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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now good morning i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. we begin with a follow up to the bombings on the east coast. the suspect "directly linked" to twin bombings in new york and new jersey is being held on 5- point-2 million dollars bail. now the search for clues and a possible motive continues. cnn's dianne gallagher joins us live outside the new jersey hospital where the suspect is being treated. good morning dianne--- ((ad-lib))
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just a few hours later, when a bar owner in linden new jersey spotted him and alerted authorities. (harinder bains/ bar owner) "i saw his face, when he moved his hoodie. it, like, kind of shocked me because i was watching cnn on my laptop and you guys have his picture on site, like, on a site. i said this guy looked similar, like, very familiar, to the same guy." another new jersey resident captured the moments just before the confrontation with authorities. rahami walks towards police pointing a weapon and then ... gunfire. the bar owner who first spotted rahami ... a witness to the dramatic scene. (harinder bains/ bar owner) "after that the whole thing took maybe 30 seconds, once went towards
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happened so fast, because right away he went to his gun. sources say ramani -- a naturalized u-s citizen from afghanistan -- is "directly linked" to the bombings. he's believed to be seen on surveillance cameras near the chelsea bombing site saturday night. saturday's explosion left 29 people injured. all have been released from the hospital. >> ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib)) in more national news, the mass stabbing at a minnesota mall this past weekend is being investigated as an act of terrorism. that's according to the
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agency called the suspect a quote "soldier of the islamic state." police say the suspect stabbed nine people before he was shot and killed. at this point, president obama says the stabbings in minnesota and explosions in new york and new jersey do not appear to be connected. after the recent bombings in new york and new jersey people are worried if the strip could be a potential target. people we spoke to say they are confident that surveilance cameras and the any suspicious activity. even so, police want everyone to stay on high-alert. "i'll tell you what, i keep an eye out on every, cause we have tourists and stuff, i watch a lot, and i have to say our police in the city are probably as good as any police i've ever seen. they're everywhere and they're really keeping an eye on stuff." just a reminder we do have a joint terrorist task force here in las vegas. they're always
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attacks. let's bring in les krifaton now with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. lots of clouds over las vegas tuesday. moisture from what is now tropical storm paine is producing some showers in southwestern california. the will the showers make it up into the las vegas area. the chance of rain for the day is 30%. with the cloud cover associated with this system daytime temperatures will be 5 to 10 cooler than monday. for wednesday more clouds as the remnants of paine fades. thursday a system to the north of us will produce
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temperatures for the remainder of the week will stay in the 80's. the suspect wanted in connection with a shooting at mccarran airport is in custody. metro arrested him without incident last night at the v-a hospital in north las vegas. fox5's faith tanner police about the double shooting.
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met by an individual she had former relations with that's when police say the suspect opened fire... and shot a man and a woman. he then fled in a vehicle. the two victims were transported to the hospital. however throughout most of the airport---business operated as usual. one traveler we talked to was one floor down from where the shooting happened in the parking garage... and he didn't know about the incident until we told him. traveler: it's surprising more just because it seemed like everything was going along as usual i don't want to think it could happen right in front of me but i guess it can" faith tanner fox5 news local las vegas>> monday's shooting placed level six of the gold garage in terminal one on lockdown. it has since reopened. if you left your vehicle at the airport during the investigation... you are now free to go pick it up. before you load up on holiday gifts.. stores are loading up on
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kohl's plans to hire 69-thousand seasonal workers this year. the hiring process started in august and jobs are expected to be filled by mid-november. other retailers are also getting a head start on the hiring process for the holidays. u-p-s plans to fill 95-thousand positions to help meet shipping demands. while target is set to hire around 70-thousand. a military job fair is taking place next week. it's being held at the cannery hotel and casino on thursday september 29-th. from 10 a-m... to 2 p-m. that's near craig and losee. active duty military, spouses, veterans and reservists are all welcome. with national and regional opportunities in a number of fields offered. you can pre- register online... at civilian-jobs- dot-com. the las vegas nhl franchise still
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hockey fans from buying tickets. deposits were made on 16-thousand season tickets - which represents all of the season tickets available for the 2017-2018 season. the ticket drive began 18 months ago - with an initial goal of 10- thousand season tickets. more than five thousand were sold within two days - and nine thousand were sold within a month. fans can still place deposits on season tickets - which will be fulfilled as season tickets become available. u-n-l-v football is coming off another loss. but instead of having the "monday blues" -- the rebels gave back to the community. fox5's vince sapienza shows us how some of the football players are showing appreciation to the educators who impacted their lives.
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"oh, he's going to be shocked, he's going to be shocked, trust me." nats palo verde grad mike hughes jr. honored his former chemistry teacher tom steinline. with tickets to this weekends game, two unlv t-shirts a poster and a green apple. a small token for all the help in high school. "it would have been the last thing on my list if you had made me guess, he what's about to walk through the door, the last thing i would have thought is a former student in to tell me i made a difference in his or her life, i rll was speechless." nats but mike wasn't the only one giving back monday afternoon. rebels sophomore tim hough returned to his desert pines alma mater. gone the extra yard...nats... the unlv d-b honored counselor christine korth. tim says back in high school she drove him to his sat and acts "i don't think any player can do it without their coaches and you really need academics so if you
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right support system, it can be done." and players like mike and tim are proof it can be done..right here in the valley. and it's because of teachers and counselors like tom and christine. "we had a couple people who people thought people weren't going to make it because of grades, she helped them all, she gets our head on straight." "coach sanchez always tells us it's not always you, everyone is pitching in for you so give back whenever you can." "they always say teaching is a very fruitless job, but when they come back like that and you hear you made a difference or an impact or just a memory, that's really unbelievably meaningful to me." vince sapienza fox five>> this is the first year that u-n-l-v participated in the initiative. they plan to continue it every year. a new place to heal. fox five got an exclusive first look behind the scenes of the valley's newest healthcare facility. we'll take you
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now to a story you'll only see on fox5 the henderson hospital is set to open at the end of october. right now crews are putting the final touches on the 168-million dollar facility. fox5's eric hilt explains what makes this hospital so
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patients will be admitted into the emergency department and the hospital is designed in a way to get them from this waiting room in to see a medical professional as soon as possible - whether it be in one of these rapid exam rooms, inside the emergency department's internal waiting room or in one of their standard exam rooms" "it's kind of a new concept as far as where we can move people when we run out of bed space that is appropriate for their care" nats -- mounting tvs again but as those finishing touches go up -- directors challenges... "it's hard to decide how many nurses i need to bring in when i really don't know what the volume is" but say they're ready finally open it's doors. eric hilt, fox5 news local las vegas>> the hospital is holding hiring fairs in the next few weeks to get ready for it's grand opening. you can find more information on our website fox five vegas dot com.... henderson hospital is scheduled to open
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las vegas tuesday. moisture from what is now tropical storm paine is producing some showers in southwestern california. the question remains will the showers make it up into the las vegas area. the chance of rain for the day is 30%. with the cloud cover associated with this system daytime temperatures will be 5 to 10 cooler than monday. for wednesday more clouds as the remnants of paine fades. thursday a system to the north of us will produce windy conditions. temperatures for the remainder of the week will stay in the 80's.
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internet addiction appears to be a growing problem among young people. and now - a new study shows it may increase the risk of mental health problems - like a- d-h-d and depression. other issues could include anxiety and impulsiveness. researchers at mcmaster university in canada studied more than 250 students. 42-percent had mental health
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excessive reliance on the internet. september is national preparedness month. and the red cross needs your blood! the red cross says there is a significant blood shortage during the summer months. so they need donors to give blood. donations are needed to be prepared in case of a disaster or emergency. the red cross has a number of donations sites around the valley. if you want to donate, we have more information on our website. just head to fox five vegas dot com. and click on the links tab. an indiana pilot isn't letting his disability stop him from flying. even though he's blind! jim platzer was president for a fortune 500 company - before being forced into an early retirement - due to a degenerative condition that leads to blindness. he had his pilot's license before losing his sight. and - with the help of his co-pilot and flight instructor. he is able to operate an aircraft once again.
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he gives me all that verbal feedback. he paints that picture for me, of my environment and what i need to do to be successful." the co-pilot has a complete set of dual controls in the aircraft... in case jim becomes disoriented while flying. but so far, that hasn't happened. las vegas bids farewell to franki valli and the four seasons. "jersey boys" eight and ha year run on the las vegas strip is a wrap. find out who was sitting front and center during the final curtain call. las vegas headliner mariah carey is hanging up her mic. when you can catch mimi's final
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live at caesars colosseum... home to las vegas headliner mariah carey. if you haven't seen her on a vegas stage... time is running out. the final shows will run april 26th through may 13th. tickets go on sale later this month.
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her "dangerous woman tour" here to las vegas. "something about you makes me feel like a dangerous woman. something bout. something bout. something bout you. makes me want to do things i shouldnt." ariana grande will make a stop at m-g-m grand garden arena next year on february 4th tickets for the tour go on sale this saturday. they start at 40- bucks. the longest- running broadway show in las vegas history takes its final bow. the "jersey boys" stepped on stage for one final curtain call this past weekend. more's sean mcallister shows us the memorable night.
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a hlaf years, 3,279 performances and becoming the longest running broadway show to play the las vegas strip in history.. the show's "frankie valli," travis cloer, expressing the emotions of his colleagues. travis says: in the audience... the real frankie valli talking with fans during intermission. snapping selfies and signing autographs as a crowd gathered at his seat. during the curtain call -- valli praised the vegas performers who bring his story to life. following the final performace -- crews
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"jersey boys" banner from the paris marquee. (( nats -- workers )) here in our "gibson showroom" ahead of the show's closing -- the cast talked about the future holds. jason says: certainly i'm wrapping my head around that fact that there might be something new on the horizon and that's exciting too. and the future is now here. (( nats -- )) oh what a night! (crowd cheers) with arms out- stretched... and a final hop -- the las vegas jersey boys left the stage that for them -- felt like home.>> so far -- caesars entertainment has not revealed the plans for the "jersey boys theater" at the paris hotel. we'll be right
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a small nevada townn alert after a suspicious package is left behind. how police jumped into action to deal with the situation. plans to build a new stadium could be placed on the backburner. the big move state lawmakers need to make in order to push the deal forward. it's time to be one with nature. this weekend you can enjoy our nation's parks, beaches and the wildlife that depend on them, for free. how you can give back! good morning i'm
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get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... les krifaton joins us now. lots of clouds over las vegas tuesday. moisture from what is now tropical storm paine is producing some showers in southwestern california. the question remains will the showers make it up into the las vegas area. the


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