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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  October 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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devastating blow to jamaica and haiti as it moves through the carribean. life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides expected to hit the area today. october is breast cancer awareness month. how you can "go pink" today to help raise awareness for the disease. good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. let's get straight to the latest on hurricane matthew. right now, jamaica and haiti are bracing for the monstrous storm to brush past the island nations. the slow-moving storm is expected to dump several feet of rain on jamaica and haiti today, as it barrels towards cuba and guantanamo bay. the category four storm could displace hundreds of thousands of people. more than 12- hundred emergency shelters are now open as matthew approaches both islands. right now, the storm is packing winds of up to 145-miles an hour. it should arrive later today. ((anchor chat))
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justice after their loved one was killed by a drunk driver. police say ashley winn hit christine weir and her fiancee's car last week after running a red light. since then winn's then reduced. she's been almost booked into jail and then released. the family says they will be in court for winn's next court date to make sure she doesn't walk with a slap on the wrist. "i don't wanna see anybody get hurt, i don't want to see anybody get arrested, we wanna keep it calm, just make a presence. just for support. that's all we're looking for." over the weekend, loved ones held a car wash to raise money for weir's fiancee, who is now making plans to cancel their
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in national news. funeral services will be held this week for the man shot and killed by charlotte police. keith lamont scott will be laid to rest on thursday. a wake will take place wednesday evening. the funeral service is set for thursday morning. scott was killed last month after police say he exited a vehicle with a gun and refused to drop it. videos have not confirmed whether scott was armed or not. his death led to two nights of violent protests in downtown the justice department is helping law enforcement agencies across the country hire new officers. the 119-million dollars in funding will be announced later today. the money will go to 184 law enforcement agencies across the country. it will help pay for more than 900 new positions. the move comes at the start of national community policing week. federal investigators are releasing new images of the deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. the train was
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when it approached the station last thursday. fox's kelly wright has more on the engineer who told investigators he has no memory of the accident.
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to lose control, or whether it was some other type of mechanical failure." meantime, investigators say the train's engineer is telling them he can't remember the crash... that injured more than one hundred people...and killed a young mother in her thirties. dinh-zarr says: "he remembers waking up on the floor of the cab." the engineer - forty-eight-year- old thomas gallagher - tells investigators the train seemed to be operating properly... and says it was running six minutes behind schedule, traveling at ten mile it pulled into the terminal. dinh-zarr says: "he said he felt fully rested upon arrival at work. he stated that his cellphone was stored and turned off in his personal backpack." (on cam) following the crash, the train's engineer tested negative for alcohol and drugs. in washington, kelly wright, fox news.>> it's time to think pink! october is national breast cancer awareness month. and project pink kicks off at station casinos today! the goal of the
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raise awareness and money to fight the disease. to date, station casinos has raised more than 360- thousand dollars for susan g komen and the american cancer society. today, red rock resort will "go pink" to show its support. everything from the blackjack tables to their coctails will be pink. this is the seventh year of "project pink." all too often, babies are born too early here in our valley. one organization is working to get these babies home to their families quickly. and we want to help! on friday, october 7th, some of las vegas will be whipping up entrees to help the babies. and we hope you'll join us! tickets to the "march of dimes" signature chef's event" are still available. the "take five to care" event will be held at green valley ranch. minute of magic. we'll show you how a rhode island hospital sparkles bright each night to cheer up sick kids. honoring our veterans. a group fulfills the dreams of our nation's heroes, one flight at a
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being thanked for making the
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hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning.
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motorcyclists revved their engines in downtown las vegas this weekend. "bike fest" features the latest motorcycle trends... entertainment, competitions and bike safety. fox5's abby theodros spoke with bikers about being safe on our valley roads.
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decatur and wagon trail- witnesses say a biker was riding recklessly before he crashed in to a guardrail. across town near mojave and sahara avenue - a biker checking his breaks lost control of his bike before crashing into a garage. and a biker was hit on interstate 15 near russel road by a suspected drunk driver zervas: you have to be a defensive driver. you have to think ... oh this person is going to come and hit me. nats zipper emily zervas is a long time bike enthusiast and works with leather head quarters of las vegas - she says on top of being vigilant on the road - the right gear goes a long way too. emily zervas, leather head quarters of las vegas: we try to get them in a helmet, jacket, boots and gloves just to make sure they're protected when they go on the road. abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas>> and just a reminder... you have a new mode of transportation in downtown las vegas! the r-t-c has started a bike- share program.. to let locals and tourists cruise around the city.
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stations and hundreds of bikes. a half-hour pass is four bucks... and a 24-hour pass is eight. a monthly membership card can be purchased online. former president george -w- bush hosted a group of veterans for his annual "warrior 100k" bike ride. military veterans join the former president on his ranch in texas each year for the ride. it's part of the bush institute's military service initiative, highlighting the bravery and sacrifice of these american warriors. bush says more needs to be done to aid those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. "these are remarkable people who have been severely injured who refuse to quit and in this case they use exercise to help them both recover both physically and mentally." the annual event is sponsored by the george w bush presidential center in dallas. the event is in its
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nation's heroes with a trip of a lifetime. fox's nora hart shows us how "honor flight" is helping veterans travel to the memorials built in their honor.
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bill thompson....and forty other vets on a free four day trip to washington d-c... they visited the national wwii memorial and 10 other veterans' memorials in our nation's capitol. thompson says: "we went to all these exhibits. everyone busted their fanny to make sure everything was great for us and we really enjoyed it." when the group arrived back at p- d-x sunday morning... it was a warm welcome home f the veterans. mcdougal says: "this st was balling halfway through it." senator ron wyden was among the crowd celebrating the world war ii, korean war, and vietnam veterans. wyden says: "the freedoms that we have--we have them because of these wonderful soldiers. you can just see there as an outpouring of affection for them." mcdougal nats: "it was fabulous...i wish everybody could take it.">> "minute of magic"
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shine bright for 60 seconds to help sick kids feel better each night, this bar in providence rhode island located across from a children's hospital lights up for a full minute. just before 8:30 each night, employees ask patrons to hold up light sticks for a full minute to wish the kiddos good night. "you gain a thought, like, everything is gonna be o.k. and it sense of hope because people out there do care about you and they want you to feel better." "i have to say i was very touched by it. it's actually surprisingly emotional and i thought it was just a fantastic gesture to do that for these children here." more and more establishments
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nightly ritual. as the movement takes off, the patients themselves are getting their own lights to return the messages of goodwill. the idea of "minute of magic" started 6 years ago with single bike light. whether you love it or hate it... there's just no escaping it... food has taken over social media. mary maloney has more on how the latest food apps can help you with anything from taking better food photos... to skipping the line at restaurants.
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once you have your food in front of you -- take that perfect picture with foodie. the app has 26 filters -- customized for food pics. then share away -- to facebook -- instagram -- or any other social media site. best part about all these apps -- they're free. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney>> las vegas has gone country! this weekend, thousands of country music fans strapped on their boots and daisy dukes for the 'route 91 harvest country music festival'. big concert acts like brad pais martina mcbride hit the stage. the three-day concert kicked off friday at the las vegas village across from the luxor. luke bryan wrapped up the festvial sunday night with one final blowout performance. up, up and away. close to a million people watched hundreds of hot air balloons take flight this weekend. but for one pilot, the wind gusts proved to be too much. we love our pets so much. some of us even consider them family. see how a blessed event is bringing pets owners and
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friends together.
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fligth for the international
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new mexico. the balloons were piloted by people from around the world. there were more than a hundred specially shaped balloons, even some from right here in las vegas. the week-long event is expected to attract close to a million people. the festival wraps up on sunday. on the second day of the balloon festival... one unlucky pilot flew his balloon right into the power lines. the basket caught fire. luckily the crew wasn't hurt. the city had to replace a small stretch of electrical lines to restore power to the area. it's fleet week for our u-s armed forces. right now, preparations are underway in san francisco. local agencies will team up with military personnel today to practice how they will work together in the event of a major earthquake. "they learn from each other to know what their capabilities are during times of disaster and they'll able to help the communities when the big one hits." this year organizers have
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airshow from two days to three. the blue angels arrived on sunday to help kick off the week-long event. a church offers blessings to our beloved animals. the annual blessing of the animals service was held saturday in sacramento. from dogs to cats... birds to fish, people brought along their pets to celebrate the patron saint of animals. "pets are such an important part of people's lives, and we want to have an opportunity to bring them into our spiritual lives and to bless them." the ceremony takes place every year on the sunday closest to the feast of saint francis. according to the bible... saint francis was known for his devotion to animals and the environment. the event is held each year in his honor. tis the season to get festive. opportunity opportunity village is decked out for
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how you can the family can get in the halloween spirit over at the magical forest. the sweet taste of defeat. u-s-a sweeps europe in the ryder cup for the first time in 8
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week trying to
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minute undecided voters. where the republican candidate will be touting his agenda. under new management. the palms is now under the station casinos umbrella. and casino execs say its a good thing. the changes you will start seeing at the property today. a crushing defeat. u-s-a ends europes streak at the ryder cup, a move 8-years in the making. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... les krifaton joins
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the wind advisory that was in effect sunday into early monday has expired as the cold front associated with the wind has pushed east. we can still expect some breezy conditions through the day but the bigger impact on us is the cooler air. we are going to be about 10 to 15 below yesterday's high for monday. daytime temperatures will remain below seasonal all week long under mainly sunny skies.


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