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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  October 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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a restaurant owner seriously hurt -- assaulted -- and three men are now behind bars. and we are following breaking news this morning: another shooting at a college campus. this time in tennessee. i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures this morning remain well above normal... they are in the 50s. easterly winds won't let us warm up too much today... and they are already around 10-20 mph this morning and bringing in the western half of the state and will track this morning storms may track through, too. highs will stay in the upper 50s to low 60s with breezy southeasterly winds. we keep the rain through tonight and maybe into tomorrow. i'll have more on that forecast in a few
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breaking news this morning: one person is dead in a campus tomorrow. i'll have more on that forecast in a few minutes. breaking news this morning: one person is dead in a campus shooting -- and it all started with an argument over a dice game. it happened late thursday night at tennessee state university in nashville. two other people are in the hospital. police say they're both students. they say the man shot to death was not a student there. this shooting happens about a week after three other people were wounded at an off- campus party near the college. a uni instructor wants students to think -- what if? what if someone broke into their classroom and started shooting. many times, instructors are the first target -- so marty hansen is asking students what they would do if he died.
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"i think the important thing we time. it is an uncomorftable discussion to have." he says several professors now lock their doors during class. many iowa teachers need a long weekend -- so they can get healthy. classes at des moines roosevelt were let out early yesterday because dozens of teachers called in sick. 58 became ill a day after they went to the same luncheon. the district believes they all got food poisoning. they say the food came from two businesses... and it wasn't prepared at school... so there's little risk the students will be affected. now the polk county public we interview both people who have gotten sick and people who students already had the day off today because of professional development. deputies search for a gunman in a road rage case. it happened yesterday in polk
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the sheriff's office says says someone shot at another driver north of des moines. it all started with an argument at a motel. both cars left, one following the other. a greenhouse. fortunately, no one was hurt. this morning, we're hearing from the father of a toddler shot and killed because of road rage. alan garcia says he was driving with his four-year-old daughter lilly in new mexico when he was cut off by a car. he says he made a gesture at the lilly was hit in the head and died. "i don't ever want anyone to go through this. it's not fair. emotions. they don't know how to handle themselves." the other driver was arrested and
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a developing story this morning: an american commando has died in a rescue mission in iraq. dozens of u-s special operations troops and iraqi forces raided a compound in northern iraq. they freed about 70 people being held hostage by isis. the prisoners included iraqi security forces. the u-s says they killed and captured a number of militants and recovered a lot of valuable intelligence. we don't know anything yet about the american who was killed. we do know this is the first u-s the president tells congress to try again. he veotes a 612 billion dollar defense bill. republicans call it shameful -- saying he's doing it for petty political gain. the president says the bill does a number of good things, but it uses gimmicks to boost defense spending and he wants both. he says there's another reason he's vetoing the bill. this legislation specifically
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impedes our ability to close guantanamo in a way that i have to defeat terrorism around the world. republicans say they'll try to override the veto. hillary clinton tells lawmakers she hopes we can all move forward together. she was grilled for 11 hours yesterday about the attacks on benghazi. the former secretary of state claims she never saw the requests to beef up security -- as violence escalated. four americans were killed. you talked about being disappointed too. i've heard you kansas, madame secretary, i get come not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fact that we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? how come no one has been held accountable to date? clinton says her responsibilty was to follow the law -- and she
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did that. it took some time... but one of the most important positions in washington -- now has someone -- who wants the job. paul ryan -- is officially running for speaker of the house. he called for the republicans to agree on his terms and rally decision 2016 coverage: republicans have a new frontrunner in iowa -- as the race for the white house heats up. a new quinnipiac poll released yesterday shows doctor ben carson leading donald trump in iowa. hundreds of likely caucus-goers were surveyed in the last week. "well, you know, its one poll. so, when we've had several of that people are actually listening to what i'm saying as opposed to how it's being reinterpreted." this is the first major poll showing trump trailing by several points -- in an early primary or caucus state since june. the new poll is a blow for donald trump's campaign, but we're
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wondering if he did more damage to himself on social media. after the survey was released showing carson in the lead -- his account retweeted a comment insulting iowa voters -- saying they have issues in the brain. trump would later delete it and then apologized. he blamed it on an intern -- saying they retweeted the comment by accident. the new poll did not deliver the best news for carly fiorina's campaign. but she still has hope in iowa. all she has to do is look back four years ago this month. a survey of republicans in october 2011 had mitt romney and herman cain in front. rick santorum was in seventh place -- and he ended up winning the 2012 iowa caucuses. right now, fiorina is in sixth her during a campaign stop in eastern iowa to learn what's driving her campaign. "the people of iowa take their responsibilities very seriously." from town halls to tailgates, carly fiorina is covering a lot of ground in she's in the race. she met a poultry farmer whose flock was hit hard
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flu. "he said to me, his voice been in this business my entire life... i know what to do. the government won't let me do it." fiorina says they told him to keep feeding his flock until the u-s-d-a could get weeks. "the small and the powerless, the potential for so powerful, too costly, too inept and too corrupt. as citizens we have to take our government back." fiorina's campaign surged over the summer after two strong showings in the republican debates... is being questioned. you said regarding planned parenthood, i dare hillary clinton and barack obama to watch these tapes watch this fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it
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there's no evidence the piece of video fiorina is talking about is connected to a planned parenthood clinic. "while everyone is getting all tied up on whether parenthood has never denied that this is going on." "but specific to that video, you don't feel it's deceptive to stand up there and say, 'this is connected to planned parenthood?'" "not at all. not at all" planned parenthood says it did nothing wrong. however this month, the organization announced it will maintain programs that make fetal tissue available for research -- but will cover the costs itself instead of accepting reimbursement. one critic calls that an admission of guilt. so far, not one congressional investigation into planned parenthood has shown the organization broke any laws. this week in texas -- authorities raided planned parenthood. investigators took pictures -- but did not say -- why. earlier this week, the governor
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said he wanted to ban medicaid patients from getting health screenings at planned parenthood clinics. this weekend, iowa democrats --- thousands of democrats -- come to the state capitol for the jefferson-jackson dinner. the presidential hopefuls are invited, but the number could drop by one more after today. lincoln chafee tweeted last night he'll address the future of his campaign today during the democratic national committee women's forum in washington d.c. a restaurant owner is in the hospital this morning after being beaten. it happened tuesday at the wasabi restaurant, just outside of prairie du chein. the owner was found by an employee, covered in blood... people we spoke with say he is one of the nicest people they've ever met. "i was awestruck. that stuff few burglaries, maybe a broken window. but nothing like this, nothing like a physical attack or anything." the crawford county sheriff's arrested three men -- all from
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in town working on the railroad. they're in the crawford county jail -- and will be in court new video this morning showing an explosion at a nuclear storage site in nevada over the weekend. this is cellphone video of the blast. roads were closed for several hours. the fire had to burn itself out -- because crews couldn't use water on the potentially toxic material. investigators are still looking into what caused it. now to a football game -- and a spectacular play on the field that would make any cheerleader proud. this is video from the appalachian state -- georgia southern game. watch quarterback kevin ellison soars like an eagle and flips over the defender for the touchdown. the two schools play in the sun belt conference.... and now you know why the conference trends on twitter as #funbelt. we still have a lot to get to this morning... including a royal battle over books and baseball. how two libraries are now going toe- to-toe -- as their favorite teams slug it out on the field.
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road map for change on university avenue. they're asking for an update on the reconstruction project. we'll have that for you in a of the western half of the state and rain and some thunderstorms are tracking northward from missouri and will move into our area. looks like high school football games may end up wet this
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forecast coming upteam. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: showers and a few storms will track through today with rain likely tonight and ending tomorrow morning. a few showers are trying to get going now, but a larger area of rain is heading northward out of missouri and will track through our area later.
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stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will eventually become wet, although most are dry now. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s with a few 60s to the southwest as a warm front tracks northward. easterly winds are already 10-20 mph with some higher gusts... and will stay breezy today and tomorrow. rain will continue to track to the north and will have some thunder with it in areas, mainly along the warm front. as the system tracks to the northeast, rain will continue to wrap around the low and we will see showers into saturday morning before drying out for the afternoon. rainfall amounts will depend on any storms that track through, but i think most could see at least half an inch with
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change much today with those southeasterly winds and the rain and we drop only a few degrees for tonight with the rain continuing. northwest winds will help to dry us out for tomorrow afternoon with highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s, although they may drop for part of the day. dry weather will take over for sunday and monday before the next system tracks in on tuesday. it's coming up on today in iowa.... the rain continuing. northwest winds will help to dry us out
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day. dry weather will take over for sunday and monday before the next system it's coming up on today up on today in iowa.... the latest on a major road reconstruction project in eastern iowa. plus -- a playoff series shows you can't judge a book by its cover. two places known for being quiet -- are mixing it up. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in center point,
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drivers waiting for bia popular road -- will have to be patient. there's fresh paint along
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"i'm taking ridgeway, i'm taking rainbow because this road is such junk that its crazy to take it." city enginers say they are completing the necessary paperwork and hope to begin reconstruction in the spring. you could say it's a battle of wits... the royals -- blue jays playoff series is taking a literary turn. the public libraries of kansas city and toronto are locked in a social media "book spine battle" as the two teams slug it out on the field. after the royals took game four, the k-c library posted these three titles - "canada" "sorry you lost" and "what bluebirds do." not to be outdone, the toronto library shot back with - "warning" "kansas city" and "it ain't over til it's over." "honestly i think it'll be good the championship here." "everyone gets together and we just kind of think of some good burns that we could throw back and get together and just have a lot of fun with it."
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kansas city needs one more win to advance to the world series to play the mets. the royals and blue jays play the time now is it's definitely popular with people... but what about using fitness trackers for fido? are there devices for our furry friends? the answer next.
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way... now some unusual users are reaping the benefits! mark barger explains. the creators of fitbit knew their product was popular.... the ceo just didn't thousands of people put them on their pets. "we had one client that had a all dogs and cats are overweight...potentiall y leading to other problems. "hyperactivity, destructive behaviors, a lot of nusience behaviors" but a human fitness tracker may not give accurate readings on a pet.
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trackers like "fitbark" are made with four legs in mind. "we have a collar device which collects physical activity and sleep 24/7" the tracker links to a mobile app that determines physical activity goals based on weight, breed and age. "whistle" also makes tracking devices for dogs. "we use technology that is actually in a lot of our cell phones now which is an accelerometer" it can differentiate activities like running or playing... from rolling and tail wagging. "being able to understand activity for different breeds and ages and weights of dogs is not all. "we've received requests for cats horses cows bunnies chickens..." one thing all these animal owners have in common--- "i think we're all invested in having our furry friends around as long as possible" for a healthier pet, and a longer life. mark barger, nbc news.
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both the fitbark and the whistle are marketed for dogs only at this time... but both companies say they have users that are cat owners and here's a look at the storm track seven live doppler radar. today in iowa continues in a moment with the forecast from eileen loan.
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rain is likely today and tonight with some thunderstorms possible today and some showers lingering into saturday morning. rainfall amounts will be around half an inch, although some could see more. highs will stay in the mid 50s to mid 60s today and tomorrow with dry weather and around 60 for highs sunday and monday. this is quite the discovery. at least 10-tons of marijuana found inside a tunnel. plus... who would do this to ronald mcdonald? someone must be mad the mcchicken's are no longer on the dollar
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menu. ally crutcher joins us next.
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we've got younow on today in iowa... hillary clinton on the hot seat for 11 hours on capitol hill. plus... police come to the rescue after a woman is trapped inside her car. and she's knitting hats to make sure no one is cold this winter. but the process is also helping her mend her own heart.
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good morning, i'm ally crutcher.
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