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tv   FOX5 News at 400pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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lions and tigers - not at the zoo but someone's pahrump backyard eb: about here on me. (describing height of cat) abby: it's a big cat eb: oh yeah very big very big ellen bryant lives across the street and says the cats were big - but surprisingly pleasant ellen bryant: they were quiet and we had no problems out of them and i loved hearing he lions roar. they were here when we came and i thought it was really nice they're living conditions not so sgt eisenloffel with the nye county sheriffs department told me 8 siberian lynx a fennec fox and a caracal were living in their own filth sgt michael eisenloffel:(nye county) the air quality inside was unacceptable the living conditions in terms of hygiene conditions were terrible. animals were dedicating and urinating within the rooms that some of those cats were housed in one of the owners was there today. jacki freman- 57 - was cited for misdemeanor animal cruelty. deputies intend to cite owner abby hendengren as well
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and cats get a nice home bryant tells me she'll miss the exotic edge the cats brought to the neighborhood- but understands the decision eb: i'm glad they're going to a safe place so i mean that's too small a place for those animals. animal control and the department of wilde life have been removing cats all day. one employee showed me a video of a very aggressive looking panther so they're taking their time with this process. they're going to a usda licensed sanctuary. large cats are legal and
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this has been a crazy week for pahrump as far as
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crazy week for pahrump as far as exotic animals go. a texas woman was arrested there on monday on child endangerment charges... after bringing all of her pets to pahrump. police in houston say "trisha meyer" allowed her pet tigers and other wild animals to roam freely in the home with her daughter. she took off and came back to pahrump where she used to live. meyer's animals were confiscated, to be extradited back to texas. police say she had permits for the tigers, but not for her skunk or fox. of course las vegas has had its own share of encounters with exotic pets. you may remember back in 2012... two chimpanzees escaped their home near jones and ann. they took off in a neighborhood... and police ended up shooting and killing a chimp named "buddy". the other chimpanzee, "c-j" was sent to a sanctuary in oregon. one of the owners ended up being criminally charged in the case. the escape prompted
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seriously look at exotic animal ownership here in nevada. nevada is one of five states where people can have pets normally seen in zoos like tigers. and in pahrump... there are even fewer rules. animals like lions and wolves are legal in pahrump... but a license is needed. we spoke to the owner of an exotic pet store today about what it takes to own a wild animal. he says even though it is legal in pahrump... he strongly recommends not owning a tiger. they eat 40 pounds of meat a day and need lots of space. ken foose also tells us most people are not ready for such a huge responsibility. " the problem i have with people who keep exotics is this: no matter what you buy, whether it is a dog or a cat or a car or a house, you take responsibility for these animals or the property, you take the risk. what i am concerned about is these animals escaping and bothering someone who never agreed
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last year, clark county commissioners voted to pass an ordinance that bans future ownership of tigers, bears, and chimpanzees here in the valley. smaller exotics like monkeys and foxes are still legal with a permit. new york attorney general eric schneiderman says his lawsuit and two others against trump university will be settled for 25 million dollars. he called it a "stunning reversal" of president-elect donald trump's position. a statement released by his office says -- "donald trump fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeals and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university. today, that all changes." "it really is a great result, everybody who was enrolled in this school and wants their money back will get over half their money back at a minimum, and perhaps all of their money back "
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class-action suits lawsuit filed in california. it will be a major mess on the 2-15 this weekend. and the chaos starts in just a few hours. you're taking a live look at the project now. the 2-15 is closing in both directions starting tonight through sunday at the airport connector. fox5's ken smith shows us where you should go instead. first ken bite mike mamer assistant manager of construction the main purpose of this closure is safety. we have large girders going in, the crane to lift the girders literally will take up all of the westbound lanes at one point. and for the other side of course will take up the other lanes. it really is just for safety and just space to work.
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get the latest on
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and other traffic traffic situations with our fox5 app. it is free in mobile stores. north las vegas police are cracking down on drivers who are skipping the seatbelt. looking for anyone not wearing a seatbelt tonight. they are especially on the lookout for children who are not properly buckled or in car seats. henderson police are running a similar enforcement through the next few days. according to the national highway traffic safety administration... more than 12 thousand lives were saved in 2013 thanks to seatbelts.
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after sunny skies and low 60s around las vegas this afternoon, temperatures for your friday night will once again be on the cold side. we'll see overnight lows drop into the 30s. temperatures will be milder for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60s on saturday. sunday's high temperatures will be around 70 degrees. you'll notice a few clouds drifting across the area saturday afternoon, with more clouds in the picture on sunday. showers will move into the area late sunday night into monday morning. this will not be a big rainmaker for southern nevada, but some scattered
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tuesday dries out with more sunshine. temperatures will hold in the 60s through thanksgiving. the hard rock cafe outside the hard rock hotel is shutting its doors for good. this restaurant opened back in 1990. hard rock officials say the decision was made to focus more efforts on the hard rock cafe next to m-g-m grand. employees will have the option to relocate to the newer hard rock cafe and "hard rock live." but the news is still sad for some of the ones we talked to today. " it sucks that it is closing, it really is iconic, awww my heart.people are really going to miss it. " hard rock cafe is
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no word on what will take its place... or where the iconic giant guitar will go. the lucky dragon hotel and casino is almost ready to open its doors! according to the los angeles times... the casino will welcome its first guests tomorrow. a bigger opening is scheduled for december. this is the first new resort to open on or near the strip since the cosmopolitan opened back in 2010. it is aimed towards aisian travelers and wil feature authentic chinese food at its restaurants. it's friday... so that means our very own dave hall is checking out some of the valleys treasures... we'll take you to sandy valley... and explain why dave hall is wearing a pink cowboy hat... and getting a mcdonalds burger may become a fancier experience. why you might want to start skipping the drive
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it's field trip friday! and today... fox5's dave hall is giddying up in sandy valley. dave and his pink hat are out at a dude ranch about fifty miles southwest of las vegas! let's check out his cowboy adventure.
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idea of where we should send dave hall for our next field trip friday.... visit the address you see on your screen..., back slash field- trip-friday. now fox5 weather 24/7 after sunny skies and low 60s around las vegas this afternoon, temperatures for your friday night will once again be on the colsi we'll see overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s. temperatures will be milder for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60s on saturday. sunday's high temperatures will be around 70 degrees. you'll notice a few clouds drifting across the area saturday afternoon, with more clouds in the
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showers will move into the area late sunday night into monday morning. this will not be a big rainmaker for southern nevada, but some scattered showers can be expected on monday. tuesday dries out with more sunshine. temperatures will hold in the 60s through thanksgiving. closed captioning
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fox five wants to help families in need of food during the holidays! we're raising money.. and collecting food.. for those in need. you can make a donation at the register... or you can purchase a hunger bag. at von's or albertsons.... the hunger bags already have food
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and don't forget to check out glittering lights.. it is open nightly at the las vegas motor speedway! the drive-through holiday light show costs 20-dollars a car on weeknights.. and 30-dollars on friday night and during the weekend. this take 5 to care event runs through january 7th.. and benefits the speedway children's charities. hundreds of students flooded the community today... their goal... to help our nations heros... we'll show you how these kids served those.... who've served us... and hear about the unusual things you can find at
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more than 800 faith middle school students spent time outside of the classroom,
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this is the school's annual school service event. students were sent around the valley to areas that need help. some went to the las vegas rescue mission... others played games with veterans at nevada senior services. the school holds these events to help kids learn about giving back to their community and serving others. and after talking to a few of them today, it looks like it's working! " it means a lot to me because i like helping out in the community, and doing it with friends and stuff. i really enjoy it because it gives back to the community. we're all the same, we're all one big family. it just feel sgood you know? some of the other projects included reading to at-risk kids at elementary schools and stocking local food pantries. this weekend... you can find the most unique gifts at the clark county surplus auction. we're talking traffic signs... dump trucks... even c-p-r mannequins! the county auctions off items government agencies no longer need like computers or county vehicles. these items are all online now for you to check out.
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you can register online or in person. these auctions are held three times a year, and this is the final one for 2016. police are looking for a driver who took off after a crash. we have more details on this tragedy... where a passenger was left behind to die at the scene. months after a was shot and killed in cincinatti .... a report finds the zoo may be to blame for a child climbing into the enclosure. plus why a mother is suing... after her child transitions from from male to female... we'll explain why the mom felt legal
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police are still looking for a man who crashed his car... killing the woman in his passenger seat... before walking away. fox5's adam herbets got a suspect description today... and a few leads from businesses in the area. adam? well we got a few leads from businesses in the area -- and we were able to get something we overheard last night on the scanner today confirmed by metro. let's start with that.
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we hear on a police scanner unless officers confirm it after the fact... but last night... we overheard a call out to spring hospital... which is the closest hospital to this crash sight... because somebody was in there looking for a crash victim... and police now tell us... that may be the driver... or it could be from an unrelated case. but either way... they're definitely taking a close at it. another lead we got today -- is something police say they haven't heard until today. business owners in the area say... they recognize the shelby they think he lives in the apartment complex right next door to the crash sight. they think he was just barely pulling out of the parking lot... when he was going too fast... hopped across the center median... and then went into oncoming traffic. now they're just surprised he was the one who made it out alive. "people in that side of the apartment do know him and they come out and they look at him and the guy was saying that i know that guy he drive very crazy. he left the girl in the car die and he's just
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with the reckless driving he shouldn't be out there " there were two other cars and two other people involved in this crash... both of them were taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but they're expected to be okay. the woman though, in this driver's passenger seat, is not okay. we are not releasing her name until her family has been notified. police say this is the description of the man they're looking for young hispanic man, in his 20s, wearing a black jacket and gray sweatpants. he also had blood on his face, and no shoes. reporting in studio, adam herbets, fox 5 news local las vegas. if you have any information that if you have any information that can help police
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the zika virus outbreak is no outbreak is no longer an international public health emergency. the world health organization issued that declaration today (friday). this does not mean zika may not be a problem where you live.... but on a global level the spread of zika is under control. zika is spread mostly by infected mosquitoes and can cause birth defects in unborn children. the world health organization says it will now create a technical committee to handle zika re efforts going forward. right now, there is no vaccine or medicine to treat zika. avoiding mosquito bites is the only known prevention. a teenager is receiving medical treatment to transition to female... without her parents permission. the parents are fighting back... saying this treatment is not legal. "(anmarie calgaro, mother) "i love him unconditionally and i mean that, unconditionally!" (anmarie calgaro, mother) "nobody even at 20 years old would go back and make the same decisions as they would at 16, i mean i can't imagine any of
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proud of that moment in my life.'"" "ann-marie calgaro" says city officials are disregarding her parental rights. her teenager has been emancipated, and the state is treating her as an adult. the parents are now suing saint louis county... saying they should have a say in their child's transition... especially since she is receiving hormonal drugs. federal investigators say the cincinatti zoo's gorilla enclosure barrier did not meet federal safety standards... when a child fell into it back in may. zoo keepers made the controversial decision to shoot and kill its gorilla harambe. the united states department of agriculture issued a critical citation to the zoo because of the barrier. a young boy was able to climb through it, and ended up falling into the exhibit. harambe grabbed the child, and that is when he was shot. the cincinatti zoo has made the public barrier taller and added surveillance cameras to the enclosure. buckingham palace is getting a makeover. and it will be a decade... before we see the final product. the british government is
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million dollars to refurbish queen elizabeth's home. construction starts in april. upgrades are being made to pipes and wiring to reduce the risk of fire and flood damage. the palace has seven hundred, 75 rooms. the upgrade will improve visitor access to the palace that attracts millions of tourists each year. queen elizabeth will still live in the palace as improvements are made. a hamburger served at a school.... is raising a lot of questions... apparently this is edible! why the school says... this is safe to eat... with thanksgiving
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look at how much you might be spending this year to fill your family up... you're watching fox5 news at 4. local. las vegas
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thanksgiving dinner isn't cheap. but at least this year... you'll pay a little less than 2015. get this... the average cost of a feast for ten people will be 48 dollars and 87 cents... according to the american farm bureau federation. it is about 30 cents cheaper than last year. you're looking at some of the prices there on your screen. turkey is about 30 cents cheaper this year... and pumpkin pie mix, milk, and veggie trays are also less expensive. but items like
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are more expensive. a trip to mcdonalds is about to get a lot fancier. the fast food giant is introducing table service and touch screen ordering! mcdonalds started testing these new services at california locations. they were a hit... so the restaurant will try them out throughout the u-s. kiosks will help customers customize their meals the way they want them. but if they are too complicated... the traditional counter service speaking of hamburgers... a picture is going around on the internet of something that supposed to be a burger... but looks like something unedible. high school student "hayley shilala" from pennsylvania posted this picture of her school lunch. the picture quickly spread... and people are asking if the burger is even safe to eat. but school officials told local news outlets the burger is just fine... it was just over cooked and all the internal ingredients surfaced to the
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no word on what those ingredients are that makes it look unworldly! saint nick is in the valley ahead of christmas... so we sent fox5s mike doria to find out what it takes to get on santas nice list this year... your fox5 weather
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ready to invade the streets of downtown... for the the las vegas great santa run it is saturday december third. and you can join in the fun... festivities kick off at nine a-m and the five k starts at ten a-m the santa run benefits opportunity village. a visit to santa at the fashion show mall involves a lot more than kids sitting on his lap and getting a candy cane. this is a very interactive experience! so we sent our resident kid at heart, fox5's mike
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after sunny skies
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afternoon, your friday night will once again be on the cold side. we'll see overnight lows drop into the low 40s and upper 30s. temperatures will be milder for your weekend with highs in the mid to upper 60s on saturday. sunday's high temperatures will be around 70 degrees. you'll notice a few clouds drifting across the
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afternoon, with more clouds in the picture on sunday. showers will move into the area late sunday night into monday morning. this will not be a big rainmaker for southern nevada, but some scattered showers can be expected on monday. tuesday dries out with more sunshine. temperatures will hold in the 60s through thanksgiving.
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rasing cane's is
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and upbeat and enthusiastic people crazy for chicken are encouraged to apply! the restaurant is opening its 12th location here in the valley, near stephanie and wigwam. 50 new employees are needed. raising cane's is holding two job fairs. one is still going on now through six p-m. the other is tomorrow starting at 10 a-m the fair is at the hampton inn and suites at warm springs and marks. there's much more ahead on fox5 news coming up at 5 o'clock. christine maddela joins us from the newsro w what to look out for. earlier this year .. many locals were surprised when they were shut out of dual fantansy sports betting sites.. today --- both fandual and draft kings announced a merger... find out what that means for players here in nevada. then ... the dramatic recording of an extreme road rage incident in arizona.. see what happened and why. and then... we meet a man who is proud of his ignorance. how he has spent
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president of the united states. an oozing blob is taking over one california town... but the people living there dont seem to affected... what this mysterious foam is... after this. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit,
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spreading around santa clara, california. and people are having way too much fun with it! turns out the massive surface of foam is actually fire retardant that was being tested. not much else is known--other than it started oozing out of a building around noon local time. the blob quickly grew and became waist-high... almost grew and became waist-high... almost overtaking an entire stop sign. locals quickly flocked to the area to see what was going on-- and some people even road their bikes through it! thanks for joining
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will resume shortly the suspected driver in a deadly crash... walks away from the scene. we'll have a description of the suspect from police. closed captioning
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this is fox5 news at 5. local. las vegas in less than four hours ... n-dot will be closing down the 2-15 in both directions at the airport! and not for just a few minutes or hours ... for the whole weekend! i'm christine maddela. i'm john huck. it will be a major headache valley drivers this weekend... fox5's eric hilt talked with drivers who are searching for detours and is live at the interstate. youre already starting to see some of the preparations for
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one of the valleys busiest roads... ...shut down for an entire weekend. "its gonna kind of suck im not going to lie" "prepare yourself to be in traffic" tonight at 9:00 the 215 beltway will close in both directions at the airport... as crews place gurters and make progress in clark county's massive airport connector project. "it's mainly for safety -- the cranes that will lift the gurters will take up all of the westbound lates" east and westbound drivers will have to exit at the airport connector... but crews are asking them to exit off the freeway before they get to the airport. eastbound drivers are encouraged to get off at jones, decatur or las vegas boulevard... people headed west can exit at eastern, windmill or warm springs. "i think its going to cut me down 30-45 minutes just to reroute myself


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