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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cracker would sound like, is what it sounded like from in here." but from outside video surveillance tells a different story. "i thought it was all fake, to be honest with you til it was all over." scott lewis believes the man you see on this apartment security video is alonso perez. you can see the man pulling a gun in broad daylight and firing nine shots at the manager's office in late july. lewis tells me the man previously lived here at the peterson motel and apartments for two weeks. under what police confirmed to lewis was a false name. "he said he had been doing some painting and he gave me some paint supplies and plastic and tape as a gift, he was very nice, we never had a cross word." but that all changed a couple weeks later. lewis tells me the man and his girlfriend were arguing.. and as a rule doesn't let hostile people inside his office. (nats him explaing what happened) lewis did file a police report.. and fox 5 did find a
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fox 5 did find a case matching the description of perez and an incident on july 25th. but we have been unable to confirm this with police. when lewis saw reports of a suspect escape police custody he says he knew it was the same man who rented an apartment from him. "just blown away, it was amazing to me that the same guy on the news is the same one that opened shots at the office." "i though that he would have left, we figured he packed up and left the state, but obviously he is still right here in our own neighborhood." because of his experience...lewis believes perez is the most dangerous person on the street. and hopes by telling his story he will get perez back behind bars. "right now he has no concern for life, obviously for anyone else or himself." "now knowing he actually killed a man at a local
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broke free from handcuffs, he's probably not going to go without a fight." going to go without a fight." now christine.. adam.. due to the labor day holiday we have been unable to verify the man in the video is the same man wanted for murder. but the apartment manager is confident the two are one in the same... police say if you have seen this man -- do not approach him. instead call crime stoppers at 702 - 385 - 55-55 you can remain anonymous. man in arizona is accused of setting off pipe bombs around bullhead city. philip krikorian was arrested sunday - after a person saw his pickup truck and tipped off the police. witnesses say they saw that truck driving away from an explosion set off last month. so... police served
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bomb-related materials - and a gun. police say they questioned the man about a different pipe bomb that went off near his home last year. he was described as uncooperative with investigators... but he was not considered a suspect in that case. a fire damaged a mobile home early this morning. the fire started just after five, near sandhill and charleston. clark county firefighters tell fox5 it took several trucks and crews to get this fire under control. the home was reported to be vacant - and no still no word on how the fire started. police are trying to track down a driver that hit a woman late last night. the crash happened just after 11-30 p-m near m-l-k and lake mead. police say the car wasn't moving fast... but it drove off after hitting the woman. metro only described the car as a six to seven- year-old silver sedan. the vicitm was treated for minor injuries. if you have any information - please call the police or
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a busy labor day weekend is wrapping up here in las vegas. the l-v-c-v-a was expecting about 307-thousand visitors over the weekend. some of them... are on their way back to california. here's a live look at the traffic on interstate 15... near the state line at primm. as you can say.... there's heavy congestion that is currently backing up all the way past jean. fox five chief meteorologits ted pretty will join us live in just a moment... with a look at the work week but first - let's check in with kathlenn jacob.... at cowabunga bay. she show us that not everyone had the day off today. that's right christine, adam. this place was filled with people off of work and school celebrating the holiday. but... for some of us...the work didn't stop. in fact for some businesses... today is one of their busiest days. nobody's union here
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folks that are off today i think. the labor folks... because labor day was for the labor unions i believe. jonathan vitt is right. it all started with the unions... but now... it's expanded much further than just those workers... americans all around the country...have the day off to celebrate. "i'm very grateful because it allows us to have the opportunity to spend time with our family." but... there are those select few places where labor day is just another day on the job. "making fantastic chicken for everybody in henderson who's laying by the pool." the chicken shack doesn't close its doors... in fact... they had a line all day. it seems to be just another normal day here in las vegas. restaurants aren't the only ones that don't take a break. cowabunga bay sees one of it's busiest days of the season today. every holiday people come in and they're all happy because they're like 'oh my gosh, it's a waterpark. we're all together." so we get like the friendliest customers and it's just so fun to work with everyone. the waterpark has about 28 hundred visitors today... so they have more than 120 employees working hard on this holiday. i don't work all
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stuff to do at night. so i love actually letting these families have fun and being part of that experience for them to make it more fun for them. and it's those hard workers that family's like the croppers appreciate the most. thanks for working so we can play. thanks for working hard. i know its probably time they want to spend with their families but we really appreciate it, so thank you. all of the people working today that i talked to did seem to have that great attitude about it. so even though it was just another day on the job... and they had to watch other people celebrate... they stayed positive. reporting from cowabunga bay... kathleen jacob... fox5 news, local. las vegas. southern nevada has been breathing a little heavier this labor day weekend because of an air quality advisory. that's due to wildfire smoke from california. the clark county department of air quality on sunday
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warning for potentially elevated levels of ozone and smoke through today. several wildfires burning in central and southern california triggered the advisory - although unhealthy levels of pollution aren't currently occurring in the las vegas area. young children - the elderly - and those with respiratory problems or cardiac disease may become sensitive to any rising ozone or smoke levels. the haze isn't keeping people from celebrating labor day outdoors. fox five chief meteorologist ted pretty - joins us live from sunset park - where the sun has been shining throughout the day. ted? closed captioning will resume shortly we will stay very close to average over the next few days before warming back up into triple-digit territory for next weekend. the average high for this time of year is 97, we'll be between 96-99 through friday. for saturday and sunday, we'll see highs at 101 and 100. right now it looks like
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us on sunday and monday. overnight lows warm back up to the mid and upper 70s for the weekend and into next week. closed captioning will resume shortly another security scare.... at l-a-x. another security scare.... at l-a-x. what caused travelers to storm through security lines -
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checked. plus a major newspaper makes a presidential endorsement.... and it's not hillary clinton or donald trump. and - a car makes a wrong turn - and ends up underwater we'll show you how the driver was saved - just in the nick of time. you're watching fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas
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of summer - a time when most americans enjoy a cookout, a day at the pool ... or just a day relaxing on the sofa. well -- there's no relaxation for presidential candidates - or their running mates. kim hutcherson reports on a busy day - from the campaign trail. both republican and democratic presidential tickets -- making appearances in must-win ohio. their planes sat just a few hundred feet apart at the same airport. donald trump and running mate mike pence held a round-table meeting in brook park.
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nominee) "it's just a great place. and it's been abused, like every state. it's not like "ohio" -- every state has been abused by incompetent leadership." trump ... claiming that the media was biased in favor of his opponent. (donald trump/(r) presidential nominee) "the media is very protective of crooked hillary. very very protective." hillary clinton flew to ohio with the press. (hillary clinton/(d) presidential nominee) "i think it's pretty cool, don't you? you're supposed to say yes." she's been criticized for holding few press conferences. she did take questions at an event at the national association of black journalists convention in early august. some felt that it didn't qualify as a press conference. clinton's running mate -- tim kaine -- appeared at a labor day event in pittsburgh before heading to ohio. (sen. tim kaine/(d) vice presidential nominee) "and he wants you to hire him to be president of the united states? he thinks we're chumps." and senator bernie sanders stumped for clinton for the first time on labor day at the afl-cio labor day breakfast. (sen. bernie sanders/(i) vermont) "donald trump said 'you know, wages are too high in america.' now i don't know what world
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the candidates' labor day events clear evidence we're in the final stretches of what's been a very long campaign. i'm kim hutcherson reporting. a labor day weekend win for presidential nominee gary johnson the libertarian has been endorsed by the richmond times-dispatch in virginia... a newspaper that has endorsed republicans for the past 36 in an editorial published last saturday night... the paper said both trump and clinton lack the proper character traits to be president. they also said johnson should be on the main stage to debate longside trump and clinton on national television. president barack obama has become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the southeast asian nation of laos. he arrived in the capital - vientiane - for a three-day visit that's meant to close a dark chapter in the shared history
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rebuild trust. president obama flew in from china - where he attended the group of 20 economic summit. in laos - he is expected to acknowledge damage caused by a u-s bombing campaign across the border in vietnam during america's war with that country. he also plans to announce new aid to help clean up tens of millions of unexploded bombs in the country's mountain villages and fields. chaos at los angeles international airport over the weekend. it happened when police took a suspected car theif into custody. during the arrest - officers asked people on the sidewalk to move inside the terminal area. but - some panicked. "there were some people who were concerned for their safety and actually moved quickly through the tsa screening areas without being screened. so as a result of that, there were people in our sterile areas and a small amount of people who found their way out to the airfield." as a precaution - the entire terminal was evacuated... with
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through the security lines. l-a-x has another security scare a week ago - due to a false report of gunfire. tense moments in arizona... after a car drives into a canal. police say this car sped through a stop sign in scottsdale saturday night. the car hit a fence - and plunged into the water. crews were able to rescue the driver - right before it went underwater. he was taken to the hospital with serious-- but non- injuries. authorities say impairment was likely a factor in the crash. hurricane hermine - continues to move up the east coast - and is now only considered a post-tropical depression. either way -- take a look at this image from nasa. it shows the storm moving away from the carolinas - and heading towards the northeast. hermine rose over the gulf of mexico and hit florida on friday as a category 1 hurricane - before weakening to a tropical storm as
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authorities now believe that a third person has been killed in the storm. they say a 30- year-old man was trying to remove a tree that fell on a highway near cottageville, south carolina on friday when he was hit by a car. he died at a hospital on saturday. before that, on saturday, high winds tipped over a big rig - killing its driver in north carolina. earlier in florida - a homeless man was killed by a falling tree. now - the northeast is bracing for flooding - and winds of about 50 miles per hour. there is a possib there could - i repeat could - be significant challenges, but not limited to loss of power, flooding, and transportation issues the current models are showing moderate flooding at worst. so i want everybody to remain calm. / / hermine will be striking areas that are normally busy on the labor day weekend - like the new jersey shore - the hamptons in new york - and cape cod, massachusetts. the weather is looking quite a bit
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there has been a little bit of haze - but plenty of sunshine. let's check back in with fox five chief meteorologist ted pretty - live from sunset park. closed captioning will resume shortly we will stay very close to average over the next few days before warming back up into triple-digit territory for next weekend. the average high for 97, we'll be between 96-99 through friday. for saturday and sunday, we'll see highs at 101 and 100. right now it looks like southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday and monday. overnight lows warm back up to the mid and upper 70s for the weekend and into
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we will stay very close to average over the next few days before warming back up into triple-digit territory for next weekend. the average high for this time of year is 97, we'll be between 96-99 through friday. for saturday and sunday, we'll see highs at 101 and 100.ig looks like southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday and monday. overnight lows warm back up to the mid and upper 70s for the weekend and into next week. closed captioning
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before surgery? medication.... or a game of "angry birds". coming up... how technology is reducing stress - for children in hospitals. and.... why your next beauty medication could test positive.... for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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kids who are about to have surgery might be helped... by their i-pads! french researchers say playing games like "angry birds" worked just as well as the sedatives they normally use to make kids less anxious right before an operation. the study looked at 112 children between four- and-10 years old. the kids were randomly assigned to either 1. take a sedative
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i-pad... twenty minutes before receiving anesthesia. researchers found the tablets worked just as well as medication to reduce stress. the study also showed that i-pads helped to relax the kids' parents as well. marijuana is big business in colorado... and that includes beauty products as well. just a few months ago - three business partners set out to locally produce a full line of skin care products... all infused with topical cannabis...otherwi se known as "cannabidial" or c-b-d. unlike its cousin t-h-c... cannabdial won't get you high - but "c-b-d care garden" is seeing business go through the roof... with everything from lip balm to body wash - and deoderant. "we're 80% organic, 100% natural. we're all vegan. we're made here in colorado." we put plant ingredients, purest, in their most rawest form, completely organic and combine those plants with the
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"c-b-d care garden" was asked to be one of 26 products featured in v-i-p gift bags... handed out to all the nominees at this month's emmy awards ceremony. there's much more coming up in the second half there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. a major renvovation project is entering its home stretch. why the grass could look a little bit greener. t time you visit the nation's capitol. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. four years ago i was diagnosed with breast cancer but early treatment saved my life. so i'm really outraged that joe heck voted ten times to defund planned parenthood which thousands of nevada women depend on for cancer screenings.
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te funding for planned parenthood.
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live from las vegas. your only choice for live local news right now. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weathe24 chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining us for your only local news at 5:30. we have sad news to report tonight... the first woman elected to the clark county commission... has died. thalia dondero was 96 years old. the coroner's office confirmed today that the longtime las vegas leader and one-time commission chairwoman died sunday of heart
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first elected clark county commissioner in 1974 and served for more than two decades. during her tenure - she oversaw a mccarran international airport expansion and flood control projects. she was also later elected to the nevada system of higher education board of regents and served on the las vegas valley water district board. democratic poltical leaders... are honoring "the union movement" on labor day. senator harry reid says - quote - "the labor movement secured better wages, reasonable hours conditions for all americans." "it's tireless efforts put an end to child labor and built the american middle class." catherine cortez masto also took labor day as an opportunity to blast congressman joe heck for not supporting a minimum wage increase. the two are locked in a tight election battle to take over reid's job as u-s senator. the national mall has been undergoing a historic multi- year restoration project... that is now in its final stages. lauren blanchard is in washington - with more on a


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