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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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las vegas native -- kris bryant -- is a world series champ... and now most valuable player! the chicago cubs slugger was named the 2016 national league m-v-p today. the 24-year-old had 39 home runs -- the third best among the third baseman in m-l-b this year. this is only his second season in the majors. bryant was with his father and fiancee when he found out he won. "this is you cant really put into word what this feels. its been team im getting married. i dont know man this is unbelieveable." bryant also won the national league "rookie of the year" trophy from the 2015 season. to national headlines now... the finance of a man shot and killed by a minnesota police officer -- while it
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on facebook -- speaks out about the officer being charged with manslaughter. although she's glad the officer was charged... she says she's been called a liar even since. "i never asked for the negative or the positive but it has affected my life. it's affected my job. it affects the way people look at me. it affects everything i do in my life, and it's just hard to move forward here in minnesota when you feel like everyone is against you." diamond reynolds is the financee of philando castile. he was shot and killed by officer jeronimo yanez... who was charged with second- degree manslaughter. diamond says castile was reaching for his wallet when he was shot. she also says he had a license to carry... and tried telling the officer about the gun. reynolds says she misses their relationship. "him being there. every day. me being able to come home and what's going on on facebook. me being able to come home and take a selfie in the mirror,
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myself and him telling me i'm perfect, because i was perfect to him. maybe not to you guys, but to him i was perfect and i miss that." besides manslaughter -- officer yanez was charged with two felonies... accused of unnecessarily putting reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter at risk. a bullet hit the back seat... but neither were hurt. if convicted -- the officer could face more than ten years in prison. the director of intelligence -- james clapper -- steps down. he announced he submitted his resignation letter -- to the house select committee on intelligence. clapper says he will stay until the end of the obama administration. it's the first of many resignations expected in the transition... from president obama's administration to president-elect donald trump's. today -- clapper says quote "it felt pretty good" to resign. nearly half of new account openings for wells fargo have plunged. bank officials say
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october... compared to last year. that's also worse than september's drop of 27- percent. the bank has been criticized... after it was uncovered that 2-million unauthorized accounts were opened in customer's names. the new head of community banking at wells fargo says they recognize they "have work to do" on the company's reputation. an iowa man loses a big bet on the election. now -- donald trump will be with him forever. jim mertens introduces us to the man getting a "trump stamp." zach cobert/ lost election bet) "you see i got all these tattoos on me, i'm not going to cry." zach cobert supports bernie sanders but it's donald trump whose leaving the biggest imprint on his life. (zach cobert/ lost election bet) "oh my god, what am i doing here?" zach is settling a bet with a buddy. he promised to get a tattoo of donald trump on his body if trump won the election. (zach cobert/ lost election bet) "oh snap, today's the day." and tonight, let the ink flow. nats - "you guys
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media, zach went to a tattoo artist and posted everymark... and every drawn whisp of donald trump's on facebook. (zach cobert/ lost election bet) "i'm thinking about my life, and how it went wrong, and now i'm getting a trump stamp." the picture was picked by his facebook followers. so was the location... on zach's lower back. (zach cobert/ lost election bet) "this is definitely the stupidest thing i've ever done for views." no argument from his girlfriend. (jenni gang/ cobert's girlfriend) "i'm not too happy about it. no, no. i have to look at it forever." and other people at 3-d skin lab have their doubts. but a bet's a bet. (josh/ customer) "it's something i would do so i can't call it too stupid, so." you can question the sanity, but not the commitment. zach sat in place for hours as the tattoo took shape. and it's not done yet, he has to return to get it finished. all this for something he really doesn't want. (zach cobert/ lost election bet) "i just wish i was getting a normal tattoo, something that i wanted." and it may make him re-think future bets. well, maybe.
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election bet) "if i keep losing bets, maybe we'll keep going." the harlem globetrotters take their talent across the country... but -- now they're breaking records. we'll show you some of their best trick shots... that set nine new guiness world records. and... a legendary baseball broadcaster will receive a medal of freedom.
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broadcaster -- vin scully -- will be honored with the of freedom. his reaction was priceless... after receiving the news from the white house press secretary. this year he's going to give it to you." (voice of: vin scully) "oh my gosh, no..." (josh earnest/ white house press secretary) "yes!" (voice of: vin scully) "are you sure? i'm just an old baseball announcer." (voice of: vin scully) "i'm rather overwhelmed and humbled. thank you so much josh." (josh earnest/ white house press secretary) "it's my pleasure take care." the medal of freedom is the highest civilian honor. it's given for
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contributions to "security or national interests of the united states... to world peace... or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors." scully was the voice of the dodgers for a remarkable 67- years. the harlem globetrotters have amazed fans with their skills here in las vegas... but now they're conquering not one... but nine guiness world records. "shoots, scores, cheers" "oooh. stop playing with me" (show him blindfolded with headband) the famous hoop entertainers made these incredible shots at the at&t center -- during the 12th annual entertainers made these incredible shots at the at&t center -- during the 12th annual guinness world records day. records were broken for the longest basketball shot blindfolded by ant atkinson. it was nothing but net for the
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inches. thunder law shattered the record for the farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court. he tossed it nearly 59 feet. and -- no one could steal his thunder with another record breaker for the farthest basketball shot under one leg. in total -- the group set nine guiness world records. firefighters continue to battle several wildfires in the southeast... and officials believe they were caused by humans. the reward being offered for information leading to arrests... and how homeowners are trying to deal with the dangerous smoke. your fox5 weather
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"we have a 10- thousand, up to a 10-thousand-dollar reward leading to the arrest of any individual or individuals that have started any fires in north carolina." north carolina offers a reward for information
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the state. firefighters have been battling dangerous blazes in six states across the southeast. fox's lauren blanchard has more on how the smoke is impacting the air in the region. cullum says: "its been actively burning 24 hours a day. " at least fifty significant fires - one-hundred acres or larger -- continuing to burn across parts of the southeastern u-s seven southern states. cullum says: "typical fires usually lay down at night for a period of time. it might only be one or two hours but it gives you a little bit of time where it lays down and you can reset your resources and get them repositioned where this one continues to spread." areas all dealing with weeks of severe drought... including some places that have not seen rain in more than a month. thousands of firefighters are now battling the flames... including crews called in from across the u-s. stokesberry says: "what we have is a crew from new mexico..." stokesberry says: "so they're taking out all the hot spots that are along this edge of the fire." this, as smoke from the fires has been
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and breathing problems... as well as visibility issues...that have caused multiple car crashes. air quality alerts have now been issued in a number of southern cities... with unhealthy pollution levels seen from parts of virginia down through alabama. norris says: "the calls are starting to come in and people are starting to notice that it's irritating, it stings and it just feels like they can't breathe" a number of people with asthma and breathing issues are being hospitalized... including more than two-hundred treated at hospitals in the chattanooga area. (on cam) in some areas the public - especially seniors - are being encouraged to stay inside, close windows and run air conditioners. and, many schools are keeping children inside at recess. i'm lauren green, fox news. back here in the valley... maverick helicopters offers a yoga experience unlike any other. it offers sweeping views of the valley of fire! take a look. maverick helicopters teamed up with "silent savasana"... for the private flight to the top of the valley of fire.
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session on top of a cliff -- only accessible by helicopter. the adventure ends with a flight over the las vegas strip and downtown. the excursion also includes limo coach transportation from the strip to maverick helicopters. now fox5 weather 24/7 as cold as it was this morning, temperatures will be even colder friday morning around southern nevada. overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s around the las vegas valley, staying above freezing tonight. outside the valley, temperatures will be colder for pahrump and kingman where lows bottom out between 25 and 30 degrees. a freeze warning is in
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from midnight to 7 a.m. friday. high temperatures remain below average on friday with low 60s in las vegas. temperatures moderate this weekend with upper 60s; sunday will feature some more cloud cover as a system moves in for monday. look for more clouds on monday with the chance of a few showers. we're dry leading up to thanksgiving with
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after eleven seasons... the "duck dynasty" reign will come to an end. the reality show's current season will be the last. the robertson family made the announcement after last night's season premiere... saying it was their decision. the a-and-e series
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that makes products for duck hunters -- was a big hit after it premiered in 2012 but -- ratings have gone down in recent years. the series finale will air april 12-th. singer adele had stage fright during a concert in mexico... but not from performing! a bat flew by her head while she was singing. kim hutcherson has more on the scary surprise in today's "take a look at this." no, that's not a new dance move adele was trying out in mexico city monday night apparently, she was dive-bombed by a ba right by your head! oh my god, it's a (bleep) bat)" after just a few moments of distraction -- which included the bat zooming at least one audience member -- adele went on with the show. we guess the bat just wanted to tell the english singer "hello from the other side." this hot air balloon gave one philadelphia neighborhood a good scare when it made a hard landing at a local recreation center. no one was injured. the pilot told a local news affiliate that it was a training flight and called it a -- quote -
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spot." judging from this footage, we're not so sure about that. neither is the f-a-a -- they're investigating the incident. this is seven year old autumn fought. she was born prematurely and lost both legs at the knee when she was just three. but as you can see, she's not letting that stop her gymnastic-dreams. with the help of her coach, she's mastering variety of impressive moves. autumn also participates in cheerleading, was little miss wheelchair texas in 2015, and shows us that determination can help you vault over some of the biggest obstacles for take a look at this (natpop) i'm kim hutcherson. here's a story to talk about around the thanksgiving table. an accidental text turns into a thanksgiving invite. we'll hear from a young man who received a dinner invitation -- from a stranger... and why the woman still wants
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sometimes grandmas need a little help texting or using social media. well -- one arizona woman doesn't regret sending out the wrong text. she thought she was texting her grandson an invite to thanksgiving dinner... but turns out -- it went to a stranger! the sweet grandma left the invitation open.
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(nats) "somebody pick up... pick up!" the holidays can be a stressful time... getting the whole family together..can be tough especially when you have the wrong number! (jamal hinton/ invited to thanksgiving) "i was sitting in class, and i get this random text, from a random group chat, and it was someone's grandma, inviting me over for thanksgiving. " 17 year old jamal hinton was in class... monday... when his phone started blowing up.. the texts came in...reading "dinner is at my house on thanksgiving... 3 pm... let me know if you are coming." (jamal hinton/ thanksgiving) "i texted back, and i said who is this? and she was like "your grandma " and i was thinking hey my grandma got a new number so, why not ask for her picture." the picture came in... not jamal's grandma. jamal fired back a selfie.. just to confirm she didn't have the right person. (jamal hinton/ invited to thanksgiving) "we established we weren't related, but i said hey, why not ask for a play, since the offer was there. " to jamal's shock.. the offer... just as sweet as ever. "of course you can. that's what grandma's do.. feed
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(jamal hinton/ invited to thanksgiving) "i think it is crazy, that people can actually connect and be so nice to each other with people they don't even know." jamal posted the chance encounter online... and it's gone viral. shared hundreds of thousands of times. people online proclaiming her 'everyone's grandma!' jamal says the lady only known as grandma as this point.. is the example we should all set... this thanksgiving. by the way... he will be taking her up on her offer. joe bartels abc 15 news. thanks for joining .. fox5 news at 6
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this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas a man lured girls into his apartment with candy, and then molested them.. this according to a graphic arrest report released today. i'm chrisinte maddela i'm john huck. on saturday police arrested this man, jose azucena and today we're learning more about the disturbing crimes. . fox5s eric hilt talked with people who knew the suspect and the young victims...he is live at the apartment complex where these attacks happened. i spoke with a young man who told me azucena was known as david here at the charleston garden apartments - but most kids called him grandpa. he told me azucena was regularly giving kids candy, even taking young girls places like nearby stores. police say he


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