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tv   FOX5 News at 500pm  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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parents were mad. the kids were tired. they were supposed to be off at about 3:00 pm... but the screenings didn't finish until about 5:00 am.... and that was shocking to a lot of people just because thats so extreme, but also because at first the school district came out and said. this is no big deal. th amount of mercury that got spilled. the kids will get out on time. dont worry. its just as if a thermometer broke... no problem. well, it ended up being a big problem. 9 student, 3 administrators were exposed, theyre going to be okay... but now the fire department is saying this is the biggest exposure they have ever seen in the history of las vegas. that sounds a little bit bigger than a broken thermometer... and as kids got out, they told us about the rumors they have been hearing about how
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they had mercury in a plastic bag and these boys were playing around in the locker room and i think it broke everywhere mercury just bounces like little beads and it gets on your foot and you could track it everywhere which is why we were very cautious about sending people home when it was potentially on their shoes the school districts police department says now that they know everyone is safe -- the next step is figuring out what happened. but he was very clear, they do know it started with a group of kids just messing around. as for the parents -- theyre glad everyone is safe but they habe some hard feelings about the way this whole thing was handled, especially when it comes to communication. they say it was a mess last night, and for more on that, john christine will
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you. continuing our team coverage is fox5's eric hilt. he joins us live in the newsroom after spending nearly all day yesterday with parents-- eric, how are those parents feeling today? they're tired because some of them stayed at the school until 5 am waiting to pick up their child, and they're angry too because they say they still dont have answers from the clark county school district. nats -- calling out names as students were slowly released from johnson middle school and hours passed by...the crowds of parents waiting outside for their students got frustrated and angry. "when it's getting that late and you
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child is okay you freak out" monica conrique got to the school at noon...but her daughter wasn't released until after midnight, she told me during the twelve hours she sat outside of johnson middle school she had no idea what was happening inside the building. "what communication did you get from the school" "a recording" nats -- phone call "thats all the voice response kept saying is were going to be letting them out soon, letting out soon but nothing" "you gotta understand why parents were getting upset, why mad, on social media people were saying oh well you cant be upset that they're checking your kids, thats not what parents were mad about, they were mad they werent getting any information" monica says she was lucky -- she was able to talk with her daughter who was inside the classroom past midnight. but she says she didn't have much information about what was going on either. "the only way i could figure out what was going on is i went on my phone and searched on the news, they didn't give us any information, there wasn't an annoucement saying hey you're going to be here for a while" today, ccsd
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between the school and the hundreds of waiting parents could o have been better "as we sit down and we do our debrief well look at those types of things, one of our big concerns was getting active communication out...when that ends we'll put a grade on ourself and say in the future we should do this" a future accident parents and students hope they don't have to go through again. ccsd police captain ken young said in today's news conference that part of the issue was that health information was coming from him -- a police officer -- and that made some parents skeptical. he said if this happens again they would focus more on who is delivering information to parents. mercury is no use to the body. instead, it acts as a poison.
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highly toxic.... and then vaporizes at room temperature. when inhaled, it's easily absorbed by the body... and can harm the brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, and immune system. the effects of mercury depend on the level and form of the exposure.... but it can cause a number of side effects... from mood swings and irritability... to headache and tremors. for more about mercury... the exposure at johnson junior high school... and our coverage from the past 24 hours... head to fox5 vegas dot com. bail of 100- has been set for a homicide suspect - who escaped police custody - and recaptured four days later. alonso perez said nothing during an initial court appearance this morning. it focused on other criminal charges he faces stemming from another case. his defense lawyer says he plans to plead not guilty. on friday - perez escaped from a north las vegas police interview room - after being arrested on a homicide charge. this video was released yesterday - showing the suspect freeing
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handcuffs. he then stood on a chair - broke out pieces of the ceiling - and climbed out of the room. he then drove off in a stolen truck - before being re- captured four days later. the f-b-i and metro helped arrest perez tuesday night. perez is charged in the murder of mohammad robinson. police say the two got into a confrontation at a mcdonalds - leading up to the killing. a woman is arrested - accused of killing her boyfriend - possibly with a car. police say lahtijera howard was arrested thursday.... after her boyfriend - darryl white - was found dead near the gate of an apartment complex where they lived together. it's near bonanza and pecos. authorities say white had injuries suggesting he'd been hit by a vehicle, and that howard's vehicle was found in a nearby parking lot with damage from a recent crash. the official cause of death from the coroner is pending. what will the sands put up... and what do taxpayers have to offer... to bring a 65- thousand seat stadium to las vegas? developers and local leaders talked money and the details of a
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be sent to the nevada legislature. fox5's abby theodros is live at unlv where the meeting just wrapped up... we saw a lot of back and forth between stadium supporters and the oversight committee- mostly about how this stadium will be financed and who will profit from it the sands corp made their case for a $750 million dollar public contributi say locals have nothing to worry about - this money will be financed by tourists through a hotel room tax. financial analyst jeremy aguero went into detail about the tax. he says visitors would say a point 88 percent hike for hotels on the strip, point 5 percent hike for hoteks within 25 miles of the stadium and no tax for hotels outside of that radius. we talked to commissioner sisolak about it today...take a listen " the general public that lives here really won't be making any contributions
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out of the tourist corredor the tourist that are coming into town end of the day and there's a lot of benefit and you're talking about a significant number of jobs you increase room nights by bringing more tourists here so that's a big benefit" that was an interview before the meeting..during the discussions solak expressed some concern about tax payers having to help with any operating losses - but the analyst handling the financial aspect of the project said no. sisolak told me the county will take out a 750 million dollar bond to help with the public portion of staidium costs
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toss to weather we'll see highs at 100 degrees or a degree or two above friday through the weekend. afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday, then stronger gusts to 30 mph for us on monday and tuesday. we'll see cooler air move in also for monday with a high of 96 degrees. tuesday through thursday our highs will be right around 90 degrees with lows in the upper 60s.
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seeks a bailout for its underfunded pension. how the federal government could pull it off... without spending an extra dime. and... shots fired at a high school campus. now - one girl is dead - and another one is in the hospital. "an amazing mission as nasa heads off to an asteroid to uncover clues about life here on earth. i'm phil keating at the kennedy space center with that story, straight
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high school in west texas. a 14-year-old girl died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound today after shooting and injuring another female student. it happened inside alpine high school in brewster county. authorities say the family of the girl who died had moved to the alpine area about six months ago. freshman at the school. authotiries say the shooting was followed by a series of unrelated threats made by a male caller that added to the chaos and diverted law enforcement from the school. in addition - a federal law enforcement officer responding to the shooting was shot in the leg when another officer's gun accidentally went off. a rally on capitol hill... as the "united mine workers" ask congress for a bailout of their underfunded pension plan.
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first-ever government bailout of a private pension. the union blames environmental regulations and a new trend toward clean energy for massive job losses in the industry. west virginia senator joe manchin is one of the sponsors of the bill... he says lawmakers - even those in his own party - have failed america's miners. "these people have delivered the energy that has built our country, fought both wars and won them. we owe them to get their health care and pension. lets fulfill that." if the legislation is approved - it would shift money from a fund set up to clean up abandoned mines to the pension fund... but some conservatives are worried it could open the door to more government bailouts for private pensions. it's the end of an era... for hewlett-packard. the company is selling its software business - to little-known british company micro focus. its an 8-point-8 billion dollar deal that shrinks h-p again. chief executive meg whitman is focusing on areas like networking - storage - and technology services.
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business separated last year from the division of h-p that makes printers and computers. a nasa spacecraft is on its way to the space rock bennu. "3,2,1 / the osiris-rex explorer rocketed away from cape canaveral, florida, on thursday evening, just before sunset. thousands of people gathering in cape canaveral to send-off a prob hopes will be able to recover parts of an asteroid. fox news correspondent phil keating is there with more. it's a mission billions of years in the making. nasa -- launching its first effort to collect and return a sample from an asteroid... sending a spacecraft to the mass known as "bennu." garvin says: "..this is science fiction becomes science fact. " about the same height as the empire state building, scientists believe the asteroid may
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and whether life could have started somewhere else as well. garvin says: "..we think it contains molecules that contain carbon which is of course critical to life so we want to go touch and taste this time capsule of the early solar system." it will take the "osiris-rex" spacecraft two years just to reach bennu. once there it will orbit and map the asteroid before a spot is chosen to vacuum up at least a two ounce sample. lauretta says: "..i'm really hopeful that we'll get some unique material collections because, probably friable, not easily surviving atmospheric passage." the window for departure from the asteroid will open march 20-21... and the sample is set to arrive back on earth for analysis two and a half years later in the year 20-23. at least 75-percent of it will be saved at houston's johnson space center. garvin says: "..these samples will be first archived carefully as a gift for future generations of young girls and boys that will invent new techniques to study
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(on cam tag) this entire mission lasts seven years and costs 800- million dollars. all to bring back to earth about 60 grams of an asteroid, about 4 tablespoons of brown sugar like this. at the kennedy space center, phil keating, fox news. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty we'll see highs at 100 degrees or a degree or two above friday through the weekend. afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday, then stronger gusts to 30 mph for us on monday and tuesday. we'll see cooler air move in also for monday with a high of 96 degrees. tuesday through thursday our highs will be right around 90 degrees with lows in the upper 60s.
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100 degrees or a degree or two above friday through the weekend. afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday, then stronger gusts to 30 mph for us on monday and tuesday. we'll see cooler air move in also for monday with a high of 96 degrees. tuesday through thursday our highs will be right ar in the upper 60s. we'll see highs at 100 degrees or a degree or two above friday through the weekend. afternoon southwest gusts to 25 mph will be with us on sunday, then stronger gusts to 30 mph for us on monday and
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also for monday with a high of 96 degrees. tuesday through thursday our highs will be right around 90 degrees with lows in the upper 60s. closed captioning
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"the bees knees." it may have been one way to describe what's on the tarmac of the henderson executive airport. a look at the historic planes on display... and how you can see them
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vintage aircraft.... on display at the henderson executive airport. the airport is hosting the "commemorative air force airpower history tour". it's a traveling museum of military jets - dating back to world war two.... among them.... the b-29 superfortress bomber - like the one that dropped nuclear bombs on japan - effectively
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guests are able to take a close look at the planes - and learn about history. "it's immense fun but it's also an immense responsibility to psas on american history to people who might not know it or particularly care but america saved the world 75 years ago from a bunch of really bad people " admission is ten dollars for adults and five dollars for kids. you can visit the exhibit now... through sunday. ever dreamed of running off with the circus? well, you don't have to run far. a worldwide search is underway for ringling brothers to find the next barnum and bailey ringmaster. las vegas is one of the cities where in-person auditions are taking place... and today was the day. the ringmaster serves as ringling bros brand ambassador. they're looking for a man or a woman... who has the charisma to engage with kids and families. "i love entertaining people i love entertaining large groups of people to have a job to do crowd control if
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and if you look in the center ring sort of thing i would love to do that. " today's auditions were held at fern adair conservatory. the next auditions will be held in new york and orlando this month. there's much more coming up in the second half of fox5 news at 5. donald trump junior... pays a visit to las vegas. what he has to say... . about his father's latest controversial comments. we sent him here to fix it. but congressman joe heck became part of the problem. wall street invested over a half-million dollars in congressman heck's campaigns, and heck supports their agenda -- privatizing social security, handing wall street billions in fees, but risking our retirement in the stock market, cutting benefits,
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responsible for the content of this advertising. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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live from las vegas. your only choice for live local news right now. with emmy award winner john huck. christine maddela. and weather 24/7 with chief meteoroligist ted pretty. this is fox5 news at 5:30. local las vegas. thanks for joining local news at 5:30. local news at 5:30. let's get you up to date with the latest local headlines. classes - cancelled at walter johnson junior high school today - after students were quarantined for up to 17 hours over possible mercury exposure. the clark county school district said all students and staff were ordered to stay on campus to be screened by the environmental protection agency. mercury was
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just before noon wednesday. many parents were notified through automated messages of the hazmat situation - and staked out the school until their children slowly trickled out throughout the afternoon and into the early morning hours. it took until 5 this morning - for everyone to be screened and cleared. "the only way i could figure out what was going on is i went on my phone and searched on the news, they didn't give us any information, there wasn't an annoucement saying hey you' be here for a while" officials said that a small amount of mercury was brought to campus by a student. it was suggested the student may have obtained it online. tonight frustrated parents will finally get to hear from school leaders about what happened with their kids. fox five's miguel martinez-valle is live outside jacobson elementary school.... where a public meeting is taking place tonight at 6. closed captioning will resume shortly


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