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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. it's been a deadly day on valley roads. two pedestrians have been killed... and police are on the scene of another crash involving a pedestrian. a housekeeper at boulder station -- beat and sexually assaulted while on the job. fox five has new information about what happened... the suspect. " i need ambulance in front of paris immediately..." 9-1-1 dispachers answer nearly seven-thousand calls a day... to help people in serious situations. now they need to hire more 9-1-1 operators. how you can apply. we start tonight breaking news. metro police have a section of eastern closed
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a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. so.. in the last 24 hours .. at least 2 people have been hit and killed while walking on our roads.. and now .. a third crash is under investigation. fox 5's cyndi lundeberg is live on eastern between sahara and st louis with new informaiton on tonight's crash. captioning will resume shortly in december the nevada department of transportatin told me they were going to be making major changes to boulder highway for this reason... those changes are behind schedule. captioning will
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in december the valley... nats boulder highway... 12 pedestrians... 2 bicylists and 4 people in cars died. wednesday night... a similiar story. a man walking across the road just after 11... was hit and killed. ... i spoke to the nevada highway patrol in december about these problems. weve had boulder hwy on our sights for a number of years that's tony illia with n-dot .. and he went on to tell me n-dot wwould be making changes... including .. installing lights to crosswalks so drivers know where people are at night. n-dot said the project would take six to eight months to complete ... and eight months later it's not completed. nats metro police say the man killed wednesday was walking in a crosswalk .. but against a don't walk sign. erin breen is the
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vulnerable road users project at unlv... and thinks the 60 year old might of ran out of time getting across. so we wanted to try it... its funny because we are so used to cars doing that we finished the walk... with no time to spare. so here we are in our 30 seconds boom right to the other side could we have walked faster yes but we are very able bodied pedestrians here get 30 seconds to cross... then are forced to stop in the middle if they run out of time... breen says when most people get to the middle they dont stop. okay so these guys they started their cross.... and theyre going to keep coming even tho that hand says do not cross breen told us ndot is working hard... but says ultimately thigns wont get done unless people in the valley demand changes we forget we have mean streets in las vgas and this is the meanest of all ndot has lowered the speed limit on boulder highway from 55 to 45.
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changes could be coming if you get a ticket for jaywalking or not yielding to pedestrians... we'll explaing why you might find yoruself in the classroom. ffnll ndot also says... they are currently working on a 3 million dollar upgrade to boulder highway... which they say will tentatively start in summer 2017 tonight's crash is less than a mile from a deadly hit- and-run crash last night. it happened around 5-30 a-m near sahara and eastern. police say the driver of a red pick-up truck hit a pedestrian who was in or near the crosswalk. a road worker picking up cones found the pedestrian's body... then called 9-1-1. police say the driver of the truck initially left the scene .. but returned an hour later. that driver passed sobriety tests... but was taken into custody for leaving the scene
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part of the u-s 95 was shut down after a crash injures four people. it happened around 2-30 p-m near durango. troopers say the car drifted into the shoulder... then crashed into a concrete traffic barrier. the driver was trapped and had to be extracted out of the car. a backseat passenger was thrown out of the car. all were taken to u-m-c. one of them is in crtical condition. tonight, fox5 uncovered new information about what happened station hotel room, where officers say a man beat and sexually assaulted a housekeeper. we also found out the suspect's family turned him in. it was a quiet day at boulder station casino when fox5 stopped by... but last saturday, investigators tell us a man preyed on a housekeeper inside the hotel. this is surveillance video from the casino floor. the man highlighted? ivan major. here's major
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police say he got off on the 11th floor, then 12 minutes later got back on the 10th floor elevator. the 10th floor... that's where police say major committed his crimes. fox5 got ahold of major's arrest report. in it... we found out a housekeeper reported a man walked into the room she was cleaning and punched her in the face. she fell, yelled for help, but the man hit her harder on the face, head, and body... then pulled her pants down. she says he forced her to perform oral sex. when he heard someone in the hallway, he took off. we showed this surveillance video on fox5 while police were looking for the suspect. ivon major's sister and mother recognized him, called police, and told officer where to find ivon. tuesday officers arrested him. investigators say major initially said he accidentally hit the housekeeper with the bathroom door, before he finally confessed, said he was sorry, and needs help with his drug problems.
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offenses including battery, sexual assault, and kidnapping. fox5 tried to reach out to major's mother, but weren't able to. we also left messages for station casinos tonight but haven't heard back yet. . major is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow morning. a man is wanted for threatening to shoot an employee during a robbery on the strip. here's a look at the suspect. police say the man threatened to shoot the worker if they didn't give him money at a store near spring mountain. the man took off once he got the cash... then left in a taxi. if you recognize this man --you can call police or crimestoppers an ordeal many feet above the ground sent a tree trimmer to the hospital. the trimmer, on the right, was clipping fronds off of a palm tree at washington and rancho this morning... when he became stuck... buried in up to a thousand pounds of dried fronds. firefighters worked to free the man... and were able to bring him down with the
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trimming company who were working nearby. one of the workers said he will never forget the look on the man's face. firefighters say the situation he was in could have been worse. "we're talking a lot of this gentlemans case somewhere between 500-1000 pounds of frond weight on this mans chest so thats not a situation you can move those're essentially trapped" the fire chief says the department sees at least 12 tree rescues each year. many of them involve hire. metro police are looking for passionate people to serve the community with a career a in law enforcement. the department released video of what 9-1-1 dispatchers go through. "a car just hit like 20 people. just about ran over a bunch of people. i need ambulance in front of paris immediately..." metro police released audio calls the night of a deadly strip crash last
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the department says they're in need of people who thrive under pressure. you'll need a high school diploma or g-e-d... plus a valid typing certificate dated. dispatchers say the career can be stressful... but it's worth it. "youre passing information to officers not knowing what they walk into it. and see through until the end it came out of it safe and alive and coming home to families..." applying now through the end of the month. the online applicaton is at fox five vegas dot com. click on "links". the nevada department of veterans services is on a special mission. "thank you on behalf of governor sandoval to our nation and to our state. i can't tell you how much your state appreciates your service." they're personally thanking each and every veteran living in our state. today -- they stopped by the lake mead health and rehab -- where they presented a special pin and certificates to
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women are the first to be pinned "nevada's heroes". "it's very important to recognize, life should be shared and recognized." the nevada department of veterans services says hundreds more will receive pins and certificates throughout the year. for three hours -- one man scaled the trump tower for a personal meeting with donald trump... and it didn't take long for the jokes to come on social media... but police say the charges are but police say the charges are your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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t in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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the man who
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climbed the trump tower has been charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass... but it was no laughing matter! jeanne moos shows us how his behavior inspired internet jokes. your dog would bark too... if a guy with suction cups showed up outside your trump tower window. the climber's slow ascent made even the slightest move riveting...when he
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put on a hat...when he had a drink. and there were moments of true drama when emergency services knocked out glass to get to him... and when they finally dragged him in. it was one of those summer stories made for internet jokesters. "live footage from trump tower" tweeted a batman and robin fan. "watches the olympics once" and it inspires this. the climber was inserted beh donald in his famous taco bowl photo. before everyone learned that he was steve from virginia, there were guesses. was it chris christie suctioning up to the donald... or ted cruz looking for delegates. the daily news bellowed "hey donald will your wall stop suction cups?" the climber was accused of copying toy story. some saw a resemblance between the climber
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star jared padalecki. the actor resorted to facebook..."to clear things up, this is not me trying to scale the trump tower in new york city... so please stop asking." (jeanne moos, reporting) "but the number one meme, the visual joke that really left a mark was this." the climber suctioning the back of olympic swimmer michael phelps. and here you thought the circles were from cupping therapy. at least the climber got closer to the top of phelps than he did to the top trump tower. jeanne moos cnn new york. after his arrest... 19-year-old stephen rogata was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. he told police he climbed the tower because he wanted to have a personal meeting with donald trump. the presidential candidate was at a campaign rally at the time and not inside the building. and former president bill clinton and libertarian nominee gary johnson have a visit planned in las vegas tomorrow. clinton will address
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voters forum. johnson will also speak. the event happens at two p-m at the colosseum in caesars palace. organizers say it will be the first time presidential campaigns speak directly to the a- a-p-i community at the same event... and expect more than four- thousand to attend. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll continue the heat with 109 for monday afternoon. the record highs for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by
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the average high next week is 102. the warmup begins on friday with 104 a few clouds and light breezes. for the weekend, we'll see 108 on saturday, 110 on sunday. we'll cont with 109 for monday afternoon. the record highs for sunday and monday are at 111 set in 2002. we will pick up slight shower chances by wednesday and thursday next week.
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the meteor shower is expected to be at its peak tonight and friday. the perseid shows up every august...dazzling stargazers with an average of 100 meteors an hour. but nasa says forecasters are predicting double the normal rate this year... this means stargazers could catch up to 200 meteors an hour. for those experiencing cloudy skies, a live broadcast of the perseid meteor shower will be broadcast tonight and friday on u- stream.
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dozens of clark county district employees are demanding higher wages. "support staff matters! support staff matters! support staff matters!" the group was made up of support staff like bus drivers... school police... teacher aides... and kitchen and office members. some say they have not bene given a raise for eight years. they also claim their union is not supportive. "i've been with the school district since 1998. we haven't had a raise in over eight years. we are only guaranteed six
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"i averaged mine out, i make less than 50 dollars a day! 50 dollars a day and we're just tired of it, we really are." c-c-s-d released a statement about the protests... saying "we understand the concerns and needs of our support staff... district staff plan to meet with the education support employees association to further bargain." many parents are gearing up for the new school year... and that means getting the kids their updated shots. "immunizing your children against known diseases like hepatitus or tetnis or whopping cough, tetnus shot when they're younger just protects them against getting the diseases." parents can bring their pre- schoolers... kindergartners and seventh graders to any public health center to get their shots. the only thing you need to bring is your child's current immunization records. the southern nevada health district suggests doing it as soon as possible to beat the rush. american swimmer michael phelps is all about the
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and now he's broken a 2000- year-old record! we'll have more on the new record. and don't forget to download our app... for the latest headlines... weather... and
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hockey team may be called the desert hawks... the red hawks... or the night hawks. that's according to "sports logos dot net". the report shows all the names were registered as several different domain names within the last few weeks. two of them .. las vegas desert hawks dot com and las vegas red hawks dot com are owned by foley's financial company. foley is expected to announce the team's name at a mid-september party. the team wil play until the 2017 - 2018 season. to hockey now... those pushing for las vegas to be the home of the oakland raiders toured possible training camp sites in reno. that's according to the "reno gazette journal". they say raider executives met with nevada lawmakers to explain their proposal -- which would cost 750- million dollars of public funding. lawmakers would have to approve a plan to raise hotel room taxes to pay for the venue. critics say stadium backers
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"majestic realty" are asking too much of the public. some lawmakers say the meeting made them feel better about the deal. mountain ridge has a shot at the little league world series in pennsylvania later this month. the boys won two straight blowouts at the west regionals in san bernardino. the semi-finals are tomorrow night. it will be televised nationally on e-s- p-n. mountain ridge will face southern california in the western region tournament. if they win that game -- they'll play for the regional championship on saturday. we all know american swimmer michael phelps is incredibly talented... and now he just broke an ancient record! michael phelps owns the record for the most medals and most golds in olympic history... but now -- his 13-th individual gold passes a record set between 164 b-c and 152 b-c. that's according to the new york times. it was set with 12 by leonidas of rhodes.
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faster than his ancient rival... but researchers say phelps never had to wear armor in the pool! bruno mars may be in the works of a las vegas bruno mars may be in the works of a las vegas residency... don't believe him -- just watch! where the singer performed as elvis as a child in las vegas... and what other
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headliners think
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it's just better. "nats of bruno playing at the stage" bruno mars is one of the most sought after artists. here in las vegas -- the singer has high-energy... sold


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