. the bill would require contractors to be more transparent. the firm that built the apartment balcony had a history of construction defects - . but they weren't required to disclose that information before starting the project... 9-1-1 dispatchers take hundreds of thousands of calls each day but one stood out for a dispatcher in connecticut. katherine grady was at the end of her shift... when she received a call from 86- year-old francis royer. the elderly woman's emergency was not the typical calls. she asked if someon take out her garbage because it's been there for two weeks. and she couldn't do it! the dispatcher who is also an e-m-t and volunteer firefighter decided to step in. "if they're calling 911, it's an emergency to them, so it doesn't matter if it's small or big..." "that's such an easy thing, and a lot of people that call in here it's not something you can fix over the phone, we get you the people that you need, but it's not usually us personally that fixed the problem, but for something so simple like that it was easier to just
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came to the woman's house on her day off... to take care of the garbage. katherine says with all the tension between police and the community -- she wanted to help. the girl scouts of america unveils its newest cookie flavor... smores! the smores cookie will have two versions -- one includes a crispy graham cookie double dipped in crme icing and a chocolate coating. the other is a crunchy graham sandwich with chocolate and marshmallow filling. the new cookie will be carried in select markets during the 20-17 cookie season. a boulder the size of a house falls off of a cliff.. and onto a road. the damage it caused to zion national park... after 5 years.. absinthe is no longer calling caesers palace home.. where its moving
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coming up
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has fallen off a cliff and is blocking the main road into zion national park. just take a look at this picture posted to the zion national park twitter feed. the park calls it a house-sized boulder near
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park has closed the east entrance into the park as they work to clear this giant rock. you can see in this picture it hit hard enough to also severely damage the road. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving daytime highs well above normal starting sunday. the uv index for thursday is 10 or very high. here's your fox5
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your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the construciton areas
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alternate routes listed on our maps here are your photos for the day back to the news desk. after five years-- the popular show-- absinthe is leaving caesars palace.... to call the cosmopolitan home.. and as more's sean mcallister shows us... the news has turned into a true circus
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a move surrounded by silence! as "absinthe" revealed plans tuesday to uproot the show from its home of five and- a-half years at caesars palace... the show... and the cosmopolitan are staying mum on plans surrounding the relocation to the strip property. repeated attempts by "more" for details of the move have been met with uncertainty. a spokesperson telling us simply: "at this time, we don't have any additional details to share." behind the scenes -- it seems the move of a surprise to caesars palace. a statement from caesars president, gary selesner is telling... it reads: "if absinthe's run at caesars palace is about to end, we are confident of our ability to move forward successfully." gary selesner, president of caesars palace selesner also calls the relocation "unusual" since there is a current court filing by the show's backer "base entetainment" to keep the show at its current location. caesaers palace headliners also taken by surprise. barbara brooks -- wife of brooks & dunn singer kix
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to "more" saying -- "but @kixbrooks and i thought it was so convenient having them in our (periodic) front yard!! this is the front yard brooks is referring to... the roman court here at caesars palace. the absinthe tent occupies the space now -- but come october... the circus plans to pack up and leave. still... this space has a ton of potential! in the past caesars has turned it into a boxing arena... an open-air cocert venue.... shipped in snow for ski and snowboard competitions... easily be outfitted to host elton john's celebrity tennis tournament which will be held at caesars palace again this fall. and for a show with so many aeralists, acrobats and high wire excitment... it seems right now it's more of a 3- ring circus behind the scenes. music icon lionel richie wants to "party all night long" in las vegas. he's adding new dates to his residency. "come and sing along all night long. all night long. all night
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long..." the show is called "lionel richie -- all the hits" at planet hollywood. the grammy- award winner will add three performance dates in december -- during new year's eve week -- because of demand. tickets are on sale now. and bruno mars may be in talks for a las vegas residency. there's rumors he could become our next headliner at caesars palace. that's according to britian's "the they say he could land around 750- thouand dollars per show. recently -- mars had a successful gig at the cosmopolitan -- where his shows sold out every night. and you can be the first to know about all things entertainment. just download the fox five app in the app store. it's free. there's a different type of airplane taking flight at mccarran international airport. it's paper airplanes! who was invited
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flying competition... to celebrate the anniversary of terminal three
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takeoff! dozens of paper airplanes are taking flight at mccarran international airport. "throws, then claps" it's part of the "paper plane palooza" for the boys and girls club. more than seventy kids competed in a folding and flying competition. the event started last year to celebrate terminal three's one-year anniversary... but now they'll carry it on as an annual tradition. all the kids were treated to lunch... and received a new backpack full of goodies for school year. plenty more straight ahead on
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morning... including-- a new study narrows down the friendlies states to have a baby. where the silver state comes in. want some nachos with that fly ball? well you're going to get them... coming up after the break... more on this epic fail at a padres and pirates game.
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landed in nevada... see what the nra is doing to get donald trump elected. question two on the nevada ballot is all about legalizing marijuana for recreational use. in a live report... why a new study suggests now more than ever people are smoking pot! picking a name is tough... picking a baby name... and picking the name of a hockey team. good morning
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and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere thursday morning that is expected to allow for some cloud development. as the day wears on drier air will begin to move in. high pressure will begin to build friday and through the weekend driving


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