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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a man is shot to death in his own home.. and police say, it was at the hands of his roommmate. we'll hear from neighbors in henderson -- who heard it all happen. officers find the body of a teenager shot dead in the street in north las vegas. what police say they think they know about the murderer... still on the run. metro needs your help to find this man -- a suspected robber who hit up a business on tropicana. the latest on that investigation, in just a few minutes. we start fox five news at ten with breaking news. i'm adam herbets. police are investigating a fatal accident near warm springs at east gate. henderson police say a moped rider was hit and killed by another vehicle. the driver pulled over and stayed on scene for police. roads are being closed off at warm springs near boulder highway. we will bring you the latest details as the story develops on fox five vegas dot com... and fox five news
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a man is shot to death in a south east henderson neighborhood. fox5's abby theodros (ted- rosse) joins us live at the scene tonight, on nevada state drive and the 95. she spent the day talking with neighbors. abby? a lot of people who live in this gated community say they feel safe. but that changed this morning when a man shot his roommate to death. laurie lucero,witness: we heard two loud 'bang, bang' gun shots. laurie lucero and her husband sam were walking their dog this morning when they heard gun shots in their normally quiet neighborhood. 10-22 sam lucero: what i thought was strange was the first time we walked around because we walk around several times, there was nobody there. so the cars just got there. and it just happened quick. a dispute between past or present roommates. the luceros say they saw two men and a woman walk inside
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then chaos 33-48 ll: i heard some lady scream. and i said wait a minute...i seen her come out and she walked toward the gate area not far from the house and made the phone call. evidently to police. henderson police say 28 year old michael lanunziata was booked on first degree murder. the victim - a man in his late twenties - died at the scene. you just dont like hearing gun shots going off in the complex where you live. its unclear what caused the deadly fight - but lucero says it looked like someone was moving out. sam lucero: they looked like they were finishing packing from a move..then we heard the loud booms. a lot of questions like what caused the fight..were these two men present
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with them also? police say they're still investigating. lanunziata is charged with first degree murder and is being held at the henderson detention center with out bond. this is the henderson police departments sixth homicide this year. lanunziata's next court date is scheudled for monday morning. a teen is dead after an overnight shooting in north las vegas. it happened around 12-40 a-m near commerce an that's where officers found a 19-year-old man in the street with gunshot wounds. police say he died there... and the suspects got away before they arrived. now officers are asking anyone with information to please come forward. they do not think the shooting was random. people in laughlin are doing their best to pick up the pieces after a bunch of homes were damaged in last night's storm. take a look at these pictures sent in by our viewer kim leon. you can see pieces of roofing torn off by high winds
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laughlin police tell us there was a power pole that went down near casino drive... where these photos were taken. that downed power pole caused a power outage as well. a few clouds were hovering over the valley today but nothing like the storms we saw last night. sam argier is here with a first look at the weather. captioning will resume shortly metro is asking for your help finding a man they
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metro is asking for your help finding a man they say robbed a local business earlier this month. take a look at these photos here. police say this guy robbed a business off eastern and tropicana avenue. he took the money and then ran away before police got to the scene. they say he was this black and red u-n-l-v baseball cap...a black shirt with the letters k-c-c-o and red nike sandals. they're asking anyone with information to call police or crimestoppers. that number is 702-385-55-55. a memorial was held today for a firefighter who died battling wildfires in nevada. thousands came out to pay respects to 26- year-old justin beebe. the service was
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hometown in vermont. friends remembered beebe as a tremendous athlete who had a passion for people and the outdoors. he died earlier this month fighting fires in the great basin national park. two downtown casinos will have to shell out 250- thousand dollars as part of a settlement. the nevada gaming control board filed a complaint against "the d las vegas" and "the golden gate" casinos. officials say the golden gate didn't have a papertrail for a five thousand dollar payout in january 2-0-15. the "d" las vegas is accused of giving a 25 thousand dollars loan to a customer without checking their credit. owner derek stevens says both were honest mistakes. it looks like the oakland raiders will have a lot more fans in las vegas this season. coming up -- we'll show you the newly renamed restaurant here in town... that can't wait for a change. the first day of school is right around the corner... how the salvation army is making sure students are prepared with all
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plus... hot for teacher! having an attractive teacher might help your student learn better... we'll take a look into the new study coming out of u-
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landing today after one of its engines failed in mid-air. one of the passengers took this picture of that engine after the landing. southwest says the emergency happened on a flight from new orleans to orlando. the plane was then diverted to pensacola, florida... ...but the engine failure caused the cabin to lose pressure, so t passengers had to use oxygen masks to breathe. the airline says the boeing 7-3-7 still landed safely and no one was injured. the plane had 99- passengers and five crew members on board. federal investigators are still looking into what went wrong with the engine. a new rule is looking to pump
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buses. regulators announced a plan yesterday to make sure large vehicles are driving at 60, 65... or 68 miles per hour. fox's amber lee tells us how. california law limits big rigs and any vehicle towing a trailer to 55 miles per hour. but it's not always heeded. now the national highway traffic safety administration is considering electronic devices that would limit 68 miles per hour. they'd be required on any vehicle weighing 26 thousand pounds or more. robert says: "it's a lot of weigh and then we got these cars that cut in front of you ., so if you got a certan speed that you can only go, it's easier for the driver whether experienced or unexperienced to be able to react quicker." robert has been a commercial truck driver for 15 years.... hauling goods to regions west of texas. robert says: "it's a good idea but in
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get to your destination in a safe manner." the government said reducing the speed of big rigs will bring down the number of deadly crashes involving heavy trucks---more than 11-hundred each year. troxel says: "anything slower in an accident is going to be better than faster ...yeah, i think it would be better." the proposal does not force older vehicles to add the speed limiting technology but considering it. this couple on a motorcycle says slowing down trucks won't make the roadways safer. duran says: "it can hinder the traffic ...the rest of the traffic by going that slow. a lot of people going 80 miles an hour on the highway ..and they don't want a truck going slow in front of them dave duran and most truckers are going on the two right lanes anyway." at roadstar trucking in hayward, the general manager says the use of technology can improve safety on the road. he says the proposal won't affect his drivers because his company's fleet of trucks already have
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that limits speed.... and his drivers are paid by the hour... he says this proposal would affect drivers who own their rigs. flowers says: "for them, time is money ...the more loads they deliver, they're paid by the mile ...the sooner they get to make their delivery , the sooner they get another load , the more revenues they can make for their trucks." italy held a national day of mourning today for the victims of wednesday's earthquake. political leaders gathered to share tears with the families of victims, at a state funeral. the disaster killed at least 290 people... and made a number of towns completely unrecognizable. thousands of survivors are now living in camps... after their homes were flattened. (bishop giovanni d'ercole) "the earthquake is like a plough when the plough ploughs the land. it breaks the land. it fractures the land violently. but afterwards a new birth and a new spring comes." three days later...the town is still feeling
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more than 6,000 people are still searching for survivors. now fox5 weather 24/7 with sam argier after a high temperature of 90 degrees on saturday, we're warming up with more sunshine in the area of low pressure that brought some showers and storms around the area the past couple days is now tracking off to our east. behind it, we're looking at mostly sunny skies for your sunday with high temperatures in the upper 90s. it will be toasty for students heading back to
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we'll have plenty of sun with a high temperature of 103 degrees. tuesday is even warmer with a high of 105. temperatures slide back down again for the second half of next week with highs falling back into the upper 90s. closed captioning will resume shortly the valley's very highs falling back into the upper 90s. closed captioning
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the second half of next week with highs falling back into the upper 90s.
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the valley's very first public school is opening back up after a twelve and a half million dollar facelift. a dedication ceremony was held today at the historic westside school... which back in 1923. if you were around back then, you might remember it started out as a branch of the las vegas grammar school. it was also the first in the city to integrate black students in the 1940's. construction crews spent the last 18 months restoring the four-classroom school. when it's done, it will serve as a meeting and office space. school starts on monday and the salvation army is making sure students are
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five's "take five to care" partnered with the salvation army for the s-o-s drive. donations were collected at different locations throughout the summer. volunteers gathered pencils...paper and crayons to stuff into backpacks.. today those backpacks made their way into the hands of some lucky students. "we're still counting all the numbers but in the course of the week since the fox5 take care to five event we've been able to assemble over 1,000 backpacks and we've been able to put them together and giving them out through the course of the we're giving out another 500 out to kids that are coming out here. the extra supplies from the drive will be donated to the clark county school district. do students learn more from good looking teachers and professors? if you said yes -- go to the head of the class. researchers at u-n-l-v designed a simple experiment using college students. they found that students remembered more about lectures that were delivered by professors they found attractive. the lead author of the study says it all boils down
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the raiders aren't in town yet -- but that isn't stopping people in las vegas from already claiming the team as their own. today fans celebrated the oakland raiders' preseason game at the newly renamed restaurant... "las vegas raiders nation cantina." but for a lot of was more than just a watch party for the game. andy abboud of the las vegas sands corperation says it's an opportunity to talk about the stadium proposal and it's potential. "but i think with the prospect of the team m they're even more motivated, they've found out this is an opportunity to come to one event, watch their team and learn a little bit more about the opportunities of the stadium to learn more about how they can get involved in the process. abboud says today's turnout got raider fans more motivated and hopes more fans will get involved in the movement to support an n-f-l stadium coming to vegas. it's a celebrating for the king of pop... and it's going on all weekend. michael jackson's birthday! we'll show you
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memorabilia making a debut at the cirque du soliel theater. it's a primetime saturday night for bishop gorman high school..... coming up in sports vince sapienza has all
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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trust me...i struggle saying my name properly just once...... football powerhouse bishop gorman... they entered the start of the high school season on a 39 game winning streak..... now the only thing more impressive than 39 straight wins... is 40 straight wins.... but to get there.. kenny sanchez and the gaels would have to get past the fifth ranked cedar hill longhorns out of the lone star state..... start in the first... it's the longhorns... avery davis... a notre dame commit... drops a dime in the back of the endzone for charles derambo... and you know were in texas when we see the johnny football money sign..7-0... go to the second.. it took a little
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offense to roll.. but it was only a matter of time before baggio ali walsh made himself known...the cal commit and grandson of the late..great muhammad ali...54 yards.. bishop gorman with their first lead of the game.. 10-7.... late in the half.. it's ali walsh again.. first it was stinging the defense like a bee...this time it's floating like a butterfly.. either way it's all good.. 17-7 roadies at the break... second where the gaels blew the competition away... ali walsh rushed for 198 yards and three scores...bishop gorman 1-0 with a 44-14 win.. apparently the best way to take a stand these days is to take a seat..... former u-n-r star colin kapernick is in some hot water after refusing to stand during the national anthem before san franciscos third preseason game against green bay last night......... in a quote ....the former wolfpack quarterback says he won't stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people or people of color kaepernick has
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during the star spangled banner in all three of the 49ers preseason contests.... check in with the team many are already calling the las vegas raiders.... taking on the titans in their third preseason bout..... opening drive of the game.. after a 68 yard catch and run to the four.. it's the bishop gorman grad.. demarco murray.. getting in for six a couple plays later.. 7-0 titans.... but here come the raiders....answerin g right back....derek carr drops... dumps it off to deandre washington who shakes free... good to see for raider n my fantasy team... 13th round pick right there... then a little bit later it's.. carr... my 10th round pick.. and backup q-b.. with another t-d strike... but after the u-n-lv volleyball playing host to the aggies of new
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rebels already up two games to none... pouring it on in the third set... ashley owens..with four a celebration so's taking three days to kick off! people on the strip are joining in to celbrate the king of pop's birthday. we'll tell you about the iconic suit now on display in town. and if halloween is your favorite time of year... we've got just the job for you... coming up -- where you can get paid for scaring the
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[jess]quality top tier gas helps protect engines from harmful deposits. hmm,wonder what that's like... hey! ninjas! step away from my engine.
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former roommate shot him to death. fox5's abby theodros joins us live near nevada state drive and the 95 it happened around six this morning..neighbor s we spoke with say they saw three people walking in and out of the home and a few minutes later gun shots went off police tell me it was a dispute between past or present roommates. we spoke with a husband and wife who were walking their dog when this happened. .take a listen to their close encounter with the situation. laurie lucero: "we heard two loud 'bang, bang' gun shots and we turned and he goes 'thats, thats gun shots from a big gun. and i said 'ya' he goes 'lets get
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any more are coming.' " this is the man police say fired those shots. henderson police say 28 year old michael lanunziata was booked on first degree murder. the victim - was a man in his late twenties. he died at the scene. police say they're still investigating. lanunziata is charged with first degree murder and is being held at the henderson detention center with out bond. this is the henderson police departments sixth homicide this year. lanunziata's next court date is scheduled for monday morning. the donald trump campaign opened up a new office in the valley this morning.... they called it the grand opening celebration for the "trump-pence nevada victory" headquarters. it's located near paradise and sunset road, but trump himself was
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yesterday... but then he left for lake tahoe last night. instead former arizona governor jan brewer was there to show her support. in cincinnati... nearly a hundred heroin overdoses have been reported in the last week alone. in fact -- one firehouse responded to 24 overdozes in a single day...more than 10 times their daily average. now law enforcement is working together like never before to find out what's in this new batch of heroin... and who's selling it in the city. to counter the epidemic, the county proposed a quick response team with a goal of guiding people toward treatment. "(april erion, drug addict) i am very sure that there are heroin addicts who are actively looking for it and thinking the people that are dying are doing it wrong. they're doing too much. they're not -- you know what i mean? they're thinking they're going to find a way to get high and not die. or if they die, they don't really care. but they're
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officials say they think a batch of heroin laced with elephant tranquilizers could be to blame for the overdoses. neighbors in a south carolina apartment complex are watching their backs... after children reported seeing clowns in the woods near their homes. shale remien (ruh-mean) reports. clown sightings, it's been the talk of fleetwood manor apartments. and it has most parents like donna arnold on high alert. (donna arnold, called deputies about clowns) "i thought my child was seeing things, and then the next day i had about 30 kids come up to me and say 'did you see the clown in the woods?" arnold says she called the greenville county sheriff's office for help -after her son and others around the complex say they saw the clowns behind this basketball court. "they finally sent people out here to check, they found some evidence." and one woman we spoke to off camera says these kids aren't seeing things. she says she was walking back home when she spotted a clown in this area here waving at her. (geraldine griffin,
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seen them out on the basketball courts, and that's what he told me, that's my great grandchild." these clown sightings are not being taken lightly. the apartment complex sent out these flyers warning residents and the scare has caused concern from a community activist. ( bruce wilson, community activist) "that's why am over here, to make sure law enforcement is doing something because we've have about 2 to 300 children out here and i want to make sure that law enforcement is doing the right thing." clowns might sound silly, but it's a situation parents are not finding funny and want the clowns caught. ( teresa robinson, resident) "just be extremely careful, you have dot your i's, cross your t's and at all times, if the situation like this and be aware times." it's not too early to start thinking about halloween.... especially if you need a job! fright dome is looking for more than 400 actors and entertainers. this year will be the attraction's 14th annniversary at circus circus. they held interviews this afternoon but it's not too late if you missed out. fright dome owner jason egan says he's looking for the creepiest and most terrifying cast yet. for those who
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egan is also looking for makeup artists, management, and promotional staff. the next firght dome hiring event will be saturday...septemb er 10th. everyone is asked to leave their creepy costumes at home, but bring a portfolio if you have it. the estate of michael jackson is unveiling new memorabilia to kick off the king of pop's birthday celebration this weekend. the unveiling ceremony was held at the mandalay bay this evening. this is the costume jackson wore in the video "smooth criminal." it will be on display just outside of the "one" theater. those with tickets to the michael jackson "one" show were treated to an exlusive meet and greet with members of the estate. "people want to be able to touch and feel stuff that was actually michael's, so we've got enough of that around now i think to keep everybody happy michael jackson's actual birth date is this monday. if you're able to snag tickets to the show this weekend.... it will also get you exclusive access to events
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celebration. someone has been leaving threats outside of a georgia police department. the bizarre display that's stumped the officers... and the charges these criminals could face if they're caught. plus -- a teen pilot sets a new world record. how many days it took him to make his way around the world. your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next
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an unknown future because the virus is so new...
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say the mother contracted the virus at the end of her first trimester -- while on a family christmas vacation on the island of margarita near venezuela... doctors say they saw abnormal signs coming from the mother when she returned -- so they performed an ultrasound on the baby's brain... now the mother says she's thankful her daughter's condition isn't worse -- calling her baby "a miracle child." gonzalez says: "she (mother) came here to find medicine to see if they can treat her or the baby and try to protect her. when she was here, she started to have contractions then here we are. she is (inaudble) with the baby. her frustrations come from the fact that no one can really tell her: can this be treated? what is going to be the long term, how she's going to do? they keep telling her that, 'we don't know', because the virus is to new and we don't know what is going to happen in the long-term with the baby." doctors say they will be keeping a close eye on the
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officers with a police department in georga say they're receiving threats... but it's a very different kind of threat... lauren bradley tells us how voodoo may have been involved outside the police building. (lt. emory randolph- tybee island police department) "it appears to be a prefabricated voodoo doll, it looks like those are the feet and the head has been pulled off and lying next to it, and then a lizard that appears to be cut in half that we believe is an animal sacrifice." randolph spotted this bizarre display early friday morning. (lt. emory randolph- tybee island police department) "to me it make me feel like we probably struck a nerve with someone when they are trying to send spiritual forces against us." police say they don't know of any voodoo community on the island. but they want to know who did this. (lt. emory randolph- tybee island police department) "i definitely think there is a pretty dark message involved - that somebody is trying to direct at the police department you know to have the head pulled off the doll it's obviously not a sign of a friendly
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charges --- they want to know who's responsible- and who could be a threat to officers. (lt. emory randolph- tybee island police department) "of course you know we're not disturbed by it...we're not afraid we're going to continue to do our duties just like it's every other day." randolph says wants people to come to them with problems -- rather then leaving threatening messages just feet from their door. (lt. emory randolph- tybee island police department) "if we do something to upset the public, we ask that they come and have a dialogue with us and not leave animal sacrifices outside the police department. it's a little bit counterproductive to our mission." police are now reviewing surveillance video to identify the person resp they still don't know what charges that person could face other than littering. heavy rains soaked the kansas city area... again... causing flooding in nearby kearney (carny). fire captain nick traub says two women had to be rescued friday, after their car got caught in high water. take a listen. (capt. nick traub, smithville area fire protection district) "they were very happy to see us and when we assured them it was safe to get in the boat they were very happy to be on the way back to the dry land."
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rescue a woman and her two dogs who were trapped in their car due to the flash flooding. now fox5 weather 24/7 with sam argier after a high temperature of 90 degrees on saturday, we're warming up with more sunshine in the mix on sunday. the area of low pressure that brought some showers and storms around the area the past couple days is now tracking off to our east. behind it, we're looking at mostly sunny skies for your sunday with high upper 90s. it will be toasty for students heading back to school on monday. we'll have plenty of sun with a high temperature of 103 degrees. tuesday is even warmer with a high of 105. temperatures slide back down again for the second half of next week with
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next week with highs falling back into the upper 90s. closed captioning will resume shortly a pair of stranded sailors are spotted by a u.s.
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after seeing "s-o- s" written in the sand. the u.s. coast guard says the two were rescued on an uninhabited island in micronesia in the pacific. that's when they were picked up and taken onto a patrol boat. the couple was supposed to arrive at their destination more than a week ago... but when they didn't show -- the coast guard was told about the missing boat. then somebody saw flashing lights coming so they sent the u.s. navy the two sailors were not carrying any emergency equipment. a teenager made his way into the history books by becoming the youngest person to circle the globe all by himself in a single-engine plane. lachlan (lock-lin) smart made history today, when he touched down at an australian airport. he had taken off from there on july 24th. smart is 18 years old, a year younger than the previous record holder, american matt guthmiller. a brass band - and an emotional
10:47 pm
out to greet the young pilot. "smart says: "so often we're told we're too young, you're not good enough, it's too hard when, with enough hard work, you can get there. hopefully i've started to prove that as an 18-year- old for two and a half years planning this trip around the world and now having completed it after many hours of hard work i'm trying to prove the sky's not the limit so yeah, dream big." the teen stopped in 15 countries, with a total of 24 locations, during his seven-week trip. still ahead in sports... it's time to say goodbye at cashman el vince sapienza is coming up with highlights from
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unfortunately for the's almost over.... las vegas sit seven games back of the division with less than ten games to go.... and anything short of division championship means it's time to hit the driving range...
10:51 pm
game at cashman field for ... fan appreciation night....elvis jersey the 51s host the salt lake bees... l-v showing how appreciative they are for the fans... already up one.. johnny monell singles to right.. that scores gavin cecchini....2-0.... next batter...travis taijeron puts it up the gut in center.. that scores eric campbell.....3-0... and right after him is roger bernadina who sends it to left.. and yup you guessed it also an r-b-i.... six runs in the first inning for las vegas... they end their season at home on a positive...with a 9-0 shutout...... check in with the big club.... the former 51.. noah syndergaard on the bump for the they host the phillies in game two of three..... in the second.. thor gives up a doozy... freddy galvis sends this one to deep right ... 1-0 philadelphia.... but new york would get the offense the 4th... mets up 2-1.. yoenis cespedes...he's pretty good at hitting baseballs out of stadiums...420 to left.. scores syndergaard and reyes.... later.. more thor... laying the hammer down.. he gave up just two hits in seven
10:52 pm
the metropolitans go full cheese steak on the phillies...12-1... go to d-c.. nationals hosting colorado.... we check in with the las vegas high school standout.. bryce harper... blasts one to the wall in left....good for an r-b-i double.. the 73rd run driven in this season..... now as good as that was.. his other three at bats today... were not.... tied at four in the 10th....harper.... takes a called strike three.. his third k of the day... and it would be his last a-b... the former wildcat gets tossed for voing and disagreement.... nationals get rolled by the rox in 11... 9-4... just seven days since u-f-c 202... and the fans are already wanting more.... unfortunately as much buzz as diaz - mcgregor part three is generating.... dana white has been more of a buzz kill this week....saying a third fight doesn't make sense.... he also mentioned that rhonda rousey - the biggest name in the womens division - will not fight at the much anticipated u-f-c 205.... go to beautiful
10:53 pm
f-c on fox 21..... start with the womens strawweight division....paige van-zant going toe-to-toe with bec rawlings... second round.. it's van zant.. looking like van dam with this flying head kick.... sends rawlings to the mat.. van-zant pulls out the hammer punches... and the dancing with the stars competitort comes away with a second round knock out win.... as for the main event.. well that one lasted just 110 seconds.... demien maia.. choked out carlos condit in the 1st round..claiming his sixth straight win... from the cage to the links.. third round of the barclays at bethpage state park... first tournament of the fedex cup playoffs.... start on 15.. it's the former rebel.. adam scott.. after two days he sat 26th.. but thanks to putts like this.. a 45 footer... mr. scott is climbing the ladder... one of six on the day... he sits seven under heading into sunday.... your leader heading into the final round... is rickie fowler who shot a 67.. with three birdies...he sits nine under..
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praying for rainy weather. and they've got an interesting way of showing it. the celebration between two creatures meant
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mike: previously, on home free, we began a mission to build ten homes in ten weeks all the way down home free boulevard. this is amazing. mike: and 11 contestants began a competition to win the ultimate dream home for their personal hero... maggie: my brother set aside his entire life to help raise me and support our family. mike: and $100,000 for themselves. this is the biggest thing ever in life i've ever done. mike: so far, we've eliminated six competitors. game over. but even though they lost... tim: you won this brand-new home! (screaming) mike: their heroes were surprised with the house we built that week. (screaming) (air horn blasts) mike: last week's strategy failed ben... you do not want to work with me in final cut to help beat maggie. no. mike: and he was eliminated from the competition. but for nick and maggie,


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