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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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live from las vegas it's time for fox5 news at 11. a homicide suspect -- considered armed and dangerous -- is on the run... after escaping out of handcuffs while being interviewed by police. how he was able to get away -- without anyone noticing. plus... hundreds of thousands will celebrate labor day weekend in las vegas. how drivers are dealing with the holiday traffic.. closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 11. local las vegas. a suspected killer is on the loose... hours after police arrested him.
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i'm christine maddela. police are looking for 25- year old alonso perez... who escaped custody and then stole a pickup truck. perez is the man suspected of killing 31-year old mohammad robinson in north las vegas this past weekend. fox5's vince sapienza tracked down the manager of the company who saw the stolen truck take off from his parking lot. he's live in the newsroom. john.. christine.... at this time police are still scarambling to find alonso perez... a man police are describing as armed and dangerous.. due to his history of violence.... the manager i spoke with said he shocked to hear..not only someone escape police custody... but the fact that dangerous criminals are routinely brought near his workplace... "we just had a truck jacked, and they said oh well we just lost a suspect, and we said you lost a suspect." the answer to that is yes.
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alonso perez. a 6-3 200 pound hispanic man who was last seen wearing a #21 dallas cowboys jersey. he also has a three inch "air jordan" tatoo on his neck. the prime suspect in a homicide that resulted in the death of mohammad robinson last weekend in north las vegas. police say they arrested perez at 10 a-m friday. only to have him break free at their detective bureau near the north las vegas airport. "when the detectives stepped out, alonso broke out of the handcuffs and then escaped out of the building." police say alonso fled west. where he stole a white 2016 ford f- 250 pickup truck.. just like this one. the truck belongs to sunbelt rentals... a business less than a 100 yards away. "i saw the truck take off out of our front lot and i knew it was stolen, because i heard words someone is stealing our truck." vincent linke... the branch manager... said one of his technicians was loading a running truck.. and it's there where perez found his opportunity.
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between that gentleman and my technician, was he looked through the window and the guy gave a what you want some trouble." linke tells me all his vehicles are equipped with g- p-s tracking. so he went online to find his truck. "got up to 80 miles per hour before he hit craig road, went all the way to ann road." "and ditched our tracking device at the lowes shopping center." "this is not something that happens hardly ever, at least in the time that i have been here, i don't ever recall an incident like this." i asked security was an issue and if the handcuffs perez broke were faulty. i was told they will be looking into that.. but for now.. there focus is finding perez. "we have a dangerous suspect on the loose here in the valley and we urge the public if you do come in contact with him take a step back and call local law enforcement so that we can come out." police tell me there are multiple agencies working this case... and that they have a few locations and
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he could be hiding...but would not tell fox-5.. as to not tip perez off... from the newsroom..i'm vince news..local.. las vegas... news..local.. las vegas... police tell fox-5 it's more likely that someone who is not a police officer will run into perez... before the authorities. so if you do see him.. do not confront him.. and call the police... back i a suspect escaped police custody at a northeast area command... and was on the run for more than two weeks. officers had arrested ivan mayoral for stealing a car on april 8-th. during booking -- he was able to free himself from handcuffs, walk out of the interview room, and leave the building without anyone noticing. mayoral was caught on april 24-th after a several hours barricade with police. hundreds of thousands are hitting the road for a last summer trip during the labor day
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las vegas expects more than 300- thousand visitors over the holiday weekend. many businesses along the i-15 are preparing for the crowds. some shops hired extra workers to keep up with the rush. drivers are hoping to navigate the crowds with technology. they're using apps on their phone like "waze". "you just pretty much type in your destination and then and it tells you if there's something ahead like traffic cops, and object in the road hazards, and you're able to interact with other people and say if you see a hazard." "trip adviso s more than half of travelers will be driving. labor day travel is also up ten- percent from last year. and this labor day weekend -- it's going to feel a little "cooler". we're dropping below the triple digit temperatures. let's check in with fox five's chief meteorlogist ted pretty with a look at the forecast. we'll drop below the 100 degree mark to start your labor day weekend with 98 expected on saturday. the big
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will be sunday and labor day itself with highs around 90 degrees. we'll also see gusty southwest wind to 30 mph saturday through monday. as you head back to work, we'll stay in the mid 90s with a few more clouds moving through on thursday and friday. last night...
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team started off the season. now the men's soccer team is in the spotlight. tonight -- unlv had its home opener. fans going to the games this year are getting more than they bargained for. fox5's kevin bolinger is live at the soccer field to explain. closed captioning will resume shortly
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly closed captioning
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closed captioning will resume shortly
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soccer coach rich ryerson will be vince's guest in studio for sports plus this sunday. that's followed by the rebzone with football coach tony sanchez breaking down the first week win. millions of samsung cell phones recalled because of exploding batteries. this comes just a month after their debut. how the company is handling phone replacements and refunds for its
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a fire at a north las vegas church is now being investigated as arson. crews responded around two a-m to the "holy trinity a-m-e church". that's near lake mead and fifth street. a reverend at the church tells fox5 they saw a person throw something with liquid at the door and through the window.... and that's what caught the drapes on fire. she believes it was a random act of violence. "we've not had any adverse reactions from anyone in the past as far as letters or threats or anything like that. so we just look upon it as a random act of violence that god's going to turn into something positive." crews say the fire caused about 10-thousand dollars in damages. no one was injured. "samsung" recalls millions of galaxy note sevens because of reports of them catching on fire while charging. the devices were just unveiled a month ago. samsung announced they found a problem with the battery in some of the phones... and halted sales in ten countries
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customers can exchange their phones for a galaxy s-seven or galaxy s-seven edge... starting next week. they will also refund the cost of note seven accessories... and give a 25 dollar gift card for the inconvenience. now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we'll drop below the 100 degree mark to start your labor day weekend with 98 expected on saturday. the big drop in our highs will be sunday and labor day itself with highs around 90 degrees. we'll also see gusty southwest wind to 30 mph saturday through monday. as you head back to work, we'll stay in the mid 90s with a few more clouds moving through on
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closed captioning will resume shortly strip headliner criss angel shares a powerful message with the we'll drop below the 100 degree mark to start your labor day weekend with 98 expected on saturday. the big drop in our highs will be sunday and labor day itself with highs around 90 degrees. we'll also see gusty southwest wind to 30 mph saturday through monday. as you head back to work, we'll stay in the mid 90s with a
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thursday and friday.
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strip headliner criss angel shares a powerful message with the help of a local mom. a look at the video he created about childhood cancer... as his two-year-old son battles the
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which celebrities appear in the remake of "where is the love"... to send a message about hate and
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headliner and world-famous magician -- criss angel -- works with a local mother on childhood cancer video. criss' two-year- old son was diagnosed with cancer last year. more's sean mccallister has an exclusive interview about the powerful video. we're not gonna take it. no we're not gonna take it. this emotional re-make of twisted sister's "we're no gonna take it" has been a viral hit. angel says: it's real and it's authentic and i think that's why it's
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two weeks. directed by criss angel -- the video features a las vegas mother who has made it her mission to save lives. kelly says: it's important to be a voice for other parents because they need to know that we can pull together and that we don;t give up.. kelly gonzales' own daughter fought childhood cancer and has been in remission for ten years. kelly -- says angel recruited her for the video... with two requests. kelly says: can you bring a picture of your daughter and can we shave your gonzales said yes. the resulting footage is powerful... kelly says: everything for me as i looked down at my daughter's picture was the thought of every dose of chemo. and the thought of crying in my shower at night so that she wouldn't see that i was scared. my thought at that moment was not
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was about all of these kids that are fighting and that lost the fight in the last year. sean says: people around the world know criss angel as this huge star. this huge entertainer. you've gotten to know criss the person. criss the dad. what is that criss like? kelly says: criss angel is an amazing person. when criss talks about the emotions of johnny cristopher being diagnosed and what it's like for the family, he literally speaks for me. he speaks for so many of our parents because the emotion is real. criss says: the most important things we have is our kids, right? your kids are supposed to outlive you and a lot of these kids don't have that chance. they don;t see their 16th birthday. they don't see graduation. they don't see their prom. "criss angel help" is being staged on september 12-th.
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benefit, angel hopes to make one-million dollars. criss says: right now we are not even half... not even a quarter of what we need to be at. people are aware of it, but it's a short attention span and if it doesnt affect you personally you become numb to it or it's not a priority. i understand that because i've been there in the past. but i'm telling you from personal experience. take it from me. these kids need this help. kelly says: we need need to say we're not gonna take it anymore. las vegas' own "imagine dragons" will join criss for this event... along with entertainment icon jerry lewis... actor gary oldman... and boxing legend mike tyson. the "criss angel help" celebrity benefit takes place on september 12-th inside angel's theater at the luxor. it's been thirteen years since "black eyed peas" released "where is
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reunited for a new version of the hit to send a serious message. "father, father, father help us. send some guidance from above.'cause people got me, got me questionin'. where is the love (love)" the star-studded remix featured jamie fox... mary j. blige... and justin timberlake. dallas police chief -- david brown -- is also in the video. it shows pictures from protests surrounding the shooting deaths of black men and police officers... along with the crisis in syria. a statement posted with video asks people around the world to stop the hate and violence. this next story will make you crack a smile. why this dog can't stop grinning... after nearly 12
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an american flag looks to break a world record. a pennsylvania company called "north american manufacturing" is working on the largest american flag -- ever. the project has been in the works for the past six months. workers still need to add the final stripe to the flag. they hope to have it flying later this year... but it will take two cranes to lift it up -- since it weighs around 400 pounds! a family of bears have a spa-day in southern california... and it was all caught on camera! the bears weren't bothered by the homeowner telling them to scram. kim hutcherson has today's "take a look at this". with southern california wilting in the summer heat... a family of black bears decided they'd spend a day taking advantage of the neighbors' hospitality. mom and and the kids had some quality time together... then she played lifeguard while the cubs practiced their swimming skills. given the size of that pool, you can't really blame them for being tempted ...but the owner wasn't pleased. (voice of danny brimecombe/homeow ner) "hey! i thought i told you guys to
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get out of here!" the bears weren't bothered-- they just went to another pool...after helping themselves to the local bear snack bar. i guess all that swimming left them feeling a little hungry. but a local dog was having none of it. this bold beagle let them know it was time to take off ... and they headed back to the forest. speaking of cute baby animals ... these two little leopard cubs just had their first adventure outside their den. the tiny twins were they're currently in the u-k, where visitors to the marwell zoo near winchester can see them and squee until they can squee no more. (nats) and rounding out our friday... a floridian who won't let a little hurricane-driven flooding stop his fun. he seems to be doing a pretty good job ... until he's not, but he gets an "a" for effort. a rescue dog's smile says it all. he cannot hide his excitement after finding his forever home. we'll show you the timeline of pictures since


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