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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> alex: i think jake arrieta has a lot to prove tonight. i expect him to pitch well, win and go to chicago 1-1. >> pete: i think he will pitch a great game but cleveland's bullpen. >> kevin: going for a 2-0 indians lead. >> frank: i think we see vintage jake arrieta. they need seven strong innings, handing the ball to >> kevin: everybody likes arrieta tonight. not you, pete. >> pete: i love jake arrieta. but i think it's cleveland's year. >> kevin: we see if this offense for the cubs can get going tonight. the question is, against bauer, i don't know about this bullpen but can they get it going against the bauer? >> tom: they can. the key, make sure they score first. especially true with the cleveland bullpen. >> alex: the thing to watch,
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hitting breaking balls. bauer, the league hits .134 against him. >> pete: speed, speed. >> kevin: indians are 7-0 when they score first. hasn't been a lead change in any of those games. we will watch that, for sure. getting close to the first pitch. let's go to the booth. joe buck and john smoltz. look at the scene. inside here in cleveland, fans are ready. it's a cold night. as the guys were talking, we hope the rain stays away. game 2 of this 2016 world serie world series. the chicago cubs, cleveland indians with cleveland up one game to nothing. welcome inside the broadcast news, i'm joe buck with hall of famer john smoltz. last night went according to plan for terry francona and the
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andrew miller did his thing. didn't band, didn't break. cody allen came in and got the final three outs and a six i've. we look at the cubs and we start to see some of the depth they have and it starts with tonight's starter for chicago, jake arrieta. pitching matchup looked good for chicago. this is going to be a fun series. i can't wait to see who takes game number 2. >> john: before it started, cubs had the most depth in the rotation, opportunities to win but the cleveland indians don't care about paper. they are the hottest team in baseball. 18 consecutive scoreless innings. 7-0 with a score first. they may not have all their pieces but the pieces they have a pretty good. it's pretty simple for chicago. know that the serious can continue but 0-2, the last 15 teams have lost. make your ace, who is on a great
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trevor bauer, the right-hander against jake arrieta. you start looking at these two faces in these two resumes, what do you expect? >> john: trevor bauer had a nice game last year, didn't give up any runs. what will the pinky do? he will have a higher fastball than kluber. he has a lot of called strikes and the curveball that gets the -- gives the cubs a lot of problems. for chicago, it's jake arrieta. will the weather affect his cutter? for jake arrieta, keep the base dealers off base. might be more smooth sailing and possibly go home 1-1. >> joe: game two of the world series tonight on fox with the indians up 1-0. >> cleveland, ohio, my hometown. for years, people laughed at us. it was the mistake on the lake. the river caught on fire.
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the one tonight's telecast is sponsored by t-mobile. bringing you greater coverage of tonight's game. a43-degree night. please, rain, stay away for game number 2. showers in the forecast. ken rosenthal down on the field. >> he has caught each of arrieta's last four starts. tonight joe maddon is going with willson contreras.
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cleveland's running game. contreras is a much better thrower than montero. that is so good, the cubs plan to start him the next two games as well. over to tom verducci. >> tom: the last time we saw trevor bauer, he was dripping blood on the mound from a wound on his pinky. since then, he's treated it with a skin adhesive and used gauze while pitching. neither remedy is allowed tonight. terry he's fine. he added the disclaimer, i thought that last time. jo. >> joe: that's the bandage during the pregame. he can't use that in game but you can see the finger, took ten stitches, and they have all kinds of glue on top of it trying to hold it together. that was nine days ago when his fingers split back open and the only threw 21 pitches. here are his numbers this
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away we go in game 2. fowler takes a ball. >> john: the first inning hasn't been very kind to trevor bauer. it's his worst inning. locks, most runs, most homers. high e.r.a. if he gets through the first inning shop, the indians feel like it gets better as the game goes on and so does his curveball. for the cubs, they need to get fowler going and get him on base. >> joe: ball and bauer. >> john: what you saw last night from kluber, you will see if bauer is on with this two-seam fastball. a lot of called strikes. >> joe: broken -- broken bat. one away. dexter fowler is no leadoff spot. he's been there are persistent. that's what he does for joe maddon. now it's kris bryant with anthony rizzo in the on-deck circle. the middle three of this order
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back. rocked a double off the wall. javier baez hits any number six spot. willson contreras, jorge soler and addison russell. against a guy who was the third overall pick by the arizona diamondbacks in 2011. traded to cleveland december of 2012. went 12-8 this year, did trevor bauer. here is kris bryant. to >> john: the curveball command is never where he wanted to be early on but as the game goes on, he gets a better feel for the pitch. tonight's weather, a little cold. see how he commands the pitch must again goes on. >> joe: 2-1.
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2-2. that's the pitch that's going to give the cubs some problems. >> john: high fastball. we talked about kluber throwing the slider-curveball combination. bauer wants the ball up to give his curveball better effect for he will throw a hiker fall, 12-6 break. if you look at the hands of a clock, you will see what the curveball is doing. cubs cannot afford to expand the strike zone with either of those pitches. >> joe: 2-2. that is into write for a base hit. kris bryant has his first world series hit. and now they lincoln motor company keys to the game. to command the strikes on. i'm not talking about arrieta. i'm talking about the offense of the cubs. get bauer and the strike zone. you are better if you don't
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i think the one thing they've got to do is get the lead, get on base, steal bases. everything they have done to this point. don't change. >> joe: anthony rizzo now. one on, one out. strike one. trevor bauer started the season in the bullpen. his first six appearances, then went to the rotation in may. struggled a bit down the stretch. last seven starts, e.r.a. just under 7. decent start in game one of the division series against the red sox. 21 pitches in game 3 against toronto. couldn't continue because of the injury. one ball, one strike. >> john: has an unusual delivery. he's modified it a little bit. when you watch a pitchout of the stretch, there is no arm swing. short arm, throwing from the hip, shot put look.
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curveball, that's where he gets the tremendous breakdown. fastball creates a different angle. up in the zone is better for him. especially if the team swings at it. >> joe: strike two. coverage of this game in spanish, tuning into fox desportes. joe maddon and the cubs when 0 for 11 with 4 strikeouts. three pop-ups to the catcher. bryant is on in the first inning. zobrist on dac and rizzo at the plate with a 1-2 count. >> john: that is the height. big difference between kluber. kluber had the movement and the free speech but he was lower in the zone. the wave bauer delivers the
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header with his fastball and curveball. anything to make the hitter buckle a little bit. that's why his curveball at 74 and fastball at 96 has great variance. >> joe: defensively cleveland has coco crisp and left, the 25 in center, chisenhall in right. ramirez, lindor, kipnis, at the catcher is roberto perez. the hitting star last night. he had two home runs and knocked in four.
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2-2. that's down into the right field corner. it will get down, hit the wall. bryant will dig for third. they are going to bring it. the throw mishandled. 1-0 chicago. >> john: he tries to go in. watch the ball tailback prayed he was ready, rizzo was ready. i thought this was an interesting relay system. once the ball gets here, you are supposed to throw it to kipnis. he throws it to second. that allow the runner to easily go home. aggressive approach in the first
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first and second when they got the hit, it was aggressive. they got the lead. this really has to go to kipnis. he goes to second. >> joe: keeping it together live, it looked like they had a chance at bryant if kipnis is hit with the throw but instead chisenhall threw to the bag, not to the cutoff man. bryant scored easily. now zobrist takes a bal score, i love the aggressiveness early. that's why, even last night, first and second and baez gets the head. i thought they would be aggressive there even with no outs. they chose to take a base at a time. we know what happened. they didn't get anything out of the hitting. miller worked his way out of the jam. >> joe: chisenhall still learning the outfield. 1-0. upstairs from bauer. first inning run for the cubs against trevor bauer in an
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since. >> john: he has struggled all year. i don't of its mainly because of his preparation. he is cut down the time it takes him to get ready for a game. maybe later, we can show you some of that of what it takes for trevor bauer to get ready for a start. it's quite mind-boggling. his first inning has definitely given him fits. >> joe: 2-0 to zobrist. that zips in there at 94. 2-1. >> john: the other thing i exploit his first pitch swinging at fastballs. they are a patient team. they don't really like to be aggressive on the first pitch other than a select few guys. bauer has given up a really high average on first pitch fastballs or first pitch anything. >> joe: 2-1. chased it. 2-2.
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floats up. you saw the note on zobrist, the first player to have three or more hits in game one the world series in back-to-back years. last faster, zobrist had thr, batting in the number two spot for kansas city. it took until the 14th inning for him to get his third hit in a game the royals won over the mets 5-4. zobrist, 2015-'16. the 2-2.
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around the letters on his jersey. >> john: bauer, if he makes a good curveball pitch against zobrist, it gives him fits. he likes velocity. he likes the ball in a an area amid-thigh. he went with the changeup. >> joe: another followed by a zobrist. >> john: as the game goes on, the curveball will get more bite and be closer. that one is up. >> joe: chris guccione is a home plate umpire tonight. joined by the crew chief john hirschbeck. marvin hudson at second base, tony randazzo at third. joe west down the left field
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another 2-2, another foul ball. >> john: interesting in this postseason alone, me because i'm paying attention. the evolution of the game has changed. we see velocity going up, average miles per hour going up. fastball at 97. fastball-curveball combinations are becoming more popular. that's how you change and get the hitter off the time to fastball by throwing a lower curveball. th height of the fastball makes it virtually impossible for a hit or to stay locked in on it. >> joe: driven down the line, hooks foul. a good battle here between zobrist and bauer. this will be ten pitches at least in this at-bat. good news for the indians is the
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holding for trevor bauer, who as we mentioned, lasted only 21 pitches in the game three alcs start in toronto. >> john: the time it took to make that decision, i wonder if it messes with the hitter. he slowed him down with a curveball. when you slow them down, even though it wasn't a good one, typically want to come back with your best heater. >> joe: into left field. two out. rizzo holds at second. the batter will be schwarber. >> john: we had a chance to visit before tonight's game. >> joe: first-round pick a couple seasons ago in indiana. hit five home runs last year
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almost rode one out of here last night in his second at-bat, hit a double off the wall in right. he said he felt totally normal at the plate, which is incredible for somebody who had five plate appearances all year, back in early april. good swing. strike one. >> john: we talked to him. he was impressive. i shake my head. i've never seen something like this in my career. maybe if he had five years, ten years under his belt. he doesn't even have a year. to do this on the biggest stage. credit him for his work, credit the cubs for having the guts to do it. >> joe: the good thing for him, with the weather, 43 at the
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because he's the dh and the rest of the guys in the lineup are out on the field, he's got the sweatshirt on. he's on the exercise bike. he is staying warm. working in the cage, looking at video. he's a dangerous hitter and one of the better young power hitters in the game. that's a foul ball. within inches of giving the cubs a 2-0 lead. broken bat. >> john: good pitch by bauer. he went up and jammed him. you can see the ball just going foul but he can elevated even more against weber, who is trying. you know he would love to get an rbi. trying to locate the ball there. >> joe: the knee that schwarber injured, the game in arizona, the left knee, the back knee. the foundation for that powerful swing.
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be honest. when was this a reality or possibility? not until the dodgers series when i got cleared by the doctors and i went to work. so much so he got blisters on his hands taking as many swings as he did. ball one. >> john: even though it's a ball, you want to raise the eye level against an aggressive hitter. >> joe: struck him out. the cubs score first tonight, and that's been their magic formula this postseason.
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for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network. >> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by master pass, the simple, secure way to pay. and by chevrolet. 2016 j.d. power dependability awards. more than any other brand. take a lineup. carlos santana in the leadoff spot, the dh. he hit deeper in the lineup last night. jason kipnis, francisco lindor, napoli, ramirez, chisenhall. coco crisp, talladega, roberto perez. terry francona is 9-0 as a manager in the world series. in boston.
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colorado. carlos santana leads it off. at the knees, pitch number one. >> john: there is one thing i could never do, pitch in this weather without sleeves. the once and hannah's numbers, . 0 for 2 last night. ball and a strike. >> john: jake arrieta, four-seam fastball, two-seamer. everything moves. the cutter is the key. if he has a cutter, he can throw it in any count. doctor, front door, the big curve and the slider. the one that's the third. for bryant. our geico pitcher profile for jake arrieta, 22-6 a year ago when he won the cy young. here are his numbers this postseason. >> john: it's been a little bit of a confusing season. he was so dominant last year, his first 16 starts.
4:29 pm
the next 16, more normal or a little abnormal. four .20. they are hoping they see their first guy that was starting when he finished last year, the cy young award winning campaign. because his mechanics are so unorthodox, the command will leave him for periods of time. >> joe: here is kipnis. strike one. >> john: the difference in the fa this year, it can go eight, ten. when he does that, he is walking people and creating some stress for himself. >> joe: two quick strikes. 95 from arrieta. the second half of the season last year, when he won the cy young, 12-1 with an e.r.a. of 0.75 in 15 starts. that rolled into the postseason. he have the wild card game
4:30 pm
pittsburgh, threw a complete game shutout. since then, in the postseason, he's his gun 1-2 with an e.r.a. of over 5.8. he strikes out. two down. the defense for chicago. it's zobrist in left, fowler in center, soler, one of the 24 years old, in right. and now bryant, russell, baez, rizzo, contreras. six players in the starting lineup are 24 years old or younger. >> john: talk about good news for the chicago comes in their fans. this team is built to be good for a long time. >> joe: here is lindor. that would include the dh, in


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