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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  October 21, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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we hope you have a terrific one.a woman is found dead inside an eastern iowa house fire but investigators are not sure what caused the fire or her death. plus... congressman paul ryan agrees to run for house speaker, but he says he has a few conditions that have to be met first. and one man has captured many once-in-a-lifetime moments using his gopro camera. but the photos and videos of all those memories were gone in an instant, until one man goes the distance to return it home i'm ally crutcher. jerry has the day off. let's check on your weather now
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breaking news this morning... an officer- involved shooting let's check on your weattr now with storm track 7 meteorologist kyle kiel. good morning. breaking news this morning... an
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leaves a man dead. police tried to pull a car over in the 32-hundred block of ravenwood terrace northwest in cedar rapids at around 10:30 last night. police sasa someone fromom that car ran off and later fired a gun at them. officers returned the gunfire, and the suspect was killed. no one else was hurt. the officers involved are being placeddon adminissrative leavee and the iowa division of criminal investigation are investigating. we will have a live report from cedar rapids later on today in iowa. a home catches fire after being struck by llghtning. happened in tt 600 block of college street in iowa city yesterday evening. the iowa city fire department says the fire started in the attic. at leastthree people were in the
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house at the time -- but everyone got out safely. however -- one firefighter went to the hospital for observation. we've learned the identity of the woman found dead after a house fire. 64-year-old rebecca lavenz's body was found in the home of the waterloo firr. itithappened earry yesterday morning at a home in the 700 block of linden avenue in waterloo. we first brought you this story sterday on today in iowa. the fire department says the fire started in the dining arara. that's whererefirefighters found the woman's body. at this point, we still don't and i still am not entirely sure how to feel at this point just other than i'm going to miss her and for what she tght me..." family members say rebecca was an army veteran, and a breast cancer survivor.. an autopsy is scheduled too determine the cause of her death. now the sad aftermath of the mudslides in california. a body i found inside one of the
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trapped cars. crews found an s-u-v trapped under all of the muu the area wheee the vehicle was found was hit hard last week by storms that caused flooding, and quite a mess there. high tide sweeps a home into the water... this home in new jersey was swept to sea earlier this month and now it's starting to break apart as it drifts through a grassy area. neighbors are angry and want the home removed as soon as possible. the -s coast gud says the homeowner is responsible for the cost of getting the home out of the bay. republicans in the house may have a candidate for house speaker -- if they meet his demands. after pushing back against requests to seek the speakership, representattve paul ryan has decided he could do the job. but andrew spencer tells us the congressman has a few the pressure finally ever sought." almost grudgingly, ryan told his fellow republicans in congress tpat he is willina to become speaker of the house... ...but he has conditions. "i laid out for conference what takes to have a successful speakership, and i will leave it to my colleagues to decide if i am that unifying pefson."
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a fractured g-o-p in the house ended majority leader kevin carthy's bid to become speaker. he pulled his name from consideration earlier this month. lawmakers then turned to former vice presidential candidate paul ryann in n ddition to wanting support from three different groups of republicans in the house, ryan says he wants changes to house rules. ...and one other thing. not give up my faaly time." speaear john boehner says he often works very long boehner plans to resign at the end of the month. with ryan's demands laid out on the table, whether he hahds of his colleagues. andrew spencer, kwwl news. he says he will make his final decision within the week.
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meantime there will be a hring on capitol hill today about thh growingng threaeas the countryyaces. the house homeland security committee hearing will examine the growing threat america faces from isis and the possible impact europe's refugee crisis has on the nation's security. a judge approves a second autopsy for a young girl identified nths after her body was found washed up on a beach. rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy appeared in court tuesday morning in boston... they're charged with killing two year old, bella bond. bond became kkown as "baby doe" after her remains were found in a boston harbor. the iowa department of natural resources buys 37 rifles for iowa park rgers. hundred dollars each and will be used by certified state park rangers. department spokesperson kevin baskins says the rangers are full- fledged lawn enforcement officcrs. he went on to saythey are "some state." continuing coverage now of the efforts to end gun violence in eastern iowa.
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shot and kil smoke-free casino in iowa.d& democratic senator wally horn is from cear rapids and is pushing for the casino to be built in the area. orn is the co- chairman of the gambling casino restricted license study committee. several bills calling for a smoke-fre casino did not advance last session.
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a texas news station employee met a boy who did him a big favor. that boy found a lost gopro camera and tracked down the owner. once i a lifetime moments "i had photos and videofrom a captured many of them using his gogoro camera. memories along the great wall of china... someone special stationed overseas "i flew all the way out to see my brother on the u-s-s bonhomme richard. and i was to see him for e first time in months really." but the photos and competition competition with my
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experience." a reminder that sometimes it truly s better tt give than receive. it's's
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it's back totohe future dayay and one storor is giving yyu the opportunity to buy gifts that haven't even been created yet. plus... one woman isn't letting her age slow her down. this volunteer from iowa just received an honorary high school diploma. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. it's pretty dry right now but there are a couple
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team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack weather team: good morning i'm meteorologist kyle kiel in for eileen loan. threatt tracker has us in the green as we go through the next couple of days.
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there will be an isolated shower possible later today, however most of us do stay dry. tomorrrw it wwl be mostly sununy and cooler, but still above average. there is a widespread, better chnace for rain as we head into the day on friday. we definitely do need the rain across all of eastern iowa. of course, areas along and south of highway 20 saw some rain yesterday. here are the totals for all of october, which in cedar rapids, iowa city, and dubuque, this all fell yesterday afternoon and evening. some areas did have over an inch. this is great news as
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are several counties still under that burn ban in eastern iowa. the good news, beneficial rain will be making its way into the area as we head into the day on friday. here's the storm track 7 live doppler shows dry conditions here across eastern iowa. the rain that tracked through the southern half of the area is well off to the east. we have a cold front off to the
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with some scattered areas of showers and a few thunderstorms. this ccld front and loo pressure will continue to track through the east, and we could see a few showers develop, maybe an isolated thunderstorm along and behind this front. we will continue to keep an eye on that. it won't be a huge issue. here's the current highway twewety did get ssme thaha front nearby there is the cloudy.
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it's coming up on today in iowa.... the e y the new yorr mets are playing, it doesn't look like the cubs will be breaking their curse anytime soon. plus... you'll find her helping out in the kitchen twice a week. and .ow she has her high school diploma. you're watchii kwwl. we've e ot you covered in d dmont, bristowow
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customers a future look at products on its website that might be available someday... and the chance to reserve spot on the wait lii. the items include a self-guided jet pack for cats, a beam me t-v that transports you into your favorite game show or t-v episode, a cyborg sidekick... and a bacon
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d printer to rint bacon for every meal. if the items become available for purchase on walmart dot com within the next 30 years, customers who reserved a pot on the wait list wwll receive an email... that is -- if email still exists. speaking of back to the future, the movie predicted the chicago cubs would win the world series, but they'll need a miracle to win the n-l-c-s afteelast night's gagae. the way the new york mets are playing, it doesn't look like the cubs will be breaking their curse anytime soon. the mets won 5 to 2 and are only one game away from making it to a 1-hundred and 2 year old iowa woman is welcoming a very important milestone -- getting her high school diploma. ruthe lamp from winterset had to drop out of high school when she was y yunger to help with her family's expenses... today, she volunteers at the winterset senior center kitchen.. it's the first time the winterset community school district has handed
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"wf want to present you with the winterset hhgh school seniir high diploma." lampe:"thank you very much" applause. "any lampe thinks she would have graduated with the class of 1931, but admits her memory isn't what it used to be. she says working keeps her young. lampe will trn 103 in january. it's coming up on today in iowa -- is
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reliability mostly by what was happening under the hood. but packing cars with new technology has not only offered new features but also new headaches. tom costello tells us how today's models stack up. the list is compilld from 740-thousand consumer reports subscribers... detailing how
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reliable their existing cars are. but new technology on the dashboard and in the transmissions is proving to be a hangup for several big-named automakers. "technology is moving very, very quickly. it's moving much faster than the carr manuucturers can k kep up. when they're building these cars, the life-cycle of a car is basically garbage." (:12) starting with the most reliablecars: followed by audi, mazda, subaru, korea's kia and the only perenial powerhouses honda and acura. among the least ford, acura, gmc and chevrolet: "at fiat/chrrsler automobbles - the struggles contine - they produced five of the worst seven brands, with ram, jeep & fiat the bottom three among subscribers." transmission issues - the ggest complaint:
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-- jeep rated as the second worst brand when it comes to reliability and yet because of the styling, because of the marketing, because of the look never been stronger." the stununr...tesla!! the car consumer reports calls the best car it ever tested, gets a allowsit to fix software bugs customers & working to improve. tomomcostello nbc news, washington. today in iowa continues in a moment
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of your storm trarak seven forecast. here's the storm track 7 day
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shower today, but mosttf us do stay dry. temperatures today will be warm in the 70s. we drop to the 60s tomorrow before our next chance for rain on friday. much moror today in iowwcoming up next.
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