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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  October 14, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now we could learn the fate if the nfl stadium bill today... as the assembly returns for what could be the last day of the special session. a breach in security! what customers at one nevada credit uni to do today-- to make sure their money is secure. the unlv rebels hit the beaches and big waves of hawaii... before they hit the football field for big game! where you can catch the all the action this weekend! good morning i'm alyssa deitsch, filling in for dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning.
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local lawmakers up in carson city... fox5's faith tanner brings us up to date on the special session regarding bringing a new stadium to las vegas. ((closed captioning will resume shortly)) under the stadium
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with 750 million dollars in public funding, the raiders would chip in 500 million and 650 million would come from casino mogul sheldon adelson. now les krifaton joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7
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daytime temperatures remain above seasonal over the next seven days ranging from 2 to 8. in the short term the main weather feature will be the winds. we have a red flag warning in effect from noon until 9pm friday. gusts expected to be near 40 mph. more winds forecast through the weekend an to a series of upper level disturbances working its way south. no rain or drizzle associated with these disturbances. much calmer conditions return by monday
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in more local news-- we have an update to the breaking news we brought you on thursday morning... we're learning more suspect killed in the officer involved shooting on the 215... and hualapai. ""this resulted in an extended pursuit which terminated in the area of 215 and hualapai officers there were confronted by a white male with a handgun, officers fired killing the suspect." " police say they tried to pull the suspect over-- after recognizing the car as the one that was stolen in an armed robbery and carjacking
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the suspect's name will be released within the next few days. a man is dead... after an argument at a gas station led to a shooting. it happened yesterday morning at the chevron terrible's near lake mead and hollywood. police say two men were arguing... and then a third man walked up and shot one of them. the victim died on the scene. police believe the men knew each other witnesses say the suspects took off in a grey four- door sedan. metro says they are working to enhance some grainy surveillance video of the shooting information you are asked to call crimestoppers at 702-385-55-55 a breach at a local credit union... has led to many accounts being wiped out. the incident happened at the 'one nevada credit union' on decatur near blue diamond fox5's adam herbets has more on this story. (cricket chirp atm) dear alonte gray, we have determined
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information has been compromised. (card gets pulled out) we will be deactivating your card at 4pm today. its the email nobody wants to receive. typical fun day in las vegas! haha thousands of dollars... i hope all these people get their money back. ...gone, because of a hacker. criminals. criminals. they're getting smarter with computers -- finding more ways to hack in and steal money from us. (atm beeping) i'm just rolling with the punches. i'm not really upset. he's not really upset -- because this guy didnt even lose money. i was one of the lucky ones. some of the others... well... upset would be putting it nicely. i think he's still in there. i'm not sure. he might still be in there arguing with them about getting his money back. all the customers were told... is that it was a "magnetic strip problem" i don't know exactly what that means so what i'm guessing is one of the atm machines got hacked into and they just started to snatch money out of people's accounts like that this man admits... hey... he didnt have a whole lot to steal from his account... but his 12 years
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to end up canceling my account though, because this has happened more than once. there was one guy who told me he got like about 500 dollars taken out of his account for no reason. he's like 300 dollars in the negative now. yeah you gotta talk to that guy. he has a lot of words to say. if you think you have become a victim of this crime ... call your credit union branch today. and be the first to know about breaking news-- by downloading our mobile app. you can also watch livestreams of our newscast... any time we're on coming up... hurricane nicole pounded bermuda. this morning we're getting a look at nicole from space. the incredible images after the break. and we'll meet a girl who used social media to save her father's life... when we come
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fox5 news hall, maria silva, monica jackson, jason feinberg , . weather 24/7 with cassandra jones and traffic solutions with ken smith. this is fox5 news this morning. it's amazing how big a hurricane can get --to the point where you can see it above the earth. nasa has released these photos of hurricane nicole. ...take a look at this. this is nicole as it
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satellite view from space. bermuda is cleaning up from hurricane nicole... but they are still dealing with the mess left over from hurricane matthew. fox's steve rappoport has the latest on the damage the storms have caused. packing one- hundred-fifteen mile an hour winds... hurricane nicole - blasting the island nation of bermuda thursday... knocking out power to more than twenty-seven thousand people. a category three storm when it hit - the system ripping some roofs off of homes and buildings... it also damaged boats...snapped and uprooted trees...and caused flooding. but, overall, bermuda - known for its strict building codes - was well prepared for the storm. with cleanup now getting is a far different scene than in hard-hit haiti...which is still
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hurricane matthew. at this point an international relief effort is advancing there, a second u.s. military ship... now on scene... and united nations convoys starting to reach some previously cut-off remote communities. reeves says: "we've loaded onto the helicopters everything from rice to dried peas to medical kits." however, many haitians say they have still yet to receive any help at this point. on thursday united nations officials called it - quote - "outrageous and unacceptable" that the international community failed to prevent hundreds of hurricane matthew-related deaths in haiti. glasser says: "unacceptable that we can have a country like haiti in which we've had, those of us outside of haiti are watching on tv even days before this storm hit and that it was impossible to reach people with early warning." reuters now estimates that hurricane matthew has killed over 1,000 people in haiti... and has left tens of thousands homeless. at this point some one-point-four million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in haiti. steve rappoport,
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we now turn to les krifaton for weather.. ..
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temperatures remain above seasonal over the next seven days ranging from 2 to 8. in the short term the main weather feature will be the winds. we have a red flag warning in effect from noon until 9pm friday. gusts expected to be near 40 mph. more winds forecast through the weekend and into monday thanks to a series of upper level disturbances working its way south. no rain or drizzle associated with these disturbances. much calmer conditions return by monday night.
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in health news. a device used during open heart surgeries in the united states since 2012 could be linked to a deadly bacterial infection. the centers for disease control and prevention says there is a potential risk of infection from a device known as a heater-cooler unit. it's used during open heart surgery. the bacteria is commonly found i typically harmful but it can cause infections in patients with weakened immune systems who have had invasive procedures. a daughter attempting to get her father the life-saving surgery he needs... as meg mcleod tells us... she gets help from the unlikliest of places. as serious as life- saving surgery. he just got on the transplant list -- with an average wait time of three to five years.
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just six weeks in -- he'd already have a donor. (jeff charters, kidney recipient) "it's just amazing because in a million years, i never thought i'd find a 100% match." that match is thanks to his social media savvy daughter kim who started the "find jeff charters a kidney" facebook page on april 7th. (kim charters, jeff's daughter) "i can find something, i can do something." the very same day -- rachael milks -- a girl kim only passed city john glenn -- offered to get tested. (rachael milks, kidney donor) "the thought didn't really scare me cause i was like this is such a cool thing and i think if i were in the same position, i'd want someone to reach out and, you know, do the same for my dad." a few weeks later, as kim was backpacking in hawaii... she got a message from rachael. "she was like "you know, hope you're
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enjoying your vacation." and she was like, "ummm they just called me and i'm a match for your dad." and i was kind of thrown back by it and it was intense, overwhelming for sure." not wanting to tell her dad over the phone, kim grabbed a postcard and penned a poem. two days later, kim flew home to deliver the news... at the detroit airport. "me and my wife just hugged and we were crying and we hugged kim. we were all.... all crying in the airport and it was just an incredible moment." on august 10th at henry ford hospital, rachael gave jeff her kidney. (dr. jason denny, henry ford hospital) "it's a significant change in his life. this donor has helped him tremendously." surgical director dr. jason denny says this gift will allow jeff to make plans for the future. "you generally live a longer life than people who stay on dialysis." rachael went home just a day and a half later feeling great. "it really wasn't as bad as what people initially think it's going to be." as for jeff, he can't express his gratitude enough... "i'd give her the world if i could.there isn't enough thank yous and hugs in the world for rachael."
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exactly what every parent dreams of. "i got a grandson in ohio that i'm looking forward to seeing him again, spending time with my family and just enjoying life." a new care center opens up here in a new care center opens up here in the valley... we'll have all the details on this ground-breaking new center for autism. a seven-year-old takes part in an inspiring moment his town will never forget. that sweet story
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don't let the warm weather confuse you... we are in fall, and it's time for this year's fall festival. this fox5 take 5 to care event is happening saturday october 22nd from 11 to 3. it's at goet family park in southern highlands. there will be a costume contest and trick or treating entry is free! the first comprehensive care center for autism in las vegas is now officially open. u-n-l-v has partnered with the grant a gift autism foundation to open the center... which offers autism and neuro- developmental care...
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treatment, and even classes on dealing with autism. " we have about eight thousand square feet of doctors, professionals, support services that families can really come and we embrace them. and then they are able to sometimes to do one service and then go across the hall to do another. so they feel like they have hope by coming to this center. the center is not only the first in las vegas, but one of only a handful in the country. u-n-l-v football fans, get ready! fox5 is your official home for the rebels this weekend.. coach tony sanchez and his rebels are in hawaii to take on the rainbow warriors tomorrow. you can see it right here on fox5 this saturday night-- at nine. right after a special edition of fox5 news at 8 p-m. and on sunday
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with kevin bolinger -- who is traveling with the team -- he'll have a complete post- game analysis from honolulu.. that's sunday night at 11-- following fox5 news at ten and sports plus. a young man in kentucky, battling a rare brain disorder... scored the goal of his life that inspired so many. mike dardis has more... ( nats: clapping) it's the inspiring moment - that touched so many lives locally. 7-year-old bryce snider - in his wheelchair - scoring the touchdown of a lifetime. a moment possible with an assist from two northern kentucky football teams. (john bennett, taylor mill's football director) "our goal was to try and give the family and bryce a memory that they are going to be able to cherish forever." that plan was hatched early this season. john bennett is the football director, for the taylor mill eagles.
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a rare brain disorder.... while still showing up for practices and games, all to be with his brother braylen. last week - the eagles had the chance to make sure bryce experienced football the way they do ... on the field... and in the end zone. (nicole timmerding, bryce's mother) "they had this crazy idea that they had to get bryce on the field and we were all for it." bryce's parents say an already incredible moment.. was made that much more special, by having braylen push his brother over the goal line. (nicole timmerding, bryce's mother) "braylen was so proud to be able to be the oneo him over the goal line, and for him to be the one to help him get to this point." while bryce may not be able to talk, no one could deny how much enjoyed his moment, on the field, with the team. (nicole timmerding, bryce's mother) "it melts your heart to see the way these kids act around him." (bryan snider/father) "it's just another kid, no matter if he's in a chair, has a limp or whatever he's just a kid." a local teen injured at
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furious at the school district... coming up... the latest from c-c- s-d's investigation into the school administrator that could be punished for the
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vegas fire
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goodbye to one of its own. we'll have more on captain miller's touching memorial. las vegas is playing host to the final debate next week. how they are getting everything ready for the big showdown. if you think you've seen everything trump-related think again. we'll tell you about a trump-inspired machine seen in new york city. good morning i'm maria silva. i'm alyssa deitsch in for dave hall. now it's time to get a first look at your fox5 weather 24-7 forcast... les krifaton joins us now. daytime temperatures remain above seasonal over the next seven days ranging from 2 to 8. in the short


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