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tv   FOX5 News at 800pm  FOX  November 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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desperately is trying to get on to start trouble for cleveland. >> john: cleveland has got to get locked in. try anyway, anyhow to get on base. >> joe: 2-0. >> john: lester is trying to steal outs for joe maddon, with chapman hopefully doesn't have to get six outs. >> joe: last night, chapman came on in the seventh. a 7-2 game. here's that hard hit right at addison russell. one away. with the bases empty, napoli will step in. there's the starter. hendricks probably more nervous now than he was at 8:10 eastern party went 4 2/3. two runs, one earned. speetwo lindor squared that up
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2-0 pitch he liked. >> joe: napoli hitless tonight. strike one. the velocity has been maintained by lester. >> john: he's done a great job mixing it up. he started out with two steamers and curveballs. now he's been able to throw the four-seamer more consistent. >> joe: bumgarner threw 170 pitches to win game 5 over kansas city. two days off, then 68 pitches for a five inning save in a one-run game 7. lester. so impressive. 90 pitches to win game five. two days off, and he's thrown 50
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the 1-2. 2-2. >> john: at this point, it's all a dry land. you would never throw this much on your side day. he knows what's at stake. trying to grind each pitch out. mentally get locked in and it takes longer to accomplish but as long as you keep it's worth it. >> joe: two outs. four strikeout for jon lester. we haven't seen that pitch a
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theo and his son. here is jose ramirez. the epstein is the president, head of baseball operations for the cubs. took over in the fall of 2011 and he told cubs fans i have a plan but you are going to have to be patient. how often is it that a plan actual team that's going to be good for a long time to come. >> john: it did take him a while. they had to lose a lot of games to get that plan but you are right. this team, built to win a few more years than just right now. >> joe: two out, nobody on. 1-want to jose ramirez. ground ball. russell can't make the play and the inning continues.
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>> john: joe is probably going to bring in chapman and give him some freedom to work before the tying run get to the plate. >> joe: russell got there and overshot it. jon lester tonight goes 3 1/3. struck out four, watch one. and got big outs here in seven. closer coming in. chapman. cubs up 3 in the eighth. (google assistant) i found a few places. (announcer vo) the only network than can power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? (announcer vo) so buy a pixel, only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines
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?? ?? ??
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in the fifth. he got one out there, two outs in the thinning. three innings even. one run, three hits. responsible for the man on. one walk, for strikeouts. now the game is in the hands of aroldis chapman. the last two games, he's been asked for a lot of work. 35 of 62 pitches have been triple digits. two outs. ball one outside to picked up from the rays during the season. this guy gives terry francona and good at-bat. brandon guyer. one ball, one strike. >> john: he's done damage against left-handers. stays in their and he would love nothing more than to get the next guy on deck a chance. signed away on base. get the tying run up.
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strike two. joe maddon went to chapman last night up 7-2. ran him back out there for the start of the night up 9-2. it was questioned during and after the game but joe maddon thought aroldis chapman would be fine. he will have to get more than three outs tonight. 102. 2-2. >> john: earlier in his career, chapman would get wild. that would be the only reason he would give people a chance but he's really learned how to command that 101, 102.
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guy to have big swings at the plate have no chance to hit chapman. you've got to be disciplined, short, use his power to your advantage. the one that is not guyer. he is short to the ball. he's fouled a couple off to the right side. the runner at first, ramirez. two outs, bottom of the eighth. ball three. >> john: that's the pitch you've got to stay off of. that's the one over the middle of the plate that looks so inviting to a hitter. he was able to hold up. >> joe: if guyer can reach, the tying run would bat, rajai davis. runner will go. a drive into right center field,
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around third, ramirez. he will score. an rbi double by brandon guyer. it's 6-4. >> john: short, quick. let the power be your friend. this dude can play agns that's a huge two outs that me up rbi. as we have said, the tying run comes to the plate. >> joe: if nothing else, it puts the indians in a spot where, if it stays like this, at the worst, it takes one base runner to have a chance in the ninth. davis. ball one.
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rajai is 0 for 3. 3 for 20 in the series. out of play, right side. aroldis chapman started the year with the yankees, was involved in a domestic violence situation. charges dropped. major league baseball suspended him for 30 games.
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the cubs on july 25th. they hand him the ball here in the eighth inning of game 7. 2-2. >> john: davis missed his pitch earlier, trying his best to be as quick as it can -- he can. >> joe: 2-2. just got a piece. >> john: he wants the inner half of the ball so he has a better chance of getting the barrel to it. a way, not a whole lot he can do with it. up, same result. sometimes you've got to get lucky against a guy like chapman. you have to guess in an area, hope he throws it there.
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a new supply of baseballs for the home plate umpire sam holbrook. at the wall. gone! tiger game. rajai davis.
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i said down and in was his only chance. watch with his pitch is. down and in. >> john: he got it. he fouled off the pitches he ha to fall off. the one area that gave davis a chance to hit a home run is where chapman threw it. oh, my. >> joe: now crisp. ball one. first home run allowed by aroldis chapman since june 18th while with the yankees.
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210 batters in between. it comes with two outs in the bottom of the eighth of game 7 to tie it. base hit by crisp. go ahead run is on. >> john: i said earlier the cubs saw miller multiple times. he chapman has been pushed beyond what normally could be a role in three straight games. he's thrown two straight pitches down and in. the hitters, don't forget about guyer and the ability to fight off those pitches and get that huge hit to set up for davis. same thing. >> joe: don't forget about all the work last night in a 7-2 game when the cubs couldn't add on. he had to come on.
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one down and in. sent out by rajai davis. and then followed down and in, sent to left by coco crisp. >> john: went chapman's effective, he's effective over the middle of the zone and up. there's not a lot of hitters they can do anything against it. he's been pushed and is thrown a ton of pitches. he sacrificed a little bit to try to generate more natural -- his natural veci than forced velocity. >> joe: lebron celebrating with over 40,000 in the ballpark and thousands outside the
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ball one now to yan gomes. yan gomes has three plate appearances this postseason, all against chapman. grounded out, struck out, bounced into a double play. check on crisp, the go-ahead run at first with two out. 2-0. he just looks worn out. and he is. >> john: there's no other other way around it.
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by jose ramirez and russell couldn't make the play, diving to his left. the pitching change, double, homer, single. now a 2-0 pitch to gomes. fooled by the slider from chapman. 2-1. >> john: now the bullpen that has been hard to trust for joe maddon is going to be put in duty to have to trust. >> joe: that lack of trust has led to all e last night, for chapman. gomes could be a hero. 2-2. back to backsliders.
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just got up. getting ready in a hurry. inning over. that strikeout ends the inning. but in the inning, three runs, crossed for the cleveland indians. all with two outs. rajai davis, the his first home run since august august 30th. heartbreak in chicago and a tied game 7 after eight. unbelievable. price wireless pln ...then there's not enough high-speed data... or your bill is packed with overages and mystery fees... ...stop falling for it! with straight talk's unlimited plan, you get america's largest, most dependable 4g lte networks.
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>> joe: we have just witnessed the first ever game-tying home run in the eighth inning or later of a world series game 7. and it belongs to rajai davis. his first since the 30th of august. the moment o it's 6-6. ninth inning. how much can the indians get out of cody allen? that misses for ball one. to david ross, whohomered in his only at-bat in the sixth. >> john: cody allen has been unbelievable. pressed into extra duty now. extra adrenaline to boot. >> joe: 2-0.
8:23 pm
i think back to texas and st. louis. two times, one strike away from winning the world series in gam. this is game 7. >> joe: battling off pitcg a homer. now the weather they were worried was coming in is here. it's starting to rain. >> joe: 2-0 the count on david ross. cody allen. that is high for ball three. there is action for the indians in their bullpen as the rain
8:24 pm
3-1. this is the first game 7 tied after eight since the classic you are a part of, 1991. braves and twins. that game at the metrodome. this game at progressive field. allen needs to throw a strike. 3-1. he can't. a leadoff walk here in the ninth inni remember, the cubs are carrying three catchers. if they want to pinch run for ross, they can and they will with coghlan. >> john: well, ross will realize, getting back to the dugout, he got a chance to play a game 7. for the final time, he gets a chance to play.
8:25 pm
>> joe: now coghlan running at first. heyward at the plate. remember, cody allen took over in the seventh, got a strike him out, throw him out double play. quick eight. hedges tackle his pitch count is up to 23. >> john: it's difficult to keep goi b normally do in the regular season. your mind is willing, your body sometimes lets you know that it's fatigued. what happens is, you sacrifice location because you are trying to generate the stuff you feel you are losing by the length of the game you're pitching. >> joe: heyward 0 for 3 tonight. 3 for 18 in this world series.
8:26 pm
no sign of it. ball two. >> john: the indians have shot -- shaw. looks like he's getting ready in the rain. >> joe: cures the 2-0. takes a strike. heyward hit .230 during the regular season, first year of an eight year deal. he's got one rbi this postseason. he is gone 21 straight games without a hit on the road. >> john: he's got to let it go right here on a fastball. he's got the thing fastball,
8:27 pm
the one he it foul. >> john: has to get in a different mode. more than likely, and elevated fastball or the power curveball is coming. that's the pitch he had to hit. that was his best chance. >> joe: are you surprised with heyward and his struggles, the go-ahead run on it first, a guy who can run in coghlan, no bunt. >> john: heyward showed one bu, it. i think with bias on deck -- baez on deck, joe maddon likes this matchup a little better. >> joe: the 2-2. runner goes. grounder to first is foul.
8:28 pm
cubs, back in 2003, game 7, gam. 1984, blue a three-run lead in the nlcs game 5. against san diego. indians trail tonight 5-1 in the fifth. they come back to tie it 6-6. 2-2. that is fouled on the heyward is starting to time up cody allen. >> john: yes, he is. cody allen a little slow to the plate. you saw coghlan go but this fastball right here. i would think almost indefinitely with a breaking ball.
8:29 pm
height. >> joe: 2-2 the count. check on coghlan. this is the third time in a world series game 7 that a team has come back from four runs or more to tie or take the lead. ' 25 pirates won it over washington. the '60 yankees trailed to pittsburgh in lost on a bob mazeroski home run. 10-98 indians tonight trail 5-1 in the fifth grade -- in the fi. >> john: cody allen is trying to get it lower.
8:30 pm
plate. height-wise. coghlan taken off one time during thi the one heyward is plenty strong. hit seven home runs during the regular season, drove in 49. only one since the postseason began. for a while, benched.
8:31 pm
that is hard-hit that right at kipnis. no throw. >> john: heyward can get down the line but he squared that ball up. another hanger. get the out at second. i think terry is going to have a double switch situation coming up. >> joe: an inning and two thirds for cody allen.
8:32 pm
about the slide. at second. >> joe: the grounds crew, on a separate note, came firing out from behind the left field wall. they are going to give this a look. now the grounds crew is stationed behind the tarp. what do you think of the slide? >> john: well. >> joe: that's what's being challenged by terry francona. speetwo lindor is in the bag. you are supposed to slide into the bag without deviating. the question is going to be, see how far he is when he catches the ball and how far he goes when he gets ready to throw. they are going to see if his slide deviates from the bag or if it's straight on. that angle doesn't tell us a lot. this might be better. looks like he's going to the ba
8:33 pm
runner at second out and the runner at first, and joe maddon is going to get an explanation. let's see. let's see. this is my major league baseball has got to give an announcement as to what they are looking at. they pointed to second and set out. the crowd reacted. thinking cleveland is going to get both outs. i'm not sure that's the case. terry francona is out and getting an explanation from john hirschbeck. and they are going to put heyward at first but they leave everybody in the dark because they don't say what they are reviewing. and then there's no announcement made to the crowd. the crowd reacts, but it's what we expected. heyward at first, one out. it was an okay slide by the runner. >> john: that's what terry was coming out to sea, is the slide
8:34 pm
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?? ?? ?? ?? >> joe: here is why we are tied. rajai davis half aroldis chapman in the bottom of the eighth. off the lens of the camera. to set up a celebration and tie the game at 6. and now here in the ninth inning.
8:37 pm
a man aboard. davis heart racing in center. heyward, the runner. javier baez the hitter. bryan shaw on the mound. baez has homered tonight. that's a strike on the outside corner. >> john: everything shaw throws cuts. he has an interesting leg to home. if heyward gets anytime, jump. see if he takes advantage of it. quick pitch there. >> joe: heyward didn't take off. the ball trickled away from yan gomes. meanwhile, to finish the story about what happened in the bottom of the eighth after lester gave up the infield hit, aroldis chapman, who was called on last night in a five-run game, went back out to work in the ninth inning.
8:38 pm
work finally caught up to aroldis chapman. >> john: absolutely. it catches up to everyone. it caught up to miller. cody allen can only throw so many innings. he was trying to throw three. >> joe: the postseason brings about truth serum from these managers and who they trust out of their bullpen. it's a shorter list for joe maddon than it is for terry francona. maddon has got starters dow he went to lester and chapman, didn't work. 2-1. >> john: both games to get traced back to two outs, one runner on, you take your starter out. when you take your starter out, you are forced to make more moves that result in going to chapman. arrieta, cruising. took him out. we saw what happened yesterday. hendricks, cruising.
8:39 pm
>> joe: swing and a miss. throw to second gets away and heyward will go to third. go ahead run 90 feet away. on a stolen base and then an error on the throw by gomes. >> john: he timed him. he's got the bigger leg kick. the jump and the swing. keeps the catcher from jumping out and little bit of a wet infield skips. >> joe: bringing michael martinez in. it's a stolen base e2. yan gomes, who is the primary catcher for the indians, suffered through an injury plagued year, made it back to the roster but has been watching roberto perez catch.
8:40 pm
plate. tested by heyward, a good throw might have had him. the throw bounced in and the go-ahead run is at third base with one out and a 3-2 3-2 . you've got basically ate --a designated thrower. >> john: got the call. 3-2. you get a scenario where you can actually do a squeeze. if you fouls it off, he strikes out. >> joe: guyer moves from right to left. and outfield of guyer, davis, and martinez. the infield in. one out, a 3-2 pitch. javier baez. that is a strikeout on a foul bunt with two strikes, to out. >> john: that's what i thought they were going to do. this is not a good matchup for baez.
8:41 pm
play. runner at third reading it, he doesn't get the barrel of the bat -- he is trying to jab at it. all he does it put it in play, heyward can read it. that jab right there, he's got the square around and bunt it and they've got a chance. >> joe: instead, a strikeout on a foul bunt with two strikes. >> john: he's protected with that strikeout by not getting the runner thrown out if he doesn't hit it in fair territory. >> joe: two os fowler, who's had a three-hit night and lined out, looking for a two-out hit. shaw looking to keep that tide. this is a better matchup for joe maddon. >> john: you would have liked baez to get it down but fowler swinging the bat good, as you mentioned.
8:42 pm
1-0 pitch. fowler. 2-0. the story with dexter fowler, the report was he had agreed to a deal with baltimore, ended up signing a one-year deal to come back to the cubs, surprised his teammates in spring training. to be a part of it, to be a hero. that's into the shortstop spot. lindor. what a this game is 6-6 into the bottom of the ninth. lindor had to arrange all the way behind the bag end the inning. what a play. >> john: of the metal, good speed by fowler. you've got to throw it quick and he did. what a play. >> joe: that sends this game
8:43 pm
the top of the order will bat for cleveland. chapman is going back out there. this commercial free break is brought to you by t-mobile. welcome to unlimited baseball. the cubs last won the world championship in 1908. they went back-to-back in '07 and '08 against the detroit tigers. who was alive in 1908? alpha tone was a 9-year-old. -- al capone. babe ruth was 13 years old. thomas edison, 61 years old in 1908. samuel clemens, a.k.a. mark
8:44 pm
68 years ago. the year was 1948. last time this indians franchise won at all. for cleveland, in the history of this great city, two teams have clinched here. the 1920 cleveland indians and the 1964 cleveland browns. they did that at cleveland municipal stadium which was taken down, it's where the indians played as well. now a new stadium where the cleveland browns play. this game 7 is going into the bottom of the ninth inning. aroldis chapman, i can't imagine how much he has left, will deal with the top of the lineup. santana, kipnis, lindor. after a two-out rally in the bottom of the eighth tied this
8:45 pm
oh, my. hard to catch her breath. -- hard to catch your breath. good job by bryan shaw in the top of the ninth in a play behind the bag by lindor. top of the order coming up. thanks, fans, for watching the t-mobile unlimited baseball break. #unlimitedbaseball. the dh, santana. here's a guy who has hit better
8:46 pm
this postseason. he is more power from the other side of the plate with 34. during the regular season, 30 of which came batting left-handed. one ball, one strike from chapman. he's given the cubs everything he's got. they do a couple sliders to come out. both these teams embody their manager. neither one would ever give up and both have the heart of their leader. >> joe: 2-1 from chapman. there are pitchers up for the cubs in their bullpen, in case you're wondering. arrieta had been up with carl edwards jr.
8:47 pm
2-1 on santana. 3-1 from chapman. full count. the only game in the ninth inning or later in a game 7, bob mazeroski with a walk walk-off home run in 1960. pittsburgh against the yankees. santana hits one in the air to left. zobrist is coming on. one out. chapman, a good job to bounce
8:48 pm
slider. there's no way i think santana thought that would be the pitch. just got underneath it. here's the slider. when you're expecting 100, even though it wasn't the best located slider, tough to adjust. >> joe: now it's kipnis from northbrook, illinois, grew up a cubs fan. the teams of grace and the indians heart and soul takes a strike. homered twice in this world series, four times this postseason.
8:49 pm
that's in the air to right, down the line, hooking foul. strike two. >> john: normally chapman would rare back and throw a high fastball you can tell that the quite understandably where it would be. he's coming in this inning throwing more sliders. >> joe: another one coming. last inning, aroldis chapman was eight pitches out of his 21 were triple digits.
8:50 pm
or better. he has featured more sliders. ball three. and miguel montero, who has taken over behind the plate, after ross was listed for the pinch runner, goes out to talk to chapman. >> john: trying to get what he feels good about on the pitch. a lot of sliders in a row that kipnis has gotten a chance to
8:51 pm
i mean, this is the way it's supposed to be, isn't i to end it. 21 innings later. okay, not 21. >> joe: right now, we are just tied in the ninth. 3-2. struck him out. 98. two outs. second strike out for chapman. lindor coming up. >> john: this is typically
8:52 pm
he just rare's back. when it's up in the zone, the hitter, talk to every hitter, you tell yourself to stay off of it but you can't. the ball looks like it's so good and then it's by you. >> joe: let's say this with regard to joe maddon, no matter any move that was made tonight, he had chapman on the mound leading by 3 with 4 outs to get. take that ten times out of ten. the indians got him and now lindor popped it into right, and the tenth. schwarber, bryant, rizzo. coming up for the cubs. 6-6. ? ?? ?? around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster.
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nutcrackers would actually do something useful. what's burning? uhh nothing. hot! hot! hot!
8:55 pm
? ? >> joe: you are not going to believe this. just as we get ready to start the tenth. the grounds crew is told by the umpiring crew and the crew chief john hirschbeck to bring out the tarp. this has is heavy or weather whe. we've seen the umpires talking to the grounds crew between innings. i would say it's not pouring right now. on tv, it looks worse than it really is. but the tarp is on the field. it's rained like this already in this game. they played through it, but now they won't, so we are going to be delayed. >> john: there is heavier stuff coming.
8:56 pm
anticipating. that's what you're looking at. >> joe: well. we will have to wait a little while longer for the start of the tenth. meanwhile there's so many things to talk about in this game. aroldis chapman, timmy, it dates back to him coming in last night and all the work and tonight he gets up coming the eighth inning, guyer with a huge double. he scored on the two out, two-run home run by rajai davis. what a big in season pickup that was for mike chernoff and president of baseball operations chris antonetti. i know you are expecting it but after the stolen base and the throwing error by the catcher, yan gomes, runner at third, one out.
8:57 pm
bryan shaw is going to have to throw a strike. joe maddon puts the bunt on, hoping that baez can get the bunt down. baez was the co-mvp of the nlcs. obviously struggling, he bonds it foul and the strikeout and the play by lindor to his left to rob fowler. here we are tied at 6. easier play that he made it. he tried to jab the bunt instead of sacrifice the bunt. cubs were able to play aggressive with their baserunning. they are going to have to figure this thing out after who knows how long of a rain delay. >> joe: let's go to ken rosenthal. >> ken: john, you are the crew chief. what you hear about the weather? take away been talking the last couple innings. there was a cell that went through earlier.
8:58 pm
us but at the last second when the inning was ready to start, he said it's going to hit us. in this situation, we don't want to take any chances. we don't want to have them play in the seventh game in the world series, extra innings, tied the score, in conditions that aren't right. to keep the field perfect, we covered it. we will wait it out. there is nothing behind it. >> ken: you expect to finish? sickle absolutely. >> joe: mark bat. absolutely. nice of john with ken rosenthal. we welcome you as i the broadcast booth. this has been, i mean, heartbeat in your throat, chest pounding. you see the anguish with the fans in the seats. back at murphy's bleachers and all over chicago. this is as good as a game can be. for a second guessers and first guessers, this game has provided every opportunity to look at strategy and say, i wouldn't
8:59 pm
thrilling stuff. >> john: i thought the cubs had an advantage with their starting pitching. you think about the four guys that had. the indians were working with just three guys. had to come back three times with kluber. the fact that neither arrieta or hendricks was able to get you in seven, i think it's the story. it caused maddon to go to earlier usage of the closer and i think that has shown up a little bit here. this is a perfect example of when a bullpen is taxed. it shows up. at some point. might not have shown up in the seventh tackle fifth game but it's shown appear. we are going to see who's got the guts to get it done. >> joe: cubs are in a different position in cleveland. i can't imagine joe maddon sending aroldis chapman back out there. who knows. i've been surprised already buy a couple moves that have been made.
9:00 pm
is going to come down, at least for the cubs, with somebody not named aroldis chapman on the mound trying to close down the game. meanwhile on the other side, terry francona has bryan shaw. the rain all but stopped here. i hope they go play. terry francona is dying to get bryan shaw back out there. doesn't want him to have to sit after finishing off the top of the ninth. >> joe: when you see this game, 5-1 lead and then a three-run lead. innocently the inning where they scored two runs on the wild pitch, that was huge because that set up this whole scenario to get to the point where three runs in the big leagues, we've seen people come back from that. >> joe: that's the point when joe maddon took his starter out of the ball game, kyle hendricks. went to lester, was great.


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