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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now a quiet neighborhood shaken by an apparent murder suicide. why police think this was an isolated incident. the soldiers killed in an attack at a carson city ihop 5 years ago are being honored today. how a group of nevada guardsmen are keeping their memories alive. "thank you miesha, thank you for carrying me meisha, thank you for helping me." that right there is a big thank you to the u-f-c's miesha tate. why the former u-f-c star is being hailed a hero. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva.
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first - cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. lots of sunshine and fairly quiet conditions over the next few days. daytime temperatures will trend from below normal tuesday to above normal by friday. a drier airflow will be our main weather maker. to the east of us hurricane newton will move over arizona producing showers for phoenix wednesday night into thursday. for us some clouds will drift into our region. as we head toward the weekend triple digit
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return. the uv index for tuesday is 8 or very high. two people are dead in an apparent murder suicide in anthem. police say it appears the victim and shooter knew each other.
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is taking place in a neighborhood near anthem highlands drive and democracy. the henderson police department says officers were called to the home on blythswood square around 6 last night to perform a welfare check. when they entered the home, they found two bodies inside. both victims suffered gunshot wounds. a neighbor we spoke with says she never saw anything out of the ordinary at the home. "it's shocking it's alarming that can happen, i mean it can happen anywhere, but you never think it's going to happen this close to home." police say the victims were the only people home at the time. we're told the victim and shooter were in their late 30's to early 40's. the coroner will release the victims' identities. a woman hit while trying to cross lake mead boulevard has died from her injuries. north las vegas police say a motorcyclist hit the 47-year-old woman. the rider suffered minor injuries. eastbound lake mead was shut down at civic
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during the investigation. police haven't said if the woman was inside a marked crosswalk or not when she was hit. the coroner is working to identify the victim right now. a few miles away... another woman was hit by a car while crossing the street. this one happened late sunday night near lake mead and m-l-k. police say the car that hit her was driving very slow at the time... but the driver did not stop. the woman had minor injuries but is expected to be okay. call crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55 if you know who or where that driver is. the first woman elected to the clark county commission has died. thalia dondero was first elected clark county commissioner in 1974 and served for more than two decades. during her term....she oversaw a mccarran international airport expansion as well as flood control projects. she was later elected to the nevada system of higher education board of regents and served on the las vegas valley water district board. dondero was 96 years old.
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reid had this to say about dondero's passing. from her tireless work to improve education for nevada students, to her vital role in expanding southern nevada's economic and recreational offerings... thalia was a one-of-a- kind advocate for the silver state and its residents. in more local news... a fun hike on mount charleston ends in the hospital for one local family after their 6-year-old daughter broke her arm. the child's name is and this story isn't about her broken arm as much as it is about a random act of kindness. fox5's miguel martinez valle spoke to kai and her parents about their hero in waiting.
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struck... an unexpected hero turned up to help out. nats - tate introduction " she came up and she's like hey do you want my help im a professional athlete its no problem, i could actually use the extra weight in the work out. " but it was only once they started going down the mountain that they realized just who was lending them a hand. " and she's like well my name is meisha, and i was like hmmm, well it wouldn't happen to be meisha tate... and she's like yea, well this is an interesting day" tate is a former u- f-c- champ.. nats - fighting amber ellis took to instagram to thank tate meisha tate then shared the adorable video calling the interaction " one of the most rewarding days of her career" " the video's only been on instagram for a few days but it already has almost 70,000 views. giving the family some attention they just weren't expecting... " she'd have a fun story and a picture... i didn't expect anything from it" kai's been keeping tate in the loop on
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like anything, it only hurts, this much" and the family is happy the hiking accident had a happy ending.. " i'm eternaly greatful for her help" " thank you for carrying me down the mountain meisha" miguel martinez valle fox5 news local las vegas>> amber say's she's very suprised by how much attention the story got. she says she just wanted to share the nice moment with her friends on social media a korean war veteran has finally been awarded a purper heart for injuries he received in 19- 53. this is 82-year-old warren sessler. he was mailed an unmarked purple heart eight years after being wounded in the battle of outpost harry in the korean war. sessler says he couldn't officially claim the honor because it was not on his discharge papers. that changed when representative joe heck's office tracked down the missing papers...and presented him with the honor. members of the nevada national
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the soldiers killed in carson city five years ago. three guard members were killed in the attack, as well as a woman from lake tahoe. so... as a part of their tribute, soldiers and airmen will run from the site of the shooting... an i-hop in carson city to the guard complex across town. hundreds of nevada guardsmen stationed in kuwait will also run in memory of the tragedy. the memorial walk and run starts at 7 a-m. an unexpected tool is helping doctors during surgery. why health care professionals are falling in love with the a single mom swaps out her dress and heels for a nice flannel shirt. see why this mom deserves the title... mom and
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to relax, kick back and enjoy the day off. but for some of us... it's just another day on the job. fox5's kathleen jacob stopped in to check out how labor day boosted sales at some local businesses.
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opportunity to spend time with our family." but... there are those select few places where labor day is just another day on the job. "making fantastic chicken for everybody in henderson who's not working today, laying by the pool." the chicken shack doesn't close its doors... in fact... they had a line all day. it seems to be just another normal day here in las vegas. restaurants aren't the only ones that don't take a break. cowabunga bay sees one of it's busiest days of the season . every holiday people come in and they're all happy because they're like 'oh my gosh, it's a together." so we get like the friendliest customers and it's just so fun to work with everyone. the waterpark has about 28 hundred visitors ... so they have more than 120 employees working hard on this holiday. i don't work all day, there's still stuff to do at night. so i love actually letting these families have fun and being part of that experience for them to make it more fun for them. and it's those hard workers that family's like the croppers appreciate the most. thanks for working so we can play. thanks for working
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want to spend with their families but we really appreciate it, so thank you.>> southern utah's most majestic national park was packed over the labor day weekend. this was the scene at zion national park . this year the crowds were bigger than ever which led to long lines and hour- long waits for the shuttle buses. which run every four minutes. the park even issued multiple statements on its twitter page asking visitors to park in the nearby town of springdale. "its labor day weekend, its a national park ad its the 100th year. so, if they dont get a crowd now, theyll never get a crowd." "a bus runs every 4 minutes, each bus holds 68 people, and were literally having people wait almost an hour. thats a lot of people in this line." zion is the country's sixth busiest national park. the park typically sees more than three million visitors a year. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra
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lots of sunshine and fairly quiet conditions over the next few days. daytime temperatures will trend from below normal tuesday to above normal by friday. a drier airflow will be our main weather maker. to the east of us hurricane newton will move over arizona producing showers for phoenix wednesday night into thursday. for us some clouds will drift into our region. as we head toward the weekend trle temperatures return. the uv index for tuesday is 8 or very high.
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labor day speech was interrupted by incessant coughing.... something the presidential candidate jokingly blamed on her rival donald trump. now the trump campaign is weighing in with a few different reasons for the coughing spell. mary moloney explains.
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clinton's labor day rally was the catch in her throat. (cough cough) the candidate taking the break in stride. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "everytime i think about trump, i get allergic." (cough, cough, cough) the trump campaign wasting no time responding. campaign manager kellyanne conway tweeting: "must be allergic to media. finally spent a minute w/ them." (nats) (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "hey guys, welcome to our big plane! so excited." the clinton camp -- bringing the traveling media on board. (reporter): "have you missed us?" (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "i was just waiting for this moment." not to be outdone -- donald trump also invited a small batch of reporters onto trump-force- one. (donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate): "many of the attorney generals turned that case down." the planes within sight of one another at the same ohio airport. a clean sign the fall election season has begun. but for clinton -- fall also means fits like these (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "attack american institutions so...cough...can i
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blames on seasonal allergies. (reporter): "are you concerned about conspiracy theories about your health?" (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them that i've lost track of them." i'm mary moloney reporting.>> in today's health news, kids who are about to have surgery might be helped... by their i-pads! french researchers say playing games like "angry birds" worked just as well as the sedatives they normally use to make kids less anxious right before an operation. the study looked at 112 children between four- and-10 years old. the kids were randomly assigned to either. take a sedative or play with an i-pad twenty minutes before receiving anesthesia. researchers found the tablets worked just as well as medication to reduce stress. the study also showed that i-pads helped the child's parents relax as well. a single mom from texas didn't want her son to sit out a "donuts with dad" event -- so she dressed up for the part.
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vasquez and her son elijah. she sported a fake mustache... baseball cap... plaid shirt... and even a spritz of cologne. yvette says she didn't want her son to miss out... since he has had to miss school activities involving dads before. yvette said many of the other dads supported her dressing up. in a facebook post she wrote... "i know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine but it's life... at least i can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face." a new jersey boy is a huge fan of the police serng so he saved up his allowance, and bought them all lunch! 5-year-old "william evertz, junior" said he wanted the officers to eat a healthy meal. so he treated the officers to subway sandwiches. the officers were so touched by william's gift... they brought him a little police car of his own. a parade of police cars turned up in william's neighborhood to deliver the gift.
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smoke it... but now some people are finding other uses for pot. coming up... see how marijuana is breaking into the beauty industry. anytime you put your child in the car... parents follow one motto... safety first. in honor of baby safety month... we'll show you how to keep baby protected, on the
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tested positive for the west nile virus. the nevada department of agriculture's animal disease lab says they tested positive for the virus within the last two weeks. a state veteranarian says horse owners should vaccinate their animals to help fight the disease. marijuana is big business in colorado. and that includes beauty products as well. a few months ago three business partners set out to produce a full line of skin care products. all infused with topical cannabis... also known as c- b-d. unlike its cousin t-h-c... c-b-d won't get you high. "c-b-d care garden" says business is booming. they sell everything from lip balm to body wash... even deodorant.
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100% natural. we're all vegan. we're made here in colorado." we put plant ingredients, purest, in their most rawest form, completely organic and combine those plants with the benefits of cbd." "c-b-d care garden" was asked to be one of 26 products featured in v-i-p gift bags... handed out to all the nominees at this month's emmy awards ceremony. a connecticut daycare was im down after more than a million dollars worth of marijuana was found in the backyard. "i saw them building like something in the back, in the yard, for months. so it's kind of like a fort back there. i just thought it was a regular fence." police in west haven found 600 plants at this home. state inspectors found the marijuana growing in the backyard during a check and called police. neighbors say the couple who lived in the home kept to themselves. officers say no arrests have been made yet... but the suspects
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including risk of injury to a minor and operating a drug factory. september is baby safety month. as a parent... we all know getting your child ready for a long trip can be exhausting... especially if you have a baby. mary moloney shows us things to consider when shopping for baby's next trip.
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make sure your product is doing its job keeping your child safe (adrienne o'hara/babies"r"us spokesperson): "baby safety month is the time to think about it, but really all year long we want to make sure that parents feel educated and confident in those purchasing decisions." for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney.>> teeing off for a great cause. coming up... more on the motivation behind one golfer's task to play 400 holes in 24 hours. the commander in chief is now joining a long line of sports figures... defending n-f-l quarterback colin kaepernick's 'constitutional right.' the latest on the
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no concern for life, of anyone else or himself." an escaped homicide suspect is still on the run. this morning we're learning more a suspect's past run-ins with the law. labor day goes to the dogs. see how las vegas kicked back on a day dedicated to the american worker. helping others can come with a huge reward. why u-f-c's miesha tate is calling one simple act of kindness one of the most rewarding days of her athletic career good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to
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your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... meteorologist cassandra jones


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