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tv   FOX5 News at 1000pm  FOX  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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day four of protests continue around the country after the election. this time-- on the las vegas strip. tonight they're chanting...this is what democracy looks like. a man is behind bars after a woman is found dead in her home earlier this week. what police are now saying about the investigation. and one person is fighting for their life after being hit by a drunk driver early this morning. update on their condition. this is fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. a few days have passed since election day.....but tensions are still high. tens of thousands of people... in dozens of cities across the country... are still upset that donald trump beat hillary clinton. i'm faith tanner. thanks for joining us. the protests continue tonight --including one right here on the las vegas strip fox5's abby theodros joins us
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with demonstrators. closed captioning will resume shortly "donald trump, go away!" a fourth night of na thousands take to the streets - denouncing a donald trump presidency. most were peaceful - (nat sound) "bang, flash bang closed captioning
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viewers had a lot
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protests on our to say about these protests on our fox5 facebook page. taylor says-- people have a right to protest.
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constitution... plus trump supporters were threatening to protest if hillary won... yet are now telling protestors not to. let people protest... where we have these freedoms to... and marriane says-- asks is the protesters know they are doing more damage to their views... by these actions? she says the election is over. trump won. get on with your life and work to improve communication... not destroy it. let us know what you think on our fox 5 facebook page. we've been blessed with 70 and 80 degree temps for weeks now. but is winter weather finally on the way? les is here with his first look at our forecast. allot less cloud is forecast for sunday and into the start
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slide into our area. that ridge will allow for daytime temperatures to trend 5-10 above normal through tuesday. by wednesday a trough slides down into southern nevada and utah. that trough will drop our daytime temperatures from several degrees above to several degrees below normal. rain
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one person is in the hospital tonight-- after an early morning hit-and- run crash on the west side of the valley. police say a driver hit a pedestrian... while they were crossing jones boulevard... just south of flamingo it happened around 5 a-m. police say the driver fled the scene... but then came back in a different vehicle. that driver was arrested for d-u-i. police say the pedestrian was outside of a crosswalk. they were taken to u-m-c in critical condition. the 95 freeway was closed this morning-- it's all because a boat... that was blocking several travel lanes. nevada highway patrol tweeted out this photo around 6-30 this morning.
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boat... pulled over on the shoulder. police say the crash shut down the 95 southbound lanes at las vegas boulevard. no one was hurt. police say the freeway was back open about an hour later. a driver killed in a head-on collision... had a cardiac episode before the crash-- that's according to the coroner's office. it happened near valley view and sahara around 9 friday morning. police say a man driving north on valley view... crossed over into the southbound lanes... and hit another vehicle. the chicago native was taken to valley hospital. the clark county coroner says 52- year-old brett carson died naturally of heart disease. the other driver in the crash stayed on scene... and was not hurt. a man is behind bars... after a woman was found dead in her home earlier this week. north las vegas police say 63- year-old randal mccray is in custody. he's accused of
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washington. police were called to the home near centennial and lamb tuesday night. that's where washington was found with gunshot wounds. police are ruling the shooting... as a domestic homicide. mccray faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon. in more local news... it's nevada's second annual asian culture day. and there was a big celebration at the texas station hotel. the cultural performance... recognized se including china... the philippines... and japan. it was also a time to honor "the legend of the flying tiger" team members. the fundraising gala raised money to rebuild the las vegas asian culture center. the building was burned down in a devastating fire last month. "i've been told many many times 'you guys have no culture' well, we'll be the first one in the united states to have an asian
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have a lot of culture here. so if you've got business anywhere, you know especially asians, bring your business here. this is the town." a marriage ceremony was also held during the festival. service men and women put on their aprons... and whipped up some of their best recipes... all for the 13-th annual military culinary competition. it was hosted by celebrity chef-- robert irvine. this year was the first tme the competition took place in las vegas. more tha active duty military personal... from all over the world formed teams at the tropicana. they cooked for prizes... and the title of the "armed forces culinary grand champions." " it's good to work alongside other branches and see what part of the world they come from and what new techniques they brought, bring and we can like learn from them. sot it's actually a blessing
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the event was co-sponsered by the military hospitality alliance... and the veteran's support network. runners are lacing up their shoes for the rock n roll marathon but before they take over the strip... a bunch of elvis impersonators are out spreading a message-- we'll explain. the biggest full moon of the year... is right around the corner. we've got tips from a nasa photographer...
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protests are continuing around the country. this is a live look at portland right now. a shooting sent one man to the hospital earlier today. we're told it didn't have to do with the protests.. but still put many demonstrators on edge. portland police say they are ordering protesters to stay out of the streets after violent behavior.
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two people are dead after a crash near rainbow and yorktown. it happened shortly after 8 p-m. be sure to stay with fox5 for the latest on this invesgation. there will be more elvis impersonators than usual on the strip this weekend. they'll lacing up their running shoes... and heading to the "rock n' roll marathon"... and many of them will use the monorail system. the running kings of rock n roll... took over the monorails this evening--- it was a reminder that the trams will be the only transportation available on the strip during the run. 45-thousand runners are expected to be at the event tomorrow. the marathon... and new years eve... are the only two events that ever shut down the strip. "we're all about fun, we're about community. we're getting out there on the roads, on the strip and we have people dressed up as elvis, we have people in fun costumes where they're going to be lit up, we're going to have bands on
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stations. at mile 3 we have over 200 couples that either getting married or they're renewing their vows." tommorrow-- any racer who shows up to the marathon in an elvis costume will recieve a complimentary monorail ride. thousands of runners taking over the city... also means a lot of road closures. las vegas boulevard will be closed from russell road... to ogden avenue. that includes the fremont street experience... and surrounding street clark....carson... and bonneville avenue. those closures will last from sunday afternoon at 2-30 all the way to 10 p-m. the biggest and brightest full moon of 2016--- is just around the corner. and if you're looking to snap a pic like a pro-- here are a few tips. nasa photographer bill ingalls says to include landmarks in the picture. he says without another object for refferance... the shot won't stand out.
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cool monuments in your area... go somewhere away from city lights to avoid light pollution. he also says to get creative with shots... and use people to bring them to life. monday's supermoon will appear about fifteen percent larger than average. it's the closest full moon in sixty eight years. now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifato n ((weather)) allot less cloud is forecast for sunday and of the week as a ridge starts to slide into our area. that ridge will allow for daytime temperatures to trend 5-10 above normal through tuesday. by wednesday a trough slides down into southern nevada and utah. that trough will drop our daytime temperatures from several degrees above to several
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normal. rain chances for the week are minimal. allot less cloud is forecast for sunday and into the start of the week as a ridge starts to slide into our area. that ridge will allow for daytime temperatures to trend 5-10 above normal through wednesday a trough slides down into southern nevada and utah. that trough will drop our daytime temperatures from several degrees above to several degrees below normal. rain chances for the
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one year after more than one hundred people were killed in a terrorist attack in paris... we'll show you how the concert hall is reopening... and how the victims are being remembered. and next in sports... vince sapienza brings you all the highlights and reaction.. from sam boyd stadium.. as the rebe the cowboys in
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it's been more than six hours since the final whistle sounded at sam boyd stadium... and rebels fans are...hopefully... just now catching their breaths where do i begin.... 17 touchdowns.....sco red.... 5 field goals made... add up to a combined total of 135 points.... the second highest in
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out on the record.. by just one point... the rebels and cowboys put on a show for the ages.... and the rebels must have felt inspired today.. the game started with...henderson native.. u-n-l-v student.. and olympic gold medalist connor fields serving as honorary captain... now there is simply not enough time to show you every single highlights...but here we go... kurt palandech.. getting his first start of the season... and what a spark he turned out to be... 409 yards of total offense and three touchdowns.. and this one on the ground... palandech give the rebels a 7 point lead with over ten minutes late in the game now.. just seconds to play... wyoming on the rebels 19... josh allen rolls.. and finds tanner gentry in the endzone.. as time expires.... the play would go under review...touchdow n confirmed.. we go to o-t.... both teams exchanged touchdowns in not one.. but two extra periods... here we are in the third o- t....cowboys on offense first... coming into today.. u-n-l-v had gone four games without an interception... they had two in this one.. the biggest coming here from torry mctyer at the one..
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l-v to go conservative.. line it up... and nico bornard.. the backup kicker in for the injured evan pantels.. is good from 40 yards out... and the rebels.. beat the cowboys for the first time in six years.... with a 69-66 triple over time win closed captioning will resume shortly will resume shortly
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next week at boise state... let's see how the 22nd ranked broncos did in hawaii.... 1st drive of the game.. not even three minutes in....brett rypien rainbows one over the warriors secondary to thomas sperbeck... one of 4 t-d tosses for rypien...... but the broncos showed they are not just a one trick pony... jeremy mcnichols... 153 yards on the ground...and two scores on the island...... broncos say aloha to hawaii 52-16... gmon.p151 now in about 20 minutes we'll have and hear more from the rebels... as well as get an update from u-f-c 205.... fox-5 news will be right back after
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tens of thousands of people... in dozens of cities across the country... are still protesting president elect donald trump. the protests continue tonight... including one right here on the las vegas strip fox5's abby theodros joins us live... after walking with demonstrators. closed captioning
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will resume shortly closed captioning will resume shortly the u-s embassy in kabul... afghanistan will be closed tomorrow as a precaution. it comes after a deadly suicide attack inside a military airbase. cnn's will ripley has details. four americans were killed in an apparent suicide bomb attack early
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us base in afghanistan, us defense secretary ash carter said. two of those killed were service members, and two were contractors, he said, adding he was "deeply saddened" by the news. the explosion also wounded 16 other us service members and one polish soldier participating in the nato mission. sting headlined a
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bataclan music hall in paris. the event marked the venue's reopening... one year after the terror attacks that claimed the lives of one hundred and thirty people. sting opened the performance with a minute of silence... telling the crowd: "we will not forget them.'' on the day attack-- the armed gunmen... burst through the music hall's main entrance... before spraying bullets into the crowd. "graham says: "sadly, terrorism will happen in the world and will continue to happen but we have to as a community move forward with that. " in coordinated strikes that night, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a soccer stadium and several cafes in paris. it was the worst terror attack in the history of france. proceeds from the tonight's concert will go
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survivors of the paris attacks. if you're looking for something to do this weekend... check out aviation nation at nellis air force base. (plane nats) it celebrates 75 years of airpower. there will be a free air show and open house. aviation nation showcases the history of american aviation... and salutes accomplishments by our military. there will be dozens of planes on display... along with some of the newest military aircraft. ariel demonstrations start at 10-30 tomorrow. a mom punishes her son-- for supporting donald trump in a mock election. you won't believe what she told her young boy. and why she's now being investigated by child services. a new auto-repair shop features only female mechanics--- what else makes this business so special-- still
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your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is
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you're watching fox5 news at 10. local. las vegas. police say about 10-thousand protesters marched throughout los angeles today -- speaking out against president-elect donald trump... the l-a-p-d split the march into groups -- in order to keep the demonstrations away from the freeways... even though protesters are acknowledging the result of the election -- they say it's important to communicate how many americans reject a trump presidency... the rally is one of the largest anti- trump protests to date. as adults practice their freedom of speech in protests like this-- what do kids
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santos talks to a teacher... on the best way to explain the mood of the country to children. kistler says: "our children haven't seen anything like this before." an entire nation acting out on it's emotions of fear - anger- sadness kistler says: "it's carrying over to the classroom we are seeing forms of anxiety that i've never seen associated with another election." irene kistler are opening up. kistler says: "a lot of them are scared." sharing just how much this election is affecting students of all ages. kistler says: "it's not so much the results of the election it's the social climate of the country that produced those results that scares me." ensuring your student feels safe at school is simple- kistler says it all has to with talking. kistler says: "we all need to be having conversations with our children that
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respond to any level of democracy." for students on campuses all across the board counselors- educators are there to listen she suggests parents have weekly conversations with their kids. allowing them to de-stress- ask questions- share their concerns. kistler says: "that is important to us as educators to be able to give kids that safe space to have conversation about difficult topics so that's happening in classrooms all across america keeping classrooms a safe place for students to learn and instilling a sense of security in the hearts of parents with students of all ages. kistler says: "we are going to create an environment for your child to be safe." meantime-- texas police are investigating a mother for possible child abuse-- after a viral video shows her throwing her young son out of the house-- for voting for trump in a mock election. " go, we don't do donald trump here,
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the seven year old boy screams and cries as he's shown the door with a suitcase and sign that reads-- "my mom kicked me out because i voted for donald trump." "why did you vote for him at school? cause you see him on tv a lot, boy bye. yup you see him on tv well i hope you find another tv to see him on because this is your new home. " the video has been shared more than two hundred thousand times as of friday.... shared it one social media. sparking outrage... that she be locked up. so far... detectives say as disturbing as the video might be-- there's no evidence of a crime. oprah winfrey says she feels encouraged by the meeting between president obama... and his successor, donald trump. the talk show icon was a big hillary clinton supporter during the campaign. but she told entertainment tonight... that thursday's meeting at the
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she says president-elect trump... seemed humbled by the experience of meeting obama. oprah also said that it felt reassuring to hear obama say the presidential transition would be peaceful. her conclusion after that meeting was... "everybody can take a deep breath now." now fox5 weather 24/7 with les krifaton allot less cloud is forecast for sunday and into the start of the week as a ridge starts to slide into our area. th allow for daytime temperatures to trend 5-10 above normal through tuesday. by wednesday a trough slides down into southern nevada and utah. that trough will drop our daytime temperatures from several degrees above to several degrees below normal. rain chances for the week are minimal. allot less cloud is
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and into the start of the week as a ridge starts to slide into our area. that ridge will allow for daytime temperatures to trend 5-10 above normal through tuesday. by wednesday a trough slides down into southern nevada and utah. that trough will drop our daytime temperatures from several degrees above to several degrees below normal. rain chances for the week are minimal. closed captioning will resume shortly
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bringing some girl power to the a new business is bringing some girl power to the world of cars. "the girls auto clinic" just opened in pennsylvania. it's goal? to teach women how to work on their cars.... and do it in style. the shop employs five female
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they repair cars... and show women how to do it themselves. there's also a salon that offers manicures and blowouts while you wait. still ahead in sports.... vince sapienza brings you the latest from u-f-c 205... plus more u-n-l-v football reaction from rebels players and
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years..... mixed-martial arts returned to the state of new york.... and it did so in a big way.....with u- f-c 205 taking over madison square garden.... the main event saw conor mcgregor win in convincing fashion... knocking out eddie alvarez in the second round....capturing the lightweight title... tyrone woodley won the co-main event with a majority draw....over stephen thompson... and former womens bantam weight champ meisha tate announced her following her loss to raquel pennington.. "this is for the win...69-66 over wyoming." it was one of those games - regardless of the seasons outcome - fans..players.. and coaches will look back on and absolute instant classic..... and more importantly for the rebels.. it
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dreams of a bowl game alive and well... the rebels have to win their final two games to be bowl eligible... but before we get there.. let's talk about today....... u-n-l-v ran the ball 64 times for 401 yards... that's the 6th most in school history... and their 651 yards of total offense is the second most all time... "that's a huge, huge deal to run for 401 yards on a team like that, it's just staying the course, getting back to work, it's having the bye week, using it the right way and fresh and healthy, the whol eyear no one has gotten down, no one is pointing fingers, we all just kept beliebing and fighting, they know it was coming and we all were hoping it would happen a lot faster and today is a big day." now for an in- depth breakdown from tonights o-t thirller against the cowboys... tune in tomorrow night for the rebzone... fox-5 sports director kevin bolinger and coach sanchez will go through the tape.... as well as look ahead to next week's trip at boise state... it's all tomorrow night.. right after sports plus.. go to phoenix international
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galaxy 200 xfinity series.... start this one on lap 149.....blake koch thinking he's in a bumper car.. slams into darrell wallace jr....wallace flies into the interior wall... his car would be wrecked..... and speaking of wrecking the competition.... las vegas native kyle busch... who started in front of the pack....led for 190 laps out of 200... grabs the checkered flag... and his 10th xfinity race of his career... and for the i-pod... this one goe to all the under dogs in college football... five teams ranked in the top ten lost today... including three in the top four... the last time that happened was 1985.... clemson and michigan lose on last second field goals... and the trojans kennel the huskies... and for that.... college football.. underdogs
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veterans day offered plenty of discounts for our soldier's who've served. we'll show you how one vet--
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh!
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offered up deals to men and women who've served our country--- all for veterans day yesterday. as you can see--- this vietnam vet decided to take advantage of each and every freebie. we're told this grandpa woke up early-- just to make a schedule for it. thanks for joining
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