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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  September 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now a rare escape from police custody is caught on camera. now police are upping security and trying to figure out how the homicide suspect broke free of his handcuffs. increased violence across the u-s has our local police adding an extra line of defense in the field. how metro plans to be more transparent going forward. life is beautiful just wrapped up but organizers are already preparing for next year's festival. when you can order your pre- sale tickets, today. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. we begin with breaking news
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a fire broke out last night in between mary jane falls and big falls on mount charleston. this is a picture from the fire fight. at its height, the fire had consumed about a quarter of an acre. the mount charleston volunteer fire department says smoke from the fire could be visible today as the flames burns down. fire crews had full containment as of 11 last night. first - les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. the upper level low that triggered some drizzle thursday is starting to spin away from the las vegas area. lingering clouds
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does exist. the atmosphere is starting to dry making friday and the weekend sunny. an approaching cold front will push strong winds into our area starting saturday. more wind sunday and monday but the dramatic change in our weather monday temperatures plummet monday. we are following
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near downtown. metro is on the scene of a barricade situation right now. police say a man fired a gun and inside a home and is refusing to come out. fox5's peter dawson joins us from the scene near charleston and bruce. peter, what are police telling you so far? metro is working barricade situation where a subject discharged a firearm in a neighborhood. shooter is refusing to exit residence ((closed captioning to resume))
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((closed captioning to resume)) ((closed captioning
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a homicide suspect escapes from north las vegas police custody and we wanted to know how he did it. metro has re- enacted the escape, but isn't sharing what they found out. so fox5's miguel martinez-valle reached out to an escape expert to find out how easy it is to break out of handcuffs.
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benbenisty studied perez' escape video... " you could see his expression, when he released, you could see he's in a lot of pain" he thinks perez went into that interrogation room with a plan. officers left him alone, so it turned into a literal perfect break for the murder suspect... " when you put force, times the length of his arm, times the momentom against this connection, eventually they got out and broke" bridge : "for obvious reason we're not going to show you how to break out of handcuffs, but benbenisty says while escapes aren't very common... there are multiple ways of breaking these" " no its not very common, unless people think about it and youtube it" north las vegas police already told fox5 officers plan to follow procedure to watch suspects at all times. benbenisty says that's the biggest deterrant to potential escapes. " i think this is only gonna strengthen out law enforcement all across the country" miguel martinez valle fox5 news local las vegas>> the escape expert believes perez had prior knowledge
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often goes over scenerios just like this one as a part of its training. speaking of metro... every officer on the force will be outfitted with body cameras by the end of the year. metro says around 900 officers are equipped with the cameras right now. but the department still needs to add more than a thousand. each camera costs about a thousand dollars. but police say the benefit of the cameras outweighs the cost. "theres a lot of stuff going on nationally and a lot of stuff happening in the police world body cameras are a good tool that the and the community can see it gives a good perspective." the money for the new body cameras comes from a contract approved on monday by the "metropolitan police comittee on fiscal affairs" the debate over a n-f-l stadium coming to vegas is heating up... as both support and opposition grows. fox 5's faith tanner spoke to a local economic
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proposal is the best deal for taxpayers.
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if legislators vote in favor of the stadium, the project will create jobs, especially during the construction phase. and nearby businesses will benefit. activites near the stadium will gain, property values would go up, but if you draw activities from other places, property values and economic activity could go down elsewhere. he adds if the stadium succeeds... the owners will be the ones getting the payoff. "what you really need to do is sit back and say is this a good deal. and if it's such a good deal why does it have to be publically financed" faith tanner fox5 news local las vegas>> the proposed funding calls for 500-million dollars from the raiders, 650-million from developer sheldon adelson, and 750-million from public funding. governor brian sandoval says he
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early october. "life is beautiful" is already offering tickets to next year's festival. a limited number of pre-sale tickets go on sale at 10 a-m today. three-day tickets will start at 225- bucks. v-i-p tickets are going for nearly 600-dollars. "life is beautiful" brings top performing artists together along with food... art... and prominent speakers. the festival will be celebrating its fifth anniversary next year. smashing out a-l- s, one swing at a time. you can get your aggression out this weekend while helping a very worthy cause. where you can put metal on metal, next. plus... exceeding expectations. a disabled indy car driver is back on the road. see how sam schmidt is gaining a new level of independence. "oh - hi it's the surprise squad and we're at albertsons. it's a nice surprise. this is the biggest blessing!" local shoppers get a fun
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stick around for our latest
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left him paralyzed... a former indy car driver is back on the road. sam schmidt is now nevada's first licensed driver of a semi-autonomous vehicle. "car screeching in
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modified corvette "sam schimdt" can now drive on all nevada roads. his car uses four cameras that monitor his head and transmit his movements to the tires. he breathes into a tube to accelerate and sucks air out to brake. the company that made sam's car hopes the technology will be available to the public in the next five to ten years. "this car and this technology is degn sam to drive the car himself and give him more and more freedom as most of us enjoy driving our own selves. otherwise it would be nothing more than sitting in a bus or whatever and somebody is driving you." sponsors also got the chance to drive cars like ferraris and lamborghinis at "exotic racing". all the money raised will support "conquer paralysis now." schmidt is the founder of the non-profit, which
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a cure for paralysis. ken and les got a little crazy yesterday smashing some pumpkins with a sledgehammer outside the station. and it wasn't just the two of them being silly as usual it was all for a great cause. and this weekend you can get in on the fun. "there's going to be djs and photo booths and we're going to smash out als by smashing the heck out of a big junkyard car. there's going to be hundreds of people. it's free to the public." saturday's car smash and walk event is superhero- themed. it's happening at cornerstone park in henderson. registration starts at 7:30 a-m. the goal of the event is raise awareness for a- l-s, a disease that affects 20- thousand people in the u-s. there are currently 118 patients right here in nevada alone. all of the proceeds from
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will go to a-l-s research. we have more information on our website fox five vegas dot com.
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the upper level low that triggered some drizzle thursday is starting to spin vegas area. lingering clouds and a slight chance of more drizzle does exist. the atmosphere is starting to dry making friday and the weekend sunny. an approaching cold front will push strong winds into our area starting saturday. more wind sunday and monday but the dramatic change in
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monday temperatures plummet monday. now to a fox five follow up.
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now to a fox five follow up. a local child broke her arm while playing on the school playground, but she was sent back to class, untreated because there wasn't a nurse working. we're now told the school just added a full-time nurse to its staff. it happened at coral academy on nellis air force base. the girls' mother says her daughter fell from the monkey bars. the reason she wasn't treated was because, under state law, charter schools are not required to have an on-duty nurse. the little girl was later treated at the hospital for her injury. after that story ran many of you reached out to us with questions and stories of your own. so fox5's kathleen jacob took those questions back to coral academy... and reached out to the clark county school district to see how their policy compares.
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assistant and if the nurse is on campus at the time she would probably evaluate the student as well. everything the clark county school district does is outlined very clearly in this guide. for serious injuries and illness it is a requirement that the first aid safety assistant and or the school nurse make contact with the parent or guardian. as a charter school, coral academy, doesn't abide by the same guidelines. we've gone back and forth with them via email ... trying to find out what their policy i comes to contacting parents... and so far.. nothing. our facebook page was flooded with parents demanding answers...saying they think a parent should have been notified immediately. some even described similar situations their kids have gone through in ccsd schools. what we found... the protocol is specific for every situation. we have electronic medical records so we document every child that comes into the health office. the district says it employs about one registered nurse for every two schools... and if a child reports an injury they're
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aid or a nurse... if a nurse is not at the school and the injury is more than just something minor... both a nurse and the parent are immediately contacted. "anytime there's an accute illness or injury that is considered moderate or severe, or perhaps the child is too young or incapable of communicating what occured to them at school, we would make that parent contact." kathleen jacob fox5 news local las vegas>> we are still waiting to hear back about coral academy's contact policy, and any other school may have made since the incident.
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superstar garth brooks is the first musician to drop seven diamond albums. brooks has surpassed the beatles previous record of six albums. "for the first time the only artist in history of music to have 7 diamond awards. cheers. mr.
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brooks' wife trisha yearwood broke the news at the couple's show last friday in fresno. his team celebrated by popping several bottles of champagne. brooks is america's best- selling solo artist. he plans to release a new single from his upcoming album next month. encouraging americans to get out and vote. and the singer is getting a little cheeky in the new "funny or die" video. perry teamed up with the website and "rock the vote" to let people know that it doesn't matter what you wear as long as you cast your ballot. some of the approved attire includes a child's onesie and teeny superman briefs for men. even uncle
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chose to wear nothing at all.... and it's all in the name of democracy. vice president joe biden made a cameo appearance on last night's episode of "law and order special victims unit." the white house says biden took his fight against sexual violence to the hit t-v series. v-p biden drew attention to the national rape-kit backlog in the u-s. wednesday's episode involved a case where a man was freed from jail after 16 ye after an untested rape kid proved he was wrongfully convicted. actor alec baldwin will play donald trump on saturday night live through the election. s-n-l released a video to promote the series 42-nd season which kicks off on saturday. it shows baldwin donning the famous hair and trump expression... and going head- to-head with kate
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"hopefully by the end of the year all uniformed police officers will have a body uniform camera." metro's preparing to outfit all of its officers with body cameras thanks to new funding. how metro's hoping the cameras will help protect both officers and the community. another big blow for samsung. the electronics giant is issuing
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products over fears that it could explode. the surprise squad is back! and they are taking shoppers on a spree... to fill their carts... that's coming up. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... les krifaton joins us now. the upper level low that triggered some drizzle thursday is starting to spin away from the las vegas area. lingering clouds and a slight chance of more drizzle does exist. the atmosphere is starting to dry making friday and the weekend sunny. an approaching cold front will push strong winds into our area starting saturday. more wind sunday and monday but the dramatic change in our weather monday


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