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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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morning starts now several local families are waking up with nothing after an overnight fire damages their homes. who is now stepping up to help in their road to recovery. "people are coming through popping our door handles." "rummaging through and taking things out of cars." community on edge after a rash of thefts. how the community is now banding together to put an end to the crime. food delivery with the tap of a button. the power to fuel your body now lies in the palm of your hand... how you can get the food you want... when you want it! good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva.
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and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. daytime temperatures are back up for the remainder of the week, hitting 100 by friday. a dry northwest flow is holding on through the next few days. by sunday a closed low developing off northern california will create breezy to windy conditions for the start of next week. that low will also allow for cooler temperatures to flow back into the valley. the uv index for wednesday is 9
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breaking overnight... more than a dozen people were rushed from their homes last night after a huge fire tore through a housing complex. it happened at an apartment building at las vegas boulevard and serene. the fire tore through the building around 10 last night. it took crews hours to knock down the flames and evacuate the buildings' residents. the red cross is assisting around 20 people this morning. we'll have live reports from the
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5 a-m. the hunt for an escaped homicide suspect has ended. alonso perez is now in police custody. police caught up with perez at a home near charleston and pecos around 8 last night. a 10 member... multi agency f-b-i task force was involved in the arrest. perez was taken back into custody without incident. the four day manhunt started friday... when north las vegas police said perez broke through his handcuffs and escaped police custody. perez was found 8 miles away from the north las vegas detective bureau on cheyenne near simmons. police need your help finding the suspects who shot and killed two men outside a valley apartment complex. the victims bodies were found around 6 last night outside the avery park apartments on torrey pines near smoke ranch. police initially responded to the scene after receiving calls of shots fired. the victims were taken to umc but it was already too late neighbors we spoke to in the community say this shooting has them worried.
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playing around and everything i haven't heard anything fights or anything not even the kids fight over here so it's like really shocking and surprising to see everything going on i usually walk my baby around this time so it's like shocking it's crazy" police are still investigating the relationship between the victims and the suspects. at this point police can't rule out drugs or gang activity as a possible motive. neighbors living in a north las vegas community say they have been targeted by thieves in recent weeks. from car break- ins to possible gas thefts... the rash of break-ins is leaving the community on edge. fox5's vince sapienza spoke with nehbors who say they are not being targeted at random.
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thruoghout the neighborhood." and the proof is in the surveillance video... just this last weekend jennifer erbes' neighbor caught thieves breaking into her cars. and this isn't the first time. "one of their vehicles was unlocked, nothing was taken, but their was some rummaging." up and down the block jennifer pointed out different homes hit. five different incidents have occured in the past couple months. the reason neighbors believe they are being targeted appears here. on this video you can see someone opening up gas tanks. the next night neighbors say cars with gas tanks open were broken into. what's the scariest part through all this? "not knowing, who it is, is it multiple people, is it the same people, are they tracking homes are they tagging our homes to see who is home, who is not." jennifer says she and her neighbors have filedpolice reports back in june. but have not received any kind of response from police. she also says in
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unlocked. but she says that's no excuse. "i just feel like that shouldn't be ok for somebody, a stranger to walk in my car and go through my thinigs because i leave my door unlocked." "you get angry, what's next, being unsettled in your neighborhood is not good, we're a very quiet neighborhood, we all know each other, we have our kids play on the street and its a safe place for us to be." vs f5n llv>> neighbors say they are in the early stages of filling out the necessary paperwork to start a neighborhood watch program. if you see or hear anything that can help police put a op crimes... call crime stoppers right away at 702-385-55- 55. nevada soldiers in kuwait held a memorial run to honor the three nevada national guardsmen killed in a mass shooting in carson city in 20-11. tuesday marked the five year anniversary of their deaths. lieutenant colonel heath kelly, master sergeant christian riege and sergeant miranda mcelhiney were killed in the attack. 200 soldiers and civilians participated in the run. the memorial included an
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of "amazing grace" as a farewell to the soldiers before the runners took off. "i deployed with master sgt reige and i worked with colonel kelly and sgt. mcelhiney and it was just a great event to be able to do and it's great to remember them in this capacity, especially being so far away from home" one civilian was killed... and seven others were injured in the shooting at a carson city restaurant. a similar run was also held in carson city on tu the clark county commission honors connor fields with his own day. after the olympic b-m-x biker brought home gold from rio. "brought it home for his country and for clark county. we're so very proud of what you've done and for the role model that you are. he told me that he lost his voice lately because he's been speaking at several schools so we appreciate that." fields is the first american to win a gold medal in b-m-x racing.
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commissioners recognized fields work in the community and also gave him a key to the strip. he speaks at schools, volunteers for "make a wish", and is helping out with a prom for children with special needs. "i've been all around the world for competitions, but i always look forward to coming home. i love being a resident of clark county, i grew up here, it's home, and it's a huge honor to have my own day and a key to the strip! " fields is a green valley high school graduate. and is now attending unlv as a business major. last week, fields received a key to the city of henderson. liberty high school celebrates its biggest football win ever... and what they did after is getting a lot of attention. haka dance nats this is the "haka dance" -- a tribal
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liberty upset the top-ranked team in texas... and they're giving some credit to the dance. the players do it before and after every game to intimidate the other team. other team. "when we went to texas, they all didn't even know what the haka was. they looked at us like we were some... they didn't even know who we were, but you know, we show them how we do it back in the 702." "we've worked really hard to get to this point. we've had a plan in place. we wanted to kind of emulate gorman and do the things that they were doing. take on nationally ranked opponents and really test ourselves." liberty is looking to eventually beat
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that'll happen if the team continues to play the best of the best. apple is getting ready to show off its latest i-phone. but don't get too excited, experts say the iphone 7 could be very similar to the iphone 6. apple has not released any details on the new phones, but reports are hinting that apple may be getting rid of its iconic earbuds. there are also rumors that the iphone could go cordless... in other words no wall charger. apple could also announce the apple watch two and a new macbook pro at today's event. uber is making it easier to get take out... without ever leaving your home. "uber eats" launches this morning. the delivery service plans to work with more than 150 restaurants around the valley for the new food delivery service cities like new york, los angeles and chicago have already started using the "uber eats." the app brings competition for already popular apps like postmates and grub hub. users will receive a five-dollar discount off their
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coming up... a movement designed to inspire and empower women through fashion and beauty returns. how this fashionable event is helping those in need right here in our community. the way we get our flu shot is changing. coming up... the new recommendations from the c-d-c and how it will affect
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for a third time, senate democrats have blocked a billion dollar bill to fight the zika virus.. "on this vote the yahs are 52 to nays are 46. 3/5 of the senators chose. the motion is not agreed to." the one-point-one billion dollar funding bill was pa house. but democrats allege republicans doomed the bill by adding such provisions as blocking funding for planned parenthood the bill needed 60 votes to pass. getting vaccinated for the flu... will be a little different this fall. doctors are now being urged to only offer the flu shot... because the c-d-c says the nasal spray version doesn't work. the agency says the popular "flumist" hasn't protected against certain influenza strains as well as the regular flu shot has in recent
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the american academy of pediatrics suggests everyone six- months or older should be vaccinated for this year's flu season, by october. now fox weather 24/7 with cassandra jones daytime temperatures are starting to creep back up for the remainder of the week, hitting 100 by friday. a dry northwest flow is holding on through the next few days. by sunday a closed low developing off northern california will create breezy to windy conditions for the star next week. that low will also allow for cooler temperatures to flow back into the valley. the uv index for wednesday is 9 or very high. in more local
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i-t-t technical institute closes all of its campuses in the country... leaving students in limbo. more than 400 students were affected in southern nevada. they were issued an email saying the school was forced to shut down immediatly... due to sanctions put on them by the department of education. too many times -- people would go through the i-t programs and graduate... but not have the right certifications demanded by
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"very very shocked. three and a half years of studying and putting my all into my education to try and better myself and to find out through an email that my school is closed and no representative to talk to." students who have not graduated yet can have their loans deferred. you can find a link to the federal student aide site in this story on our website fox five vegas dot com. if you're looking for a job in town. bonnie springs will be hiring actors all week long for their haunted adventure "bonnie screams." casting calls start this afternoon from three to eight tonight. they will continue for about two weeks. the ranch is inviting anyone 18 or older to try out. they're looking to hire around 60 people. make sure you show up in your own makeup or mask. the haunted attraction opens
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want to get involved in caring for his estate and don't mind moving... this next job fair's for you. paisley park is hiring! the company that oversees tours at prince's estate outside minneapolis says it needs people to host tours when it opens to the public next month. applicants must pass a background check and drug test. the job fair takes place tomorrow and friday. for more information.. go to our website, at fox5 vegas dot com one of gene wilder's biggest hits is coming back to life on the big screen. "give my creation life!" "this guy means business." "young frankenstein" will return to theaters next month. this past weekend, two other wilder favorites "blazing saddles" and "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" were shown in theaters. the 19-74 hit film will be shown in
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october 5th. looking good has never felt soo good! "style with a cause" aims to empower women through fashion all while helping those in need. we will be at the runway, at fashion show mall. we're gonna be honoring unsung sheroes, we're gonna do beauty transformations, sephora does beauty bars. we're gonna have a fashion show provided by sax, and this year our beneficiary is project 150." project 150 helps homeless and disadvantaged youth. the event starts tonight at 5:30 at fashion show mall. more's rachel smith will serve as host. a sweet tale gets even sweeter!
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wonderful, i'm so excited." "go noles!" see how f-s-u player travis rudolph is surprising his
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the new salami caprese panini from subway. pressed and grilled to cinematic perfection to get a golden brown crust and meld the flavors in melted cheese.
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the newest hotel and casino on the north end of the strip officially opens later this year. "the lucky dragon" set a grand opening date for saturday december third. the property is on sahara near las in honor of the occasion -- there will be a series of asian demonstrations including a firecracker show -- which they say drives away evil spirits. a lion and dragon dance will also be performed to bring good luck to all. the resort says they'll start accepting reservations through its website on saturday october first. singer jennifer lopez and rapper pitbull have created worldwide hits together. and now the duo is collaborating
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pitbull says, "she's militant. she's diligent. she's a hard worker, and that's why she is who she is. so what better record for jennifer than a record called 'sexy body.' we all know that jennifer -aye, que rica! - has a very sexy body." that's their new song "sexy body". the hit will be on his new album "climate change" -- which will be released on october 7-th. pitbull will also be back for his planet hollywood residency in two weeks. a story about a simple act of kindness during lunch keeps getting better. you may remember this picture that quickly went viral. it's florida state travis rudolph eating lunch with bo paske -- who usually sits alone in the cafetaria.
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conversation that day -- rudolph invited him to one of his games... and he was finally able to go monday night. paske was the special guest of rudolph during the game. he received a football jersey along with tickets to the season opener game. this was paske's first f-s-u game! "this week has been an absolute blast and i can't believe i get to meet the whole time." "well i would say that travis rudolph is a great football player and awesome superstar." paske's football jersey was personalized with his last name. we'll be right
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inside the house. it's not like someone broke in or them." a murder-suicide... leaves a wife and husband dead police now say this wasn't their first run-in with the couple. vote to unionize. after a years long dispute... boulder station is ready to join the culinary and bartenders union. why the move was made in secret. the curtain closes for jersey boys las vegas on september 18th. now the
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more on the big star joining the final cast. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... les krifaton joins us now.


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