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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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it happened in the 3200 block of ravenwood terrace northwest i cedar rapids around 10:30 last night... it's our top story tonight... kwwl's kristin rogers has been taking a closer look at jonathan gossman's past, kristin what did you find while sifting through online cot document i found he has quite the two days ago to two years probation for previous gun charges.... cedar rapids police say it all began with a traffic stop officers tried to arrest gossman, they say he shot at neighbors juss feet away heard the whole thing... go to bed at our normal time, and we were laying there about a (cg: kristin rogers) "we're told this street is usually quiet and neighbors did not expect this to happen here." (cg: lawrence kelley/
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shocked about it because it doesn't usually happen around here, you don't hear about that kind of thing going on here." the two officers and the k9 were not hurt, byt both officers are now on paid administrative leave, wwch is standard procedure for an officer involved shooting. those who heard the shots, can still recall it... (cg: rick henry) "it sounded like fireworks but i'm an active shooter myselffand i know what gun shots sound like, it was like 5 or 6 right in a row, there was no inbetween." i spoke directly with iowa dci agent richard rahn on the phone, he told me the two people who were in the car with grossman last night are not in custody.... we've got you covered live in cedar rapids, kristin rogers ...kwwl news. an autopsy was done this morning on jonathan grossman's body at the state medical examiner's
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office in ankenn but they have not r rleased a cause of death the shooting happened near two daycares. a lot of the kids live the neighborhood asasell. at least one of the day care providers called all her kid's parents. she told parents the area was still sealed off in crime tape.... so they should park down the street. one mom learned about the shooting from her daycare provider. " unbelievable. my reaction as wait on your street. that doesnt happen. and she was like across the street from where everything went down." iowa's division of crime investigation agent rick rahn said they are keeping police at the area until they are sure it is safe and until the investigation is over. another round of storms came through this morning giving us some much needed rain but how much rain fell today? let's go to storm track seven chief
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from the kwwl stormtraak 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with hihs reaching g into the 60s. dry ccnditions are forecast for tonight and thursday. another chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching ino the 60s. ddy conditions are forecast for tonight and thursday. another chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon shohoers are possiblbl. showers and d louds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching into the 60s. dry conditions are forecast disrupted the iowa board of
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regents meeting tday...over tte regentt recent appointment the new university of iowa president. this happened during the regents meeting today in iowa city. dozens of students joined protestors in the democration...deman ding that regents board members resign. the new group is called iowans defending our universities. the group says this protest is in reaction to what they believe was a flawed search and ill-advised decision to name bruce harold the new u of i president. multiple crews were on hand to battle a barn fire. the fire happened on mcstay road just off of i-380 near gilbertville and jesup. the gilbertville fire chief told us the fire started in the barn and spread over to an r-v. both the barn and r-v re dedetroyed. the fire is still under investigation. lightning hit a house in the 600 block of college street in iowa
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city starting a fire. the fire started last night in the attiti making it difficult for fire fighters to get to... so the house was doused with water. fire fighters pumped water through burn holes in the roof in an attempt to stop the fire. another houseein iowa city ealt with the same problem last month and kwwl's hillary maglin talked to the family who lives there today. hillary - what did they tell you? amanda... the jennings family was living in their house for just strike caused a fire and nearly everything inside. (sot. : samuel jennings/hhme owner) "it's over a month now after the fire had yet." lightning struck while daughter were out to dinner and started a fire in the every room had to be gutted... walls and ceilings torn out... and carpetet pulled up. (sot. cg: hillary maglin) "this is the fourth large container johnson county refuse has brought to the house to place classmates of jennings' daughter, trista, have
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helped them with supplies and an online wishlist. (sot) "the family of herrbest friend actually came up with the idea of making an amazon wish list, because a lot of people are sometimes hesitant to do giving money to other people. the wishlist allows people to see exactly what the family needs and can purchase those items for them. jennings says while he hasn't been traumatized from the fire... he is most worried about trista... as the experience was frightening for a child, and many of her belongings are gone. (sot) "um, like, toys and stuff that i lost.. jennings says the onny ththng to do now... is to stay do is move forward, and, you know, that's really what we gotta do, and we got this one to keep in high spirits." the family is staying in a hotel for now... and won't be able to
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back in until after the new yeaa we've got you covered live in iowa city... hillary maglin ...kwwl news. even though that fire was ininthe upper level l f the home... water damage is the reason for devastation throughout the house. after a rough spring and summer fothe raptor ressurce projectt and the popular decorah gles, it looks like things have started to turn around. staff there building a nest in hopes the eagles would adopt it--so far, that looks like a success. kwwl's brad hanson is in decorah tonight talking with the director of the raptor resource project. and brad, this is a big win for it sure is--director john howe telling meethey definitetey took
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in hopes the eagles would adopt it. but the gamble has paid off--howe sayingngthey first spooed the eagles in the nest about three weeks ago. since then, he says they've been busy building up the nest, nearly doubling the surface area of it so far. he says it's also special, because it was a plan they had made with former director bob anderson. (john howe, director, raptor talking to bob anderson, our about that. so really we've put something together that we would've done with him and now we've seeee this great success." new this year as well--the camera up there is now a high definition camera. another great thing howe told me today--through memorials for bob anderson, they've been able to almost
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completely offset the cost of installing the new camera, and building the nest, which is in we've got you covered live here in decorah, brad hanson...kwwl news. they've also begun work on a backup eagle camera on another nest near decorah. work on that is expected to be finished in the next few weeks. decision 2016... vice president joe biden has finally made his decision on whether to run for president. take a listen. "unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination." biden announced his decisionn this afternoon from the white house rose garden. president obama and his wife were both by his side during the announcement. kwwl's macleod hageman caught up with waterloo mayor buck clark -- who knows vice president biden personally. mac -- was the mayor surprised
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amanda/ron -- mayor clark says he wasn't surprised by the vice president's choice . vice president's near recent loss of his son -- beau biden -- took a toll on the family. asashe addressed tte nation with president obaaa and wife -- by his side in washington d-c -- vice president biden said he's made it through the grieving process -- but not in time for a 20-16 run for president. mayor clark says he believes vice president biden had a lot of supporters "in a way i'm disappointed. i think that joe biden is the kind of person we need in washington, d.c. right now leading this country." political experts say a hurle for vice president biden would have been trying to raise enough money -- while his rivals spent months collecting funds. even though he's out of the race -- vice presesdent biden promised to remain a prominent voice in the ongoing campaign. we've got you covered live in the newsroom -- macleod hageman -- kwwl news.
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according to the most recent nbc poll - released yesterday before the vice president's announcement -- democrats had already solidifed their support for hillary clinton as the party's presidential nominee. decision 2011... we continue our look into the waterloo mayoral race. five people will be on the november 3rd ballot. kwwl's nikki newbrough spoke with long time tax accountant, leah morrison and has her sttry. to iowa 13 years ago after marrying her husband. this is where they've decided to raise their family. but morrison says it's her career that will play a and families navigate the ever changing economy, specifically adjuststng their tax burden." "morrison is small business owner and for thh last 19 yearr she says one of the biggest challenges she will attack as mayor, the city's tax levee rate. "but i think we first need to analyze where we are before we can decide what direction we're headed and i think that the chalalenges our city faces specifically, we need a tax accountant. someone who has spent time balancing budgets ,
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what i've been doing in the 19 years." she sayssanother room for improvement would be the perception of public safety in the city. "i was surprissd that not a singge officer ssd to me we need more officers, nobody said we need raises. they are from my perception a very happy group of people who are working extremely hard for the citizens and they're doing it in very resourceful ways." she says those suggestions from officers wonnt be expensive to fix. in waterloo nikki newbrough kwwl news. morrison says she's done some research and she may be the first female mayor of the city. she hopes the young ladies of the city will see she's breaking dowow barriirs. morrow we willlprofile, former mayor tim hurley. coming up on kwwl, middle
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school students get the opportunity to meet a local astronaut from nasa. "now your storm track 7 7 weather team. see the screen for it's the way we craft the subway chicken & bacon ranch melt
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here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with hhghs reachingg into tt 60s. dry cocoditions are forecast for tonight and thursday. another chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highgh reaching into the e 0s. dry conditions are forecast for tonight and thursday. another chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching into the 60s. dry conditions a forecast r tonight ann thursday.
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isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching into the 60s. dry condition are forecast for tonight and thursday. another chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching i ito the 60s. drr conditions are forecast for
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chance rain and isolated storm will be friday. a few lingering early afternoon showers are possible. showers and clouds will clear later this afternoon with highs reaching into the out of this world.. yeah, pretty much ron.. more than 150 high school and middle school students toured the doerfer wheelift headquarters in waterloo, where work being done right here havi a big impact, on space. kwwl's lauren moss was there, she joins us now live.. right here in iowa, crews make the transporters that help carry rockets to the launch pad. and today students got a first look at how they make a etty big difference in this world and beyond. , her'es a look at the wheel-lift, transporter's currently holding 3 hundred thousand pounds and it
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moves...pretty easily, as if nothing is on i. but thht's not theheonly thing from iowa....astronaut, james "vegas"kelly is from burlington. he says just like every other kid, he told his parents that's what he wanted to be when he grew up, but unlike most people he stuck with it. moon when people were walking on it d that's kinda what got me kinda grew up from 5 always wanting to do this job and when i finally got qualified to do it i applied and got lucky.." and that's why they call him vegas..he says he's pretty lucky. he spoke to students today, encouraging them to follow their dreams. he said "anyone of you can work ononnasa programs.s. now, the event is wrapping up in about thirty minutes so you still have some time to head over there and check it out.. we've got you covered, lauren moss ...kwwl news. thanks lauren- wheelift h been manufacturrng the transporters for nasa since 2012. coming up... the 12th ranked iowa hawkeyes
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would be hard pressed to name a single most valuable player on offense or defense during their
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the kansas city royals. k-c leads the series 3 games to 1.. and a royalswin today send them backk to the world series for the second straight year. the blue jays playing with a sense of urgency--game is scoreless in the second----toronto's chris colabello smasases a solo homer to left off edinson volquez to give the jays a 1-0 lead. toronto starter marco estrada is solid on the mound today---pitching just under 8 innings --giving up
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three hits and 1 run with five strikeouts-- the blue jays win 7-1 to force a game six..back in kansas city. theubs and metsslay game four of the n-l-c-s tonight at wrigley. the 12th ranked iowa hawkeyes are in a bye week--so today the coordintaors--offe nsive coordinator greg davis and defensive coordinator phil parker got a chance to meet with the e edia today. the hawkeyes have put up incredible numbers the past couple of weeks despite injuries..iowa has had two different 200 yard rushers on offense--while the defense has been solid--giving up the second lowest number of points in the big ten. defensive coordinator says its hard to pick out a defensive mvp for the hawks. the hawkeyes play maryland on halloween at kinnick..
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kinnick.. one day after crashing his car.. former coe college star fred jackson has been cleared to play for the seattle seahawks tomorrow night against the san ffancisco 49err police say there was no e eidence jackson was drag racing teammate marshawn --when the crash occured as was reported by t-m-z. and waterloo columbushas hired a new head basketball coach... ben barnett has been picked to replace troy ersland who left for a teaching job in kuwait city. barnett is a columbus graduate--who received degrees from central college and upper
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let's go to storm rack seven who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. x cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs.
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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this memeage. a laat look at youu forecast. thank you for joining us for the
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody t tught hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for evererhing they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel...
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