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tv   Mad Money  NBC  October 20, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CDT

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there's always aull market somewhere. i'm here to help you start it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to eertain but to educate you and teach you. but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. orb tweet me @jim cramer. you can always tell when you're in earnings season. it's when people shoot first and don't even bother to ask questions later cause they've gotten things so wrong. this market is littered with those kinds of mistakes, including today. nasdaq gained .38%. when i first got io this business there wasn't a rush for reporters to report the consensus estimates created by wall street analysts. these days they see if the sales
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than expected. once they've compared and contrasted, they pull some reason, some folderol from the release, to explain it, then boom, rapid fire posting, don't look back, on to the nexex company. we see this sort of thing this years. this week, there was four of them that were like this this year. it createsuch a rush to judgment with so little time to breathe that people end up losing fortunes, trading off these slipshod bulletins that purport to say what really happened in the quarter, like you could really figure it out in 1 characters. hasbro reported today. the vast majority of these companies said it was a good
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hit, and it cacatalizes off of hit movies. despite those headlines hasbro opened pretty yuch unchanged. shouldn't it have opened big? no, it turns out, because when the company conducted its conference call, we learned things are not going all that we wi at hasbro. at cfo deb thomas told you after flowowy discussion, and a a ote, growth in preschool categories were more than offset by a decline in game and girls categories, end quote. what's that mean? you keep listen and old franchises like monopoly and other time-honored hits were more than offset by declines in a number of brands like my little pony. ouch!
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more than offset? that's real suboptimal language. how weak were the good friends that they could be overwhelmed by the b ones? lots of people blught hasbro bebeuse of strength, not weakness. have they run out of staying power? suddenly hasbro stocks are getting pummeled. the headlines were not technically wrong, but they were worthless. we heard intnt must be slowing down. lost in e headlines, the subtle dascussion by management about the popoible bottom in the challenged c cputer business, perhaps in the wake of the newly released windows 10. the weakness in their next big line of ultrafaschips, they're being mame in an assembly line and d ts of chips have to o thrown away. that's the way the semiconductor
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foundries. lots of chips that don't cut it are thrown away. intel couldn't even talk about altira, a very good chip maker. that looks like more of a bargain, considering the mergers that have occurred in the category since a bidding war has bren out this morning over the local pmc sierra, not to mention talks discovered tonight that western digital might be in advance takeover, maybe, acqcqsition of sandisk. no wonder intel is up even though the headlines said it was disappointing. j.p. morgan wasn't much different. the writers picked a negative piece of data, commenting how weakness might continue into the next fourth and manufactured that into a forecaststut. wrong. again, the stock is up nicely from where it traded because it was only that one division.
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it was no forecast cut. how about netflix? despite a strong belief among skeptics that the company's best domestic growth is behind it, e stock is crawling back up. some are finding credit cards as the explanation. others are reminding themselves of automatic t countries were tflix is still being rolled out. it feels like disney, which fell from 121 to 95 in the three weeks afteteit reported in august. it's been working its way back up, aided byn aggressive bye back. en there's the curious case of liant vrx, with quick draw headline writers immedialy blessing the top and bottom line numbers. terrific, rit? valiant, by raising prices and cutting research and development costs, continues to deliver. no. not so fast. it looks like valiant's not that tone deaf. the company has received a number of subpoenas lately inquiring about what politicians
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think are excessive urice hikes. management announced they will keep price increases low this year. that's exactly the opposite of why so many hedge funds love valiant. the positive headlines were meaningless. this former market darling won't let up in its selling, down another 13 and change today or 7.7%. the same thing happened last friday when headline writers judged it weak. as fast moving hedge funds try to get ahead of of what they thought would be selling at the opening. the real metric that mattered to investors was up 4%, which is huge versus its competitors. once people read through the full deck and listened to the call they realized that not only were ge's revenues good, they
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the stock has continued to rally. it's difficult to slam these articles because there are plenty of stories that get it right. morgan stanley, when the headlines came out, they were abysmal, weakness all overt place. unlike j.p. . rgan, it wasn't just one part t the business that was weak. morgan stanley will focus intensely on addressing underperforming areas of performance. i wish my trust could do it, but we're in the awkward position that you never want to be in. we're in a position of hope for the stock, hoping the market goes up any of that we get a chance to sell i iafter that bad quarter. but the main takeaway is that you simply cannot possibly make an informed judgment until you find out what is really going on at a compa. meaning not untitiyou hear all the commentary about the current quarteand then the forecast
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for the future, usually about one third of the way into the conference call, right before the q&a. that's why i don't like to opine on stocks after a report because then i'm on here doing the show. rememeer, these aren't smama caps. the news flow was just plain wrong. if you te action based on th headline race, you're ju rolling the dice on stories that are often wrong. gambling is never a sound vestment strategy. russell in florida. >> caller: hello. >> hi, russell. >> caller: my name is russell davis, calling from florida. i'm a great fan of yours. >> thank you very much. i'm glad you called. >> caller: i'm concerned about at&t's future because of the recentdventure into television. my question is, willllt&t be able to carve a place for itself in this highly competitive market? >> i think it will.
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advantage in directv. i know they're going into different direction from verizon. let's listen and see what they have to say. dig in virginia. >> caller: a pleasure to talk to you. do you think aetna is going to get theideal by the justice department? it was approved bybyhareholders today. and also, if i could ask you another one, is cigna going to be bought by anthem? i'm long both stocks. >> i think you hold en to them. it's going to takeorever. there were very good articles in the papers today about antitrust, there are so many deals, there's a backlog. i don't expect anything instant. i like all these stocks. they're very expensive. siraj in florida. >> calalr: jim, this is sirarain orlandnd florida. >> how are you? >> caller: i've been watching you since the 1990s.
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>> caller: my grandson also gr up with you, since he was five. >> that's wonderful. thank k u for watching. >> caller: i've been trading since 1999. i would to ask you, i'm selecting a retirement fund now. >> i agree, i think scott weinstein did a magnificent job. i think it's a bit of a trading vehicle. i'm not sure it's really correct for a retirement account. if you wanted to put it in your grandson's long term situation where i think scott weinstein can rk his magic, fine. that's not what i think of when i think of retirement. grant in michigan. >> caller: booyah, jim cramer. i just finished reading your
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i was revving the engine of my 485 ferrari over the weekend. anyway, i want to know how you would play the spinoff of ferrari. >> we're dng a very big takeout on the situation that we intend to do. i think there's a lot of hype involved. remember, the auto business is not that good a business right now. a lot of people are fascinated by this. they like the symbol, the symbol is race. i say we have a little more rigor. i'm going g have that analysis, and i think that that will be done in a way that will be able to make it so you can take some action whether you get it, whether you've got stock or not, which is what matters to me. let me just say, playing the headline game can be dangerous, frightening. you'll see that a lot during rnings season. on "mad money" tonight, i talk with the ceo of six flags. then walmart hasallen 11% over the past five da, talk about a
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rough week. but the company on the sale rack, could it be worth considering? then mondalize, can its winning streak continue until wednesday? stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to to feel this special... you need to eat this special. i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. i love it lic acid and vitamin`d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories...
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with the price of oil down from where it was a year ago, putting $1,000 of additional spending money in the bank account of the average american household, youould think this would be a good time to in the theme park distance. it's's cheap ride to take your suv with your children to a place where they can ride roller coasters. that brings me to six flags. the stock has had s ups and downs recently. six flag just reported a solid quarter after the close today, the company beating the most
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bullish wall street forecast. 0.9 million guests. let's talk with jim reid-anderson. we'll hear m me about the quarter and his company's good to see you, jim. >> how much is gasoline, how much are new coasters, how much are different things you're trying? >> we think very little is gasoline, jim. we think our approach to innovation in every park is drivivg the success we're seeing. >> give me some examples. i know you're doing new coasters all over the place. >> six flax new jersey has so much going on here. next year weweave the jokers, total mayhem coming, which is a 4-d, free-fly coastethat you will love.
3:17 am
maybe i just can't visualize it until i'm on it. >> in essence you're going in every possible direction and moving independently of people around you. you'll find yourself literally turning diffent ways. it's a lot of fun. >> i know because i go on rides with my daughters, is there some level where you can't do it, too many people get sick? >> we don't have that at all. some people won't go on rides for various reasons. as you said earlier, we've seen a huge increase in attendance. since i've first talked to you, we've gone from 23 million visiting our parks to our latest 12-month number is 28 million. so it's puge increases. >> definitely. i want to talk about the idea that one of the things thahayou guys are doing is, disney is copying you, demand pricing. it's like uber. >> we have this amazing team of researchers and we have a pricing expertise that is really incredible.
3:18 am
we can adjust pricing to fit our needs and to fit certain season. right now we're in the middle of fright fest, ved by usa today readers the number one event. did you always haveveomething like that? >> we hafright fest for several years, but it's gorier and scarier than neverf we've used that dend pricing very successfully. we're doing it right now. we'll scale up and scale down as we need to. >> it's a royalty agreement. how does it help shareholders? >> it very m mh helps shareholders. it's a capital lights approach. we put no capital in but we receive licensing fees, we receive advisory fs, management fees. we help them dign the park. it's very profitable with no major r vestment. >> now, you know that we are pro dividend, we're pro distribution
3:19 am
i know you can buy back stock, you can pay down debt. right now with such a huge increase in the number of people comi, the first thing you should do is put money into coasters? >> jim, we put everything we need to into the coasters, into the parks. but what's really cool about this company is we outperform all the competitors in terms of f money woululhe give back. when we emerged from bankruptcy, we were worth $700 million. we've returned $1.9 billion already. the company is still wth almost $5 billion. so that yield that we get, almost 4.5.5 and the dividends or the share buybacks, they're immense. they'll continue to grow. they're averaging two to three times the level of the s&p 500, both in dividend and growth. >> last question, i try to understand insurance, zoning. how many new parks have been started in the last decade? >> none. none.
3:20 am
>> none? >> none. anything that has started up has shut dow it just doesn't happen. so we're in a position where there are very high barriers to entry. it's unlikely anyone is going to come in to the u.s. where there may be growth is certain parks internationally, maybe asia and certainther areas. >> it's done. that's another great secret to your success. that's jim reid-anderson, ceo of six flags. we like it for the distribution and for the growth. "mad moneyis back after the break. coming up -- >> i don't own anything but walmart. >> the ceo of retail giant walmart is confident l lt week's roll back was short-lived. should you be buying the stock or is it just damaged goods? don'miss cramer's take, just ahead... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
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is the fallout from walmart's they were know nuclear mb drop -- thermo nuclear bomb drop finally over? i'm not sure. i still see plenty of reverberations. ny traders believe walmart wiwi be cut to ribbons, installing the albertson's ipo that i said was too expensive anyway, even if it comesn at $20, slightly below where it was supped to before the walmart implosion. there's also concern appppel prices could be coming down too.
3:23 am
it seems wrong to me. would you want to buy a brand that walmart makes? you want to cultivate that look? i certainly don't. neither do my kids. more important, targ has long had a price match policy where they'll match competitors, including walmart. it hasn't mattered much to the shoppers. that's because consumers are much more price sensitive. in oer words, people aspire not to buy clothes at walmart. that's'shy i think both krogog anantarget are buys off f e walmart fallout. it's not all that bad for the rest of retail. i have played this out over and over aga, people. at last i have a theory to bring you. walmart's investment m me isn't about beating up on kroger or topping target. it's not about givinpeople
3:24 am
investment model. many people i talked to were unhappy at ceo dug macmillan lowered his earnings forecast at 10:00 a.m. in an analyst meetetg. but these people don't really get what's going on on here. macmillan wasn't so muchutting earnings as he was laying out a whole new strategy. go listen to what heheold us on the show last week. he wasurprised that so many people were upset with the strategy and dumped the stock. >> i think it's great that we're givivg visibility on what the next three years are going to look like. this i i't a one-year situation. the rere issue is, are we doing the right things to position walmart for the future? are we investing in the business to strengtn it? >> now, he's doing that to compete more effectively with another company that doesn't fret about earnings. but as a stock that's fueled by sales growth expectations, he's doing it because of amazon. i know the stock has been
3:25 am
horrib. but take yourself out of t`e equatiln if you own it. macmillan is right. walmart's capitalization is 189 billion while amazon's is an astounding 260 billion. after the company billion out the an amazon-like infrastructure, which it certainly has the cash to . the walton family is totally behind macmillan because he basically told you, okay, we're never going to beat amazon if we keke up with our currentntays, never. but if we lower our expectations and reinvent on the fly, we have a chance to win. what happens if for three years walmart does it amazon'say, buildingngut a fantastic services business with easy returns to their stories for favored web-based customers? what if macmillan develops a same-day delivery service from
3:26 am
ubiquitous that amazon's? all this, and he throws in a big buyback and a large dividend? maybe you're being paid to wait for the turnaround. isn't that reay what macmillan did? didn't he take walmart out of the wall street gamemend put it into the amazon game? he's given himself three years to gw the company in an amazon-like fashion. is that the plan? it has to o . why else would walmart raisese revenue guidance while pulverizing the earnings? that's exactly the amazon way. macmillan had to do something to avoid seeing his chain die the death of a thousand cuts. walmart's stock could eventually make sense. but only if macmillan does indeed spend enough to win, which is carly his intent, because otherwise walmart turns
3:27 am
into a dinosaur r d its stock suffers the same exact fate as the tyrannosaurus rex. troy in massachusetts? >> caller: thanks for having me on. i was just wondering what you think about under armour. >> it has a history of not necessarily let's say, how do i put this, not necessarily doing actly what people want when the stock is run`vp. you wanto buy it after it gets hit. if you don't ownwnt now, that's my take on under armor.. longer term, they're doing everything right. this has the misfortune of competing against nike, which is also doing everything ght. walmart is using a new strategy, it may not make sense now but it may play out if macmillan spends enough to be amazon. much more "mad money" ahead. schlumberger's earnings were hideous. but shares barely budged.
3:28 am
i'm revealing why. plus your calls, rapid fire, and
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stick with cramer. last week i pointed out that if you're looking for ideas, there's one activist investor out there who consistently beats the market by piggybacng. a stock tends to spike which means you'll never be able to get shares at the same price as thhedge fund you're trying to follow. when it comes to nelson peltz, the guy is so darn good at value, it's a good deal to pay his premium for helping companies. after doing an ananast's investigation of all thehe different activists out there,e, he's the only one that if you bought the stock, you beat the s&p 500. general electric suddenly became
3:30 am
company. a confusing market t ke this, i think it's worth going through peltz's portfolio. we've already talked about his latest big position, ge. what a great quarter they had. how about a compmpy peltz has owned for a couple of years? peltz has already finagled a seat on the board of directors. i'm talking about mondalize. it's a conglomeration of oreo, cad bury chocolates, philadelelia cream cheese. better still, this company is either number one or number two by worldwide market share in virtually every single market where it competes. mondelez came into busess three years ago.
3:31 am
then a few months later, in april of 2013, he we learned nelson peltz took a major position in mondelez and pepsico. he argued pepsico should acquire mondelez. that didn't matter. last year he was named to mondelez's board of ditectors. it i iworth noting that the stock has given you a staggering 51% return. that's dramatically outperfoing the s&p 500, just 30% during the@same period. this is exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about. if you bought it after he announced he made so much money, and he got an enormous amount of influence with the company's management. before he joined the board he had been a critic of the
3:32 am
since he got involved, though, mondelez has been aggressive about cutting costs, including a major restructuring program announced last year that should produce a billiodollars in savings by 2018. faststorward to next year and mondelez is toward the low but better than the likes of companies i really like, general mills and campbell-s soup. you've heard me praise those. on top of that, the company has rationalized the supply chain and they're cutting overhead to the bone. they're modernizing so they'll be able to produce snacks twice as quickly, which should cut their operating costs in half. most of the new, more efficient production lines won't come online until next year, which means mondelez won't fully reap the benefits until 2016. but this stock has up cycle goinforward.
3:33 am
increase in their gross margin. up a hundred is a big deal. this is staggering. in a recent conference management said they're planning to reduce overhead costs by at least 250 bases points from 2013 to 2016. the company also told us they're either meeting or exceeding their cost cutting targets. in short, mondelez has proven it can deliver on the cost cutting front. of course it was already trying to turn around before peltz got bombed.. it's clear they've become better at the whole thing. peltz agrees with me that mondelez should change i name. he says it sounds like a disease. true. bubuit remains to be seen if the company will fix that. they seem to like the name. the company still has been suffering from shrinking revenues of late.
3:34 am
superstrong dollar cuts into their profits. mondel has been working to reignite growth inints core snsnking business as thehedouble down on their most popular produ@t lines. specifically they've been betting heavily on so-called power brands, oreo, tuck club special, and jacob's cart t ir chocolate. these brands are all growing at least twice as fast as the ovovall company, with significant higher than average margins. they're the ones where mondelez is most focused on introducing any technology to create faster, more efficient production. how do we know peltz is still a n of the stock? because his partners announced they're increasingheir stake in the company since past may
3:35 am
when the stock was trading at 40, currently at 46. we know peltz likes to stick and for the long haul. if one activist investor is not enough for you, in august we learned another famous activist fund had taken a 7.5% stake in mondelez. another caveat. mondelezezeports wednesday morning. we know that the company has beaten wall street's earnings estimates for six straight quarters. all signs point to this being another strong one. i think it's bt to be careful in these situations. i'm recommending the stock as a long term investment, not as a plpl on the quarter, even though i'm doing this before the quarter, which is why i suggest putting on a small position tomorrow, if you don't already own it, then waiting for any post-earnings weakness to do some more buying. here's the bottom line. we know that nelsopeltz has a tremendous track record when it comes to creating value, and he remains involved with mondelez to the point where peltz himself is on the board of directors. i own the stock for my trust and
3:36 am
i think it's worth buying after it reports. stick with crameme skrch... skrch... what are you doing? the dishes are clean. i st gotta scrape the rest of the food f them. ew. dish issues? cascade platinum powers tough this brownie mess better t tn the competition, the first time. cascade. get ready to show your roots with roots touch-up from nice'n easy. seamlessly blends with leading shades, even salonhades in just 10 minutes. for natural looking color
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as real as you arere show the world your roots
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>> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the namef the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? alex in ohio. >> caller: from the buckey state, booyah to you, jim. i love what you do. >> thank you. >> caller: do you think i should add d re to my position bebere
3:39 am
>> i like cedar fair. i happen to like six flags more. but cedar fair has not been able to -- they've done really well, it's just that six flags has done even better. andrew in chicago. >> cler: booyah, cramer, i love ygur show. >> thanks so much for saying that. >> caller: buy, , ll, hold, santander. >> i'm not happy with santander. it's inexpensive, but boy, they have not done a great job. i have to be candid. molly in california. >> caller: hi. jim, thanks for taking my call. mylan vance has been cut in half. >> i've had them on so many
3:40 am
doing. i would say walk away from it. let's go to david d new jersey. >> caller: go skeedaddy. giants monday afternoon. >> don't want to get ahehe of ourselves. how about a stock? >> caller: i just wanted to thank you on behalf of the united states of cramericans, theffort you put in not only to make money but to teach us to be better investors. i'm sure i speak for them all. thank you once again. >> thank you. >> caller: with that said, i would like to know your opinion fitbit. >> thank you so much for comments. fitbit, while expensive,
3:41 am
stay in shape as part of health and wellness. i think it's very much the modern way to do things which is to compete against others and yourself. i know the stock is expensive but i think it's not going away as quickly aa lot of other people do. it's more than just a one-trick pony. one more. chuck in florida, please. >> caller: good afternoon, jim. >> hey, chuck. >> caller: a quick question on century lane. >> i know it yields 8%, people say i want that. i've got other situations i lili. i've been doing some oil pat stocks and real estate investment trusts have higher yields. i feel safer about those. one more. joe in new jersey. >> caller: thank you for taking my phone call, appreciate it, big booyah from new jersey. >> thank you. >> c cler: the question i i ve is on cisco systems. it seems to be losing 13 cents a day, 27 cents a day. either buy, sell, or hold? >> think the stock is
3:42 am
comimi back. if it goes down on ibm, i would buy it, chuck robbins is doing a lot of stuff. 3% yield. i like it. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: ththlightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it's the final countdown! the final countdown! ! if youe the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fteen percenor mor on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's w wt you do. americans. we try to live healthy. but many of us don't know there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin with chrium to help use carbs from food and b-vitamins to helpconvert food to fuel.
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happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bott has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand.
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after the brutal third quarter came to an end, for a couple of weeks it seemed like the price of oil would go higher. lately crude has been pulled back, including yet another decline today, giving you u chance to buy high quality oil and gas stocks at lower levels. anticipating this weakness, last we i highlighted the low risk
3:45 am
you sleep at night. i want you to thinenterprise product partners, occidental petrlleum. they're highererielding situations. the distributions are in good shape even at these low oil prices. tonight i want to circle back to a member of the oil complex that this@market hates. i'm talking about schlumberger symbol smb. i like it even though the company recorded a quarter that was widely regarded as abysmal last thursday night. this has been a prolonged slump for schlumberger. it was trading as high as 118. since then, though, it's been a emingly endless house of pain with the stock trading down to $74 and changes of today. now it's hated as much as it was
3:46 am
come back to this one. you can't buy this stock when it's a darling. you can only buy it when it's despised. i say th from experience because there have been several attempts to call the bottom, note i will 11 months ago. morgan stanley came out with a bullish report on schlumberger. that kind of wide-eyed optimism needed to be crushed. i think we're reaching that point. now that oil is stabilizing in the 40and schlunberger has rallied since the end of the third quarter, i feel like it could be a time to start buildingng position in the country. the industry is currently in the process of consolidating, which i like. why am i turning bullishn schlumberger? last week we saw one of the most positive signals. there was a weak quarter, yet the stock didn't see any kind of significant selloff the next
3:47 am
day. that tells me that almost all this negativity is starting to get baked into the share price. a 33% decline in sales versus a year ago. even worse, management was very down. it was chilling. listen to these choice lines from the ceo. i i ote, as we enter the last quarter of the year, the global oil market is weighed down by fears of reduced growth in chinese demand and the pectations regarding the timingnd magnitude i additional supplies. second, in spite of the improvements in oil prices, the outlook for oil services looks challenging as we expect additional reductions in activity and fther pressure on service pricing. ouch! when will business start to turn around? he's far from sanguine. i quote again. recory seems to be a 2017 event.
3:48 am
punishment. the near term future? q4 looks challenging and visibility has actually dropped in the past month or two. he goes on to say things will get even worse with a seasonal slowdown in the northern hemisphere including cuts in sub-saharan africa. bott line, he tells us, quote, earningser share will drop, "ut due to the lack of visibility, i'm not ready to commit to a number, end quote. this is schlumberger. as weak as the fourth quarter will be, he expects the next quarter to be even worke. enter despair, no hope. i always tell you schlumberger is a real straight shooter. this company will give you an honest appraisal of the industry even when it's incredibly negative. last thursday's conference call was true to form. yowould think the stock would
3:49 am
it barely budged. given how downbeat the commentary was, don't you think a 10% decline would have been realistic? the stock is still trading well above the bottom two and a half weeks ago. that tells you much of the downside risk has been basically removed, it's been de-risked, as they say on wall street. maybe the downside is limited. why why should you be a buyer here? where is the upside? the fact is while this quarter had a lot of ugly elements, it also showed that schlumberger can continue to execute and generate powful earnings even in a hideous envoronment. ntrast that with the quarter at halliburton generated. $5.5.5billion in revenue for a tiny operating margin. although if you exclude the acquisition they're trying to get done, it would be over 9%. still far from impressive. t schlumberger generated $1.52 billion in pretax opering income on 8.47 billion in revenue.
3:50 am
they had an 18% operating margin. that is truly impressive. how did schlumberger manage? simple. the company does everything it can to get rid of the difficult operating environment well before everyone else, making tough decisions early on. it's been making itself leaner for some time. the restruruuring of the company's global manufacturing and distribution network. it's consolidating. schlumberger is in@the process of buying cameron international, a deal thahacould only be terrificicor pricing in the oioi service e se. plus you could argue that schlumberger is looking pretty inexpensive. it sells for 23 times earnings, halliburton sells for 28.5. when you project further, wall street expects the company to earn $3.08 next year.
3:51 am
schlumberger managed to earned 4. 75 in 2016. in 2017, t stock sells for 19 timemeexpected earnings. historically that would be cheap considing you haven't gotten it in the teens any time in the past few years.. i've told d u you need to back away from a group when you start hearing analysts rave about a bullish cycle. but the flip side is true too. people can get too negative, creating terrific opportunies. based on the nonreaction to last week's grim quarterly conference call, i think you have one of those opportunities in schlumberger beginning right here.
3:52 am
when the dust settles, it will be a duopoly between schlumbeer and halliburton. you shoulde buying schlumbebger when it's despise as overvalid. stick with cramer. it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what yodo. supersize yoyo lashes. advertise your eyes! new covergirl's super sizer mascara gives you 400% more volume. supersize. mesmerize.
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it looks like they want to buy highghrowth again. and that's okay. remember, what this market is looking for is sleep at night growth, because the world is sling down. i want everyone to te a look if you get a chance at the % honeywell conference call where the word "recession" actually came u that call is from friday. cody is a frequent guest on this show. it made me feel like it's not just slowing, it's slowing pretty quickly. that's why people like the high growth stocks again. there's always a bull market somewhere and promise to find it for you right here at "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow.
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