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tv   Today in Iowa at 6  NBC  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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thissmorning firefighters respond to a home in eastern iowa. we're working the story this morning and will tell you what we've confirmed. plus...he's the director of the c-i-a but even he's at risk for online hacking. the big question is -- was a teenager responsible? and he's been old to stop praying with his team. he listened. now a coach has a change of heart. here's a live look at our good morning it's 6 a-m -- today is & . good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist is here now with your storm track seven forecast. the winds have died down but they are still 5 to 15 mph this morning from the south. that is keeping temps in west and they will be with us
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with the veryry airmass without the rain, it will be anothehe mild day with highs in the low chance of rain heading our way. i'll have the forecast for you in a few minutes. if you get a shower today, you may also o ear a rumble of thunderr with or without the rain, it will be anotr mild day with highs in the low to mid 70s. as the te-peratures cool`this week, we have a better chance of rainheading our way. i'll have the forecast for you in a few minutes. new t tis morning...several firefightetes responding a home this morninig in waterlooo the house is in the 700 block of linden avenue. we just got off the phones with firefighters a few minutes ago and we've confirmed there was a fire there this morning. firefighters are still on the scene -- they've been there for more thaha an hour and half
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now. at this point it's still unclear if anyone was hurt. also new this morning....we have dash cam video of the moments before an iowa police officer shot and killed an unarmed maa. ...roll over onto your stooch this all happened in des mines in june. we got this video from who in des moines. the officer asks the suspect to pull into a nearby parking lot. the suspect speeds off, pull a u-u-urn, then comes to a stop -- that's when the shots are fired. we do not have video of the shooting. yesterday, des moines police said the officer was jusitified in the shooting -- she says she pulled her gun because the man was acting erratically. a grand jury also cleared her of any wrrngdoing. nd this video shows ems crews they're never really off duty. during a water training class in texas they spot a young boy in the water --e'd been sepaated om the inner tube he'd been riding in. one of the emergency responders jumps in to save him f fom the currents, bringing the boy to shore safely.
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now a kwwl follow-up. a man posts bail and walks out of court after one of his ss shot and killed the other. the 25-year-old d aces a felony charge of child endangerment resulting in the death of his three- year-old son. saturday night, police say his six- year-old found a handgun on top of the refrigerator. the boy ten shot and killed his litle brother, as the two boys were playing. prosecutors wanted it set at one-mmllion dollars, but the judge set it at 75- thousand...saying the higher bond would not bring the child back to life. an ohio father faes felony assault and child endangerment charges -- accused of slamming his thre-month-old daughter's head into the ground she died roughly 24 hours later. police say it happened over the weekend while the girl's mother ran to the store... "this wasn't just an accidental just a mishandlingf the child." the man's lawyer denies his
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hurt the baby. two other children who lived in the home are reportedly sfe with other f fmily members. one person is dead after an s-u-v crashes into a supermarket. it happened in houston. the woman who died was inside shopping with her sister nd two- year-old daughter. according to police -- the 74- year-old drver accidentally puu the c cr in reverse and accelerated quickly, slamming into the store. federal agents are investigating if a high school student truly managed to hack into the personal email of the director of the comes after private -- and possibly sensitive -- information was posted online. the apparent victim isn't just the cia director since 2013 and a longtime key player in u-s the ... claims he haked his way enough informtion to reset the is goinnow," the apparent hacker says ... ... posting what appears to be an tual spreaddheet of names and e-mails of current out their
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social securjty numbers. the hacker also says he found brennan's application for a security clearance. the hacker also claims he got into the comcast billing account the homeland ecurity secrereary, jeh johnnn. gooernment accunt. and it appears no classified information was compromised. still, it's an embarrassing reminder that there's nothing secure about e-mail: "i give people this advice all the lover, assume somebody else is new york post, which says the hacker -- who was not identified claims he did this to protest us middle east policy. both the fbi and secret service
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are investigating. they'll find out whhther the hacker was as good at covering his tracks as he was at faking his way into getting passwords. ebony magazine is causing a stir with its new cover. it shows bill cosby's fictional t-v family underneath a shattereddglss. and an editorial is asking...what's to become of the cosby show's cultural legacy if cosby personally has been taied. "the sby show" was a ground- breaker in terms of depicting the afrfrcan-american family life. more than 30 womenhave accused cosby of rape over the years -- today student leaders at one university may decide to remove the state flag. the mississippi flag still bears thehesymbol of the confederacy. a sophomore at ole miss is fighting to take the flag down -- calling it a symbol of oppression. at last three of mississippi's public universities have already stopped flying the flag. the confederate4flag will not fly t a courthouse in greene couuty, tennessee.
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the county commmssion voted down a resolution that would have allowed it. before the meeting even began... the county stood divided outside the courthouse.... "i think it's time to let the "it represents bigotry. it represents negative tdings. things i don't want to be associated th greene coconty." despite te efforts by some who wantedo see the flag fly -- the county commission overwhelmiigly said no. a coach breaks school orders to stop praying on the field. the school district in washington state believes a coach leading prayers is endorsing religion on duy. he stopped doing it but had a change of heart friday night after the homecoming ggme. players from both tees joined in for a moment of silence... "me thanking god for what they "i want to see everybody treated the same and nobody feel left out or excluded."
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the coach's lawyers say he has every right to do whatever he wants after the game. t's the day our veterans wo't forget. today, dozens of veterans will head to our nation's capitol on aa honor flflht -- the twenty second flight out of the eastern iowa airport. that's where kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us now live. amanda, you've been speaking with veterans this orning. ally a lot of excited vets here at the airport right now. a lot of them are here with a family member or guardian... on tuesday, octoer 20, 2015,
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hono flight #22 will head to washington, dc with 87 veterans plus their guardians. while there, they will visit the memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifice, tour the city, as well as visit arlington national cemetery where they will witness the changing of the gud at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and participate in a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb. the breakdown of veterans is as we've got you covered live in
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the eastern iwa airport shortly after ten tonight. you're all invited to go o the airport to welcome them home. dozens of companies pledge to fight climate change. apple, nike, and walmart among those promiing to cut their emissions by as much as half...and edge most extraordinary sinesses that have. but it's not just the big cooanies that are getting involved, it's involved." the white house says the commitmets will help during the upcoming climate conference in paris. this week we are taking a look at each of the fivecandidates runnng for waterlo mayor. buck clark is not seeking re-election. kwwl's nikki newbrough spoke with current black hawk county supervisor, frank magsamen andd has his story. frank magsamen says it was the right time when deciding family in waterloo building his home here in 1968. he was a small business owner, fire cef, and
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manager before being elected on the black hawk county board of supervisors. "and where we put together a very effective form of government that addresses financial infrastructure needs. and i believe we've done just an excellent jjb." "what's unique bout frank magsamen, if elected he's like to move towards a fferent position and bececmes a voting member of the city council. "by havig people serve on boards and commissions and by also looking to reduce future costs for the city, by looking into green energy. "looking at solar panels. looking at using out biogas we individuals in this community." that, along with stronger public safety, magsamen says he'd be the right fit or
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in waterloo nikki newbrough kwwl news. magsamen says his volunteer experience has also carried him a lon way in the community. he has been involved in the waterloo ehange club, salvation@ army, and family)and children's council. we'll profile the ret f the candidates throughout the week. . its coong up ontodayn iowa... we're seeing above average temps's so cold in aprts of the county they're opening ski resos early. and in other parts of the world -- drought is revealing a church which is hundreds of years old. and plowing for fun. a group who gets together and "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered! with
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your
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information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: burn bans continue in many counties of the viewing area and we may see a few more added before we ge enough rain... we have a chance of a few showers todada andnd tomorrow, but it doesn't look like a lot of moisture will track through. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will be lucky to catch some of those rain showers today with the really dry air ove us. temperatures are still mildld.. we are in the mid 50s to mid 60s in our area, with a few upper 40s in the northwest. we are mainly about 10 degrs warmer thanyesterday with a bitofa cool wn in the norttest as a front approaches. the front will be mainly north of us, so we continue with southerly winds and they are still 5 to 15 mph. clouds are tracking into the area and aew showers and thunderstorms are trying to hold
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together as they move into southwestern iowa heading our way. it is pretty isolated, though and the already dry air over us, may be hard t/ overcome. we will see a few showers today through tomorrow as the system tracks to our north dragging the ccol front into the state. rainfall ounts will stay light with only about a tenth inch or (mainly) less expected. while it will be gusty, the winds won't be anywhere near yesterday's levvls, but theyy will help keep our ghs in the thunder possible, too. a few showers are possible tonight, otherwise mostly cloudy with mid to upper 50s and then low to mid better chance of rain tracks in for friday and friday night with monday.
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ile we're seeii late signs of summer here -- winter coming early to maine. the sunday river ski resort opened for the season monday. lots of people came out to start theirreek on skis and snowboards. the resort usually opens around halloween.. but temperatures have been low enough to make snow. lack ofprecipitation opens up a view of a 16th century church. because of a drought, the church appears in the middle of what once was a lake. the church is belleved tohave been built by spanish colonists and just recently emerged. the last time it could be seen was in 2002. its still to come... a surprise guest at a dorm at a midwest colllge. and farmers here in iowa riding
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expect to see plowing. you're wching kwwl. we've got y covered in janesville, garwin, west branchand all of eastern iow
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take a look at this deer stumbling into a residnce hhll at augustana college in r rk island, illinois, the school says the deer later made its way safely off campus. the weather we've been seeing means farmers are out in the fields harvesting.
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but one group is plowing with equipment you might not expect, and they're doing it for fun -- story. at first glance, you'd almost swear it's john deere manipulating a powerful machine that's a relic from yester-year. ''it's a 1930 john deere g-t rated 23 horse power on thebell pulley and about 10 on the tractors, and so do his buddies and fellow ''we'rr plowing in the dirt clclssic tractor fanatics spent hours plowing, playing and joking. "i've had this tractor many until it looks brown like a turtle! just kidding - this is the original paint job, /r what's left of it!" many might consider a full day of tilling to be quite a bit of work ... but to these vintage farmers with mhines to match ... this is just the opposite.
6:22 am
play, that's what it's all about" it's like a hobby? yup. a friendly as they are fun -- letting our tiffany liou feel the excitement they feel --,first hand. "yeah first time on a tractor r how fuu is that!" some of the plows used have been around since the 19-30's. its coming up... fans get a look at the new stars wars movie and minutes later -- websites selling movie ticketscrash. and good news for fans of & jurasss world...could a sequal
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storm track seven meteorologist is back with another check of your storm track ven forecast. it won't be as windy today and tenth of`an inch of rain, but most will see very little, if any, precip. to normal by the weekend. a fans of that galaxy far far away
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wars: the force awakens" monday nigh the full-length trailer aired during halftime of "monday nnght football" on espn. tickets went on sale for the december 18th opening right after the trailer aired. so many people went online to a sequel to jurassic world is on the way. a producer made the announcement in london yesterday at an event markkng the blue-ray and dvd release of jurassic world." he revealed a life-sized model of a dinosaur when he shared the news. "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered. this is today
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head to court in a case which captivated the nation -- the th oso-called baby doe. plus a new nbc news wallstreet
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is there a change at the top? details ahead. and should police departments get a warrant to do aerial searches of a suspect's home -- the landmark & decision from a state supreme court. good morninn, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist is here now with your storm track seven forecast. the winds have died down but they are still 5 to 15 mph this morning from the south. that is keeping temps in he mid 50s to & mid 60s. we have some clouds tracking in rom e west and they will be with us all day. they may also produce a few showers, but that may be tough to get going over most of the area with the very dry airmass sitting over us. if you get a shower today, you rain, it will be another ild day with highs in the low to mid 70s. as the temperatures cool this week, we have a better chance of rain
6:28 am
heading our way. ill have the airmass sitting over us. if you get a shower today, you ay alo hear a rumble of thunder. with or without the rain, it will be anothr mild day with highs in the low to mid 70s. as the heading our way. i'll have the forecast for you n a few minutes. new this mornig...two people charged in t death of a toddler known as "baby doe" will appear in cot. the body othe child- now identified as bella bond- was found on a b bston beach innjune. across the county, people worked to figure out who she was. bella's mother and her boyfirend will appear in dorchester, massachusetts for their first post- arraignment hearing. the battle,between former minnesota governor jesse ventura d the estate of american sniper chris kyle also hhds to court today. ventura believes chris kyle defamed
6:29 am
him in the best- selling book, 'american sniper.' a jury awarded ventura one-point- eight million dollars. lawyers foreveral news corporations a ae hoping too overtuu the verdict. . olympian oscar pistorius is out of prison this morning. he's under house arrest at the home of his uncle. pistorius was acquitted of murder last year for shooting to death his girlfriend he was ccnvicted of culpapale homicide, similar to manslaughter in the u-s. but prosecutors have appealed and will seek a murder conviction in south africa's supreme court. decision 2016 coverage this morning donald trump is holding onono his lead as ben carson edges closer. a new poll shows trump with his biggest lead yet. trcie potts is in washington our new poll shows 25 percent of likely republican primary voters far donald believe it, yea we're going great."i love his bluntness. he just tells it like it is." his numberr up from n carson's up too - now in a statistical tie with carson's got the most support when you combine first candidates republicans could see themselves supporting. marco rubio's a solid third.
6:30 am
"we can't have another four bump after te first debate - slipped four points this montt "i will not falter and i will not shrink from this fight." analysts say she failed to keep the momentum. as for the democrats, hillary clinton's off the testimony here thurday before the benghazi committee. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. also on the democratic side -- we're still waiting on a decision from vice president joe biden about hether he's runing. in many polls he does beter
6:31 am
who've already announced-- that includes jim bb. today, we expect him to announce he's considering a run as an independent. the former virginia senator complained during last week's democratic debate that he didn't get enough timto speak. he also claimed the debate was mostly focusedon hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the presideetial campaigns of boboh ben carson and donald trump have requested secret service protection. a congressional advisory committee will determine whether te requests are ctually granted. carson himself uggested he wasn't interested in receiving extra protection... but hinted that he had become a "target" because of his campaign message. a wildfire in texas continues to burn this morning. hundreds of acres and four homes have already burned the walker county sheriff's office is in the process off evacuating people in the patt of the flames. firefighters continue to work to contain the fire -- still no word on how it started. now a kwwl follow-up. the outrage over tamir ricegs death continues -- a a protestor is
6:32 am
arrested the clevelanncity council meeting. several police officers entered the meeting and took the male protester into custody. city council members continued with the eting... depite the disturbance. several demonstrators attended the meeting to o rotest whatathey call an ununeasonable delay in rice's case. the 12-year-old was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer while holding a pellet gun last year. thef-b-i is investigating if an attack on a muslim woman outside an indiana cafe on saturday was a haa crime. bloomington police say a 19- year-old shouted racial threats at the 47-year-old woman before grabbing her by the neck, slamming her head on a table, and strangling her with her scf. they say theewoman's husbbnd and another man pulled the iiiana university student off the woman and held him until police arrived... "that's never happened in my life. he pulled my scarf off. if i didn't grab his hands, he could have killed me." "i'm so sorry to that woan. i that...i've never hurt someone
6:33 am
hefac six total charges, including battery on an officer, for allegedly attempting to kick out a police car window and biting an officer while in custody. yesterday president obama made good on his white house invite to o teen who was arrested at his school after a teacher mistook a clock he made for a bomb. 14 year old ahmed mohammed gained national attention for the incident last month and has since met heads of state from around the world. the white house astronomy night is a celebration of cience, technology, and space. now onto what could become a landmark case when it comes to police surveillance. new mexico's supreme court ruled a man!s privacy was4 law enfcement aerial surveillance. the man was convictee of possession of marijuana after state police officers located
6:34 am
dozens of marijuana plants on his property in 2006. although he gave consent for the groundsearch,he said his property was targeted by an illegal aerial search conducted by state police, the national guarddand new mexico game and fish. keeping people's personal information private -- now the aim for apple. the company removed moje than 200 apps from the i- tunes store yesterdaa after the company found apps were secretly collecting personal information from people. a cruise giant is relaxing its bring- your-own beverages policy... in a move that's bound to scor pints with its passengs. carvival cruise guests can now bring non-alcoholic drinks onboard aftete port calls. until noo they could ooy carry them on board at the start of their trip. the drinks must be in cans. and if you plan to shop for the holidays while you should be working... you won't be alone. according to a report by a retail research fifi, nearly 32 percent of shoppers will shop online during their work hours this holiday season.
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itgs a picture wich may show th most famous iceberg ever -- and it's expected to go for bick bucks at auction. plus -- following a poor review, the changes coming to an eastern iowa nursing home. the forecast from storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is up next. "you're watching kwwl,
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weatater team:
6:37 am
burn bans continue in many counties of the viewing area and we may see a few more added before we get enough rain... we have a chance oa few showers today and tomorrow, but it doesn't look likik a lot of moisture will track through. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will be lucky to catch some of those rain showers today with the really dr air over us. temperatures are still mild... we a ae in the midid0s to mid 0s in our area, with a few upper 40s in the northwest. we are mainly about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday with a bit of a cool down in the northwest a front appraches. the front will be mainly norrh offs, so we continue with southerly winds and they are still 5 to 15 mph. clouds are tracking into the area and a few showers and thunderstorms are trying to old together as they move into southwestern iowa heading our way. it is pretty isolated, though and the already dry air
6:38 am
over us, may be hard to overcome. we will see a few showers today through tomorrow as the systemracks to our north dragging the cool front into the state. rainfall ounts will stata light with only abouua tenth inch or (mainly) less expected. while it will be gusty, the winds won't be anywhere near yesterday's levels, but they will help keep our highs in the low to mid 70s. a few showers s ay track through with a rumble of thunder 50s and then low to mid 70s most of us should stay dry. a normal over the weekend... and even a little below normal on monday. it's a picture that may show the may show the most infamous
6:39 am
history. and it's going up for auction. the grainy black-and-white photo was taken on the morning of april 15, 1912. by the time the picture was shot, the titanic had already sunk into te atlantic. historical accounts cite the picture as possbly being of the iceberg the titanic hit. it's expected to go for more than 15-thousand dollars. its still to come... firefighters respond to home this morning in eastern iowa -- we've been working on the story this hour and have an update in just plus the emerald ash borer beetlees found in another iowa county -- meaning some trees must go.
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new this morning...several firefighters responding to a home this morning in waterloo. the house is in the 700 block of lindenavenue. we've beeein touch with firefighters all morring and just ot off the phone with them again. they're still on the scene. while we've been able to confrim there was a fire, we're still trying to learn if anyone was hurt. also new this morning....we have dash cam video of the a chase which led to a police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man. my life is in danger, move your this all happened in des moines in june. the officer asks the suspect to
6:42 am
pull intt a nearby parking lot. the suspect speeds off, pulls a u-turn, then comes to a stop -- that's when the shots are fired. we do not have video of the shooting. yesterday, des moines police said the officer was jusitifien the shooting -- she says she pulledder gun becauseehe man was acting erratically. a grand jury also cleared her of any wrongdoing. following an increase in crime -- the dubuque city council calls a specialsession to address concerns they aren't doing enough. dubuque police dealing with five murders and more than 20 reports of shots fired--both numbers up from last year. the chief of police in dubuque says that policing alone won't combat these problems. (mark dalsing, dubuque chief of police) :12 "lot of times can't be everywhere at every time. so we need the help of the community and we also need resources beyond those that re in the squaa car everyday." leaders also highlighted the city's effort to buy problem properties, rehab them and then sell them to good buyers. people living in a amarion apartment buildign are cococerned after
6:43 am
police find a meth lab in one of the units. this is at 210 ridge drive. they city requires landlords to test th apartment where the meth was found. if chemicals are found, all apartments sharing a wall with the contammnated unit mumut also be tested. however -- the owners of the building - - kelley property management did not say when "sharing a two-by-four and some dry wall . . . it's kind of it uonline. that stuff is scary. how close to death i was living next to." the city ordinance does n give a deadlie for landlords to complete the tests - - however a man who crashee into a school bus and a pickup truck -- sending a pregnant woman to the hospital -- will spend 15 years in prison. james surrett also recently pleaded guilty toeveral unrelaed meth and o-w-i charges. you can see tt aftermath from the crash here in cedar rapids.
6:44 am
because he was driving without a license. surrett apologozed in court yesterday andsked to be placed in a residenial facility instead of prison due to a mental illness. however aajudge denieddthat reqqest. four people are taken to the hospital after a crash involving a bus. it happened at the intersection of highway 281 and fairbank-amish boulevard in buchanan county yesterday. authoritis say the driver of the car failed to obey a stopopign -- causing the bus to hit it. two passengers were on the bus at the time when it rolled. "this is large scale... you know it's not you know doesn't require as much resources as when you have a bus because you windy weather yesterday lead to quite a few fid fires -- including this one in fairbank. people who lilie near this field say a farmer ridinggsome machinery hit a rock, causing it to spark a lo of the field is burned but
6:45 am
employees at a county-owned nursing`home are making corrections after being cited by th state, during an inspection in september, sunnycrest manor in dubuque received multiple citations. all related to food quality, not getting the proper background check on a contract employee and a resident falling and breaking a have really stresced he use of our safety alerts, and those ar alerts that are in every room there's new aaministrationnat thth facility noww they're pests which kill your trees. with the addition on linn county -- the emerald ash borer beetle has now spread to 29 iowa counties. you can see the affected counties are spread throughout the state -- including several here in the kwwl viewing area. emerald ash borers look like this, small metallic green beetles... they kill trees. most recently they've been found on an i-380 rest area in cedar
6:46 am
rapids. "tbese particular three ash the northbound rest area but the southbound rest area also has ash trees. all of the ash trees will eventually be tak out." experts recommend people who live nearby treat thee ash trees -- or get rid of trees will be planted at the rest area. as drug issues grow in one iowa county -- the sheriff's office gets a new tool to fight the problem. meet jarvis. he's the newest member of the black hawk county sheriff's department. thisss the secondddog for thee depaament. within two hours on the job, jarvis made his first drug arrest...ending with three people charged with possession of meth, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. "when it comes to rcotics sometimes you're not, you aak run a dog around the car withou any cosent, it's an oen air search and if he indicates on the car now we've got probibal cause." jarvis can also helpth finding
6:47 am
families looking for help this holiday season can start registering toda. the salvation army -- cedar rapids will start accepting applications for christmas assistance today. that includes toys or tots and holiday food assistance. you can apply through friday. you'll have to meet income guidelines, bring aapicture i-d card, and proof of a child's birth certificate or social security card. apply at in just a few minutes about 100 veterans will be headinn to the capitol for the 22nd onor flight our of the eastern iowa airport kwwl's amanda gilbert has been with the vets all morning. she joins us live from the eastern iowa airports. that's right ally. i spoke withth world war two vets and korean vets. today is really a day to say thank you to the vets and for them to see the monuments that are dedicated to their
6:48 am
service. some of the vetson the trip are going with a gaurdian they met a few weeks ago and others are going with their family. right now the eastern iowa honor lights are starting to see and accept more vietnam war vets. there's about 35 of them on this trip... there's also 13 ww ii vets and 39 korean tonight back here at 10 pm. we've got you covered live in cedar rapids...amanda gilbert...kwwl news. and anyone is welcome to come see the vets when they arrive tonight at the eastern iowa airport around 10. there's usually a pretty big crowd.
6:49 am
we're wrapping up today in iowa with the forecast from storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan next....first, here's what's ahead on the today show. good morning. just ahead on today.. (v/o) oscar pistorius's family speaks out, overnight.. as he is released from a south african prison and placed under house arrest. we're live in pretoria. (out) en.. (v/o) a rare, inside look at what facebook is doing to keep your information, safe.. ..and what their experts want you to chaae on your settings, this those stories, plus.. (v/o) the legendary bill murray stops by studio 1.a. when we get started, here on
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on elericity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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firefighters responded to house fire early this morning in waterloo. we're still working to confirm if anyone was hurt.
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we've been in touch with firefighters several times this morning -- at last check, they were still on the sce. and today is the 22nd hooor flight out of the eastern iowa airport. veterans are on their way to our nation's capitol. you're all invited to welcome them home tonight -- they'll return around 10 is back with another check of your storm track seven forecast. it won't be as windy today and we may even see a few raindrops in some see very little, if any, precip. highs will stay mildthrough tomorrow before dropping closer thanks for joining us, the today show is next and we'll be back in 25 minutes with more news and weather. have a great day. & good morning.
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