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tv   FOX5 News at 600pm  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. closed captioning will resume shortly a nostalgic place to eat and meet along the i-15 is gone forever. the memories ripped away by the fury of the blue a nine-year-old boy is killed by a neighbor's dog -- while visiting a friend. what neighbors say the same dog did just weeks ago... and we hear from the victim's family. this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas rain was pouring down in parts of the valley this afternoon. some areas even saw hail! here's video sent from a viewer of the rain hitting hard in
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i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. there's a small chance of more showers this week. let's check in with fox five's chief meteorlogist ted pretty. we'll pick up at least slight chances of showers and thunderstorms through tuesday of next week. friday's high of 102 will also have slight chances of showers. those chances stay in the slight category for saturday with a high of 100. better chances of showers and are with us on sunday and monday with a return to the slight category on tuesday. highs will be in the mid to upper 90s sunday
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the i-15 is open in both directions in the cajon pass... after being shut down from the "blue cut fire". you can see traffic moving smoothly this morning on the i- 15. white concrete barriers have been put up... because the guard rails were damaged in the fire. the "blue cut fire" burning through southern california has destroyed an unknown number of buildings... among them the hist you may have seen this gem driving to or from los angeles. we have team coverage tonight. fox five's abby theodros has more on the evacuations... but we start with fox five's miguel martinez-valle to show us what's left of the historic diner. the historic summit inn stood right here off the 15, in what was once route 66 . this place meant different things to different people and now that the fire destroyed it all
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their memories (nats off top) the historic summit inn, one of the last gems from famous route 66... is no more the restaurant and convenience store meant different things to different people... to former owner cecile stevens the inn was his baby... cecile stevens , former owner 23: 20:55 "i've been through every foot of this building i know where every light plug is" stevens sold the restaurant not long ago... now that its gone, stevens holds on to what was. 23:21:19 "so we're here but we're just going to have to think of the memories we have here " to manager michelle keeney the inn was her home... michelle keeney, manager summit inn 23:05:41- 5:57 "everything i've ever done is up in smoke right now, everything i've ever owned is gone. it's pretty devastating she was on the clock when the blue cut fire started, and had to get
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manager summit inn 23:06:03 " i went back to the restaurant oft all the customers and employees out, came back grabbed a few things and i left myself " she looked back to watch 24 years of hard work burn. to neighbors like roger flynn the inn wasnt just a landmark, it was a gathering place... roger flynn, local 22: 59:59 " if we had any concerns or a public meeting it was always at the summit inn" 23:26:42 - 23:26:51 bridge: "the summit inn stood here since 1952 now i'm standing in its ashes. all that's left debris, shards of glass, and a few cecile stevens , former owner 23:20:48 " i didn't expect to see this this is more than i thought this is terrible" the new owners are planning to rebuild the restaurant... but for those to whom the inn meant so much, this fire didnt just take a building, it took a part of history i spoke to the current owner of the summit and she says she's planning to rebuild this place keeping the same route 66 historic essence that made
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ffn ll there will be a go-fund-me page set up for those who wish to help the summit inn. we will put that link up on fox five vegas dot com. some of the 82- thousand san bernardino county residents forced to evacuate have since been allowed back home. fox5s abby theodros joins us live near wright wood where the town is under serious threat... but not everyone is listening yeah more than 80k ppl were asked to evacuate since the fire started tuesday but a lot of ppl are saying 'hey this has
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before..we know what to do'. so we stopped by wrightwood ca - where a lot ppl share that mindset and have yet to leave even though officials have asked while most of the country watches the blue cut fire in awe - the people of a small town a few miles away have a front row seat. and they are not phased brian smith: we're fine this is the third time so i think we're smart in our decision to stay and we'll continue to do that until it's a true threat brian smith is one of nearly 5 thousand residents occupying wrightwood. he says he's seen enough fires to know what to expect.. janet prince: a lot of the homes are up at low pine canyon. and we're like yup the fire crew is there. your house is protected down the road along the hwy two crews battle spot fires that were reignited afer strong winds swept through the area. michael brown, fire dept: the fire set up
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highway..on the most northern part. it still has a lot of potential. and issues with alignment here. los angeles county battalion chief michael brown says hes covered a lot of fires but nothing quite like this. mb: in 26 years i've seen fire behavior. i've never seen fire behavior like this. and fire was spotting 100, 200 yards ahead of itself. brown says he understands the urge to not want to evacuate but he's encouraging people to leave. leo hordyk say he's prepared fore the w has to lh: we have insurance our cars are packed, and getting out of the west side of town from our establishment in the center of our town is about 6 minutes out fire for now has moved east away from woodward. if youre in need of help - you can use one of two shelters in hesperia and fontana. we'll have that
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our website. the pit-bull mix that killed a little boy has been euthanized... police say the dog attacked nine- year-old derion stevenson yesterday afternoon. fox5's eric hilt talked with the boy's family today, eric how are they
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derion's family says he was a very sweet little boy who was always telling his relatives that he loved them. they say he had gone outside to play -- and then about a half hour later they heard about the attack. derion's grandmother said she rushed to the scene and saw the dog standing over the boy. neighbor's tell me this isn't the fir the three-year- old pitt bull mix named left eye get violent... three weeks ago the dog bit another child -- and then attacked a dog. "we heard screaming outside and what we saw is the dog you know, trying to separate the pit bull and the little dog and the neighbor" one neighbor told me they were scared of the dog after that attack three weeks ago -- and if they saw the pitt bull mix
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i knocked on the dog-owners door -- nobody answered.... neighbors told me that nobody had been out that house since last night. soc derion's family says they plan to set up a gofundme to help pay for funeral expenses. a break in the case of a triple shooting.... and more than one person is being held responsible.
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suspects charged in the shooting that left one person dead outside a convenience store. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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two suspects have been arrested in connection to a triple shooting that left one person dead. police say the suspects have been identified as 18-year-old gerald fuller and 29- year-old adrian johnson. last month -- metro police released this video of the suspects at a convenience store. police say there was an altercation between the suspects and three victims... suspects walked up to their car and fired a gun. all three victims were taken to u- m-c. one person died... and the other two survived. police say fuller and johnson were arrested on tuesday by the dallas f-b-i violent crime task force. they're awaiting extradition to las vegas. a man has been arrested for shooting two men to death outside a business last year. 32-year-old james rachal was identified as a suspect. police say he was
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business when he shot and killed two men. the motive is still not known yet. rachal was arrested in california for un-related charges. a woman is wanted for robbing a bank on the south part of town. here's a look at the suspect. police say the woman was able to get away with some money... and no one was hurt. police say she's in her twenties... and wears baggy clothes.. anyone with information on this suspect should call police or crimestoppers. the number is 7-0- 2-3-8-5-55-55. (( weather )) 24/7 with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll pick up at least slight chances of showers and thunderstorms through tuesday of next week. friday's high of 102 will also have slight chances of showers. those chances stay in the slight
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high of 100. better chances of showers and thunderstorms are with us on sunday and monday with a return to the slight category on tuesday. highs will be in the mid to upper 90s sunday through tuesday. we'll pick up at least slight chances of showers and thunderstorms through tuesday of next week. friday's high of 102 will also have slight chances of showers. those chances stay
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category for saturday with a high of 100. better chances of showers and thunderstorms are with us on sunday and monday with a return to the slight category on tuesday. highs will be in the mid to upper 90s sunday through tuesday.
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your next uber driver -- may not be an actual person. uber is launching free public trials of fully self- driving volvos in pittsburgh this month. the companies are teaming up in a 300-million dollars deal to create the vehicles. they say this will
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that americans get a chance to ride in a self- driving car. so far -- there are six self-driving cars being tested in pittsburgh. they plan to have a hundred more on the road by the end of the year. one kitten is truly a road warrior. the trip it endured under the hood of a car! rachel up next on more access he's dominated the boxing world without one loss! but what floyd "money" mayweather's about to do next may surprise you! jason supergroup from carlos santana! why its being called the one you don't want to miss! rachel and fresh off her return to vegas! see what vegas headliner britney spears just did at planet hollywood residcency
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some of the 'all new' stories we are working for fox5 news at ten. a 9-year-old is dead after being attacked by a pit bull in a valley neighborhood. the dog-- known to be dangerous. we'll expain what charges the animal's owner could now be facing. the blue cut fire is continues burn.... but crews continue to gain ground. we have a look at the damage it has caused in just three days. a kitten finds its forever home in an way. the cat survived an 80 mile journey under the hood of the family car! kelly hawthorne and her family were ready for a road trip-- from clinton missouri to shawnee kansas -- when they heard meowing. they popped open the hood to find a six week old kitten. the cat ran off and they thought that was it. on the drive back home... the hawthornes heard more meowing. it turns out the kitten had never left! kelly says it was a sign. "well i wasn't planning on getting
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story surrounding this little kitten is too amazing for me to surrender it - i have to keep it." the family took the kitten to the vet and after the nod of good health-- the kitten was good t now on "more access" -- he's conquered the world of boxing but you won't believe what floyd mayweather is doing next! plus, before carlos santana returns to vegas.. find out why his new super band is being called one of the biggest groups ever then before the tour hits vegas why kanye west is "popping up" in our city! and britney spears back in a big way! see what she did that has social media buzzing! your access to las vegas entertainment starts now more's resident d-j is in the house getting the


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