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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. doing it day after day. >> it is wipesday wednesday and which we enjoy and otherwise known as humpday. thqt is "perfect" byy1 direction, and with the f fr guys s d not the five. >> yes. and you are so up on it. and you know what this date is? >> "back to future u "day. >> it is the exact day, exact day that marty mcfly and the delorean was debut and we are traveling back in time with
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mcfly herself, leah thompson. >> and we are going to be % catching up with the star of "housewives and the good witch" james denton. >> and if the toxins in your home are worrying you, we have natural ways to keep youself and your home clean. >> and we have a sneak peqk with the alvin ailey's dance troupe. you cannot believe what you are seeing if you is not seen them. >> yes, incredible. >> and lillilina's luxe for leses for under $40. >> a couple of words of wisdom here. >> and since i had 20 minutes of sleep last night, yes. >> people cry, not because they are weak, it's because they have been strong for too long. it is by johnny depp. johnny depp quote. >> i like johnny depp, but don't you cry for lots of reasons.
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then you let go because it is too much. >> and it is natural to cry, because god would not have given us tears if -- let them go let them go >> the reason that we have the two beautiful trophyies in front of us is because last night kathie lee and frank gifford were both inducted into the hall of fame. so can we have a big round of confrachlations. >> oh, my gosh! and the only explanation i can find is the love that i found ever since you have been around you almost put me on top of the world >> something is going on here. >> i get a dance, too. wow. let me present -- >> matt, you guys were just there last night. >> these are for you, too, but they are tied to me, so i have to stand here shgs, and there is momoe. look at this.
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>> jerry, i told you that you can no longer look me in the eye. >> and she doesn't like that. >> and now, where where did matt go? >> and how about the quote from matt -- >> let me find this, because you are after geraise. >> after the first two hours we had a bookmark there. >> and don't read it, because it is so sweet and it meant the world on me. i will put it on twitter. >> absolutely and i thought that the speech, and very few people to take a room of thousands of people to get them laughing at one moment and make them cry and leaa them laugh ging. and it is fantastic. >> and the kids, they were fantastic. >> cassie and cody were outstanding. >> they have been a strength to me. there they were last night. and i am going to have to lock them up. i am telling you. but, you know, it is difficult for all of us, because, you
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and we have learn ded to do that as a family, and you do learn it when you are in the spotlight like we have been and you learn to keep the private and precious stuff at home. and so this is the first public outing, but they handled it with such grace and just like their dad would have. thank you. i love you, my friend. >> we love you. >> and he is taking the balloons. >> i am taking them with me. >> like a little boy with the balloons. >> love you shgs, matt. oh, that is so sweet. >> can we listen to some of the speech, since matt was talk about the speech, because as always you start off with a joke. take a look. >> good evening, to everybody and can i just say right off of the bat, thank god i got this award before kelly ripa and how embarrassing would that be.
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>> and she has will let me joke and use her name and i get a laugh any time i get her name, and when frank passed i got a bow quay of flower ss that could barely hit in the house, and white gorgeous roses and it wawa from kelly and her husband marar and it w w very, very s seet and i thank her for that. >> and matt is right when you go to one of the rooms in the new yorkvent, and there are plates clanking and forks and knives. >> and you feel like it, because everybody is standing up and in everybody's way. >> h hever, when kaththgot up to speak the room went so quiet you could hear anybody breathing and moving and it was especially poignant when you were talking about frank. >> i have to than my incredible
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persrs i ever met and he gave me the two greatest gifts that any human being could have ever have, and that is their children. my children make me a beer person everyday. they have turned, the hardest thing in the world is to raise two people in this world today who love god, who love their country, who i guess thehehave done a lot of bad stuff, but i don't know about it. and i don't want to know, all right. i am truly the most blessed woman on the earth. for 29 incredible years with my husband and i remember when we got married i said, lord, if you juststive me ten with that amazing man, and i got that and whole bunch more. thank you, thank you, everybody. god bless you all. >> oh, boy. i am goiig to take these out of your hands. andt the
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to win. checkky green taught me that, aa if you cannot thihi of anything, just say, thank you, thank you very much, i thought for sue that -- from south carolina was going the win. >> and cody and cass were incredible. >> they did not trust themselves to speak extemporaneously. >> they werr terrific, and it was just what a night. >> to love each other. >> and you know that you are going to love each other, but to see them love and care for one apnother as adults and so inolved in each other's lives, and ththnk that weave a picture, too of somebody. when you wing it.
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when you wing it, oo thing you are in fear of is that you will forget somebody. and i could not sleep last night because i forgot to say somehing that my daddy said to me whichhs to surround yoyorself th people who are smarter and more talented than you, and they will make you look good, and i wanted to say that before i talked about you and regis, and the other thing i wanted to do is to thank christine maria gagadner epstein,n,because she is so ip fused with our lives. she worked for frk and me pa that c the 25 years since she joined me how much life happen d ed and how much of my career happened and i truly, and she hates to be applauded and she hates to be and i would not be alive today if it weren't for christine and
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neither would my kid ss aa some the other people watching at home that make our life work and loved my children as their own, and you know, at a time like this, you start to count your blessings and you can n ther cocoentrate on what you u ve loststn life or concentrataton what you still have. and i am the most blessed woman on the whole earth, hoda, and you are a bigart of it. and for the rest of you, not so much. but hoda, -- [ laughter ] can we talk about regis. >> he was hysterical last night. regis came up there and he started to do whatever regis wanted to do. >> regis was caught -- >> you guys were hosting. >> yes. >> anan he was commenting on everybody looked and how long
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the speech was -- >> why won't it ever end? i'm exhausted. i didn't know that you could hear him. it was awful. >> and so but the way, at the end i come to sit down by the press, and guess what is greeting me on the table when i get there. hoda's big -- guess what i -- those big curlers. >> well, i thought that you were not going to be eating there. >> and so i walked up with christine, i am going to bed, and there is a big pilof something that hoda left in the room. >> and i'i'such a mess. >> it is a greaeanight. what a beautiff, beautiful night. >> and congratulations to everybody else whwh did not deserve it as much as me, and got it last night. no, so many amazing people. >> and coming up, we are going to -- >> stop it. no eye contact, i am telling you. even you, james denton. i don't want tl hear.
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it's worth it. and so are you. l'oreal. haiaicolorist. paris >ow to t t hollywood star that made women melt, and men, by knowing how the work the tool. >> oh. >> that is -- joanne wrote that. james denton. he first heated up suburbia as mike dellfinio on wisteria lane, but nowow he has gone to the set of witches. >> but we have heard that is the case on the other show, but he is back for the season two of "good witch" and taken in the good witch next door who offers
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him advice on fatherhood. >> and other thiigs, yes. >> i had a grgrat idea for nick and i to dress up like knights, and he shot me down hard. i am trying to make up for lost time, and it is not working on any level. >> i guess that depends upon what you are trying to make up for. >> meaning? >> is it possible e hat maybe this is tto much about y yu and not enough about nick. >> maybe. prob probably. yes. >> oh, boy. >> yes. >> and give me a storyline about a selfish man. >> that is unusual. >> is self-absorbed. >> yes, and no, catherine is fantastic and she is cassie the good witch and she knows more than anybody, but she sis inin in the guide you in the right direction. >> and you tove hallmark. >> yes, and there is a need for the upliftings positive stuff, and michelle abbott,t,nd andy pope, and they are -- >> yes. >> and they are filling a big ed. >> i wish they'd return my calls. >> shis waiting.
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she is a broadcasting legend. >> come on,didn't you see the award. >> and yes, somebody pointed out that the man's is always bigger than the woman's. and i didn't notice it until somebody pointed it out. >> e equestion yes, shgs, -- yes, we will bring it out. >> and by the way, congratulations. i like it when the good guys win. >> and so, you are a dog lover and working g th beth stern. >> she is amazing. >> and authentically a pet lover. >> yes, and works so hard to save cats and dogs, and the hero awards is on hall mark and giving awards to the cats and dogs and the service dogs, and the best part of to reunite the soldiers with the dogs, and when the soldiers come
10:17 am
home, the dogs are left at the humane association. and the reuniyos, they are just -- >> i have a soggy one if you wt. no, no. >> and quick game. >>kay. it is called which witch. alalright. so which witch would you rather ride on the broomstick with. is it cher or elvira. >> cher. >> ding, ding. >> elvira is scary. >> and which witch would you rather have a witch cast a spell on you? >> elizabeth montgomery, because i have a crush on samantha since i was a kid. >> which wish would look bet erter after an ambush makeover, angelicajelica huston is the one on
10:18 am
>> annemargaret hamilton. >> which witch do you want a brew with? >> bette midler, always. >> and good witch premier ss this saturday and dog heroes premiers this thursday on the hall mark channel. >> how well are you aging? >> not well. >> and new guidelines on mammograms. >> and it is 1985 all ov across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes
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>> so good to see you. and before we get into the aging questions that we want to get to. there is is news a about the mammograms and changing the years that we should take them, and now they are saying that 45 should be the first mammogram and do you agree or not? >> personally, i don't agree and a lot of people don't agree, and so there is a ggup of three people who don't say ththt. american cancer society is saying 45, and acog is saying 40 still, and othee are saying it is 50. >> it so confusing. >> the harm of doing it early is a lot of false positives and we are finding that tumors that people have don't cause harm to the woman, but overall, say they 40 is the mber an annuallyly and it is an individual decision, and you need to talk to your dok doctor. >> dr. raj, i have four people that i love so dear lyly if and f
10:23 am
mammograms earlier, they would not be here. and you are one of them missy. >> yes. exactly. i agree. >> and let's take the four tests, shall we? >> no. >> aboutagiig. >> okay. cce on, guys. these are four simple tests that you can do at home to test your pal lance and overall well-being. >> okay. let me stand next to you. >> okay. it is a standing balance test. stand with both feet on the mat and cross your arms and lift one leand the goal is going to be 30 seconds. >> oh, forget it. >> and just put it to the front. >> well, in is not going to be working out well. don't bump me! how many seconds? that is ten seconds. >> no, no, that is -- what is next next? we get it. >> talk about the balance ffr a sesend. and d talk about the aging and the hair color and the wrinkles, but balance is important,
10:24 am
because 1 of 3 americans over age 65 can fall every yeaand it can be devastating in terms of the medical consequences. >> okay. check it. second one? >> standing up from the floor test which sounds easy. start cross legged, and we have a minute to do all of the rest, and the goal is to get up, andnd the goal is to get up. >> try it. >> not using the hands at all. >> okay. can you turn around like this and get up. >> yes, that tests your co strength. >> all right. kath, over here to the chairs. >> the goal here is to stand up, walk ten feet and turn around and come back and sit down again again. in ten seconds. >> okay. >> here we go. >> all right. >> without using your hands. ready, set, go. >> andremember, this is s sting your lower body strength, and how many seconds?
10:25 am
>> two seconds. we did it in eight. >> and balance issue sans can be of medication side ffects or neurological problems. >> and talk to your dokctor. >> and you can stand on one foot brushing your teeth and things like that. >> to see more tests on aging go to we are celebrating "back to the futtre" with lea thompson in there's a story behind my skin. my only makeup? true match. [ male announcer only true match has l lreal's technology
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100% guaranteed. my skin. my story. my true match. [ male announcer ] from l'oreal. three wind turbines will be bubut near fairbaa. a a ayette county oard denying two appeals. the ruling handed down had nothing to do with whether the county was pro wind. instead, the decision hinged on the reading of their ordinance, which dates back too far to include
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a home catches fire after being struck by lightning. it happened in the 600 block of college street in iowa city yesterday evening. the iowa city fire department says the fire started in the attic. at least three people wererein the hohoe at the time -- but everyone got out safely. however -- one firefighter went to the hospital for observation. the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..."
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but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... .from affordable heaeah care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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>> it is winesday wednesday and we are going to play a trivia game called "who knew" and that is because it is "back to the future" day and that is when doc andarty flew into the future on october 21, 2015, and it is also the anniversary of the original "back to the future" which is the highest grossing filmmf 1985, and ss we are celebrating allllhings 1985. how exciting. kathie lee is across the street to the experion store, and if you don't get the question right and get $1,100, you are will getlwill -- get $100, and if you get it wrong, you will ged a signnd cd ofof kathie lee.e. and here in the studio the play
10:30 am
with me is the actress from "back to the futte" lea thompson. >> in "back to the future" marty mcfly travels back to the future and what name does hisismother call him? >> cal rin vin. >> it is written on the underwear. purple underwear. i have had to sign a few of those. >> you have? >> yes,`purple underwear. >> and kath, back the to you. >> where are you from? >> alabama. >> in april of 1985, coca-cola introduced a new sweeter version of its form you land called it "new coke" and how long was it on sale, a month, a year, five years? >> not even. no, they realized quickly it was not a great idea, right? it was not tasty. >> no shgs, the old coke was the way to go. >> three months. >> did you taste it? >> yeah, it was nasty. >> did you drink tab. >> no, no, no tab.
10:31 am
>> excuse me, this is confusing, all right. all right. where are you from? >> fredericksburg, virginia. >> beautiful there. and are these yours or did you just find them? >> no, they are mine. >> and too much stuff in apapil -- thank you. back to the future was the highest grossing movie in 1985 when you guys were not around, and what is the second highest, and you won't know, rocky iv, rambo, first blood or cocoon? >> a. >> no, but you will have so much fun with all of this stuff. here you go, kids. >> and lea, the second highee grossing movie was -- >> "rambo, first blood ii." what name is that. really. >> did you think that you would be the highest grossssng movie? >> no, all summer we were number one except for one week and that
10:32 am
was "european vacation." >> when people stop you shgs, is this what they talk to you about? >> yes, i have a crazy career, but yes. >> and you have fans here, hoda, from south florida. >> yes, wink. >> wink. >> and which one of these desserts did the ladies indulge in their late night discussions, cheesecake, chocolate mousse or ice cream sundaes. >> no, pretty fattening, and apparently, they dn't likeke it. >no? >> > was not theiriravorite. >> and so you a finale coming up, a ndnd tell us about it. >> yes, the season four of which we sho two endings and we don't know whether they are picking up the show, and so we have the watch it monday to know whether or not they picked up the show or not. >> and the finale is monday? >> yes.
10:33 am
>> and you are doing directing? >> yes, my daugthter mmelyn ote a script and i directed them in "a year called spectacular men." >> did they listen to you? >> yes, and it was great. and they didnot fight at all and it is like hollywood heaven. >> we look forward to seeing thaa thank you, lea. from the world famous alvin ailey dance company, alviviailey and lilliana is going to be
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clclsic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better edgs. buying all natural or organic products is not juu an extra, but it is a way of life for many of you. >> and join g using us from the magaziie "organics" is amy goodwin. >> thank you. >> and so often you will see the stuff in the grocery store and you say, should i get it or not? >> you should give it a try, because it is safer for the envvonment. all of the prrducts have the stamp oo approval from the environmental working group and in many cases they do as good of work as the chemical cousins. and so give it a shot. >> are they priceier? >>yes, p pu we have affordable
10:39 am
buys m mxed in as well. we will start with the editor favorite, and this is pure detergent for the washing machine and made with a botanical base and plant-powered. comes in three varieties for the whites, delicates and colored and delicates as well. >> the packaging is pretty. >> this saves on 75% of packaging@d just based on this alone. and if you are sensitive to the fragrance, this is fragrance-free from seventh generation. no fragrances in this case and no toxins or chemicals there. >> and how do you keep the static cling out of the clothe ms.s in the dryer. >> you use a fabric softener and plant-based again, and in is the safest way to go in terms of making ur clothes soft. and this is from ecloer. and anotter generation is free and clear and fragrance. >> drier balls. >> that is what i like. >> and yes, check them out. >> and they are dryer. >> and so they are mae of wool
10:40 am
and you will speed up the drying by 25%, and add some essential oils to these. >> it smells like nothing. >> and then lt makeit will make your clothes fragrant. and if you want a dryer shshet, this is from fab green and no animal fat or wax or chemicals. >> and do they? >> yes, check your labe. >> and so we are washing the dishes. if you like the tabs -- >> yes, you don't have to measure. >> and so these are the smatie dish and naturally derived and from green shield, this is a liquid version from the dishwasher and no phosphates or bleach in it, so it is better for your clean water. >> and we were just talking about that. >> and the green grass scent to make your kitchen smell like a spa. and anybody at home who has never used a green product ever and this is lot take in, start with a dish soap, and small changes and big impact,
10:41 am
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10:42 am
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in 1958 dancer and kor yog ra ra fer allan-- choreographer has shuffled his dance troupe around a car. >> and joining us is lilliana vazquez. >> i got in on a little bit of
10:46 am
easy. easy. >> reporter: high above the streets of new york city, you will find the heart and soul of alvin ailey, dancers led by artistic dirtorart battle. what does it t tke to be an alan aly dancer? >> it is somebody who is able to look beyond the lightsnd touch people and want to coco back again and again. >> reporter: : dancing here requires intense rehearsals, six days a week to per former 23 dance ss. beyond a test of the body, is it is a test t f the mind. what makeethis company so wellll known and special? >> when you come to the performance, it is the gamut of not only what you see, but what you hear. that is why people love coming, and sometimes peopop don't remember whaayou did, but hey remember how it made them feel. >> reporter: an estimated 23
10:47 am
felt ailey's work. before robert battle was judith jamison who sat at the helm for 23years. >> one movement of the arm can tell a story, and that is why alvin ailey was so inspired by her. and she grabbed my arm, aa in regards to the company, it is yours. >> reporter: he is keeping the traditions alive in the ever evolveing world of dance. the rehearsal for blue suite was contagious, and i knew i wanted to be a part of the ailly magic. and lucky, there were some that were up for showing me the ropes. >> in is the part of the coat that comes over this very sexy dress that i have to wear. >> and this is actually your
10:48 am
costume? >> yes, it is the dress and this jewelry. >> i love feathers an rhinestones and knotling makes me happenier than this. but playtime is over, and now it is time for practice. like this?s? >> but not happy. >> reporter: and he is like, not like that at all actually. >> after words of encouragement. >> stay calm and feel the music. >> reporter: i was feeling pretty confident until -- >> oh, no. look at who just walked into the room. >> back and up. down. beautiful. >> okay. tag me in. >> okay. tag team. >> look at that. >> that is beautiful. >> oh. >> reporter: that was awesome. thank you. what do you think? wait, wait, wait. >> the lift. >> reporter: million dollar
10:49 am
question -- am i hired? >> you are, you are something else. [ laughter ] >> even though i did not get a spot in the company, i did get the last dance. oh, my gosh! [ laughter ] >> lilliana, that is fantastic. >> and i took ballet when i was younger and he made my d dcer life, and that is unbelievable. >> and you don't weigh a pound. you are so beautiful in the form. >> and if you want to see them, the annual season of new york city center begins december 22nd, and th are touring 22 u.s. cities starting in february, and check them out. okay. these. the girls dance with them, and i will will teach you a move. youshimmy, wrap and snap it back. wait. shimmy, wrap, and snap it out. i think we just do this. that is right. we re all hired.. roberttwith we are commg for
10:50 am
you. >> and lilliana is not done yet. we need you to come back. >> luxe for less. >> suede for under $50.
10:51 am
hair into i feel like we have not spent enough time with lilliana and so she is back with suede. >> the bohemian fabric of the 1970s is baa aain. and lilliana is going to show you how the get the lux look for less. >> everything today is under $50 and suede is the texture f/r the season, and if you are looking for one thing incorporate into the wardrobe, this is it. start with the clothes. thissuede vest from target under $35. >> adorable. >> i love the texture on it, belted, and also over the knee suede boots. >> i love the colo. >> and then on the faux suede dress here, you can feel it, and it is comfortable. great fashions all under $50.
10:52 am
>> and my favorittaccessory shoes. all right. these are over the knee boots and from a company out of ireland and new to the united states, and $36 for the boots and really affordable. i love the bootyty and you are not into it, but these booties are from forever 21, a faux suede. >> you ha the spray it? >> if it is real, butt if it is faux faux, you don't have to. exactly. >> and that is faux. and now, the accessories, and i love the suede jewelry, because it is unexpect and these are from nickel and, and come in different prints and color and real suede bag for fringe. if you look for small accessories, they are affordabl. and these are key chains, and they are great. >> we love you, lilliana. >> great job. >> coming up tomorrow, elvisafter runds of flooding, an astern iowa ciiy wants yourur
10:53 am
feedback aaout what to doowith a park. and today, we go back to the
10:54 am
meredith vier voir show.
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