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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. a youth facility director -- of a boys and girls club -- arrested for lewdness. how parents were told about what happened... a women went missing... then is found dead in a home. who police have named a suspect... plus... football fans are pumped for the season... and many wonder move to las vegas. we'll have more on the push to get the team to our city. this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a youth center director now accused of inproper behavior with three kids... i'm dave hall -- in for john huck. i'm christine maddela. 44-year-old willis brown was director of the southern highlands boys and girls he's facing sex crime charges. fox5's eric hilt talked with parents of kids who go to that
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about the charges? they told me they were disturbed that somebody they trusted with their kids is now facing these allegations... and they still have questions about how this was allowed to happen. "i'm still shocked...i dont even really know what to think" shock and concern...after parents recieved this letter when they picked up their kids from the southern highlands boys and girls club friday afternoon... it says the club's director had been arrested for inappropriate behavior with three kids. "it makes me scared it makes me angry, we leave our kids with people that we trust and we dont expect anything to happen" 44 year old willis brown -- is facing three lewdness charges ... with metro police saying at least one of those incidents happened at the southern highlands clubhouse. according to the club's facebook page brown had been with boys and girls club for 12 years -- the last six of those have been in las vegas --
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ryan ramierez. "it's, it's just depressing. i would never think coach will would hav ever done something like that " ryan told me over the last few months, the boys and girls club has become like a second home...and "coach willis" had become a mentor. "i hung out with him in the gym, we talked, he used to help me out with stuff when i needed it like with problems...he would never, i didnt think this would ever happen" brown even took ryan and a few other kids even on a college visit earlier this year. "there he would have had a chance to be alon him...that freaks me out." now parents are trying to figure out how to talk about the charges with their kids... "i didn't even think about having this conversation...but it needs to be done now" and whether they'll be coming back to the boys and girls club. "it makes you think twice about where you're going to send your kids moving forward" ryan 44 48 blonde 19 24 we tried to ask the boys and girls club of southern nevada ceo andy bischel more about these allegations and brown's tenure as director. he told me he wasn't going to say anything about the charges. in the newsroom,
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brown is due in court on monday. a suspect is wanted after a woman's body is found partially naked in a home. police say someone living in the home near bonanza and rancho discovered her body around 12-30 a-m. police say the victim was only wearing a bra... and partially covered with a blanket. they believe there was a struggle before she was killed... and she also had head trauma. friends tell fox five the victim is wendy rodriguez.. " i talked to her every day, she was teaching me spanish, we would always
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police say 25- year-old jaime santana has been named a suspect in the woman's death. this a previous booking photo given to us by metro police. police say santana may be driving a blue... two-door 2015 scion with nevada license plates. anyone with information on where he may be should call police or crimestoppers 7-0-2-3-8-5-55-55. the family has set up on a go-fund-me page to help with memorial for wendy rodriguez. you can find a link on fox five vegas dot com. a naked toddler is found walking around an apartment complex alone. it happened around ten this morning -- near near twain and cambridge. this is video of a child protective services with the two-year-old... who was eventually clothed. police tell fox five that a security guard found the child. a witness who did not want to go on camera... tells us the family moved in less than
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the first time kids have been seen unattended. "that's what i see roaming around the area... me and other people have witnessed the mom locking the children out before, and yelling at them to stay outside, them trying to get back in. her yelling and screaming. being mad about it..that was definitely a cause for concern." c-p-s is now handling the investigation. police say no arrests have been made... because nothing happened. a man sets his house on fire during a six-hour standoff before he surrenders. that's accordiing to metro police. officers were called around 1-30 p-m to an apartment complex near tropicana and decatur... because a person was armed with knives. swat officers and negotiators responded to the scene. around seven p- m... the barricaded man set his unit on fire... then surrendered. no one was hurt. ad lib to weather fox five's nate tannenbaum is in
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tonight with a first look at weather. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) two big stories in weather today: the perseid meteor showers - and the return of the heat. first, the shooting stars. while the peak of this year's meteor showerr was last night, there should still be plenty overnight tonight. the best way to see the shooting stars is to get out of town - away from city lights. someplace like near lake mead, or mt charleston, or redrock canyon - and just look up. every year around this time, earth's orbit moves our planet rthrough dust and debris of
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debris bounces off our atmosphere, it looks like shooting stars. now to the heat. high pressure returning to the desert southwest will send afternoon highs into near record territory through the weekend and the first few days of next week. it'll be around 110 sunday and monday. the record high for both days is 111. there will be some potential st into our area wednesday and thursday which will bring high temps down a few degrees and lead to slight chances for showers thursday and friday of next week. teens are learning about dangerous driving habits before school starts. sunrise hospital says vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teens -- between ages 14 and 18. they say teens are killed in crashes than from all diseases combined. today -- teens watched a live
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prison. former president bill clinton and libertarian nominee gary johnson were in las vegas today. this voter forum took place at the colosseum at caesars palace. it's part of the "asian-american journalists association's conference." more than four- thousand people were at the event. it gave the asian community an opportunity to ask questions about the campaigns and the nominees. libertarian nominee gary johnson spoke one of the first speakers. "why do you want to run to be president of the united states? i wouldn't be doing it could do a good job. and at the end of the day, and i mean end of life here, did you do everything you could in your life, i'm going to feel like i did just that. " former president bill clinton also spoke on behalf of his wife. "...the only sensible proposal is to maximize the positive aspects and minimize the perils of the interdependent
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person to do that at this time in the united states of america, based on the life she's lived, service she's rendered, the things and the people she knows." organizers say this is the first time that presidential campaigns spoke directly to the a- a-p-i community at the same event. nevada may be one of the worst states when it comes to people trying to find full-time jobs. that's according 24-seven wall street. they reviewed underemployment across the country. nevada underemployment is more than 13- percent... compared to south dakota with the best rate at only 5-percent. the silver state also had the 21-st lowest median wage at under 34- thousand dollars. football fans are ready for the season... and many in las vegas wonder if the raiders will be our home team. what fans think about the possible
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done to lure them to our city. mountain ridge is playing for a spot in the little league world series! we have a look at the game... and what was damaged during a homerun! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you are watching fox5 news at 11.
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you may have watched the arizona cardinals take on the oakland raiders -- right here on fox five. but the push to lure the raiders to las vegas is still, well... pushing. tonight -- we talked to fans hoping to see them become the home team. the cardinals take on the oakland raiders loving football, love it, love it silk galloway is a raider fan. die hard he joined others in the raider nation at shifty's bar to watch the game. it's intercepted, nate allen with the pick we just got an interception right now, doing it big. raider nation, silver and black mickens across the 40 yard line the players are focused on preseason, but fans are thinking about a possible move. i would love it, the raiders need a place like this. we sell out ever game, raiders need to be in a place like las vegas, and vegas needs a
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football team personally i want them to stay in the bay area, that's where they belong. oakland raiders. team owner mark davis confirmed the team president was in reno this week scouting possible training camp sites if the silver and black move to the silver state. in the endzone for a touchdown fox5 checked on the short list of locations for a 65 thousand seat domed stadium here in las vegas. the bali hai golf course is a contender, so is a spot on russell road, tropicana west of the 15, and sites on or near there's a lot of raider fans out here, this is aplace for raider fans to come to, raider fans love to do it big,and vegas is a place to do it big city and state leaders are still trying to figure out how to pay for the publicly funded portion of the roughly two billion dollar stadium. a big hole, makes the defender miss, that was a sweet move by washington i'll always be a raider fan the committee overseeing the stadium project is scheduled to meet again later this
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we're down to three possible names for the las vegas hockey team. the vegas desert hawks... the vegas red hawks.... or the night hawks. future fans say they want something different. "hawks is overused. you've got iowa hawkeyes, i'm not crazy about the hawk theme ..." "he nighthawks seems generic to me, i'd like to see something like scaliwags, scavengers, i'd like to see something with an edge to it..." the las vegas able to get the rights to the name "knights." owner bill foley bought the domain names for vegas desert hawks dot com and vegas red hawks. that purchase was made at the begininng of july. foley says he's not saying anything until a reveal party later this year. the mountain ridge little league all stars are heading to west region finals! "game sounds"
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number 12 derek cutting. he also hit that one through a window in the outfield concession stands! the team will be moving forward in their quest to head to the little league world series. tonight -- they topped hawaii nine to zero. mountain ridge next plays tomorrow night at six in the regional championship against southern california. the winner of this game goes on to the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. meteor shower will light up the sky again tonight. here's a look at pictures of last night's meteor shower at its peak. the first one is from sam morris -- showing the view over the spring mountains near red rock canyon. we also have photos of the shower from other parts of the world. you can see some falling stars. the celestial event is known to create some of the brightest shooting stars. "in the middle of nowhere is a good place to be and luckily nevada has a lot of middle of
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las vegas, in the valley you're gonna have to work really hard in order to be able to see them." those who missed last night's shower still have a chance tonight. nasa expected the showers to be visible by around nine p-m. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) two big stories in weather today: the perseid meteor showers - and the return of the heat. first, the shooting stars. while the peak of this year's meteor showerr was last night, there should still be plenty overnight tonight. the best way to see the shooting stars is to get out of town - away from city lights. someplace like near lake mead, or mt charleston, or redrock canyon -
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every year around this time, earth's orbit moves our planet rthrough dust and debris of the "swift-tuttle" comet and as that debris bounces off our atmosphere, it looks like shooting stars. now to the heat. high pressure returning to the desert southwest will send afternoon highs into near record territory through the weekend and the first few days of next week. it'll be around 110 sunday and monday. the record high for both days is 111. there will be some potential
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into our area wednesday and thursday which will bring high temps down a few degrees and lead to slight chances for showers thursday and friday of next week. closed captioning
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it's field trip friday! fox five headed to laughlin ahead of the 20-16 river regatta this weekend. it's being called the world's largest river float. this year's theme is "pirates of the
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floating down the colorado river with decorated floats. organizers say there will be a competition for the most creative floats. the winner gets 750 dollars! tickets are still up for grabs if you want to attend. they start at 45- bucks. a service "monkey" on a frontier flight to las vegas causes a stir... and we have video from the security checkpoint... showing just how little the monkey is. plus... how using a charging stati your privacy... and what security experts recommend you do. and be sure to check out our fox5 mobile app... for all of your up to date news and weather.
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have used a charging station before... but you might want to be careful about using it. it's an easy way for hackers to
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"so i couldnt read all emails in inbox but if you were sitting there with phone plugged in reading emails i would be able to read everything just as if i was looking over shoulder you just wouldnt know someone looking over your shoulder." security researcers call it "video jacking". it was discussed at def-con in las vegas last week. you plug your phone into a charging station... unaware that someone has hacked it. you'll get a message on your phone asking if you trust this device... most people say yes. but this allows a hacker to see your screen at the time... including passwords... credit card information... and whatever else you are doing. security experts recommend not using charging stations at all... since you don't know if they have been hacked until it is too late. a passenger on a frontier airlines flight stows a tiny "therapy" monkey in his shirt during a flight from las vegas to ohio... and we have the screening video from the t-s-a checkpoint. you can see the tiny service monkey on the man's shoulders at the john glenn international airport in columbus ohio. he was approved
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security... but frontier says he wasn't approved to bring it on board. the airline says he stuffed the monkey in a duffle bag and slid it underneath his seat. some passengers say it may have got out of the bag. "we saw a monkey and it may have gotten loose on the plane." "how does that happen? how do you get a monkey on a plane?" "it's just a monkey. let it ride." police say the passenger showed all documents proving the monkey was a therapy animal... so he was not arrested a conviction brenden dassey of making a murderer... when he could be released... if prosecutors don't bring him to trial again. plus... a cigar maker creates the world's largest stogie... in honor of fidel castro's birthday. how long it ended up being... to break the record. the "national hobo convention" kicks off this weekend in iowa. why many hobos say they love the lifestyle... despite the risk they face. you are watching
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a florida mother is charged with manslaughter and neglect... after her six- year-old son beats and kills his newborn sister. cameron polom has more on what the mom was doing... when her son admitted to beating the baby. "by numerous witness accounts, kathleen steele was an inattentive parent." "steele turned the car off, locked the doors, rolled the windows up and went inside the business." investigators say steele was inside cpr cell phone repair in st pete for nearly 40 minutes. kathleen left her three children a 6 year old , a 3 year old and infant daughter outside in the van. investigators say at some point baby kathleen began crying. "the six year old removed baby kathleen from the car seat and began flipping her multiple times back and forth, dropping her on the floor. he said he took the baby and kept
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when steele returned, the 6 year old told his mother baby kathleen was in distress. that's when detectives say she realized something was wrong.. "instead of calling 911, steele called a neighbor who is a nurse." investigator say it was clear to the nurse that the baby was already dead... the sheriff says the six year old and 3 year old brothers are in the custody of child protective services. police say the boy will not be charged because of his age. family and friends remember the little boy killed during a water slide accident in kansas city. a funeral took place for ten- year-old caleb schwab. he died from a neck inury while riding the tallest waterslide in the world last weekend. caleb leaves behind parents... and three brothers. his father -- who is a kansas state representative -- spoke at the memorial. he says the tragedy has
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family. "issac would be napping actually talk about short time he had. there was no moment wasted. alex who lost a big brother to help on bus this year. proud of how hes handlign this. nathan not way i wanted you to enter manhood but you have done very well. humbled to call you my son. nathan my please caleb my job alex my delight isaac my treasure..." the water park in kansas city has re-opened... but the water slide will be closed for the rest of the season. kansas governor sam brownback is calling for the state to review its
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a conviction has been overturned for brenden dassey -- the wisconsin man who appeared in the netflix document "making a murderer". dassey was convicted in 2007 in the murder of photographer teresa halbach. he was sixteen at the time of the murder... and sentenced to life with no parole for 41 years. his case gained national attention after it was profiled on the netflix series "making a murderer". his uncle steven avery -- the subject of the show -- was also convicted for halbach's murder. with t ruling -- dassey will be released from custody within the next 90 days... if prosecutors don't bring him to trial again within 90 days. "i was surprised by it, because when a motion to suppress is appealed, usually the findings of the trial judge, in this case judge fox, is usually upheld unless it's fairly erroneous." the netflix series renewed interest in avery's ongoing
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leading to a petition that was seeking a presidential pardon. calling 9-1-1 is not always an option -- especially when people are in dangerous situations where they can't make noise. currently -- it's available in parts of 36 states and puerto rico. fox's laura ingle shows us how that will change over the next several years. nat sot: we have the ambulance on the way calling 9-1-1 in an emergency is not always possible if you are in a dangerous situation where being overheard could bring you serious harm - but texting 9-1-1, could save your life. birkenheuer says: "if someones is inside their house or in the trunk of a car and they don't want anyone to hear them they can send a text msg and we can still provide assistance to them." but, text-to-911 is not available everywhere, the service is only operating in parts of 36 states and puerto rico based on a call center's capability to accept texts. as of mid-july, "text-to-911" became available in all of new jersey where some law makers say the service is an important part of the public safety
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especially when you consider situations like the orlando florida nightclub shooting when people were hiding and trying to send messages for help young says: "if you are in an active shooter you can imagine, we're getting live information coming in from a text 911 about how many people are in the room, how many shooters there are if anyones hurt." (on cam) many major cities like new york still don't have the technology because it requires major infrastructure work, including swapping the wire system to a digital one, which could take millions of do to complete. the fcc requires mobile providers to allow customers to text to 911, but because not all call centers can accept the messages, groups like the national emergency number association have some concerns. fontes says: "my number one concern is false perception of your abilty to text to 911. the second concern that i have is that there needs to be leadership in communities across the country state level and even in
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available for all consumers." and, unless spelled out, texting in an emergency doesn't provide the detailed location information that a landline does, which is why dispatchers say "call when you can. text when you can't" laura ingle fox news it looks like government employees won't be catching any pokemon on their lunch breaks anymore... at least on their work phones. the pentagon has banned "pokemon go" from all work phones. according to the "washington post"... they issued a memo to their staff saying it's not on their approved app list... because the game could be used by spies to pinpoint the locations of secret facilities. they are still allowed to use the app on their personal phones. it just has to be away from the office. one of the presidential nominees has put pressure on the other... after releasing their 2015 tax returns today. hillary clinton's tax return shows more than ten- million dollars in income... after hammering donald trump to do the same. it shows the clintons paid roughly a third of
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uncle sam. her opponent donald trump has yet to release any tax returns -- something that clinton brings up regularly on the campaign trail. trump says he won't release his returns... until the i-r-s completes financial audits. if trump does not release them during the campaign -- he will break a 40-year bipartisan tradition of transparency expected of presidential nominees. and new polls show clinton may be leading trump in the swing states... and some by double digits. that's according to a new n-b- c...wall street journal... marist polls. it shows she's gaining ground in colorado.... florida... north carolina... and virginia. the number of marijuana users in americans has nearly doubled in the last three years. that breaks down to one in every eight people. the new data comes from a new gallop poll that surveyed a thousand people. recreational marijuana is legal in colorado.... oregon.... alaska... and washington. the poll says
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were more likely to say they smoked pot. five states... including nevada... will decide on legalizing marijuana this november. a tribute to castro. a new record is set for the world's longest hand rolled cigar. a cuban cigar roller beat his own record with a ninety-meter cigar.... in honor of fidel castro's 90-th birthday. that's nearly three hundred feet long! it took jose "cueto" castelar two weeks to roll it up... with the help of dozens of workers. the british embassy in havana says they'll pass on the results to the guiness world record books. they call themselves hobos... tramps... or part of a collection of misfits. many of them are in britt, iowa, for the national hobo convention to honor generations of people who wandered but were not lost. casey walsh has more. (ricardo kisor/hobo) "just the freedom! i got the one heather in my other hat! and
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freeness!" ricardo kisor says that's why he loves being a hobo. when he was in his 20's, he fell in love with the life of a tramp. (ricardo kisor/hobo) "i rode fruit trampin and that's why i say i'm a tramp i started out as a fruit tramp - i'm just a tramp." a tramp travels, many times by railroad and avoids work when possible. (ricardo kisor/hobo) "if you can get by on $40, why work and make 60." he says with hobos, during their travels, many of them do work or go to school part time. but to him, hobos are the old 30's riders that had to get out of the house during the depression area. (ricardo kisor/hobo) "to me - the hobos are out there at the cemetery - i mean that's what i come to honor - the hobos that went before me." (gerard fortinhobo) "it's a person that will get on a freight train with no expectations and come out with the happiest grin in his life." gerard fortin says there are still some hobos out there like himself. some younger hobos call themselves 'train riders. he says while many including himself love the lifestyle, nowadays traveling can be risky.
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arrested for trespassing. (gerard fortinhobo) "he ended paying a 240 dollar fine, plus he got a 6 months suspended sentence in the state of montana" ricardo says while there may be risks, it's worth it. (ricardo kisor/hobo) "you never know who you're going to meet." kisor is running for hobo king this year -- which he says is like being the ambassador of hobo community. an uber driver gets to see his son play in the olympics. it was all because of one of his passengers. what she did to help him raise the money. plus... tyra banks is looking for the models -- right here in las vegas. when and where the tryouts are... and what you'll be featured on if you make it. your fox5 weather
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in philadelphia... an uber driver gets the trip of a lifetime with the help of a generous rider. he gets to see his son compete in the olympics!
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didn't have the money to fly to brazil to watch his son -- shot putter darrell hill. in late july -- hill picked up liz willock on a trip to the airport. they got to talking about the olympics and his son. willock found out hill couldn't afford the trip.... so she set up a go-fund-me page. within two days -- enough money was raised for hill to make the trip. "my god, i called up the family, the family calls me, everybody is hollering and screaming, his sister, his mother - everybody is going nuts, man, because thing since tasty cake." "i was content with just staying home and getting a good bag of popcorn and watching him on tv." willock said she wondered how she would feel if she had a child competing in rio... and couldn't afford to watch the games in person. and speaking of the olympics... phelps... king... and
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to the shark reef aquarium. not the american gold medal swimmers -- but three newly hatched banded bamboo sharks. 24 eggs were laid by a shark at the las vegas natural history museum. three of them emerged and were named after the olympians. their growth will be monitored by the museum's marine life gallery... until they are ready to go live permanently at the shark reef at mandalay bay. in california... one deer decides to take a dip. he jumps into a swimming pool while kids are having a swim lesson! don ford has the it happened quick... it was cool. before you know it, a deer was in the pool. (denise brown/berkeley recreation and youth service manager) "well, our staff were trained in dealing with lots of emergencies but never a deer in a pool. sprung into action, leapt in the pool to keep the deer from swimming up to the children." folks who saw the whole thing say the deer jumped the fence and simply strolled over to the deep end and went for a swim. dozens of kids taking morning swim lessons were totally surprised and quickly got of the water. and that's when lifeguard jasper
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took control. the whole thing was over almost as fast as it started. (denise brown/berkeley recreation and youth service manager) "the staff kind of gently led the deer to the pool steps and the little deer sprung out of the pool and ran into the bushes." animal control was called but, when they arrived, the deer was long gone. (denise brown/berkeley recreation and youth service manager) "swimming is a great activity for children and for animals, but animals are best staying out of the pool." in berkeley, don ford, k-p-i-x five. staffers treated and monitored the pool water... and in no time the children were allowed to swim again. officials say no deer or humans were hurt in the incident. in salt lake city... a family is on the hunt for pokemon... but ends up finding three abandoned puppies. the mother and her kids were playing "pokemon go" during a hike -- when they stumbled on the pups. the shelter says the family is the only reason the animals are alive. animal services says the boarder collie mixes are from two different litters... and only four months old.
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to get the dogs into their forever homes. "they were probably hungry and definitely dehydrated because it was so hot outside last week." "they'll make great family dogs. they'll need training because they are puppies but these are great little characters that this person stumbled upon." the shelter named the pups after "pokemon go" characters. now fox5 weather 24/7 (( weather )) two big stories in weather today: the showers - and the return of the heat. first, the shooting stars. while the peak of this year's meteor showerr was last night, there should still be plenty overnight tonight. the best way to see the shooting stars is to get out of town - away from city lights. someplace like near lake mead, or mt charleston,
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and just look up. every year around this time, earth's orbit moves our planet rthrough dust and debris of the "swift-tuttle" comet and as that debris bounces off our atmosphere, it looks like shooting stars. now to the heat. high pressure returning to the desert southwest will send afternoon highs into near record territory through the weekend and the first few days of next week. it'll be around 110 sunday and monday. the
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both days is 111. there will be some potential stormclouds moving into our area wednesday and thursday which will bring high temps down a few degrees and lead to slight chances for showers thursday and friday of next week. closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly one d-j collects vinyl... and turns it into art. the artist uses them to make portraits. we have a look at some of his creations... including a character from
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closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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closed captioning closed captioning will resume shortly you might want to start working on that catwalk.
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tyra banks -- is calling on all top models to join her inn las vegas. she's looking for new faces for the launch of her 2017 tyra beauty cosmetics line. banks will hold a model search august 22-nd at the venetian. attendees will also get to hear tyra give an inspirational talk about her business. the contest starts at 9 a-m. you have to be at least 18 years old to enter. up next... which way to rio? the u-s-a swim team hits the road for carpool karae. we'll show you
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carpool karaoke... and th jamming out " and the jay z song was on.... moving my hips like yeah " despite being in rio... the team made time for a "party in the u-s-a" moment. the swimmers released a post- practice youtube video of their own version of jame corden's "carpool
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thanks for joiningover 300,000 n but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more in fees for wall street. and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. s speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible
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whoa! (sneezes) homer: hmm? our first anniversary. we're more in love than ever. in your face, people who said it wouldn't last a year! i stand by my wedding toast. let's just enjoy our happiness, homie. accidental motherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to a woman. and i think bart's finally outgrown his misbehavior. (homer shrieks) (shrieks) (grunting) (pop) oops, better clean that off.


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