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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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arrested on child pornography charges... we'll bring you the latest on his case. plus... we speak with one louisiana woman, taking refuge in a church with her family after being rescued from floodwaters. and... a family reunited. we'll bring you an update on a teen reported missing at mount charleston this afternoon. how long that search lasted. this is fox5 news at 10 a monkey on a plane headed to las vegas - but the flight crew had no idea! i'm alyssa deitsch . thanks for joining us. tonight we know the passenger's name is jason ellis. his monkey goes by gizmo. fox5's abby theodros joins us live in the studio with a special guest. this is gizmo...a well behaved marmoset. so well behaved in fact that the frontier
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plane he was on had no clue he was there! tonight his owner jason ellis tells us it was all a misunderstanding. here's a look at the monkey that caused quite the stir on a frontier flight jason ellis: it kinda turned into sometthing actually went worldwide. owner jason ellis and gizmo made headlines this week when they made it on board a frontier flight with out the airline knowing. (je: and there's the monkey inside.) gizmo boarded the plane in this duffle bag. je: he was never smuggled onto the plane. he was in a concealed bag it looks likea hand bag. he's never actually hurt anyone. instead - gizmo's been helping ellis the last four years. he's an emotional support animal that helps the 30 year old cope with his anxiety. je: he's helped me in more ways than i can imagine. just by interaction with other people and helping me out. but really he helps me out because i have a lot of anxiety issues. ellis showed fox5 the certificate
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ticketing clerk saw. he says the entire ordeal was just a misunderstanding. je: my flight was at 9:45, i got there at 9:20. so i rushed through there and it was a lack of communication on my end and there's. ellis says frontier apologized for the inconvenience and offered to refund his flight. he says in spite of rocky ride back to las vegas - gizmo was their to help him through je: when you get a bond with an animal like this it's unbelieveable ellis tells us hes working on starting a foundation where he plans to use gizmo to help others...the way gizmo has helped him. foundation to follow gizmo
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to follow gizmo on social media go to his instagram page at gizmo the monkey. you can find jason's email on our website a teen reported missing at mount
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found. police say a 13- year-old girl was looking for a scenic view to take a picture with her brother... but when her brother turned around.... she was gone. it happened around 10-30 this morning on the cathedral rock trail. police say the girl was reported missing around two p-m. officers found the teen around 5-30 with a head injury and had her air-lifted to the hospital. flash flood warnings issued for parts of louisiana today as more rain is expected throughout the weekend. the devastating floods have ll at least three people... and displaced hundreds in what's being called a "major disaster." nat -"everybody is saying this is the worst they've ever seen." days of relentless downpours forced residents to take what belongings they could ..and travel through waist high waters to safer grounds. (kelly vessel / resident) "my heart is broken because there is so many elderly people here and people who can't afford to replace their things. and it's like the water is literally up to your waist so that means their houses everything in there is
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rescued more than a thousand people from their cars and homes.. fox5 spoke with one woman... rescued from her albany, louisiana home. (debbie kinchen/ on the phone) "it took i think almost 5 hours because they had to rescue so many other families." after declaring a state of emergency, louisiana governor asked residents to take all necessary precautions.. (gov. john bel edwards / (d) louisiana) "we're asking everyone to evacuate if you're supposed to do that. stay off the roads and if you have to be on the roads be extremely cautious." and the families evacuated are now forced to tough it out in temporary shelters. including debbie kinchen... waiting out the storm with about a hundred others at a local church. (debbie kinchen/ on the phone) "most people seem to be in a shocked stage just kind of sitting around, staring into space mostly... and um, i think it will hit later." debbie also told
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does not live in a flood prone zone... she does not have flood coverage in her homeowner's insurance... and won't know until the flood waters recede-- just how much damage is left behind. nothing like that flooding around here. nate tannenbaum is in for les tonight with the first look at the rest of your weekend forecast. get ready for a brief ride up on the temperature rollercoaster. we'll be near record highs for sunday and monday. the records for both days are 11 and the forecast high for both days is 110. we'll slowly see afternoon highs slide back down as next week moves along. we'll even see some clouds moving in by
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showers.if we do get rain we're not anticipating major accumulation, but we are expecting the afternoon highs to drop down to and even slightly below normal by next weekend. a metro police officer is behind a metro police officer is behind bars-- facing child pornography charges. officer "ruben delgadillo" was arrested friday and is now on unpaid administrative leave. police say delgadillo was taken into custody after search warrants were served at his home. he was booked into the clark county jail on suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography. he's being held on 25 thousand dollars bail. police say a man who was shot early this morning... may
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north las vegas police were called to the area near tonopah and stocker around 6 a-m. they say a 51- year-old las vegas man was shot on the sidewalk. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say a suspect is still on the run. and police are also investigating another shooting near washington and eastern. it happened just before three this afternoon. metro says a man was shot once by an unknown person. he was taken to u-m-c. that suspect is also still on the loose. police are asking information on either of these crimes to come forward. you can stay anonymous by calling crimestoppersat 702-385-55-55. an area of downtown known as the "homeless corridor"... could be getting some major changes to curb the problem of homelessness in the valley. dozens of locals came out to a brainstorming session to talk about ways to help the homeless in that area. possible ideas include a campus for homeless services... a place for street- dwellers to store
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talk about increasing lighting... pathways to shelters... and a quick-care clinic. summer's almost over! kids and parents are getting ready to head back to school. and a number of events around the valley can help you get your students prepared! and some pirates made their way down the colorado river. but it's not quite ships they were sailing. the elaborate detailing that went into these party boats. plus... a weather-maker that's out of this world! where this and how it swirled its way off the ground! you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas.
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meadows mall. and they want to hire you! curacao (cura- sow) is a unique department store that focuses on celebrating hispanic culture. they sell a
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like electronics... furniture and cell phones. they also offer export services for those who want to send goods to family in central america and mexico. they're looking for bilingual folks , fluent in english and spanish to fill 150 full and part time positions. today kicked off the first day of their hiring event. "we're also looking for someone that has customer service...customer centricity. persons that have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, so people that are willing and happy to sell and have customer service. the hiring event continues tomorrow from 10 a-m to 6 p-m. they will also have an employment center set up through next month. the clark county school district wants to make sure your student is ready to hit the books. they're holding a number of back to school fairs and immunization shot clinics all month long. they are free and open to the public. the fair acts as a one stop shop for parents to get info and resources on: transportation...
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family services. and the shot clinic lets you get all required immunizations taken care of. (betsy vandeusen/ immunize nevada, director of development & strategic partnerships ) "nevada requires certain immunizations for kids going into 7th grade or kindergarten, or if you're new to the state and just starting school here in nevada." the next back to school fairs will be held next saturday at the boulevard mall... and the following saturday in downtown summerlin. another back to school event is helping families with medical services and immunizations. elks lodge hosted their fourth annual back to school health fair. it's one of the largest healthcare and resource fairs for children with developmental disabilities in the valley. pediatricians and mobile clinics were there to give medical... dental... and vision screenings. kids also got backpacks and school supplies. nearly 30 thousand people floated down the colorado river today.... as part of the "bullhead city river regatta." the event is in it's 10th year running...
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was"pirates of the colorado". party-people drifted down the river from laughlin to bullhead city on everything from simple rafts to elaborate floats. there were even contests for mister and misses regatta.... and best regatta cocktail. as if tornados weren't scary enough. you have got to see this next video. this is a fire tornado - or 'fire-nado' for short. the video was taken near portland by the cornelius fire department. so how does a fire let's ask our own nate tannenbaum..... wildfires can sometimes create its own wind... and that can turn into a spinning vortex of flames like you see right
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now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) get ready for a brief ride up on the temperature rollercoaster. we'll be near record highs for sunday and monday. the records for th days are 11 and the forecast high for both days is 110. we'll slowly see afternoon highs slide back down as next week moves along. we'll even see some clouds moving in by wednesday and
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slight chances for showers.if we do get rain we're not anticipating major accumulation, but we are expecting the afternoon highs to drop down to and even slightly below normal by next weekend. closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly demi lovato and
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performing tonight at the m- g-m grand. but they're bringing a special group along on tour. mike bayer of the cast centers played a large role in helping lovato overcome issues with mental health and substance abuse. his goal is to open the conversation to everyone... not just those struggling with mental illness. bayer says mental health care is important for everyone. "my goal is to eventually get schools to have a course on self empowerment where it's respected and graded as high as your algebra test. it seems more reasonable to me, i don't know why in life there's more value put into memorizing than being a better person" bayer and the cast centers hold a pre-concert event to talk about mental health to bring personal
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the road. he believes mental health check-ups need to become normalized and a regular part of everyone's routine.... just like going to the gym. thousands of dancers are bustin' a move! the hip hop dance championships are wrapping up at the thomas & mack.... we'll show you some of the crews two-steppin their way to the top spot. also ahead.. our local las vegas sluggers so close to the little league world series.... vince sapienza brings us highlights from tonight's game right after the break... di story? or wanna re watch one? easy. just download the fox5 app... we got all our videos you can even watch the newscast live.... the fox5 app is free in the app store. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes.
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then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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but in washington, congressman joe heck supports privatizing it... turning our savings over to wall street... and risking it on the stock market. heck's plan means billions more
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and they've donated over half a million dollars to his campaigns. those numbers speak for themselves. joe heck is a threat to a secure retirement, because he's part of the problem in washington. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. little league looked like they would be heading back to the valley early.. after hawaii thumped em 8-0... but it turns out our local 12-14 year old sluggers have a lot more resolve than anyone could have thought... since that loss... all the las vegas locals have done is go 3-0... outscoring opponents 39-4 in the process..... putting themselves just one win away.. from a spot in the little league world series and a trip to williamsport p-a... go to houghton stadium in san bernadino.. 12- thousand on hand for the west finals between mountain ridge.. and park view little league out of chula vista.... bottom four... bases loaded......las vegas having some
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defensive end... four errors on the day.. two in the inning.. costing them a run.. 1-0 park view...... fast forward to the top of the sixth.... mountain ridges hunter kubrick.. with a leadoff single.. why is that important.. because it was there only hit of the game..... couple batters later.. park views victor lizarraga whiffs his 12th batter of the game... and sends the las vegans home 1-0... and it seems more and more likely the silver state.. will be getting the silver and black..... the raiders sent team reps to reno this week.. touring possible locations for training camp facilities....and the cooler temps in the summer months make sense... raiders staff say.. they these are preliminary meetings but while we wait for an n-f-l team in the valley... the rams returned to l-a for the first time in 22 years..... so how do the visiting cowboys welcome the fans back to the coliseum?....with a little bit of luck... lucky whitehead takes the opening kickoff 101 yards tot he house.... silents the crowd... gives the roadies a 7-0 lead.....
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prescott.. the 135th overall pick in this past draft... dropping dimes in buckets....terranc e williams 32 yards.. 2nd t-d toss od the day....21-7 boys... as for the number one overall pick.. jared gofff.. he did not have as good a debut... 4/9 for 38 yards.. this pick... rams fall and day eight of the olympics is in the books... here is a look at how the locals are faring in rio..... palo verde grad cody miller got the party started last week... bringing home the bronze in the 100 meter breast stroke.. and after day three at the olympic golf course......former u-n-l-v rebel alex cejka is tied for 26th heading into the final round... looking ahead to this week... bishop gorman standout vashti cunningham will compete in the womens high jump this 18... she becomes the youngest u-s olympian sinc e 1980... and also this week green valley high product connor fields will compete in cycling b-m-x... and here is a quick look at the medal count after eight day... the good old united states of
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white and blue things.. like winning...60 total medals...24 golds... 18.. silver.. and 18 bronze... another group looking for a medal ! it's no olympic gold.... but it could be platinum and white gold... we'll take you to the hip hop dance championships at the thomas & mack.. is this heat killing your car batteries? where you can test them free... coming up. you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. a monkey caused quite the stir for
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flight. and now we're hearing from the passenger who brought him on board. fox5's abby theodros joins us live in the studio after talking with jason ellis and his monkey gizmo. and abby--he's telling you this whole ordeal started as a misunderstanding,
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has the documentation to prove it. jason ellis tells me his pet marmoset gizmo is an emotional support animal and he went through the proper channels at the airport but the airline itself wasnt aware take a look at this video of ellis and gizmo going through t-s-a at john glen international airport in columbus ohio. ellis says t-s-a and the ticketing clerks didnt give him any problems. but frontier airlines says that the monkey was concealed in a duffle bag when it was brought on board the flight they say thats why their crew was so surprised and reacted the way they did. we caught up with ellis earlier's what he had to say about the ordeal jason ellis: "my flight was at 9:45 i showed up at 9:20. i rushed through there and it was a little lack of communication on my end and theres. he was in a concealed bag that looks like a handbag. " ellis has had gizmo for 4 years. he's about 6 inches in length and a very well mannered pet. ellis tells me gizmo has helped him cope with a learning
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says he calms him down when he's overwhelmed. ellis is working on starting a foundation where he plans to use gizmo to help others in the same way gizmo has helped him. the world hip hop dance championships are the world hip hop dance championships are wrapping up tonight. championships are wrapping up tonight. (music playing) 50 countries have been competing since last week including china... nepal... and the dominican republic. they're competing to de-throne the reigning champs from new zealand.... south korea... and japan. thousands came out to support their favorite crews at the thomas and mack. crews are judged by a panel trained by hip hop international... the group focuses on the positive elements
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with a goal of uniting the world of hip hop through dance. triple a wants to make sure you stay safe on the road this summer. they'll be testing your car batteries for free this month. "we're testing the batteries. we're doing what we call a full electrical systems test. it tests the battery...the starter and the alternator. triple a says the summer heat really takes a toll on your batteries... and that it's important to keep up with maintenence on your car...especially when it's hot out. the batter with a three year replacement warranty and three year pro rate. triple a will also be at the boulevard mall next weekend... and the following saturday at downtown summerlin. british actor kenny baker - who starred as r2-d2 in six "star wars films," has died after a long illness. baker was 81. he became a household name in 1977 when he took on the role of the robot in the first star wars film alongside anthony daniels's c-3po character.
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empire strikes back" and "return of the jedi," and also appeared in three "star wars" prequels. the actor's other films included "time bandits" and "flash gordon." as nasa's shuttle program turns 40... astronauts, scientists, and engineers are celebrating a new space milestone - even as they look back to the founding of the program. fox news anchor jon scott has more. nats: in:two, one, zero america will continue the dream america's space program hitting two major milestones as we get near the 40th anniversary since the first space shuttle rolled out in 1976 now, as millions of americans celebrated our country's 240th birthday this past fourth of july nasa's space probe juno successfully entered jupiter's atmosphere 5 years after it left on its missionit is now orbiting the planet as we stand here today ((nasa presser sot: we're in orbit, we conquered jupiter)) massimino says: "gonna be going into orbit around
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planet. and by learning about that planet, it's gonna tell us about our planet, and answering the big questions. there's only a few big questions left, i think. like where did we come from? how did we get here? why are we here, and where do we go after we're done?" how it all startedthe enterprise shuttle, took to the skies during its first flight in 1977... i decided to pay a visit to one of the most magnificent vehicles in america's history as it sits inside the intrepid, the sea, air and space museum. we all witnessed history happen right before our eyes, as the enterprise flew on top of a 747 aircraft with new york city landmarks as background marking the end of an era. the shuttle has a tail cone and it exists because it didn't have the rocket engines that were typical for a space shuttle
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flew that tail cone that protected those actual engines and also to give it better aerodynamics when it's flying on the back of the 747. ((butted to)) and then very fittingly, i think, at the end of the shuttle program, when the shuttle went into museums, like when the enterprise came to new york, they would deliver it on that same 747." jon: so this ship glided but never flew? massimino: yes. that's right. so space shuttle enterprise was the first space shuttle but it's also the only one of the space shuttles that were built but didn't actually make it to space. it was only used for test flights to test the thermal protection system th played a very important role after on february 1, 2003 the columbia shuttle disintegrated over texas and louisiana as it re-entered earth's atmosphere. all seven crew members killed. jon: so this was the ship that got the space shuttle program off the ground, but also got it back in the air after the columbia accident? massimino: yeah it got it started but it was also used as a test article. after we had the columbia accident and the investigation and were trying to figure out what happened, enterprise was called back into service. and parts of it were used in the testing to put together kind of like a detective story, you know, to see what had happened engineering wise in the accident. and so you can see some of the damage here, on these tiles. jon: that was intentionally inflicted? massimino: that was intentional, correct. now, 40 years later tourists and locals can be face to face to the enterprise shuttle, a vehicle far more technologically superior to anything else as it sits here on display massimino says: "i
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couple days, on the space shuttle atlantis, you know, we did know the shuttle program was coming to the end and i looked out on the nose of atlantisfrom the inside of the shuttle i could see the nose, and i thought to myself: this is the coolest spaceship ever built. it launches like a rocket, it becomes a space station for two weeks for people to live on, we were able to service the hubble, we were able to build the space station, and it lands on a runway like an airplane, like a glider. it's a magnificent spaceship, look at the size of it, it's gigantic, and it's reused again and again. i don't think we could have anything quite as cool for quite a long time." nats - kennedy sot 'i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him e mooni&thacaht tests man on the moon e mooni&thacaht tests -p flooding in another part of the country is underway. the latest from wisconsin... coming up. ever find a missing library book from years ago? one man did.... and imagine his late fee 40 years later! your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas.
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have surveillance video of a gunman who killed a muslim cleric in new york. investigators say the imam and his assistant were
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blocks from a mosque in queens today as they were walking back home after their prayers. law enforcement says the victims were wearing religious clothing at the time. but so far there are no signs their faith had anything to do with the attack. (kobir chowdhury): a family man has been lost and a scholarly imam has been lost and we are devastated and we want peace. (millat uddin): we feel really insecure and unsafe in a moment like this, it's really threatening to us, threatening to our future, threatening to our mobility in our neighborhood, and we're looking for the justice. officials also say they're investigating whether an earlier dispute at the mosque may have led to the shooting. police say the surveillance video shows the gunman leaving the scene with a weapon in his hand. prosecutors in colorado are upset with the judge in a college sex assault case. they say the sentence he handed down to a convicted rapist is too lenient. c-n-n's dan simon
10:40 pm
22-year-old austin wilkerson has been sentenced to 2 years in the boulder county jail. but there's a catch--- it's called work release an arraignment where defendants are able to go to work or school during the day--- prosecutors say it's too lenient of a sentence for a convicted rapist. (lisa saccomano/prosecut or) "we were hoping to see a prison sentence in this case. obviously we feel that prison is appropriate for someone who commits a rape of this natur particularly given the aggravated facts here." they were students at the university of colorado. it was march of 2014. a st patrick's day party. lots of drinking. wilkerson offered to look after the victim. instead prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her. court documents say when confronted by investigators, wilkerson said he made "repeated advances on the victim, but that she rebuffed him each time." he later "admitted to friends" that she was "passed out--- and "let his hands wander."
10:41 pm
changed. claiming that it was consensual and that the victim was sober. (lisa saccomano/prosecut or) "he definitely, in our opinion, as we argued to the court, throughout the process, has given whatever version of the story at that moment is being going to serve him." in the end, jurors found wilkerson guilty of sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. changing his story yet again, he admitted to his crime and apologized at sentencing. judge patrick butler, who also sentenced wilkerson to 20 years probation. said he struggled with the decision . "mr. wilkerson deserves to be punished, but i think we all need to find out whether he truly can or cannot be rehabilitated." the outcome immediately drawing comparisons to the sentence of stanford swimmer brock turner, who received 6 months in jail for raping a woman behind a dumpster. victims advocates say the legal system is failing to recognize the seriousness of rape on college campuses with the colorado case, being the latest example. (janine d'anniballe/moving
10:42 pm
assault) "in this case, we have kind of come to accept that light sentences in these kinds of crimes are the norm." prosecutors requested a sentence of four to 20 years in state prison... wilkerson's attorney told the local newspaper that his client had genuine remorse. it should be noted that the judge based his decision in part on a recommendation from the probation department --- which called for no prison time. wisconsin begins cleaning up after heavy rains cause severe flooding in some areas. authorities say in one area... five to eight inches of rain fellin about forty-five minutes this week. other areas saw ten inches fall in one day. the water flooded roads, farms, and left cattle stranded in fields. one family in gilmanton says the flooding has destroyed their home. laehn says: "it was just hard to see all of our stuff because we knew stuff got ruined but when you see the stuff just full of mud it's a lot harder." the laehns have lived in gilmanton
10:43 pm
sure how or when they will begin repairing their home. in total, six families were evacuated in buffalo county. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton ((weather)) get ready for a brief ride up on the temperature rollercoaster. we'll be near record highs for sunday and monday. the records for both days are 11 and the forecast high for both days is 110. afternoon highs slide back down as next week moves along. we'll even see some clouds moving in by wednesday and thursday leading to slight chances for showers.if we do get rain we're not anticipating major accumulation, but we are expecting the afternoon highs to drop down to and even slightly
10:44 pm
closed captioning will resume shortly a seven-year-old temperature rollercoaster. we'll be near record highs for sunday and monday. the records for both days are 11 and the forecast high for both days is 110. we'll slowly see afternoon highs slide back down as next week moves
10:45 pm
see some clouds moving in by wednesday and thursday leading to slight chances for showers.if we do get rain we're not anticipating major accumulation, but we are expecting the afternoon highs to drop down to and even slightly below normal by next weekend. closed captioning will resume shortly
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a seven-year-old girl is dead in colorado -- after drowning in a pool while her mother was allegedly shopping at walmart... fox's dave young has the story... the 7 year old girl was found floating face down in this pool thursday evening. by a man who heard screaming and ran to help.. another neighbor, a woman, showed up seconds later. young says: "that man pulled the child out using this pole while the woman administered cpr" within minutes deputies arrived and transported the girl to the hospital but it was too late. brooks says: "we believe the child was not initially at the pool that the child was left alone and found her own way to the pool" through interviews, police determined the girl's mother, 27 year old eve
10:47 pm
her and her six year old sister -- in their apartment while she went to the store. brooks says: "we do not believe any family members specifically the mother was home at the time when the child found her way to the pool and subsequently drowned.... " 13:55-14:03:00 according to the arrest affidavit, the mother first told police she was only gone a few minutes. but later admitted she needed a break from the girls who were misbehaving and was gone more than an hour. enriquez says: "you don't leave children with children you have to have an adult around especially if they're that young you definitely leave them alone" vasquez says: "you just don't leave your children alone to do anything and nothing is that important than your children" the mother's being held on charges of child abuse resulting in death. mussa says: "i never seen something like this happen but it's very sad very sad but the parents supposed to taking care of their kid but they don't supposed to leave them behind" the mother is being held on 50- thousand dollars bond -- and will be in court next tuesday to face those charges.
10:48 pm
india is drawing quite a crowd. the event features a 25- foot-high replica of the indian parliament- made of flowers. it's decorated with thousands of red, white and orange roses... and has become the star attraction of the show. 52 expert florists and 32 artists decorated the replica. they used - get this - 400-thousand roses. the ten-day-long exhibition will wrap up on the nation's 70th independence day - august 15th. jane says: "i know we do one in my country in england, but i have never been to see it. so this is my first time in a show like this and it is amazing.'' flower shows are held twice a year to increase awareness of different varieties of flowers, and to encourage people to conserve and cultivate plants. if you think you've had a bad late fee from the library... it's probably chump change compared to this. a book checked out of a west virginia library 40 years ago has finally been returned.
10:49 pm
dr. michael kelly.... returned the book to the library friday. kelly checked out the book titled, "so you want to be a doctor?" in the 70's, then left for medical school two months later. he says he was already considering a medical career -- but after reading this book -- he was sure. the library fine for overdue books is 10 cents a day which would bring kelly's fine to approximately 14-hundred dollars, but luckily for him there's a cap at 10 dollars. but upon returning the book f gave the library a check for 500 dollars while his friend gave another hundred. kelly says: "i've always been a voracious reader, i love to read, and i would go there, very often and i would just scan books, and one day i just saw this book on the shelf, and said hey." kelly says: if i get out of town and they don't take me off in cuffs, i'm gonna be happy!" the library says they're always encouraging people to bring books back no matter how long it takes. and still ahead vince sapienza
10:50 pm
the diamond.... a home run derbry broke out at cashman field tonight.. he'll have all the highlights next...
10:52 pm
for new york and their affiliates these last couple weeks.... the metropolitans and 51s have combined to lose 14 of their last 17 games... and totaled nine straight losses... even new yorks single a club... the columbia fireflies... they have lost five of their last seven... lets see if we could snap the skids this saturday night... start at cashman.... top of the first... tomas telis.. says go tell it on the mountain.. a towering shot to left.. 1-0.... very next batter... xavier scruggs.. this is not a replay.. i repeat this is not a replay.. back to back jacks.. both to left center.. 2-0 roadies.... but here come the good guys in the second.. kevin plawecki says i want in on the home run derby.. his seventh of the season.. this one to left.. cuts the deficit to one...
10:53 pm
darin gorski.. gives the 51s their first lead of the game.. puts it over the head of the zephyrs outfielder.. two come around.. it was all part of a 5 run las vegas inning... but it would not be enough tonight.. new orleans roll... go to citi field.. mets and padres game two of three.... former 51 jacob degrom trying to snap new yorks four game skid.... and simply put....degrom... was da-bomb tonight.... san diego sluggers lookin like they're trying to swat a fly.. grom went seven strong.... striking out nine.. giving up just three hits.. and one run.... but the run support was not there.. he would get the no decision... extra innings we go.. tied at two...where another former 51 star shined this evening.... bottom eleven....with two on....wilmer flores ground to second base... the throw home cant be made..... and the mets find the win column... 3-2.... "...they're saying now." who doesn't remember one of the best teammate
10:54 pm
remember one of the best teammate bonding moments in baseball history.... it was almost one year ago... when jonathon papelbon and bryce harper took part in a dugout donneybrook.... but the two best friends.. are no longer teammates... papelbon was realeased today.. as for bryce harper.. the las vegas high standout continues to sit out with a stiff neck.... a report came out that the reigning n-l m-v-p has been dealing with a shoulder injury for the last two months... but nationals manager dusty baker said those reports are not true... it was a rainy day at the xfinity series mid-ohio course... just three laps in....t-j bell hydro planes right off the track.... becoming just a stick in the mud..... but it wasn't all mother natures fault.. we had some human error as well.....lap 32.. erik jones and andy lally like two brothers in the backseat... knocking heads... creating a curfuffle..the caution flag flies yet again.... jump to the final lap.. justin marks who led for 43 laps today.. takes the checkered flag... his first nascar xfinity
10:55 pm
arch-enemies following arch-enemies following nintendo's release of duck hunt in the 80's..... this pair has
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mike: previously on home free... come check this out. mike: we started this epic build competition with 11 contestants. we'll build a new house every week. all with one goal. push, brian, push! mike: to build ten homes in ten weeks. -yes! -yes! mike: and win the ultimate dream home for their personal hero. i'm doing this for my momma. without her help, i would have never been able to kick my drug addiction. mike: and $100,000 for themselves. $100,000 would change my life. mike: each week, the houses have gotten better. the build has gotten tougher. woman: let's go, let's go, let's go! -come on! -mike, they're done! mike: and the contestants who couldn't handle the pressure were cut from the competition. lucy, come on! mike: last week, lucy was sent home. god has a plan for everybody.


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