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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  August 19, 2016 9:30pm-10:31pm PDT

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her home and to get something from her car--- seconds later her house was on fire. police say the mother suffered burns to her hands as she tried to get back into the home to save her 8-month old daughter and the family dog. but the flames were too intense. when firefighters went inside they found the family dog, named polo, in the room, with its body shielding the baby from the flames. the girl did suffer severe burns-- the dog did not survive. a woman and her live in boyfriend have been arrested in a severe case of child abuse in arkansas. police say a four-year-old girl was beaten and abused, and zip- tied to a bed. according to police documents, when dhs asked the child her name she stated "idiot." another child living at the house said the couple referred to the girl as "idiot instead of using her name." jennifer denen and clarence reed facing several charges, including endangering the welfare of a minor. documents also show reed
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the bed after he found her climbing on cabinets. (neighbor) "we didn't know why. we stayed to ourselves and they stayed to themselves."" neighbor) "makes me mad. not every woman can have a baby... if you have a child, it's a blessing." " the washington post, citing police, reports six children -- all denen's -- lived at the home. the four-year-old girl and an 11 month old were taken into the custody of the department of human resources. the remaining four siblings are in the custody of their biological father. funeral services are held for a floridia couple killed in a bizzare attack. "(jeff mishcon/victim's father) "they were a dream couple, and they were truly two of god's best children.' " john stevens and his wife, michelle were attacked in the garage of their home. the suspect--- 19- year-old florida state student. when police arrived.... the suspect was eating stevens' face. police are investigating whether he was on drugs the time
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an initial autopsy report revealed the victims suffered severe blunt trauma. a neighbor-- who tried to come to their rescue... was also injured in the attack. there are more confirmed cases of the zika virus in florida. the state's governor announces five new locally transmitted cases of the virus... bringing the statewide total up to 36 people. mary moloney has more on the warning from the c-d-c. (nats) this is ocean drive -- one of the hottest tourist spots on south beach. but no is a different kind of hotspot -- one for zika. (gov. rick scott/(r) florida): "we believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach. " the area is one and a half square miles. running from the beach to the intercoastal waterway. it's the second part of miami - dade county where local transmission of the virus has been found. (dr. tom frieden/cdc director): "the key here is to find it quickly and respond quickly. that's what we're doing along with florida and miami-dade county in these two zones where we've documented
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the head of the c- d-c says the high rise buildings -- and strong beach breezes could pose a problem -- when spraying for a type of mosquito that's notoriously difficult to control. (mayor philip levine/miami beach): "we are going to do everything in our power to make this city safe for our residents and our tourists. that's the most important. that's job number one for the city of miami beach right now." contracting zika is most damaging to pregnant women. the virus can have devastating consequences for an unborn baby. which is why the c- d-c warns pregnant women not to travel to parts of miami beach. and consider not traveling to miami dade county at all. (mayor philip levine/miami beach): "between our efforts and the county's spraying efforts, the last thing i would ever want to be on miami beach right now is a mosquito." the c-d-c says to prevent zika... use insect repellent with "deet"... stay indoors... and if possible -- wear long sleeves. olympic swimmer ryan lotche is saying he's sorry for his claims about an armed robbery in rio.... the 12-time medalist apologizing for quote- not being more careful and candid in how he
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alleged robbery in rio. the u-s olympian claimed he and three other olympians were robbed by men posing as cops... but authorities called them liars after surveillance video showed discrepencies in the story. on instagram.... lochte wrote 'i should have been much more responsible in how i handled myself and for that am sorry.' olympic organizers say they accept the swimmer's apology. as did rio's mayor who says he feels "pity" for lochte and three other american swimmers involved in an incident at a the weekend, adding that "they did not represent the american athletes that are here." swimmer, jimmy feigen was ordered to pay an 11 thousand fine to charity for filing a false police report. the n-b-a all-star game is heading to the big easy... the basketball league is moving the game from charlotte, north carolina to new orleans. the move comes in response to the controversial law banning transgender people from using the bathroom connected to their identified genders. the 20-17 all-star game will be
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february 19th at smoothie king center-- home of the new orleans pelicans. this will be the third time new orleans has hosted the game. his fashion is in high demand... and now it is available in the valley-- for a limited time. kanye west opening a pop up store on the strip... we'll tell you where you can get your hands on his merchandise-- this weekend only. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next olympic swimmer ryan lochte and his teammates went out in rio and got into some trouble, but lochte said someone robbed them at gunpoint. today he apologized. lochte-gate is one of the topics in the rant tonight, and it's coming up
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southern california are still battling the blue cut fire... that's been buring since tuesday. crews are gaining ground--- but a new fire just popped up--- requiring even
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fox's will carr has the latest. at least ninety-six homes are now confirmed destroyed... plus, more than two-hundred outbuildings... all as fire crews in san bernardino county, california continue to battle a monster four-day- old wildfire burning an hour east of los angeles. bailey says: "it was bright red - it was like a war zone" the fire has now burned almost sixty square miles... but, firefighters say conditions are finally allowing them to take the offensive. the fire is twenty- six percent contained. brown says: "i've been on the job nearly twe twenty six years and i've never seen fire like this." but, areas of concern do remain...the mountain town of ripe with acres of potential fuel...brush and trees that have not burned in seventy years. meantime, a new fire is adding to the challenge for fire crews across the region...requiring more and more resources. eliason says: "it's rugged country back there. very inaccessible. this is going to be an aerial battle for a long time. we're
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there best we can, but we can't drive drive any engines up there." the fire that's burned near santa barbara county...has consumed nearly six-hundred acres...and is still growing... prompting the evacuation of nearby campgrounds. joachim says: "we're going to leave as soon as possible. we're just going to throw all of this stuff in the rv and not just packing up the tent and not bringing it down and just stuffing it into the car and hit the road." (on cam) at its worst more than 80-thousand people had to evacuate from the area where the fire is burning near san bernardino. and as they start to return - they're also having to deal with looters...three people arrested for trying t truck. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. republican presidential nominee and his running mate... make a stop in louisiana.... to get a look at the areas- hardest hit with historic flooding.. trump and mike pence drove through baton rouge-- surveying the damage... the pair-- visiting local officials before joining in on the volunteer efforts- the nominee donated 70 thousand pounds of goods... then he personally helped unload boxes of waater, food
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blankets from a truck. "115-126 trump says: "it's a great place, i've had a great history with louisiana. they need a lot of help, what's happened here is incredible, no one understands how bad it is, it's really incredible. i'm just here to help, thank you." " some were calling on the president to end his martha's vineyard vacation to visit the area. president obama will be in baton rouge on tuesday. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll see 101 for a high on saturday with slight shower and thunderstorm chances. those chances increase for sunday and monday as a disturbance moves through the area causing additional uplift. highs for sunday and monday will be in the mid to
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tuesday with a high of 98. we'll dry out wednesday and thursday with the average high matching the forecast high of 101. we'll see 101 foa with slight shower and thunderstorm chances. those chances increase for sunday and monday as a disturbance moves through the area causing additional uplift. highs for sunday and monday
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upper 90s. slight chances remain for tuesday with a high of 98. we'll dry out wednesday and thursday with the average high matching the forecast high of 101. closed captioning
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not surprisingly, the naked donald trump statues that popped up around the country are making headlines around the world, and ranters had a lot to say. nancy wrote: the statues of donald trump are atrocious. the artist, and i use that term loosely, is a moron. mr. trump may not be his choice for the president of the united states, but he is running for that office and deserves the same respect shown to any past, present, or future candidate for the office. 123 watching the statues of trump, i think they're awesome! his face looks really good, and his hair almost looks the same! the body not so much, but it just shows a powerful man- caring, loving. 27 this is embarrassing to have donald trump naked. i'm embarrassed to live in las vegas and have this man
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like this. you would not put another president candidate- a lincoln, a washington, ok, now you want to put trump out there? that's america, to the world. are they now going to make a statue of hillary clinton too for the streets? that's only fair. why should she get jipped? now onto lochte-gate- friday olympic swimmer ryan lochte apologized for his behavior in he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint. police say a robbery didn't happen. robert wrote: he (lochte) embarrassed rio and the united states they should take his medals away from him. these four idiots down in rio that did this stuff are a disgrace to america, they're stupid, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for wasting the police department's time down there. they're a disgrace
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or i'm famous or i'm rich and famous so i can do what i want and no punishment is there. send us your rants to the rant at or call at 702-436- 8285 rapper kanye west launches dozens of pop-up stores around the world to sell merchandise from his new album. one of those shops is right here in las vegas! the temporary stores will sell merchandise from his latest album called "the life of pablo". around the country -- hundreds lined up early this morning to be the first inside. here's what it looked like in new york! one of the pop-up shops is at the fashion show mall in las vegas. the store offers bomber jackets ... hoodies... and crew tee-shirts with west's name and "pablo". some of the clothing has lyrics off the
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jacket cost about 250 dollars... and the t-shirts a hundred bucks! biffle says: "i mean it's yeezy, like... (laughs). it's yeezy. you just gotta get it, bro. i'm not even going to lie. you're in the loop if you got this. you're the man if you got this. even though everybody is gonna get it. you see how many people are out here? this pop-up lasts for three days. it's from friday to sunday, so everybody is going to get an item, but if you got that item, you're the man. so you got to get it. it's a trend. you got to be up with the time.'' the temporary store at the fashion show mall will open again tomorrow and sunday. in march -- west had a pop up shop in new york which made about one million dollars in just three days. the hip hop star will make a stop in las vegas for his "life of pablo" concert tour. it's october 29-th at the t-mobile arena. some of us may have snuck a few snacks into a movie theater... but a group of teens went to great lengths. how they were able to sneak in whole
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without using their purses.
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buying snacks at a movie theater can be expensive. so a group of girls in california decided to smuggle in their favorite snack -- watermelons! the teens hid half of watermelons to their stomachs... using duct tape and saran wrap. they even hollowed out the fruit to fit in some candy. the girls documented the whole thing on twitter... the teens say some people came up to them asking "what's the gender?". the group says they ran into an issue though. there were no
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watermelons. a movie theater employee snapchatted the leftovers... and says "who takes watermelon to a
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>> today on tmz -- >> ryan lochte has apologized
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says i want to apologize for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event. he told a story that never happened. >> the essence was he got robbed. >> that is not careful and candid. that's like saying i got to the office today via space ship. >> diddy and cassie. they broke up and the cops got involved. >> they were in a car and got in a fight i guess. she broke up with him. >> diddy allegedly jumped out of their ca her phone. >> her mom called the cops because he took her phone. >> this is legit 16-year-old breakup. >> i will say this though. news of diddy's new found freedom has caused like a stampede on twitter. >> meek mill got a new bentley truck. one of 75 in the world to get it delivered yesterday. $380,000 he paid for it.
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paid $380,000. >> he wanted power windows. >> kim kardashian on the beach. you got saint and then you got kim's giant butt. it's unreal. right? >> i don't care. >> something just happened in the room that was very interesting. i believe l.j. just muttered under his breath. i don't care for it. >> no, i said i don't care if it's real. >> it's ryan lochte starring in, hey, remember that lie i told that slandered the country of brazil and led to an international incident that tarnished america's reputation in the eyes of the entire world? well, my bad. >> he did apologize. here's how he said it. >> i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. >> careful and candid means you slip up here and there. he told a story that never happened.
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buds were waylaid by bandits dressed as cops when in reality they stopped at a gas station, busted up a door, peed on the floor, and were forced to payfor the damage. he tried to justify the lie by saying it is traumatic to be out with your friends late in a foreign country and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money. it is traumatic i'm sure. >> here is how to avoid that. you don't stop at a gas station, break stuff inside, and say screw you i'm leaving and not paying. >> could you cut him a break? >> no. >> just a small li into a huge -- >> it's more like he trashed rio. >> and he wasn't alone. tmz has learned soon after the incident -- >> the usoc met with all four swimmers individually and all four of the guys individually said the same story. >> which means it was a conspiracy. or as ryan would call it, not true we can all say. >> they were in the cab in the way back saying we are in trouble. we got to come up with a story. >> to be fair --.
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>> he says we got pulled out of the cab at gun point. >> technically that happened. >> they said empty your wallet. >> no. he didn't empty the wallet. they gave him $400. >> yeah. $400 worth of damage? >> it's called negotiation. >> is that a negotiation when there is a gun to your head? >> they were treated pretty well. >> i think we just broke our lawyer. >> ryan lochte? >> sorry. ryan lochte. >> the most impressive athlete in the hall of olympics to me? >> simone. >> no. to me it's always going to be him. he is just so impressive. more reasons to think he is super impressive. this is his girlfriend. >> wow. have we ever seen her? >> no. her name is cassie b. she's been talking about her pride saying this amount of pride is unfathomable.
10:01 pm
>> you think he's quick in bed? >> he's the fastest man in the world. >> you don't even know what hit you. like whoa. >> celebrity breakups can be fun especially when they call 911. 911! >> diddy and cassie broke up and the cops got involved. yeah. gasp. it gets gaspier. >> they were in a car and got in a fight i guess. she broke up with him because he got very suspicious and grabbed her phone and thought she was cheating on him i guess. >> ah. >> diddy allegedly jumps out of the car in beverly hills with her phone. >> yes, an alleged cell jack. >> cassie immediately went to the authorities. meaning she told her mommy. >> she goes home. her mom calls the cops because he took her phone. but then he brings the phone back and the cops show up and decide that there is nothing
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>> cops take off. so does diddy. now the whole world is mourning their breakup. >> news of diddy's new found freedom has caused a thought stampede on twitter. >> seriously? >> oh, a trampede. >> who do thoughts gravitate to more. di >> diddy. >> a guy with 500 million dollars, an up-and-coming star. >> okay. mix it up. >> does it work the other way like selena gomez oprah winfrey? >> i think you go with oprah. >> oprah is fun. she walks in the house and says, i'm home! yeah. then she says, come service mama. >> she wouldn't let you clean out her stables. so good luck, diddy. and, cassie, change the password on your cell phone, huh? >> out and about on the tmz tour i started the tour off with
10:03 pm
fans of and they were huge real housewife fans. we go by the ivy and i see heather and terry dubrow from real housewives of orange county. you come to eat here to be seen by tmz by the bus? >> that is so not true. by the way. that is so not true. harvey, that is so not true. you know it's not true. >> it is so true. >> there are some who say that's a true statement. >> it is so not true. really? >> oh, my god. so you love the lime light. don't you? >> a selfie? >> i actually have met him before, four years ago, because i took my friend in to get a nose job from him. >> so this show is huge? >> yes. >> who is the prime candidate --? >> come on. don't do that. >> i think botched has to be surgery that went wrong. i just have -- this is natural. >> great to get you guys
10:04 pm
you guys are hitting the world stage doing the tour. i love that. >> that's sticky fingaz of the legendary band onyx. you remember onyx. >> something like that. wait for it. sticky fingaz is in the night of. he's on the hit hbo show about the kid in prison who may or may not have killed a girl. >> hold on. one of the lawyers? >> nice try. >> the main character. people don't know this but he's a rapper. >> yeah. i know this. >> it's true. the main actor is also a big rapper in real life. >> wait. the -- r.m. malik or whatever? >> no. that's the robot. >> i love mr. robot. >> focus. no. we're talking about "the night of. >> when we say naz is a rapper the whole world is going to go yeah because naz is also the name of a really huge rapper.
10:05 pm
>> not to be confused. >> not riza. riz m.c. >> what a good actor he is. >> holy mother of chris so the lead of "a night of" is also a rapper. >> could we hear a frigging rap already? ? this is england the bridge we live in ? >> wow! wait. naz is from england? >> you think that he got is what it takes to go main stream in america though is the question. >> look. he's already burnt him. >> he's dope. that's my dude. >> you burnt him just like the dude who threw the coffee. that was me. thanks, sticky. >> hey, night of. what's up? >> kim kardashian on the beach down in mexico at joe's house. there are so many great things to look at in these photos that
10:06 pm
number one you got cute little north hanging out on the beach. you got saint who is not out very often. and then you've got kim's giant butt. it's unreal, right? >> it is huge. >> dude, that is thunder butt. >> but where's the cellulite? it is perfect. >> because she gets it filled. it's not real. >> look at that thing. >> something just happened in the room that was very interesting. >> what? >> i believe l.j. just muttered under his breath, at least if i could read lips, i don't care for it. >> no. i said i don't care if it's real. >> oh. i was close. >> it could be made of clay. i'm all about it. >> coming up --. >> meek mill got a new bentley truck.
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>> yes. he is one of 75 in the world to get it delivered yesterday. >> bentley trucks? >> it starts off at $297,000. but he paid $380,000. >> i'm guessing he's leasing this. >> plus --. >> colten haynes at l.a.x. he is very famous. he's in "teen wolf" and "arrow. the night before he went to a britney spears concert and she got him up on stage. >> tmz brought to you by
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>> coming up.
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>> meek mill has had some pretty great things happen to him. banging nicki minaj. getting off house arrest. banging nicki minaj some more. now, best of all, meek just got a free watch. did we mention it came with this new $280,000 bentley? because we probably should. >> meek mill got a new bentley truck. >> i didn't know they made bentley trucks. >> it is a bentley s.u.v. >> that just changes everything. i'm less interested. but go on. >> at least we're off to a great start. how much was meek's new ride?
10:11 pm
he paid $380,000. >> he wanted power windows. >> air conditioned seats. >> he wanted the cup holder. >> they threw in a free bentley watch. not a cascio but looks pretty solid. his particular model of bentley is one of just 75 in the world which begs the question, how the hell can meek afford this auto car? >> he's got a lot of money. >> just publicly he's kind of taken some hits in the last year and a half. >> yes, meek is financially fine. he's nev repossessed unless you count his freedom because, you know, house arrest. still --. >> i'm guessing he is leasing this bentley. >> don't you lease your porsche? >> whatever i do, i do. >> wise words from a defensive man. enjoy your new trek, mate. >> s.u.v. >> whatever. >> gigi and zayn on vacation in tahiti hanging out on this beautiful white beach.
10:12 pm
what i thought was funny is he sat in the kayak and made her push it out into the water. >> this picture is all wrong. >> why? >> you let her push the kayak. as soon as she gets mad she's like remember you made me put this kayak out into the water. that is exactly how it happens. >> you date the wrong girls, man. >> you say that all the time. then we ask a question is it weird to pay for a date with a gift card and you all go that's so tacky. >> not on a first date. that's weird. >> okay. i can afford a nice diner and that's it or i can use a g card and take you to spiga. what do you choose? >> i don't know. climbing through a bathroom window? terrible. colten, i o loved you up on stage at the britney spears concert last night. >> colten haynes at l.a.x. from "teen wolf" and "arrow" and wednesday night's britney show
10:13 pm
the hot hollywood guy whose name is on everybody's lips. >> what is your name? >> uh-oh. >> were you at all offended she didn't know who you were? >> no. >> that's good. because after pulling him up on stage --. >> did you know who it was? >> what is your name? for colten, everyone! >>ism' not offended at all. it was amazing. >> you are an amazing dancer. >> wow. brit may not have known colten before, but they're like besties now. did you get to talk to her afterwards? >> i didn't, no. they don't even have to speak. >> how does a famous person find themselves on stage at a britney spears concert? >> she thought he was hot and brings him up. >> he is a really good looking dude. >> whoa. wait till she sees his instagram. yeah. plus he's got those dreamy bedroom eyes. if your bedroom is a cage in the basement. which totally goes with brit's bondage thing. >> were you just plucked out of the crowd at random? >> yeah.
10:14 pm
>> oh, you signed up. >> i guess people can do that sort of thing before the show. >> guess it was this guy's lucky day. this guy. >> give it up for colten, everyone. >> there you go, brit. >> thank you so much, colten. appreciate it, man. >> abraham on the beach. you interested? >> got her in her bathing suit. >> am i interested? no. >> don't want to see her in a purple bikini? >> she's got a good body. >> i know. >> she is showing off the back door a little bit. >> it's just a thirsty -- >> she does what every other girl does. she goes in the beach and goes in the water with a cute bikini and actually has a better body than most of the girls who do it. you can't hate her. >> what is it you dislike so much about her? >> she was a very bad teen mom. >> it's going to suck when she rolls up and her friend looks at her and goes, dude, your mom is taped. wow. or in high school when the buddy
10:15 pm
>> that's what's going to happen. >> coming up. >> two big pancakes by aunt jemima ready to go. whipped cream. >> do they still sell aunt jemima? how do they get away with that? >> she looks a lot more --.
10:16 pm
>> jay-z hanging out with blue ivy and he's got his pink bubble wand. making the bubbles.
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10:18 pm
>> shockingly, we are about to enter season 10 of this television show and i got to get a new cup. i'm retiring this one. what we're going to do on monday, i'm going on facebook live with a bunch of candidates on the table and people will then vote. that will behe 10. a big deal, right? so it's going to be 10:30 on monday pacific time, 1:30 eastern time on facebook live. >> one guy, a bunch of cups. >> everybody loves the rock. >> okay. almost everybody. he's fun. he's kind. he's a great dad. but did you know he's also a big, bad cheater? >> i got two fatties sitting on
10:19 pm
i got a plate full of them. bang. >> he's banging pancakes! >> no one does it better than the rock. so he posted a video on snap chat. >> i am making my rock pancake. world famous. they are world famous rock pancakes. you should see the mountain of pancakes he's going to eat. that sounds good. >> well, hold on. because it's about to sound even gooder. >> i've got aunt jemima ready to go, the syrup, the whipped cream ready to go because i'm a freak but not that way. and i have the milk chocolate chips. not semisweet. milk chocolate is the sweet chocolate. plus sweet chocolate was my nickname in college. >> we bet it was because that's what he kept in his fanny pack. sweet chocolate, anyone? anyway, enough of the pancake. let's see him eat the stack. >> what am i going to do with all these pancakes? i got, what is that word? what? destroy them. >> yeah! >> did he show himself eating it?
10:20 pm
but this leaves us with so many unanswered questions. like -- >> did he eat them? >> we don't know. >> he didn't put the chips in the pancakes? >> we don't know. >> do they still sell aunt jemima? >> we don't -- well wait. we do know that. duh. thanks, sweet chocolate. >> coming up --. >> julianne hough posted a photo on instagram. it is her, nina dobrev, and their friend milissa sears with their butts hanging out. >> looks weird to do with your >> looks weird to do with your girlfriends. looks amazing. girlfriends.
10:21 pm
10:22 pm
>> closed captioning and other consideration for tmz provided
10:23 pm
>> julianne hough posted a photo on instagram that just blew up. it's her, nina dobrev, and their friend milissa sears all hanging out on a boat in idaho with their butts hanging out. and it is all crack. it is an extremely sexy photo of them. >> looks amazing. weird to do with your girlfriends. >> i've never been like having a beer looking at water with my girlfriends and been like you know what we should do right now?
10:24 pm
like, hey girls you know what would be fun right now? drop 'em. no. it's weird. >> well, maybe you guys would have a little more fun. >> i'll take the photo for you. >> no, creeper. >> i'm already there, dude. >> you know what? you are there. you're sitting there saying, derek, you shouldn't be in this. >> yeah. derek. let me in, please. >> oh, i want to put my hairy butt hole right here. >> who did those braids? >> you think i have french braids down my butt? >> dude, yeah.
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narrator: previously on "masterchef"... - a difficult cake challenge... - woman: oh, my god. narrator: was anything but sweet for alejandro. your time is done. narrator: as his masterchef dream slipped away. it has been a blessing. thank you. narrator: tonight on a two-hour masterchef... we are on a farm. gordon: go! narrator: the top 11 get down and dirty. farmers are starting to arrive. all: blue team! narrator: and while some dig deep for the win... - beautiful. - narrator: other... katie, chops on the plates narrator: to cultivate a victory. oh, my god. narrator: and then, the most shocking elimination. i can't eat that. narrator: in masterchef history.


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