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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 5, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's labor day... a day we pay tribute to the american worker and tip our hat goodbye to summer. coming up... how much cash you can save at the pump if you're hittin' the road. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. labor day monday promises to be sunny with light winds along with daytime temperatures that remain below seasonal. temperatures will start to build back to seasonal to above seasonal by next weekend. high pressure remains our primary source for the sunny conditions. we are keeping tabs on tropical storm newton as it heads
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coast of south america. newton will spread some clouds into southern nevada by thursday. the uv index for monday is 8 of very high. las vegas is packed for the busy labor day weekend. the l-v-c-v-a predicted around 307-thousand people will visit our city over the holiday weekend. the tourism push is expected to earn las vegas more than 206- million dollars in visitor spending. this labor day we're seeing some of the lowest gas prices since 2004.
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averaging 2- dollars and 20- cents today. prices are actually down 22-cents from this same time last year . according to gas buddy dot com. the lowest price for gas in las vegas is 2-09. and the average price around town is 2-dollars 41-cents. law enforcement is working with the rape crisis center to make sure we all have a safe labor day weekend. the "party smart" program works to prevent sexual violence by focusing on prevention and training. their main message is arrive at parties together... stick together... and leave together. uber is teaming up with the campaign over the labor day weekend. all day long, the ride sharing service will donate five- dollars from every ride to the "rape crisis center." new users can also use the code "party smart l-v" for a free ride credit of up to 15-dollars. labor day is a great time to soak up the deals. and this year.. there are plenty of great shopping discounts. amazon is having daily online deals. and best buy is offering up to 35 percent off major appliances.
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everything kenmore. forever 21 has discounted clothing starting at 5-dollars. office depot is taking up to 200- dollars off laptops. and.. if you just want to sleep this holiday there's a deal for that too. sleep train is offering 400-dollars off of select mattresses. olive garden is showing its appreciation for our local first responders this labor day. the chain will be delivering a big "thank you" lunch to our local community heroes. more than 800 restaurants around the county are participating this year. since 2002... more than 10-thousand meals have been served to our nation's first responders. in more local news. north las vegas police are still looking for a murder suspect who walked out of their police station on friday. alonso perez was arrested in connection with the shooting death of 31 year
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perez broke off his handcuffs and took off from the north las vegas detective bureau. anyone who knows anything about where perez might be is asked to call police right away. and of course you can remain anonymous by calling the crime stoppers tipline at 702-385-55-55. a sixteen year old boy is recovering after he was hit by a car near his home. fox5's abby theodros spoke with the teen and his family from his hospital bed at university medical center.
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his dad's home near deer springs and durango. jesus orozco, dad: he was walking to his car, he was about 3 feet away from it he was taking out his keys and he felt a bump on his back (butt to) he went underneath the tires and then next thing you know the first set ran over him - the second set went over him. orozco says the driver stopped at the scene but he's still furious... jesus orozco, dad: she said she was looking down..she looked down for a second. she's off the hook. they havent done anything. said it thats what theyre saying it is. fox 5 reached out to police for the accident report but they werent available. the family plans to pursue legal action ... but right now they're focused on anthony im just trying to hold on so that way he keeps going. abby theodros fox5 new local las vegas>> anthony was hit by a wreckless driver. his family needs help paying for this unexpected medical burden. if you would like to help the family... you can find a link to anthony's go- fund-me-page on the homepage of
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five vegas dot com. new this morning, the "maker movement" is changing classroom learning. public schools in the u-s are joining the educational movement which encourages students to direct their own education. they do so by tapping into their creativity and collaborating with others. students use a wide range of materials, from 3-d printers to simple building blocks to solve problems. the teachers observe the work... but do not direct the students. school districts in kansas and missouri have already adopted the program. its no secret our educators pay for supplies out of their own pockets. so now, teachers across the country are turning to online crowdfunding to get the classroom supplies they desperately need. right now, education donations are surging on fundraising sites "gofundme" and "donors choose." the republican and democratic presidential candidates will be making pitches in ohio today. donald trump will join running mate
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discussion with union members in cleveland this morning. after that trump will campaign at a fair in youngstown. hillary clinton will meet with union leaders and workers in cleveland later today. forecasters are tracking hermine as it shifts away from new york city. they worry hermine could become a hurricane again... as he churns in open waters. now the storm is putting a damper on labor day travel plans for millions. plus... pope francis bestows the highest honor on mother teresa. a look inside the catholic nun's
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fox5 news this morning with dave hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. "rip currents are going to get aggressive, even before you see any other type of outward manifestations. "there could, i repeat, could be significant challenges, but not limited to: loss of power, flooding and transportation issues." the remnants of hurricane hermine are still threatening the eastern seaboard this morning. forecasters are now calling the
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post-tropical cyclone. hermine still has enough power to whip up dangerous waves and rip currents. making beaches dangerous for swimmers and surfers during the rest of the labor day holiday. tropical storm watches and warnings are in place from virginia to massachusetts today. fox's kelly wright, has more on emergency declarations up and down the east coast.
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out here after today. the next couple of days you don't wanna be anywhere this place." meanwhile as the storm spins out into the ocean, residents are starting to assess the damage. the mid-atlantic faring much better than florida and other parts of the south... in many areas - the worst damage seems to be the economic impact - a normally-busy labor day weekend now quiet as tourists cancel travel plans... hoping to avoid the threat as the storm passes through. gillian says: "day trippers don't come. people that have rented think going to leave early friday, and not stay friday and saturday.' and people that are coming saturday say, 'i'm gonna wait until monday, but we'll rebound." (on-cam tag) forecasters are expecting hermine to stall over the north atlantic in the next day or so... but the storm watches and warnings will remain in place through labor day. in new york, kelly wright, fox news>> as hermine continues to spin away from the east coast... a new tropical storm is forming
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tropical storm newtom is headed toward baja california right now. the national hurricane center in miami expects newton to pick up speed as it moves toward cabo san lucas today and tomorrow. smoke from fires burning in california is affecting air quality here in the valley right now las vegas is under an air quality advisory. we shot this video sunday morning from our camera on the stratosphere. the ken fire which was burning along the 15 near the kenwood exit was fully contained sunday afternoon. which means the air quality advisory in the valley should be lifted by tomorrow. ((anchor chat)) labor day monday
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winds along with daytime temperatures that remain below seasonal. temperatures will start to build back to seasonal to above seasonal by next weekend. high pressure remains our primary source for the sunny conditions. we are keeping tabs on tropical storm newton as it heads north off the west coast of south america. newton will spread some clouds into southern nevada by thursday. the uv index for monday is 8 of very high. next week marks
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anniversary of the nine-eleven terrorist attacks. documentary tells the story from a new perspective. "and then i just kind of thought out loud and i's coming's going to hit us. of course we have seen the towers fall again and again in a series of powerful documentaries and t-v shows... but, one story still remains largely untold - the attack on the pentagon. "nine-eleven inside the pentagon" shows us for the first time what happened behind the walls of one
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on a day that changed the world forever. "there wasn't a lot of footage taken that day because remember this was the days before the ubiquitous cell phone cameras, they didn't have them. they were dvd camcorders so most of the footage you see was taken with those and the few that were rolling rolled really incredible stuff" "9/11 inside the pentagon" airs on tuesday at 8 pm on p-b-s. protestors gathered in front of the bellagio fountains in support of stopping the construction of the dakota acccess pipeline. "the las vegas tribe" teamed up with "the bee people" to get the word out. the group is afraid the pipeline will harm native american land... and the water supply in the missouri river. the bee people are a group of former bernie sanders supporters who's goal is to continue his revolution. protests have been going on for months. "we're worried that the pipeline would break and pollute the water and their
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useless forever." "over a hundred different native american tribes together, united against this thing happening. so this is the first time in the history of the united states where we've had this many native american tribes coming together to support each other." "the las vegas tribe" and "the bee people" plan to hold another protest later this week. 19 years after her death. mother teresa joins the ranks of other catholic saints. you're looking at the official portrait of saint teresa of kolkota. the canonization process normally takes decades or even centuries. kim hutcherson has more on the ceremony and the controversy leading up to it.
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nun devoted her life to helping the poor. (nats of pizza party) in honor of the new saint's life long mission.... organizers bussed in 15 hundred homeless people. they were given seats of honor at the mass and served pizza after the ceremony. mother teresa died just 19 years ago. some say the church expedited her sainthood because of her fame and reputation. critics of the nobel peace prize winner say her charity isn't financially accountable and lacks medically trained personnel. others have questioned the two vatican-approved miracles needed to fulfill the church's requirements for canonization... including the alleged healing of an indian woman's tumor. (monica besra, cured by mother teresa): "i saw a spark of light emerge from mother's photo and reflect on my tumour." (dr chatterjee, mother teresa critic) "even in india hardly anyone believes the miracles to be genuine, the doctors made statements to the effect there was no miracle." still by declaring her a saint...the vatican has ensured mother teresa will be remembered for
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i'm kim hutcherson reporting.>> a giant panda mama definitely has her hands full after giving birth to her second set of twins. the 19-year-old panda named "lun lun" delivered two cubs on saturday in an atlanta, georgia zoo. the cubs arrived less than an hour apart. giant panda cubs are born blind, and almost hairless. they are a little larger than a cell phone. the unnamed cubs are the first u-s so far this year. old man gloom goes up in smoke! coming up a fiery kickoff to a centuries old celebration in santa fe new mexico. coming up see how this giant marionette is helping people get a fresh start. "what was you reaction when you saw it?" "somebody's been drinking a little bit." who knew a crooked sideline could cause such
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media. more on the school district's
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new mexico over the weekend burning their
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the 92-nd annual "burning of zozobra" festival happens every weekend before labor day. people write down their worries on a piece of paper. then watch it go up in flames inside of a giant man made of paper mache named "old man gloom." last year... 48- thousand people attended the festival. a large elk knew exactly where to go after getting tangled up in a rope swing in arizona. a woman named debra woke up to find the distressed elk. with a large tire swing and log wrapped around its antlers outside her home. luckily for the elk debra is a veterinarian.. and she got right to work. "i went up to him, i cut it and he was free and it was amazing." debra says she had to use a pruning tool to cut the the elk loose. and after a 12- hour ordeal. the elk was finally free. debra says she's now known around town as
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now to a football sideline that is, well, out of line. this picture of a crooked sideline at a high school game in south carolina is going viral. now the school district is fumbling over the outrageously crooked line. dave jordan explains.
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tells 7 news both coaches discussed the sideline and that says steps are being taken to fix it. while the sideline will likely be the subject of online jokes and memes, there's debate as the lasting effect it will have on pickens high. (jim tomaras, restaurant owner): "some people might get it all in fun and hopefully they will, but i don't think it's going to be perceived that way." (brad whimpey, pickens resident): "i think it's all in fun and it's a funny joke. >> the school district says it plans to redraw the crooked sideline sometime this week. a nod to colin kaepernick. soccer star megan rapinoe follows in the n- f-l's star's footsteps by kneeling for the national anthem. why she says she got down on one knee, next. its hard to believe its been 10 years since the crocodile hunter steve irwin passed away. coming up. a look at how steve's only daughter is remembering her
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banning the sale of many antibacterial soaps and body wash saying the risks outweight the benefits. why you should consider switching to regular old soap, next. hundreds gather to remember a little boy killed by an alligator at disney world. how the community is honoring little lane graves' life on what would have been his third birthday. a utah hiker gets
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completes a major feat. how this hiker is inspiring others to never let anything slow them down. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones joins us now. labor day monday promises to be sunny with light winds along with daytime temperatures that remain below seasonal. temperatures will start to build back to seasonal to above seasonal by next weekend. high


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