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tv   FOX5 News This Morning  FOX  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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candidates in las vegas, as the final hours of the race winds down. their messages to nevada voters. safe driving plays an important role in protecting pedestrians. starting today, a new community wide effort aims to teach drivers and pedestrians to share our roads. what you need to know. honoring our nation's heroes. this week the country will pay tribute to the men and women who fight for our freedoms. coming up, how you can tell a loved one how much their service means good morning i'm dave hall. and i'm maria silva. welcome to fox5 news this morning. first cassandra jones joins us with a quick look at the fox 5 weather 24-7
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good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. mostly sunny skies with temperatures well above average will continue today. we will max out at 79 degrees today with for tuesday & wednesday. not much change in the week ahead forecast which means it will stay warm & dry with very few clouds. slight cooling begins thursday but daytime temperatures we will continue to remain above normal dipping closer to mid-70's for the weekend. we are following breaking news out
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fatal accident that shut down part of the freeway. here is a live look at the scene. according to n- dot, the eye-15 southbound is closed at mile marker 8. we are still waiting for information from troopers about who was involved in the crash and how long traffic in the area will be affected. we have a crew headed to the scene right now and will bring you more information as soon we we get it. breaking overnight, janet reno, the first woman to serve as u-s attorney general has died. reno's goddaughter says she died early this morning after a long battle with parkinson's disease. reno was one of the clinton administration's most recognizable and polarizing figures. she unsuccessfully ran for florida governor in 20-02. janet reno was 78 years old. the presidential nominees will be back on the campaign trail today, hoping to sway last-minute undecided voters. as fox's kelly wright explains,
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as they try to get voters out to the polls tomorrow.
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democratic. priebus says: "we are tied in michigan, if not slightly ahead, or slightly behind, but clearly both our data and the clinton data in michigan is saying the same thing. that it's very very close. the same is true in pennsylvania." some pundits believe that clinton wouldn't be playing defense in democratic states on the last day of campaigning if she wasn't worried. anderson says: "the fact that clinton campaign is also there trying to have a presence in michigan at all suggests to me maybe this isn't just a trump campaign head fake." (on-cam tag) while today is the last full day of campaigning for the nominees... voters will head to the polls tomorrow. in new york, kelly wright, fox news.>> former new york mayor rudy giuliani stumped for trump here in las vegas. giuliani was at the trump campaign headquarters sunday morning, urging nevadans to get out to the polls on election day! "get up get on the telephones, go to the doors, get every vote out-- we can win nevada!
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spoke about the supreme court, gun rights, religious freedom, the economy, the border and of course hillary clinton's email scandal. former presidential candidate ben carson was also at the trump pence headquarters over the weekend campaigning for donald trump. heading into election day, democrats lead republicans in early voter turnout by more than 46-thousand votes. former presidential candidate bernie sanders was also in town sunday fox5's abby theodros was at the rally where he urged nevadans to vote for hillary clinton and cather masto.
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going to bring us together not divide us up sanders touched on his signature issues including climate change, corporate oversight and income inequality. all issues he says will be in better hands with a clinton administration. fox5 talked to some of the voters in the crowd many of whom were sanders supporters during the february caucus irma varela, las vegas: it was a bit disappointing but hillary is a strong candidate also so i think they will work together well and we should support together and work together others were "with her" from the start frank carbone, las vegas: i love bernie sanders but i was actually supporting hillary eric, los angeles: i was not a bernie sanders supporter but hearing him today was inspiring, i understand why a lot of people were behind him and wanted to vote for him. regardless of where you stand - senator sanders has this message: it is not a personality contest. and i say to all those people many of them in nevada- who are considering voting for trump, take a
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issues... abby theodros fox5 news local las vegas>> sanders also discussed immigration at sunday's rally. organizers from trump's nevada headquarters say its time for a president that will bring back jobs and fix the country's broken immigration policies. if you haven't made it to the polls yet to cast your ballot, tomorrow's your last chance! the polling stations will be open from 7 a-m to 7 tuesday night. all registered voters must vote at their designated must be 18 years or older on election day. early voting in clark county saw record numbers this election cycle. 486-thousand people voted last week during early voting. that's a more than 50-thousand voter increase over the 20-12 general election. fox5 will have special coverage of election night. you can stay up to date on air, online and on our mobile app. we will be live as the numbers come
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know who is ahead and who came out on top of each race, locally and nationally. you can also watch our live election coverage on the go, by downloading our fox5 mobile app. its available in the apple and android play stores. as daylight saving time ends, drivers and pedestrians are being reminded to be extra careful on our local roads. the communitywide "do the bright thing" campaign is part of the "safe routes to school" program. starting today, police will teaming up with c-c-s-d to push pedestrian and driver safety, particularly in school zones. safe routes to school will be hanging no u-turn banners reminding drivers not to make u-turns in active school zones. it's also illegal to pass cars in an active school zone. pedestrians should always practice safety first, by wearing bright or reflective clothing. daylight saving time is a great time to remind you to check the batteries on your smoke detectors. batteries should be changed twice a year, so daylight saving time can be a good indicator that its time to switch
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resue is reminding people to dispose of their old batteries safely. they should be taken to a collection site for household hazardous waste. remember to test your smoke detectors each month. the push to bring the raiders to las vegas, isn't getting much support from fans in the bay area. "it's family tradition, so.... for us to go to vegas, i mean, i really don't see it." gaytan says: "i would not fly to las vegas." gaytan says: "the fans are here. we were born here. we have championships here. we'v the ground and back up here. the love is here." three groups handed out fliers at sunday's game, urging raiders' owner mark davis to keep the team in oakland. many say traveling to las vegas to see their hometown team play is out of the question. fans are also being encouraged to write to the owners of the other n-f-l teams, to vote against the relocation.
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veteran who lived to tell his tale, just passed the century mark. loved ones came from far and wide to celebrate his 100th birthday and hear his war stories. "there were hundreds of germans walking toward us with their hands up." "some days we didn't take our shoes off for two or three days but i still didn't have it as bad as some of the fellas did." "a lot of people see my hat and right away they thank me for it, you know." "doesn't forget a thing and he's just a great man." the denver-area veteran fought in the bloodiest battle in world war two, the battle of the bulge. john says not one day goes by that he doesn't think about serving our country. businesses around the country will be showing their appreciation to our nation's veterans this friday, with free food! veterans can get a free meal at station casinos' buffets, mimi's cafe, denny's and i-hop, olive garden, red robin and applebee's. dozens of other
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are offering deals as well. over at krispy kreme, vets will get a free donut and small coffee. all diners must show proof of service. last year applebee's served more than a million free meals to our nation's service members. if you would like to thank the vet in your life for their service, we would love to air your messages right here on fox5 news this morning. just snap a short video or send us a picture of your loved one with a short description as to why they mean so much to you, and we'll show it on air. you can sumbit your videos through our facebook page, fox five las vegas. our valley crime fighters have a new mission at hand. how metro is going above the call of duty today, to bring attention to a silent killer. everyone loves newborns, especially if they could be a future olympian! the fun story behind henderson hospital's very
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oklahoma today after the area was rattled by a magnitued 5 earthquake. so far no injuries have been reported, but homes and buildings west of "cushing," suffered quite a bit of damage. the quake was
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missouri and little rock, arkansas. some people temorarily lost power and others were forced to evacuate altogether. sunday night's earthquake comes on the heels of a 5-point-6 magnitude earthquake two months ago that rattled a half-a- dozen states. incredible new footage shows major activity in the lava lake atop hawaii's kilauea volcano. the new images show the volcanos summit as it continues to erupt. the lava flow is still entering the ocean below, but it is not threatening any nearby communities. no earthquakes have hit the big island in the past week. good morning i'm cassandra jones with fox5. mostly sunny skies with temperatures well above average will continue today. we will max out at 79 degrees today with a high around 80 for tuesday & wednesday. not
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week ahead forecast which means it will stay warm & dry with very few clouds. slight cooling begins thursday but daytime temperatures we will continue to remain above normal dipping closer to mid-70's for the weekend. the metro police
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fighting to new levels. today, they'll be fighting one of the biggest offenders of all, breast cancer! metro is partnering with providers to offer women free mammograms. the traveling mammogram trailer will be set up outside of metro's headquarters on m-l-k. you must schedule an appointment to get your free mammogram. a metro patrol car wrapped in pink... will be on site to show the department's dedication to women's health. call the number on your screen between 9 a-m and 2 this afternoon to schedule your appointment. real-life
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together this weekend to celebrate their little crime- fighting buddies. its all to celebrate an organization that helps create one-on-one relationships with people living with special needs. "we're super excited about our friendships that we have in the community with corporate partners and all the students that have come out tonight to support what we do at best buddies which is create one on one friendship and an opportunity for our jobs and working in our community." the 8-th annual best buddies super hero ball was held at mirage. more's "sean mcallister" and "rachel smith" were also there to don capes and m-c the event. rachel has been a best buddy to a young girl with special needs for over half a decade. losing weight can be one of the
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can go on. a local woman from summerlin was just honored for losing half of her total weight. over the weekend, marjorie lyman was celebrated for making positive chances to improve her quality of life and health. she was given the american heart association's 20-16 lifestyle change award, at the annual heart and stroke walk on fremont street. the award celebrates those who've made po lyman lost an impressive 2-hundred pounds. she says she's walked 15-thousand steps a day, as a part of her 20-12 new years resolution. the henderson hospital's new maternity ward just welcomed its first newborn, and there's a really good chance he could be a future olympian! little trystan's grandmother is late olympic track and field star
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"flo-jo." today she is still considered the fastest woman in history. if that's not enough to convince you he's destined for gold, his mother is a gymnast and local gymnastics coach. and his dad is a track star! trystan's parents say he's already surprising them with how fast he is, because he came a little early! "she was like 'oh those aren't stomach aches. you're having you're in labor. i'm like 'oh, okay really?' and she was like 'yeah really' i'm like 'no i'm not' and she was like 'yes, you're today and he's going to be the first one born at henderson hospital and we're like 'okay!'" mary and reindell welcomed little trystain on thursday. the couple says they will both be training for the 20-20 olympic games in tokyo. inspiration on the 50-yard line. a high school
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how his teammates made sure he got to score one final touchdown. ((music))
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animated family will be sticking around for awhile longer. fox just renewed "the simpsons" for two more seasons! that means homer and the gang will have 669 episodes under their belt 30th season. the previous record was held by "gunsmoke," which aired 635- episodes. "the simpsons" started in 19-89. season 29 is scheduled to start airing next year. a star high school footballer player gets the chance to make a touchdown after a debilitating accident left him disabled. xavier johnson, has been on the sideline for a year and a half, following a tubing accident that severely
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friday night after the opening kickoff, his team and their competitors agreed to stop the game, so he could get one into the endzone. nats teammates ((butt sot)) johnson says "the story that he has written through xavier, through a wheelchair, blows away the story that i was writing for him on the football field." xavier communicates by holding up one or two fingers, or kicking a leg, or smiling. his rehab regimen has en documented on facebook. a weekend of golf benefitting sick kids wraps up at t-p-c summerlin. and some local golfers did pretty well overall. coming up, we speak with the tournament's winner about why this win was so special for him. in a last-ditch effort, hillary clinton and donald trump will be back on the campaign trail today. coming up, we have a live report as the candidates prepare to sway
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here's a look at your fox5 traffic solutions let's begin with your drive here are the accidents to watch out and alternate routes you can use listed on our maps here are the
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alternate routes listed on our maps back to the news
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welcome back to fox5 news this morning i'm maria silva and i'm dave hall. campaign season wraps up tomorrow with a possible history- making appointment. if hillary clinton wins, she will become the first female president of the united states. as we head into the final hours of the election, both candidates will be rallying last-minute voters in several crucial u-s states. cnn's scott mclean joins us live from new york city with the latest on the race. good morning scott... ((ad-lib))


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