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tv   FOX5 News at 1100pm  FOX  October 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we start fox five news at eleven with breaking news. a pedestrian has been killed in a crash. it happened just after five p-m on jones and edgewood near the u-s 95. police say the pedestrian was taken to u-m-c where he died... and the driver stayed at the scene. no word yet on if drugs... alcohol... or speed played a factor. a 80-year-old grandmother shot in the head in the middle of the street by her grandson. i'm john huck. i'm christine maddela. the shooting lead police on a nearly four-hour standoff with the armed suspect. fox five's cyndi lundeberg is live near lake mead and rampart. she spoke to police and neighbors at the scene. an 80 year old grandmother was
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by her grandson. we can't show you much of the scene right now because the victom is still in the street where she was shot. here is video from the barricade situation earlier... police say they were fighting in the home then the grandmother ran out into the street that's where she was shot in the head. that 40 year old suspects 18 year old son was home closed captioning will resume shortly
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the suspect was running through backyards but now say it was his own backyard where he barricaded himself. swat teams and crisis negotiators came on scene and negotiated with the suspect.... he surrendered at about 8 tonight. police said no one in the home had a criminal record. the 40 year old suspect is now being charged with murder with a deadly weapon. police are continuing to escort people back to their allowing cars to drive through the crime scene. reporting live cl ffnll indiana governor mike pence and virginia senator tim kaine meet face-to-face for the first time. it's the only vice presidential debate. fox's lauren blanchard has a recap of what happened.
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the campaign spotlight... democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine and his republican counterpart mike pence spar over the issues facing america. pence says: "we can get america moving again. put on top of that the kind of trade deals that'll put the american worker first, and you've got a prescription for real growth." kaine says: "that's what i bring to the ticket, that experience having served at all levels of government. but my primary role is to be hillary clinton's right-hand person." mister kaine, a virginia senator and mister pence, the governor of indiana -- both playing defense for their running mates... kaine says: "i trust hillary clinton ... its always about putting others first and thats a sharp contrast with donald trump. trump puts himself first, in the words of one of his campaign staffers built business career 'off backs of little guy." pence says: "he went through a very difficult time, but he used the tax code just the way it's supposed to be used. and he did it brilliantly." governor pence
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trump's tax practices... kaine says: "but why won't he release his tax returns?" pence says: "this whole riff about not paying taxes, and people saying he didn't pay taxes for years, donald trump has created tens of thousands of jobs. and he's paid payroll taxes, sales taxes..." this was the one and only vice presidential debate. our fox5 political analyst mark peplowski told us their running mates can learn what not to do. "i think the attacking went on, cutting each other off, and the voters are going to say we don't like it. i think both trump and clinton will realize they need to back off on the rudeness and incivility and focus more on talking points. they have to do that to hold the audience." it's a busy week here in nevada with political rallies being held by hillary clinton and donald trump. sometimes the presidential campaigns call in support from other public figures... but do those endorsements really matter to voters? we sent fox5's miguel martinez valle to events and watch parties
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valley today to find out. from well known politicians to a famous singer / model couple... today the hillary clinton campaign had their fair share of notable support in the valley... and while donald trump won't be holding his rally until tomorrow the nevada republican party says they don't rely on celebrities in order to get their votes. < nat of chrissy teigan " ... whoa i love you guys" you may recognize chrissy teigan from tv.... or her famous husband, singer john legend either way... the pair spent the day making the rounds in las vegas campaigning for hillary clinton ... grant simanton, " hillary supporter" "there are people in positions of power who are in the public i that are willing to step in front of hillary and say that this is the direction our country needs to
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support didn't stop there... the clinton stronger together rally also brought in political figures like catherine cortez masto and senator elizabeth warren rick white, hillary supporter " i'm a huge fan of elizabeth warren i'm a bernie sanders guy that's now totally behind hillary" the chance to see warren or teigan and legend really got some people excited and while trumps campaign has also featured high profile supporters, greg baylor from the nevada republican party says the focus should be on nevadans, not the guest stars greg baylor, executive director nevada republican party . "getting out celebrities and doing things to artificially create excitement that's not what it's about we have folks in our offices that are signing up to make a difference" part of that difference... hosting watch parties for events like the vice presidential debate and while the celebrity appearance at the clinton watch party may have helped bring in the crowd both sides had regular voters proclaiming their support for their candidates hall man, trump supporter "the biggest thing i like about what donald's done he's really not a big knick out of pc" christian jones , hillary supporter "i know there's a lot of things that he said about different races and women and stuff like that and i just can't can find myself supporting
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so i'm leaning more so towards hillary side" at both the watch party hosted by the republican party and at the one hosted here by the clinton campaign people were telling me they were excited with how much political attention las vegas is getting ...mmv ffn ll it's still a tight race to the white house in nevada. donald trump and hillary clinton are in a dead heat... and both camps have stops planned in las vegas. republican presidential nominee -- donald trump -- will hold a rally at the henderson pavilion. it's tomorrow at 11-30 in the morning. doors open at 8- 30. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in the valley on thursday. he'll encourage people to get out and register to vote. the deadline to register by mail is this saturday... but you can still
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person or online until october 18- th. and... donald trump and hillary clinton will return to the debate stage this sunday. it takes place at washington university in saint louis, missouri. then -- the final presidential debate will be right here in las vegas. it's at the thomas and mack center at u-n-l-v on october 19-th. coming up... a local father is killed on his way home from work. what family says he was doing that night... when he was shot and crashed his car. plus... floyd "money" mayweather owes some cash to a local jeweler. how much the retired boxing champ owes for a diamond necklace... that he bought the night of his final fight. your fox5 weather
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ray steiber: i was in charge of homicide. i know when something's not right. the attacks on question 1 are wrong. question 1 protects the right of law abiding nevadans to bear arms. hunt. protection. it's all there. doesn't change. and no one goes to jail for swapping guns while hunting or at the shooting range. what changes is convicted felons can't run to a gun show or go online and buy guns without background checks. that will save lives. yes on 1.
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need help solving a murder after a man was shot to death on his drive home from work. the children and wife of 49-year old christopher stewart say he was a family man. he was married for 26 years and had 4 children and six grandchildren. he was also a navy veteran. police say
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on bermuda and saint rose before driving home. he took either volunteer, executive airport or anthem parkway...and was shot... perhaps through an open window. he called 9-1-1 but then crashed into a light pole. crying "he loved us so much and he was so proud to just be a grandpa. so proud." crying "we know what kind of man he was, you know, he was always willing to give... he was quiet, he never never started trouble." stewart died at a local hospital. his family says he was just picking up dinner at the bar... and didn't even stop for a drink. a suspect has been arrested for child abuse and neglect charges... after police say he hurt a child he had temporary guardianship over by the mother. police say deshaun lewis was not related to the five-year-old boy... but was responsible for the child's injuries. on sunday -- officers responded to u- m-c about reports of a possible child abuse. police say the boy
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and bruising to parts of his body... and he's listed in critical condition. lewis has been booked into clark county detention center. two kids were attacked and robbed by three suspects... and now, police have a composite drawing of one of them. metro says this man came across the young victims on september third, near pecos and reno avenue. metro says he attacked the kids, and dragged one of them across the street. two other suspects jumped in, and robbed the kids. the victims told police the first suspect claimed to be a fighter, and mentioned he was on probation. metro says this suspect has a tribal tattoo on one of his triceps, and drives a white honda civic hatchback. if you know who this man is, call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55. retired boxing champion floyd mayweather junior... is accused of stiffing a las vegas jeweler out of more than a million dollars. "the jewelers" claims - in a business lawsuit filed in nevada state court - that
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three-million dollar necklace of 72 round-cut diamonds. it says he bought the necklace on the night of his final fight in september of last year... but hasn't made a payment since may. the suit was filed september 23-rd. no public comment from mayweather - or his representatives - about the allegations. the 39-year-old was listed by forbes as the world's highest paid athlete in 2015... making 300 million dollars. new video has been released... of the moments leading up to the moments where los angeles police shot and kle suspect. the l-a-p-d chief says the man turned towards officers twice... with a gun in his hand. surveillance video shows carnell snell... holding what appears to be a gun - just before the shootiing. chief charlie beck says officers fired three shots when snell turned toward them with the gun. he then climbed a fence and turned again toward officers - who fired three more times. the shooting was not recorded on video. thousands
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of golfing legend arnold palmer. "(music)" the golfinig great died last week... at the age of 87. his private funeral for family members was thursday. palmer's family wanted a public service to be held after the ryder cup -- which the americans won on monday. phil mickelson and most of the u-s team were at the service -- in palmer's home town of latrobe, pennsylvania. fellow golfing nicklaus addressed the mourners. "today i hurt just like you. you don't lose a friend of almost 60 years and not feel an enormous loss. remember when arnold palmer touched your life....touched your heart. and please, don't forget why." arnold palmer won 62 titles on the p-g-a tour... and helped grow golf to worldwide
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now fox5 weather 24..7. with chief meteorologist ted pretty we stay in the low 80s through the workweek with 82- 83 degrees expected in the afternoons through friday. light north breezes to 15 mph get here on thursday into friday. we'll warm up for the weekend with 87 saturday, 88 sunday. a few clouds move in for the weekend with slight chances of showers arriving on monday and tuesday. highs stay in the mid 80s into the early portion of next week. we stay in the low 80s through the workweek with 82- 83 degrees expected in the afternoons through friday. light north breezes to 15 mph get here
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friday. we'll warm up for the weekend with 87 saturday, 88 sunday. a few clouds move in for the weekend with slight chances of showers arriving on monday and tuesday. highs stay in the mid 80s into
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of next week. closed captioning will resume shortly coming up... "national night out" is being celebrated across the country. today -- the local community came out to cashman park to promote road safety. we hear from the family of a child who almost lost her life... after a crash on halloween. plus... pop superstar "mariah carey" makes her voice heard on fox's hit drama "empire". how the cast reacted to
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society.
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they're just not for us.
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the f-d-a sends out a warning to parents after reports of teething products triggering seizures in children. there's been reports that homeopathic teething tablets and gels caused the issues. they're usually purchased over the counter at pharmacies... retail stores... or online. the f-d-a recommends families stop using them immediately... and start turning to other solutions like clove oil mixed with olive oil... or a frozen tea soaked cloth. "there are plenty of thing that are
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just using things that are cold for instance or just having something to chew on and a lot of teething rings are out there and as long as their well cared for and their clean and their not going to break off and choke them, i think it much better to do these kind of things like that so more of a gum massaging thing." doctors say massaging a baby's hand or above their upper lip can also help calm irritation. a local community joined forces with metro for a fun "national night out" to remind everyone to be safe on the roads. police brought over resources... food... raffles and vendors to promote beg safe and alert in the neighborhood. there was also an anti-violence walk. nine-year- old-- brazyl ward-- was a special guest of the evening. her family helped out by sharing their story of when brazyl was hit by a car on halloween night-- back in 2013. "pretty much what we try to do is share our tragedy and show our testimony from it. don't let negative things get you down." "it's also about driver safety as well. trying to make people more vigilant. trying to make the kids more
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walking. being a lot more aware." the event was sponsored by metro police... the fire department... and clark county parks and rec. a real life diva stars on fox's hit music drama "empire". mariah carey makes a guest appearance on the show. what fans can expect from tomorrow night's episode... and what the "empire" cast said about working with the pop superstar. and... millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from reality star kim kardashian in paris. what "fashion week" designers discourage celebrities to do when they travel. you are watching
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rapper kanye west delays his concert tour... after his wife kim kardashian was robbed by gunpoint in paris. shows this week in philadelphia and detroit have been rescheduled for december. west was performing in new york sunday when he abruptly ended the show... citing a family emergency. armed men in paris had stormed a luxury apartment where kardashian was tied up... gagged... and left in a bathtub while millions in jewelry was stolen. the reality star often posts videos and photos on social media about her jewelry and clothing. celebrities are currently in paris for "fashion week". designer karl lagerfeld says flaunting wealth publicly can be a bad idea. "too public, too public, we have to see in what time we live. you cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it." the suspects still remain on the run. kardashian is back in new york with
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friday in chicago. superstar mariah carey may have announced end dates for her las vegas residency... but she's saying hello to her debut on fox's hit show "empire". the pop star makes a guest appearance on tomorrow's episode. fox's adam housley talked with the "empire" cast about working with her. mariah carey is making a guest appearance on wednesday's episode of "empire" playing, what else, a superstar! her character tries to help jamal overcome his fear of performing live... smollett says: "the main thing that blew my mind this season was being vocally produced by mariah carey because i'm just like, this is stupid. this is just i'm like y'all this is so dumb, like this makes no sense in my life. i'm sitting there and i'm looking at her and she's just, she's mariah carey!" their song "infamous" is already available for download. jussie smollett says he held it together while recording with mariah...
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proud of myself because i didn't like mess up. i didn't like crack or anything like that because mariah was around. i handled myself in a classy way." for ta'rhonda jones it was a different story... jones says: "i did go inside her trailer, oh i said that on tv, i went in there i did it. i went inside her trailer, i knocked on the door and no one answered so maybe she's asleep. i just wanted to take a look at it, is that weird." jussie says he made the most of every minute working with carey... smollett says: "she's very very giving with her knowledge and i really appreciate that because, you know, there's as far as publishing goes, there's the greats like prince and michael jackson and god rest their spirits, but mariah and paul mccartney and lionel richie, like those are the people we still have that if nobody


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