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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  October 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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live from las vegas, fox5 news this morning starts now the presidential candidates are waking up in las vegas after landing at mccarran airport last night. that's donald trump's plane on the left, hillary clinton's is on the right. clinton's "stronger together" plane, landed around two p-m tuesday. a motorcade met her on the tarmac, before escorting her to a hotel. trump's self- named plane landed about three hours later. you're looking live at the thomas and mack center right now, the site of the third and final presidential debate. today, las vegas will make history, hosting the most important debate of the campaign season. tonight at 6, donald trump and hillary clinton will take the
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the issues one final time, before voters head to the polls. thousands of journalists will be covering the event from every angle. fox5 will be live inside the spin alley, all-day, starting at 7 a-m. good morning. i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. dave hall is over at u-n-l-v right now ahead of tonight's big debate. he will join us live at 4:30 to talk about what it's like on campus ahead of the final presidential debate. sam argier joins us now with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7 forecast. it will be a sunny and breezy wednesday across southern nevada with high temperatures in the low 80s and upper 70s. the strongest wind will be focused along the colorado river valley where a wind advisory is in effect
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are forecast around laughlin, bullhead city, and lake havasu. around the las vegas valley, the wind will not be as strong. winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph are possible. the wind backs off thursday with temperatures on the rise through the remainder of the week. by saturday, high temperatures will be around 90 degrees with lots of sunshine. look for some more clouds to drift across the area sunday with breezy conditions. there is the chance of a few showers in las vegas on monday with temperatures falling back around 80 degrees. hillary clinton and donald trump will face off for their final debate tonight right here in las vegas. as fox's caroline shively explains,
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will give him a bounce in the polls, while clinton is looking to maintain her lead.
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there wasn't as much focus on policy as she would like because of how donald trump chooses to use his time in these debates." republicans, meanwhile, believe trump needs to turn the focus away from his controversies. bennett says: "if it's all stunt and all histrionics.... say nothing of infantile vulgarity then he's done." some analysts think trump's talk of a rigged election is preparing for a loss. stirewalt says: "he's got a narrative where he's telling his supporters, he's prefiguring a defeat." (on-cam tag) tonight's debate will be moderated by "fox news sunday" anchor in las vegas, caroline shively, fox news.>> a row of taco trucks lined up outside the trump hotel, to help people register to vote and get their point across to the republican nominee. "we're going to be flooding the city today with taco trucks and lots of volunteers. we have a lot of energy here. we're determined to get to that number up so that everybody's voice can be heard in this election. it's too important to just stay at home and especially too important to not register to vote." the taco truck wall is a play on
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a wall along the mexican border. here in clark county, there are more than a-million people registered to vote. the latest numbers show, 430-thousand are registered democrat, 296-thousand republican, and 221-thousand are registered non-partisan. a rally will be held at trump hotel at 10 a-m. 400 local workers will join activists from several organizations including "mi familia vota," "next-gen climate nevada," and "american bridge" they say they will be building a wall to symbolically they will also be handing out free tacos. the nevada republican party will be hosting a debate rally celebration. lara trump, who's married to eric trump, will join several hispanic leaders at the havana grill from noon to 2:30 this afternoon. they will be rallying support for donald trump ahead of tonight's debate. the public is invited to attend there will be plenty of places to watch the debate around town tonight..
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holding a watch party at stoney's rockin' country in town square. you must be 18 or older to attend. doors open at 3-30 this afternoon. and hillary for nevada will be hosting a party at the craig ranch regional park amphitheater hoping to court the latino vote. mexican singer vicente fernandez, actress angelica maria and the band los tigeres del norte will be in attendance. doors open at 5-30 tonight. fox5 is your election headquarters. we will have full election coverage all-day, and will be streaming the debate live on facebook. tune in for a special edition of fox5 news, following tonight's debate. our neighbors to the north want to make sure we here in the u.s. stay strong during this election... going as far as creating a social media campaign... called "tell america it's great" check it out we're just up here in canada talking about how great
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thought we'd just send you a little bit of a love note. we're big fans. we like you guys. we know you've got some really bid decisions to make. but as you're thinking about your future we just want you to know that you guys are great... you really are great i wanted to know what our international tourists really think about our presidential candidates so i headed out to the "welcome to fabulous las vegas sign" to find out.
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our candidates? adriana: in brazil in my opinion hillary will be win. maria: why do you think people in your country are going for hillary. adriana/tourists : because we don't like donald trump he's very... strange. maria silva: so over there in nicaragua are people going towards hillary clinton are they going towards donald trump what are you hearing? edwin navas/tourist from nicaragua says: hillary clinton because donald trump has been talking bad about latin people so everyone is saying they don't want donald trump to be president here in the united states. marcin wrona: i have heard that there have been lots and lots of boxing professional fights here... my question is anyone going to deliver a knock out punch during that debate?>> at the last two presidential debates, moderators asked the
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their applause. as fox5's alyssa deitsch explains how an unruly audience has the ability to sway voter opinions.
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fueled by the first debate that ronald reagan was too old to be president. another close election? this one... depending on which polls you look at. the audience response to the statement by donald trump that he would jail hillary clinton is a very mixed response. clip: clinton: "'s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. trump: because you'd be in jail. [applause] raddatz: secretary clinton... cooper: we want to remind the audience to please not talk out loud. please do not applaud. you're just wasting time. when you hear the candidate's exchange, you are listening to what the candidates are saying. but the audience basically tells you to listen and then judge it in the direction of the audience's repsonse. holt: let me just admonish the audience one more time. there was an agreement. we did ask you to be silent, so it would be helpful for us. start longer version debates haven't always been this way... the first televised presidential debate between nixon and kennedy in 1960 was broadcast in a studio, with only the candidates and the moderator. [insert clip of first televised debate between nixon and kennedy] that's a fine debate. we have a model of how this works--it worked really well. debates held at big auditoriums-- like
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overhead costs... which hall-jamieson says are picked up by donors. "by reducing the cost you would the annenberg center for public policy will study how the audiences at the debate may have influenced voters. fighting voter fraud. donald trump's recent claims that the election is rigged, has state officials looking into our own voting system. why officials say ours is fool- proof. if you live or work near u -n-l-v, listen up. major roads in the area will be tonight's debate. what you need to know to avoid the traffic headache. the calm before the storm... its quiet right now at the thomas and mack center, as thousands of journalists and politicians prepare to descend on u-n-l-v. donald trump and hillary clinton will take the
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around the country, many snowbirds will be headed to las vegas for winter vacation. las vegas was just named the top warm destinations for winter travel. that's according to wallethub. other top destinations to soak up the warm weather were l-a and san diego. if you're looking to get away and cool off for the winter
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destinations were atlanta.... new york and alburquerue, new mexico. and don't forget to join us this saturday for the southern highlands fall festival. the free event features plenty of games... raffle prizes... a costume contest, and a pumpkin patch for the kiddos. pumpkins cost 2- dollars. the take 5 to care event will be at the go-ett family park october 22nd from 11 a-m to 3. it's free to get in. it will be a sunny and breezy wednesday across southern nevada with high temperatures in the low 80s and upper 70s. the strongest wind will be focused along the colorado river valley where a wind advisory is in effect from 8 a.m. to
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gusts up to 40 mph are forecast around laughlin, bullhead city, and lake havasu. around the las vegas valley, the wind will not be as strong. winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph are possible. the wind backs off thursday with temperatures on the rise through the remainder of the week. by saturday, high temperatures degrees with lots of sunshine. look for some more clouds to drift across the area sunday with breezy conditions. there is the chance of a few showers in las vegas on monday with temperatures falling back around 80 degrees.
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descending on the valley for tonight's debate, and their safety is a top priority. several roads and interstates will be closed around the airport and thomas and mack. fox5's faith tanner takes us through the detours.
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is what it is but i'll have to leave earlier for work" you may want to avoid these closures: southbound i-15 from sahara... all the way down to the 215. and eastbound 215 through the airport connector to russel road. leave early if you need to catch a flight: from the airport, watch out for roving restrictions on russel road to maryland parkway and maryland parkway... up to tropicana. westbound tropicana from maryland parkway to swe and in front of the thomas and mack... swenson street. "this is the first time i've ever seen something like this so it's crazy" take flamingo or tropicana to paradise road if you're heading to the airport. "it's just really inconvenient especially for tourists and residents, it's already confusing enough with them constantly changing the streets so it's like wow" drivers we talk to say it's a headache... but hey, it's temporary. leave a little earlier for work, take surface streets" faith tanner fox5
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the las vegas monorail is always a great way to get around town. the monorail zigs and zags through the strip corridor, which makes it a good way to avoid the road closures. a single ride ticket costs 5-dollars. locals can ride for a dollar. you can find the full list of closures... and more on how to get to and from the airport by heading to fox five vegas dot com. under doctor's orders. thro stones cancel tonight's vegas concert after the lead vocalist falls ill. what this means for ticket holders. 70 and still rocking a catsuit! the fabulous cher is bringing her hit songs and flashy costumes to the las vegas strip. where you can see her in concert, next.
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valley are learning "you can't always get what you want" after the band cancelled tonight's gig at the tmobile arena. the band says frontman mick jagger has laryngitis under doctor's orders not to sing. mick jagger himself took to twitter and posted this: "i'm so sorry about the cancellation of wednesday's show in las vegas, i've got bad laryngitis. i do apologise to everyone who bought tickets." tens of thousands of tickets to the show have been sold. according to the band's website, they are hoping to reschedule the concert, but a date hasn't been set yet. they haven't said if they will be giving refunds or
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stones are also scheduled to play saturday night at the t-mobile arena, no word yet if that show will also be cancelled. "one by one" the park theater at monte carlo is signing on big names to add to its concert lineup. cher will be performing next year. m-g-m resorts says she will perform several shows next february and in may. they'll also be announcing additional dates in the future. tickets go on sale this sunday. some bright minds are weighing in on the election. coming up, we speak to students about what they think about the election and the issues that affect them the most. you love mcgriddles... but you don't love that you can't get them all day.
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so, you can find something else to not love. like when sportscasters get carried away with the instant replay pen. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast.
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morning. the high roller is showing off its patriotism! the landmark is glowing red, white and blue right now for the final presidential debate. the patriotic show will continue tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing to take the debate stage at u-n-l-v for a final time tonight. welcome back, i'm maria silva. dave hall will join us in a few minutes from unlv
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dianne gallagher is also live at unlv. good morning dianne, we've been talking about this for months and the big day is finally here. welcome dianne... both candidates are also waking in vegas ((ad-lib))
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for the last public showdown between republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton. fox news anchor chris wallace will moderate the debate, which will be divided into six fifteen minute segments. the topics are immigration, entitlements and debt, the supreme court, the economy, foreign policy and each candidate's fitness to serve as president. clinton and trump will have two minutes apiece for their answers. they'll also get to respond to each other... and wallace can use any leftover time to dig deeper into individual responses. the stakes are high for both candidates clinton made no public appearances tuesday, opting instead to focus on debate prep. trump held rallies in colorado springs and grand junction, colorado.>> ((ad-lib)) there's no telling how many people will tune in tonight, but a record-breaking 84 million people watched the first presidential debate. the second had a


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